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Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil

Name Vaebn ir'Dartha tr'Hwersuil

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 189
Hair Color black
Eye Color green
Physical Description Standing at 5'10" with a solid athletic build, close cropped black hair, shaved at the sides and back with piercing jade green eyes. His forehead sports a solid V shaped ridge that extends into the hairline. Ears are pointed, but not overly extended in height.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Telan tr'Hwersuil - deceased
Mother N'alae t'Hwersuil - deceased
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) Gwiu t'Hwersuil - eldest - deceased
Vrina i-Hwersuil t'Cretak - second eldest - deceased
Kihaia i-Hwersuil t'Mandak - second youngest - deceased
Lyie t'Hwersuil - youngest
Other Family n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview standoff-ish, Romulan stoicism, slowly getting past his closed nature to be more open with crewmates, overprotective regarding his sister, proud of his heritage regardless of the distrust and dislike it may garner,
Strengths & Weaknesses +mentally strong/conditioned, can handle mental stresses many times that of humans, thus does not falter under pressure
+stoic nature, will never give up, no matter the cost
-deals with heavy depression, which can sometimes cause outbursts of anger and rage
-has many secrets of his time with the RSN, is not very open about much of his past, thus is somewhat standoff-ish
Ambitions obtain citizenship for his sister Lyie, prove to his fellow crew members that he is not like the Romulans of the stories
Hobbies & Interests He has a small collection of ancient star charts from Romulus (originals and reproductions) that are among his prized possessions, along with replicas of ancient Earth and Vulcan star charts and astrogation tools. He also enjoys rock climbing, Romulan martial arts, and learning the history of his cousins, the Vulcans, of which he heard about through the teachings of Spock.

Personal History Vaebn (VAE-en) was born in the city of Dartha on Romulus, 3rd of five children, and the only male. Vaebn sought to distinguish himself from the rest of his siblings through academic pursuits, and service to the Empire. His Mother served in the Romulan Star Navy aboard the fleet construction yards above Remus and his Father served as a Pro-Consel within the Romulan Senate and member of the Judiciary of Dartha while raising their family. His sisters followed their own academic pursuits and careers but the family house remained strong in Dartha and upheld an honorable standing.

Vaebn was commisioned as an Equitoriam (Ensign) in the Romulan Star Navy as a science officer upon his graduation from the Romulan Science Academy in Stellar Cartography; and the Romulan Astrophysical Academy for Astrometrics and Astrophysics. He started his career as an officer aboard the science vessel Rh'kor and eventually transferred into the Naval Intelligence division as an astrometics specialist, serving at a neutral zone listening post and eventually aboard the Warbird IRW Valdre. It was during this tour of duty that Reman uprising and subsequent rise of Shinzon occured. Vaebn remained loyal to the Romulan Guard throughout the incident, and to the rebuilding of the Empire afterwards.

He served Naval Intelligence with distinction and was selected for special assignment to the Praetorian Guard and new Senate regarding confirmation and study of theories being promoted by a Vulcan scientist, regarding instabilities in the Hobus star; one Spock of Romulus, previously of Vulcan. The team he served with confirmed these theories and led to the eventual evacuation of a significant population of civilians from Romulus prior to the destruction of Hobus along with the Romulan and Reman home-worlds.

Vaebn suffered a severe depression and dark outlook towards regarding the path of the empire as his family perished during the destruction of the Hobus star. The aftermath of this event would spell doom for the Empire, nearly destroying all that he loved, served and worked for in a fortnight. In the weeks following, Vaebn began using his connections in the Intelligence networks to search for any survivors of his family, eventually, a few months later, finding his youngest sister. She had managed to flee off-world with a transport flotilla and was currently living as a refugee on a Federation world. This was the hope he had been looking for.

The state of the Empire was failing, and Vaebn was becoming disillusioned with his work, but Vaebn continued his service. He knew that he could help find a new home for his people, but it wouldn't be the same knowing that his family was so far away. Deciding that he needed to reunite with his sister, so she may know that she was not the only surviving member of their family, he applied for an Officer Exchange program to Starfleet to learn advanced astrometrics and astrophysics.

Originally intending to learn from the Federation so he might aid in the finding of a new home-world, and then bring his sister home, Vaebn learned and saw more than he bargained for. He was assigned to the USS Nikola Tesla, under Capt Talas Kor (an Andorian woman) and supervised by Lt. Commander Jalene Korso. During his time with Starfleet, Vaebn had an internal apotheosis, and realized that the Empire could have used their information for the benefit of their people and not kept secret such a dire possibility. He saw the infighting over power and compared it to how Starfleet worked for their people, ruled fairly and justly, and moreover, used knowledge to take precautions against events like Romulus' destruction, by sharing and acting on information acquired instead of hiding it. The Romulans deep need for secrecy, and consolidation of power led to the loss of their home-world, the loss of the Empire, the rise of warring factions and moreover, the personal loss of his family.

Vaebn resolved himself to change his own ways, for the sake of himself and his sister, if not for his people.

Halfway through the exchange program, Vaebn applied for asylum and Federation citizenship under refugee status. Captain Talas and Lt.Cmdr Korso, whom he retains a strong friendship with, sponsored his application and made solid recommendations for a second application to Starfleet. Upon acceptance into the Federation, which has since earned him a traitors mark among many in the Empire, and a provisional acceptance into Starfleet based on his service records, Vaebn was admitted into Starfleet Academy's annex at Beta Aquilae II for Officer Training School in order to retain his RSN commission and transfer into Starfleet. He graduated his Academy training with honors and received his commission as Lieutenant. Vaebn looks forward to his first assignment in Starfleet, and hopes that his new life in the Federation will help his younger sister rebuild her life as well.

Vaebn has since met with his sister Lyie, who is living on a Federation world near the Neutral Zone along with many other Romulan refugees. Vaebn is currently the active sponsor, along with Lt. Cmdr Korso, for his sister to retain Federation citizenship, according to her wishes to stay far from the turmoil plaguing the remnants of the once proud Empire.
Service Record Romulan Science Academy - Astrometrics/Astrophysics
Imperial War College - Romulan Star Navy
*commissioned - Equitoriam (ensign)*
*Assigned to RIS Rh'Kor*
*commendation for meritorious service*
Romulan Intelligence Academy - Naval Intelligence specialist
*assigned to Listening Post ******** in ***** Quadrant*
*commendation for meritorious service*
*promotion - Secondam (Lt - jg)*
*Assigned to IRW Valdre*
*commendation for valorous service*
Praetorian Guard - Special Sciences assignment
*special services to Romulan High Council in Hobus incident*
*promotion - Trinam (Lt)*
*awarded the Sotarek Citation - valorous conduct during crisis
Officer exchange program to Starfleet
*Science Division - Astrometrics/Stellar Cartography*
*USS Nikola Tesla - Nova class science vessel*