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Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles

Name Lwaxana Myles

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 150 lbs
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Athletic young woman in her late twenties. Shoulder length reddish brown hair which se keeps up most of the time. Fit looking. Tends to have her hair in either a ponytail of just as is. Not thin but not ripped, content to fall somewhere in between.


Spouse Larim Myles LT CSTO USS Pioneer
Father Binad Zen
Mother Irene Adler

Personality & Traits

General Overview Multiple sides to her personality. At work she is the “gregarious loner.” Meaning she’ll accept help if she has to, but doesn't [particularly like asking for it. Also at work, she “has a system.” Her kit may look disorganized but in reality it isn’t. She can tell you with uncanny accuracy where an item is and can go straight to it.

Off duty is where she lets her hair down. She’s not what you’d call a party animal but she has been known to have fun in other ways, Mainly holodeck scenarios

Shares a mutual love and respect for her husband

Personal History 2366-7374

Lwaxanna was born on Betazed in the mid 2360’s to a mixed parentage. Her mother was a Commander in starfleet by the name of Irene Adler, who provided the human part of the equation. Her father was a full betazoid active in the planet's political system. His name was Binad Zen. Unfortunately Lwaxanna was born in the midst of a rough patch in their marriage. Irene was in intense pursuit of the Captain chair and Binad simply couldn’t keep up.Even stating his desire to just have his wife. Unable to resolve this, they arrived at a compromise with Lwaxanna staying planetside with her father.

As a result she grew up on Betazed, where shey stayed for a good portion of her life. She was a pretty much typical girl. Meaning she participated in the usual, normal things. She underwent psionic testing (which classified her as an empath). He studies is where she tended to break off from the pack. At school while her friends were content to play whatever schoolyard game that was in style, Lwaxanna tended to keep to herself, tinkering with whatever tech that she would find. Her teachers noticed this and remarked that she would be a good engineer someday

Binad was fine with this, as long as it didn’t eventually lead to a career in starfleet. The last thing he wanted was a repeat of what happened with his wife. Lwaxanna didn’t really care either way, preferring to just go on as normal. Life continued in this way until 2374 with the arrival of the Dominion. With her father fearing the worst if the Jem'hadar caught wind of their connection to starfleet, a choice was made.

She was one of the lucky ones as Binad was able to get her passage on a civilian freighter out of the system, As fate would have it, the freighter narrowly escaped the system, setting out for the sol system as fast as their warp drive could take them.

Eventually the ship was ordered to rendezvous with a starfleet ship, the USS Sterling. The Sterling just happened to be run by a certain Irene Adler. The family shared a touching reunion en route to Earth, arriving later in 2374.


A year later in 2375 Binad made his way to Earth and they finally settled down. From that moment life started to more or less even out. Lwaxanna began to settle down a little as well.

She started her tinkering again when she wasn't in school, developing quite the knack for it. She even started a homework exchange, offering her skills in return for help in subjects she had trouble in.

One day in 2379 she attended a seminar where the speaker was a Starfleet engineer. She had never entertained the thought of Starfleet before, but this time was different. Something inside told her to listen. And listen she did, hanging on every word.

When she got home she couldn't wait to tell her father what she had heard. Both about engineering and Starfleet. Binad quickly kayd down the law, stating that no daughter of hers would join starfleet.

Stubborn as ever, she studied for the examinations anyway. Her father knew he was fighting a losing battle so he said nothing else on the subject. The third happiest day of her life happened when she got the notice she had been accepted. She began classes in 2383.

Upon arrival she was assigned to a squad of cadets with races that run the gamut between human to Binar. She hit it off with a young betazoid cadet and they began dating. When not doing that she put her efforts into her engineering courses, reconstructing a 2260’s communicator with modern components as one of her projects.

She was telling her boyfriend about it when he unexpectedly proposed. Naturally she accepted. The continued as hard working cadets until graduation in 2387. They were married as soon as the proceedings were over.

To her delight she drew the same posting as her new husband, the USS Fanta as a damage control officer. She continued there for a little while until around 2390 when the Fanta docket at deep space 9. The USS Hornet was short an assistant chief engineer so Lwaxanna drew the posting to the defiant class vessel.

It was hard to be apart from her husband for the first time, nevertheless see performed admirably for a year or so. She kept in touch, even arranging to share some shore leave.She was promoted to provisional lt jg.

Her promotion was a result of efficiency and “out of the box” thinking

Eventually a posting at starfleet academy opened up and she immediately put in for it. Reading the same posting she saw a listing for a security/tactical version of her job. Immediately she told her husband. As a result they were reunited where they first met.

In 2393 their son was born

In 2394 Lwaxanna and Larimwere separated from each other with the latter's promotion and reassignment.