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Fallen Pioneer

Posted on Tue May 19th, 2020 @ 12:03am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Gunnery Sergeant Flarn & Gunnery Sergeant Gaagii & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Petty Officer 2nd Class Sofia Cipriani & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa & Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles & Lieutenant Junior Grade Mira Jayde & Ensign Auba Lyna & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn
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Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Officer's Mess - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 0900 hrs

It was something that they prepared every Captain for, however, Tyler realized that no amount of preparation could prepare you for the death of someone under your command. For a friend. He affixed the last pip to his uniform and looked at his wife, a woman who never failed to make something look beautiful, even a dress uniform. "Well I think it is time. She deserves nothing less."

"She deserves the best we can give her." Kat smoothed down his uniform, even though he looked perfect. "I'll be right there beside you."

Tyler tugged at the collar of his uniform, he hated the way these things fit. "Too right you are..." His voice trailed off as he remembered something. "You know she always said she would redeem herself, and it looks like in the end she did." He took her hand and squeezed it. "You make these dress uniforms look stunning, we should be off. I want to be the first one there."

"You look pretty dapper yourself, captain." She kissed him on the cheek. "The least I can do is live up to your standard." She slipped her hand through his arm. "Let's go."

* * *

Neil paced evenly toward the mess hall, keeping a somber look on his face even as he kept the xaxdamned pyro saber from tangling in his legs. Marine full dress scarlet uniform always made him feel more out of place than usual amongst the crew of the Pioneer.

At least he hadn't needed the boat cloak. As he approached the hall, he noted the two marines in dress uniform he'd posted for the ceremony and they snapped to attention when they saw him and he returned their salutes as he passed. Once in the hall, he paused to survey the field then found a space to wait. With the saber, he was considered under arms so he didn't need to remove the beret he wore. Looking at the honors and memorial they'd set up, his mind sifted over the few encounters he'd had with the Ensign.

Lieutenant Paul Mitchel led Ensign Auba Lyna into the mess hall. They both wore their dress uniforms. It was the least they could do for a fallen comrade. He only wished that if he died in the line of duty, this is how he'd be sent off.
Paul fetched a drink for himself and Auba.

Clarissa walked in with Jayden. She was attached to his arm, dressed in black. She barely knew Dana, but what she did know, she was not very impressed. She felt bad that Dana was now deceased. But she could not feel for a person, she really did not like. She came more out of obligation to the crew.

Jayden was glad to have Clarissa at his side. Wakefield hadn’t been a good boss and there had been no peace made between them. He still got a bitter taste in his mouth over how she had treated him but he hadn’t wished her dead. He was here because a fellow crew member had passed away but he wouldn’t be shedding any tears.

Jayna never had the chance to meet Dana, but she heard a lot about her, and she knew she was a friend of Masters. To honor the officer and her service, Jayna dressed in her best uniform and walked into the mess hall, finding an out-of-the-way place to stand so those who knew Wakefield best could stand up front.

A minute later, Jayde joined her. She smiled at her sister but said nothing. The atmosphere was somber and she didn't want to disturb it. Together, the two found seats at the back.

Sofia had stood up by Dana, by the podium where Captain Malbrooke would stand. She had wore her dress uniform, her crewman pip all shiny but this wasn't the time for gussy ones self up as this was a solemn day and a task she did not envy anyone for. She had been preparing for the Captain's arrival, setting things up for him as he would take the service but there was a hanging silence in the air, one you could almost hear a pin drop in.

Hermia had only met Dana Wakefield when they came aboard the ship and the Ensign hadn't come into the Sickbay when she was the Duty Doctor. Still as a fellow Starfleet officer, that made her family.

Auba turned to Paul. "She was in your department. Did you know her well?"
"She was a good officer. My section will miss her."
"Is that all? Did the two of you ever..." Aube left the question hang in the air.
Paul looked at her. "No. I hardly knew her."

Clarissa walked over to the seats, she found two seats in the middle of the room. She did not want to draw attention on them. She was here more of duty, than compassion. She wanted to be compassionate, but deep down, Dana rubbed her the wrong way. And how she treated Jayden and Ameri, was just wrong. She did not want her dead, and she was sad about that. But its hard to shed a tear for someone, you never knew, and attacked people you cared for.

Paul looked at the available seating remaining. "Let's get to our seats." He held her hand as they maneuvered towards 2 empty seats.

Zhara didn't have the chance to meet Dana Wakefield, but she'd heard a great deal, both good and bad. The woman left a mark that would not soon fade, and her sacrifice for the crew was remarkable. She wanted to be there to silently honor the woman, and to see how the crew as a whole was dealing with her loss. To that end, she found a seat where she could have a good view of the services and the attendees.

Leaning on Bill's arm Jenn walked into the mess hall. Ever since she found out she had some crash after another. Somehow losing her best friend was more than she could take. And she was even at a point that she didn't want to come. It was advised she may need counselling, but she was already in therapy. But at the moment she didn't feel like talking to anyone. Billy and Ameri were the only ones she talked to occasionally. But even then she couldn't find the words.

