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The Search Part IV
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 2200 hrs

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Medic and melancholy

Posted on Wed May 27th, 2020 @ 11:15pm by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Petty Officer 2nd Class Samuel Renfroe EMT-P
Edited on on Thu May 28th, 2020 @ 1:21am

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Starbase Sirius
Timeline: MD005 1000 hrs
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Samuel's transfer orders came abruptly, he wasn’t due to rotate out from previous assignment for another 4 months. He went where the powers at be told him to. Samuel quickly packed his personal belongings and hopped on the next available shuttle to Starbase Sirius to await the USS Pioneer, an Intrepid class starship much smaller than his previous assignment.

Several hours later he arrived in one of the docking bays of Starbase Sirius and made his to transient lodging quarters that were arranged for until the Pioneer arrived. Samuel decided to do some research before the Pioneer arrived as he was assigned the Pioneers Marine detachment he decided to start there the name was curious “The Cure.” the detachment CO Captain Cornelius Tremble, a mustang which in Samuel’s book earned a higher level of respect and admiration, the Co was 20 year vet of the corps. The detachment was smaller than most only 20 strong. He also looked up the Ships CMO and CO.

Tyler and Quinn has been exploring the Starbase's promenade. They hoped to get away from work and relax for a short moment. However, duty was always on Tyler's mind. "It is a coincidence that we have a new setting and a number of new crew members."

Samuel had read up the Pioneer's situation so he allowed for an hour or so break for CO and XO to relax before and reporting for duty as he made his way around the pro around the promenade he posted the two and made his over to them "Sorry to disturb you sirs, Allow me to introduce myself... Petty officer 2nd class Samuel Renfroe your new marine detachment combat medic." he said in his slow southern drawl.

"Ah yes, I read your transfer orders yesterday. Welcome to Sirius." Tyler replied with a smile as he extended his hand to shake.

Samuel grasped Tyler's hand firmly. "Thank you, sir I understand the ship need a bit of work done before she set outs again should I move to my quarters on ship or remain in transit quarters command arranged for me on station for now." He asked with his heavy southern drawl as finished shaking Tyler's hand

Quinn was surprised by this bold move. Typically enlisted personal, would not dare dream of interrupting two senior officers, on liberty. This action surprised him, reminded him of another eager low ranking officer, back in the day that did something similar. "Let's start with you checking in first." Quinn said, with a grin on his face, trying to reflect a nice calm and collected approach. He was very calm, at the moment. Just a little surprised that Samuel was being brave.

Tyler smiled broadly. "I am going to have to agree with Commander O Flannagain. Report to the ship's Quartermaster for a room assignment. If I remember correctly you are assigned to the Cure so reporting in to Captain Tremble would be prudent as well."

"Yes sirs" Samuel replied with a grin before rending a salute and waiting for one or booth of officers to dismiss him to before heading to quartermaster and Captain Tremble

Tyler regarded the young man for a moment and smiled. "Mr Renfroe, consider permission to speak freely to be given. I have one question for you. What do you think of the fleet? Of coming to the Pioneer?" They were loaded questions and Tyler knew it. However, he had to see where this newcomer was. Was he part of the explorers or those that wanted to withdraw from the galactic community.

Samuel dropped his salute and paused for a moment.. "Well, sir I think the fleet as a whole has been involved in combat operation and dealing with after of the last couple of wars that it's starting to forget what it was originally intended to be, as for coming to the pioneer to pull one the best field/combat medics in fleet out of the FAST early forgive me for touting my own horn seems like we're going into what command considered to be some pretty heavy opposition, Romulans from what I managed to piece together. Admittedly my view on fleet might more speculation than actual observation as I've spent of my career with SFMC unit and detachment so my judgment on that may be slightly colored." Samuel replied in his Southern drawl.

Quinn focused his attention towards Samuel. "We are not a military organization. Despite the recent conflicts, Starfleet is a peace keeping force, at its foundation." Quinn started to point out to him.

Samuel focused on Quinn "Yes, sir it is but it seems there is an above-average amount of people focusing on the recent conflicts rather the peacekeeping and humanitarian aspects of what it was founded to be. But again my view could be slightly skewed as the marine as whole lean toward the military aspects buy nature and I've been exposed to them far more than than the fleet at large, my personal opinion is history the fleet struggled to find a balance between the military aspect and the more peaceful exploration and humanitarian aspects, seems to constantly shift from extreme to other, and I think despite how much people favor one side or the other of that spectrum between the foundation and what the recent conflicts have turned into some were in the middle it what it needs to bee. As much I or you would love to see a return to the pure peaceful exploration and humanitarian aspect of what Starfleet was founded to be Sadly I think those are long past for the foreseeable future there always gonna some conflict that prevents that shift the focus more toward the military aspects, unfortunately." Samuel replied.

Tyler agreed with his XO wholeheartedly, it was something both men were passionate about. The return to exploration that is. It seemed at least at the moment this young Corpsman would have to be swayed. At least he is not like those that would seem to want Starfleet to close itself in. Tyler thought. "Our mission with the Romulans is one that will help Starfleet return to those roots. That is to say we will be doing more exploration and humanitarian aid with the Romulans. So I suggest you get used to doing a hell of a lot of guard duty." Tyler chuckled at his own joke.

"Good I can use a break the hard jobs for a bit, now if just figure out to the people with shiny stuff on the collars to listen their corpsman/medic I'd have it made," Samuel replied with a chuckle of his own.

Quinn was slightly agitated by Sam. It was clear that the petty officer, was engaging them in an in depth conversation about Starfleet principles, but in his eyes, all he could think was the petty officer, was skipping protocols by the spirit of the law. Quinn was not impressed by is approach, but could admire him for it. It was pretty ballsy, to talk to the first officer and the captain, and discuss the finer principles of Starfleet. Quinn had to give the young petty officer credit, for trying to make a meaningful impact on his superiors. Quinn just smiled at Tyler, no words needed to be said, in his mind he thought, Is he for real? A rhetorical mind impression, he hoped Tyler could see.

Tyler read his XO's expression loud and clear. Truth be told he agreed with Quinn it was ballsy to approach them. However, decorum prohibited Tyler from saying anything. "Very good Petty Officer. If there is nothing else. As you were..." Tyler said hoping that Sam would return them to their stroll.

"Nothing else sirs have a pleasant rest of your day." Samuel replied before heading off to report in to the quartermaster for his room assignment and the marine CO.

Quinn waited for Tyler to have the last word. He had already said his peace. He really liked the petty officer, and could not wait to to work with him. He liked how confident he was, and appreciated it. Despite his interaction with him just now, he had a feeling, that Sam was the type of crewman they needed on the Pioneer.

Tyler watched Sam leave, and wondered if the Cure was ready for him. From what the Captain saw this Corpsman was ready for just about anything and had balls that jingled. Tyler liked him, and was glad to have him on the Pioneer. He saw a little of himself in the Corpsman, and knew that if Sam played his cards right he may be Captain eventually.

A joint post by:

Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer

Petty Officer Second Class Samuel Renfroe
Corpsman RFT2, USS Pioneer

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer


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