The Sim


We are a proud member of Mystic Fleet and a Flagship of the fleet. Our Sim takes place 11 years after the destruction of Mars and takes place on the borders of and within the Romulan Neutral Zone in an effort to help the Empire decimated by years of chaos since the Hobus star went supernova. We will maintain the peace throughout the area as well. The Pioneer's presence indicates a real commitment on the part of Starfleet.

A mysterious race calling themselves the Jutrai appear out of nowhere. They state that they are ancient brethren to the Romulans and are there to help. Can they be trusted? The Pioneer aims to find out.

Captain Malbrooke and his crew must split their attention between Romulan space and their home Empok Nor. Empok Nor a station located in the Trivas System within Cardassian space acts as way point for the ship. They put in often for resupply and some R&R. What secrets lurk within the decimated Cardassian boarders.

Please see our Timeline of Events to see the events leading up to the start of our story and the missions that the Pioneer has completed. The Pioneer is an Intrepid Class ship and is ready to take part in its very own story. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please reach out to the Executive Officer or myself.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome aboard!

The USS Pioneer was a Simming Prize Laurate for 2023!

The Command Team of the USS Pioneer:
Commodore Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer
USS Pioneer
Major Cornelius Tremble
Executive Officer
USS Pioneer
Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen
Second Officer
USS Pioneer
Sergeant Major Lachlan Barr
Chief Of The Boat
USS Pioneer

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