She walked into the mess hall in a kind of a haze. She barely saw the people present. Slowly she lowered herself into a chair. She had been on a short leave again since the battle. So she barely managed brushing her hair and she had tied her wavy curly hair in a ponytail. Mentally she didn't have the energy to braid her hair.

Leslie "Billy" Calhoun was old, older in fact then most living beings. As such he had seen death, had seen it in all of its forms. Dana's death wasn't too upsetting for him, for he knew that she died doing something she wanted to do, and that she was in a better place now. What upset Calhoun was seeing his beloved in the state that she was. He caressed Jennifer's hand just to let her know that he was there to support her. He sat down next to her and brought Jennifer's head to his shoulder. There he just let her cry, no words were needed. At least not at the moment.

Commander Myles entered, clad in is dress uniform, his wife not too far behind. Normally get be thrilled to dress up and go out with Lax, but this wasn't exactly a normal situation.

Lax spoke up. "Did you know her well, Larim?" She asked.

Larim shook his head. "I spoke to her on the bridge sometimes."

Elen was a few paces behind physically, but she was still repeating the last few seconds of Dana's life in that jefferies' tube. Her hands had healed, the dermal regenerator meant no scars, but she still felt sore, so wore cotton gloves to relieve the pain. She was close to crying again, but was trying to stay stoic. She sat next to Jenn and Billy, and tried to put her hand on Jenn's shoulder, but instead just floated it above.

Tyler approached the podium as the honor guard provided by the cure saluted. He smiled at everyone who had gathered. "Morning everyone... Captains and those that serve under them share a different, but also special relationship. Officers very literally lead crews into harm's way. We go first. If things go badly we are required by our oath and tradition to be the last of our command to leave. Accountability for our people is carved into our heart. Responsibility for our people, their spouses and children are in the depth of our soul. This is why we are here today. Ensign Dana Wakefield was killed in the line of action while saving this ship from certain destruction. She leaves last. I cannot say she will be the last to ever leave. We live in a dangerous galaxy, and we put our uniforms on everyday…" Tyler began the speech that he had spent days preparing. He choked back tears as he spoke.

Kat smiled encouragingly at Ty, proud of her husband for the captain he was and how he cared for his crew.

Billy had his hand on his fiancee's thigh as a way to comfort her. His eyes were forward and his attention paid to the Captain. Calhoun had seen too many of these, too many comrades who have fallen in battle. She was cut down before her prime he thought. He squared his jaw and choked back the emotion.

Jenn just leaned against Billy and looked away. But that doesn't mean she couldn't still hear everything that was going on around her.

El just sat there head in her hands, trying to cover the fact the tears had started.

As those gathered sat with their heads bowed or whispered among themselves Tyler's speech continued. "Captains, especially commanding officers of starships and their crews, have a unique relationship. We know each other as no else ever will, we bond often times closer then families. We are not serving together, we are living together surviving together. We cannot work successfully without each other. There are not many of us, in fact most of us fit into this Mess Hall. We are not always friends. There is too much at stake, but our respect, and trust in each other, is unquestioned. Dana Wakefield was more than an officer under my command, more than my friend, simply call her sister would not do our relationship justice. Dana was my comrade. It's harder to be a comrade than a friend. It's different than being a sister..."

Paul and Auba listened to the captain's words, and were moved by them. They held hands while they listened. Auba was starring at the captain, so Paul pulled a ring from his tunic, and slipped it on her finger. At first, Auba didn't notice or feel anything, then she felt the ring on her finger, then looked at Paul. She wasn't familiar with human customs, so she didn't say anything about it.

Jayden listened to the captain as he spoke and wondered what would have been different about this had he known the Dana Wakefield the others here had obviously been so close to. His memories weren't good but he knew others were worse. He couldn't help but wonder if the captain was throwing a dig at the O'Flannagain's in his speech about Wakefield, or possibly at him even. He probably wasn't at all but was certain that their absence had been noticed.

Kat didn't know Dana. She knew about what happened, and she respected the former ops chief for the way she stuck it out and stayed on the Pioneer, and for her ultimate sacrifice.

Dr. Ballston finally arrived and paused for a moment before entering a little farther into the room. His daughter was now safely tucked into his quarters but still rather shaken from her experience, not to mention the loss of one of her mothers.

Richard looked put together, crisp uniform, neat, and not a hair out of place. He was feeling better but when a bonding is broken, no matter how mild it might be compared to a Vulcan's it still ripped the fabric of his mind.

Taking in a deep breath the physician put on a faint smile but only for a moment before it vanished.

Clarissa was really surprised to hear Tyler refer to Dana as a sister. She was probably the only one here, that thought Dana did not deserve the high praise from the Captain. Clarissa remembered the altercation between Ameri and Dana and how it impacted the ship as a whole.

Maybe the crew could forgive in her death, but Clarissa was not ready too. Even though she was not personally involved, she knew that her man was. And that Dana had impacted him as well as Ameri.

Clarissa did not like it, when people attacked those she loved. And those she respected. She had a hard time believing she was the only one that felt that way? She assumed people were just being nice, because this was a funeral.

