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Lieutenant Junior Grade Mira Jayde

Name Mira Jayde

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Bajoran
Age 41 (looks 27)

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jayde is slim and toned. She is an expert in various forms of martial arts and practices regularly.
Her hair is short, as she doesn't like to fuss with her appearance.

She likes to wear simple clothes and dark colors so she can blend into the background and avoid notice.

Jayde always has at least one blade weapon on her at all times.


Father Mira Luuk (deceased)
Mother Laira (deceased)
Sister(s) Jayna (twin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jayde is quiet and serious. She is very observant and listens to what goes on around her. She prefers to watch people and sit on the outskirts.

She is also warm and friendly around those she considers friends.

She hates Cardassians in general.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Intelligent, determined, cheerful (usually).
She is an expert at martial arts, blade and hand-held weapons. Has, over time, made herself immune to most common poisons.

Quiet, shy, mistrustful, often goes to the defense of the underdog, chocolate.
Ambitions To bring peace to the Federation and to keep Cardassia from ever taking over another species.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, walking in the woods, martial arts, using bladed weapons, yoga.

Jayde is an expert tracker and can move silently. She routinely uses the holodeck to practice.

She loves knowledge. She knows about herbs and homeopathic medicines. She is an expert with computers and knows how to find information. She can often find information unavailable to others.

Personal History Jayde was born on Bajor to resistance fighters. Her mother, a Vulcan, was on Bajor when it was taken over and stayed to fight with the Bajorans.

Jayde has a twin sister, Jayna. The two grew up in the resistance and learned quickly to spy on the enemy and to get information. They both became expert trackers, hunters and computer hackers. The two would often work in tandem to find information. Their unique methods earned them respect in the underground and later the Maquis.

The girls were 11 when their parents were killed in an ambush. They stayed with their cell until the liberation, at which time they both joined the Maquis.

Jayde was an expert tracker, sniper and "extractor." She could take out an opponent or two before they knew she was there. She and her sister could often find information the Federation and other governments wished kept secret. It helped them survive and thrive.

When the Federation asked the Maquis for help during the Dominion War in exchange for full pardons, the girls decided to take the Federation's offer.

Jayna went into Intelligence. Jayde went into infiltration and security. The two started on the same ship, but were soon separated as some crew were uncomfortable with the two Maquis who, in their opinion, had too much access to Starfleet Intel. The Captain trusted the women, but felt it better to separate them for the good of the crew.

Jayde's desire to help the underdog and do what she felt was right helped smooth the way for her transition from Freedom Fighter to Defender of the Galaxy. She still has a weakness for people who are being oppressed. And she still has a tendency to use unorthodox methods to achieve her ends.

So far it hasn't gotten her into too much trouble.

She uses meditation to keep her centered and balanced and tries to be logical, but she is a non-conformist at heart.
Early in her life Jayde fell in love with the Shao-lin philosophy. She studies under a Shao-lin master (although it is now on a holodeck).
She still keeps up with her information gathering skills and methods. She tries to be discreet but she always knows what's going on -- especially on the starship to which she is assigned.
Service Record Maquis ships:
Retribution: Security/Infiltration/information
Strident: Security/Infiltration/information

Federation ships:
USS Paloma: Infiltration specialist
USS Ranger: Security Officer/Infiltration Specialist
USS Damocles: Security Officer (later Assistant Chief Security Officer)
USS Pioneer: Assistant Chief Security Officer