As Tyler spoke he looked out over the crew, the family that had amassed for Dana. It was her wish that her remains be sent to the family and thusly there would be no ceremonial launching into the undiscovered country. However, the crew seemed determined to honor her memory. He made sure to keep his speech short and sweet. "In closing it is with fond memory, and love that we remember our friend, our sister, our comrade, Dana Wakefield. Thank You..."

When Tyler finished speaking he mustered himself to attention. With a small look he indicated that Sofia should proceed. "Company Attention, with honor we commit Ensign Dana Wakefield to whatever the undiscovered country has next for her." Sofia Cipriani blew a small bosun's whistle and the sound echoed in the silent Mess Hall.

One of the few duties that Sofia did not enjoy. Well this was her first time, but she never thought she'd have to use this part of her training in her first posting. She felt a small tear form and slide down her face as she held the whistle back down in to her clasped hands. She had recently lost her father and she felt the loss of another, even though not a close relationship, was hitting her harder than she expected.

The entire crew had been facing the void of space through the windows. Tyler and many of the Marines saluted as the stars passed the ship at warp.

Paul and Auba rose, and stood at attention. They stood there, almost frozen, as they waited for the casket to be fired into space.

Jayna and Jayde stood, looking out the viewport with the others. The ceremony reminded both of them of comrades they'd lost. Dana's death was a sobering reminder not only of the oaths they'd made, but the risks that came with them.

Clarissa saluted, mainly because of protocol. Despite her good deed, one good deed could not and should not make up for the acts of atrocity that she had committed, when she was the department head here on the USS Pioneer.

As the service drew to a close, Neil automatically snapped to attention and saluted as the bosun's pipe sounded and a viewer showed an empty torpedo casing being moved down a conveyer and slid into the launcher. Neil had posted an honor guard in torpedo control and noted that his marines were crisp and solemn faced as befitted the occasion.

There had been a brief interlude between the bosun's whistle and the start of the conveyer which had been filled with silence. As the casing began it's short journey, a muffled drum began beating the Extinguish Lights tattoo.

Staff Sergeant Flarn had drew the detail. He led the honor guard in torpedo control. As the torpedo launch doors closed the stout Tellarite snapped too. Gaagii and two other Marines stood next to him. "Order Salute!" He commanded and the four Marines slowly and somenly raised there white gloved hands.

Once loaded, the tube awaited only Tyler's orders.

Tyler stood at attention and stared out at space. A few tears streamed down his face. His sadness was not in her death, it was the weight of his rank, of the pips that saddened him. The weight that as Captain he could not help her. He raised a salute of his own. "Ensign Dana Wakefield permission to disembark granted. Safe journey into the Undiscovered Country. Honor guard fire..." His voice trailed off...

Flarn placed his left hand on the console as he held the salute. "Until we meet again. Brother to Brother yours in life and death." The other Marines repeated the traditional epitaph. Flarn fired the casket into space.

Tyler saw the arc of energy as the torpedo passed from the ship and into the Pioneer's warp bubble. It was there for a moment as if to say goodbye, and then it disappeared on its own path.

Quinn had remained very silent, through most of the ceremony, he was holding his wife's hand. Until the room stood at the position of attention. Deep in his thoughts, he thought to himself, that he failed Dana. He was hoping to save her, and mold her back into a starfleet officer. Deep down he felt guilty, that she sacrificed her life.

Kat moved to stand beside her husband in silent support. She said nothing, not wanting to interrupt his thoughts.

Jayde and Jayna stood, paying silent tribute to a fellow crew member, even thought they'd never really talked with her. Even so, it was hard to lose one of the Pioneer family.

Zhara paid as much attention to those around her as she did to the ceremonies. It was an occupational hazard, especially in times like these to look for those who may need a listening ear later.

Tyler turned toward his wife and in an unusual display kissed her gently on the forehead. Times like this always reminded him of losing those closest to him. So it made him tie closer to those he loved. He squeezed her hand and stepped down off the dais. Tyler placed the most diplomatic of smiles on his face as he made his way into the crowd and to mingle.

Kat squeezed his hand in response and kept by his side to show her support both of the captain and his crew. She didn't know many of those present, but she wanted to.

The torpedo left visual eye range of the group. Quinn looked at the silent room, he knew he should say something. But at the moment, he was at a loss for words. "Dana would not want us moping around, she wanted us to celebrate her memory, with chatter and laughter. She would have preferred a celebration of life." Quinn said, looking around the room. He walked over to Jennifer Masters.

"I know you two were close, my condolences." Quinn said, as he reached out to shake her hand. A piece offering sign on his part. His consciousness was still getting the better part of him. He had always hoped to redeem Dana.

Ameri came out of respect to those who loved Dana and because of her position on the ship. She was her superior officer and had hoped to work through the issues they had in the past. She has wished Dana no I’ll will, had not wanted anything to happen to her.

The memorial party proceeded with the crew breaking off into their own smaller groups for chats. Tyler observed the crew and thought that this would be how Dana would have wanted it. The Pioneer crew, the Pioneer family sharing some laughs and some stories in her honor.

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