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Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles

Name Larim Myles

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Betazoid/Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.95cm(6ft4in)
Weight 90.718474
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color black
Physical Description Physically Larim is your typical, semi fit humanoid male. He has a lean musculature but don't ask him to show you his six pack. He's on the taller side, standing at around 6 and a half feet approximately.

Light brown hair. Black eyes owing to his betazoid half. Razor stubble but well within Starfleet regs


Spouse Lwaxanna Myles
Children one son, Egole Myles
Father Barim groi
Mother Lynn Myles

Personality & Traits

General Overview Socialble individual. Honest to a fault, sometimes making getting friends hard. Expects honesty in return. Sometimes a little quirky, finding lame jokes in the weirdest of situations. At work he doesn't take any crap though.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
_Honest ( straight shooter)
_Empathic sense
_Fair Shot
_Doesn't do BS

_Honesty ( sometimes too honest)
_Not very physically imposing
_Afraid of snakes
Ambitions Be there for his family wherever possible. Do his job
Hobbies & Interests read mostly. Light martial arts, opening himself up to new experiences

Personal History Born in 2365 to a pair of Starfleet officers, Larim was a more or less lucky kid. He spent the first few years of his life on his homeworld of Betazed. Ages birth through the tender age of five we're spent there. Here he did the normal things. Psionic testing ( Which classified him as an empath with weak telepath), learning to walk, talk, eat, etc. He was set to start school, that was until his father got reassigned from embassy security to a Cheyenne class starship for a five year exploration mission.

This proved a fascinating experience for the five year old. The family arrived in the year 2370. These few years were full of discovery. First of Starfleet, and interpersonal reaction. He spent three years there making a few friends who respected his honesty and being a punching bag for those who didn’t. Much to the chagrin of the ship's medical staff, and his parents. As such he started martial arts in 2372. Life was semi good after that until the outbreak of the Dominion war in 2373.

The ship's CO wasted no time in getting civilians and families off of his ship. Being half betazoid, it was mutually decided to return home while the father fought. However one year later he was uprooted again when the war came to the planets doorstep. Being a Starfleet family they were somewhat prepared for what could possibly happen, and Larim was as scared as he could ever hope to be. However by  a stroke of luck he and his mother were luckily enough to be assigned to an evac ship.

From there he reached his final “port of call”. Earth
There he stayed, which provided a much needed dose of stability. Life began anew amid the worry over casualty lists. He checked every day just to feel a measure of relief to not see his father's name. He went to school, and comforted his mom. He didn't need his betazoid half to see what it was doing to her. The happiest day of both their lives came in 2375 when the heard of the federations victory, from his father's very own mouth via subspace communication. Also welcome was the news of his reassignment to Starfleet hq.

Life settled into a little bit of normalcy after that. Young Larm hung on every word of the stories about the war. Both the good and the bad.This was the “snowball rolling down the hill” moment, culminating in the young man's enrollment in Starfleet Academy's tactical track.

Once there he had a life changing moment. One day across the quad he locked eyes with a beautiful half betazoid like himself and got lost in them. They met in 2383 and he spent the next two years dating and working up the courage to propose. His heart raced as he popped the question in his junior year. To his delight she said yes. They were married in 2387, in true betazoid fashion. They invited all the people they knew, with strict insistence that they follow tradition. The event was a profound expression of both their love and commitment. But after the vows were exchanged the party was dismissed to clothe and then the celebration of their commissioning began. The newlywed ensigns couldn’t have a proper honeymoon as they were quickly assigned to the same duty station, USS Fanta in 2387. She was an engineer and he was a security officer. The pair held their honeymoon in the holodeck.

Over the next three years, Larim and Lwaxanna worked in their respective departments rising through the ranks, beginning as ensigns making it up to junior lieutenants in there respective departments, learning more about each other every day They even contemplated children. Life wasn't all roses though. They had their shar of fights while on the Fanta. Conflicting shifts, gripes about work, etcetera. However they stuck through it, eventually finding a routine that worked. Little holopursuits of a personal nature helped a lot in this regard.

As time when on, they even gave serious thought to a child of their own.

Unfortunately the Fantas CO nixed that idea. Slightly discouraged they pressed on.This went on and eventually Larim was made ACSTO aboard Fanta in the year 2390. However, it was under sad circumstances. Larim and the ACSTO lead an away team to a colony with a multitude of problems. Logistical, socioeconomic, and security.

Larim led one squad of SO's on roaming patrol while the Assistant kept an eye on the aid shipments. Unfortunately while Larim was on patrol extremists attacked the main settlement. By the time Larims team got the word and responded it was too late. They were able to apprehend the extremists, but at a cost. The battle resulted in the severe wounding of several Starfleet officers, one of which was the ACSTO.

As the next logical successor within the department, Larim was thrust into a new role of ACSTO with the rank of Lieutenant JG to go with it.

As if that wasn't enough word came by means of subspace message that Lwaxanna was requested by the USS Hornet to a like position. Splitting up wasn't their first choice but Starfleet had other plans, ones which they both felt had to be followed at this time.

Nevertheless they shared their link as Imzadi.

They worked out the long distance relationship for a while, sharing leaves and the like. Until Larim started to feel the loneliness. Also owing to the fact that he felt he wasn't going anywhere on the Fanta. He was ACSTO in name only but with now more responsibilities than a standard SO. Then one day he got a call via subspace from Lwaxanna. Larim was overjoyed. She told him that she had gotten the opportunity to work back at the academy. Her next bit of news was even more welcome, a spot in tactical cadet advising. Thrilled at both the prospect of reuniting with his wife and returning " home" he jumped at the chance. In 2392 he got the nod and wasted no time getting there.

In 2393 the second happiest day of his life happened when his son was born. As such he became a devoted family man, preferring not to leave if he could help it. He'd been through that with the dominion war and wouldn't have his kid grow up without a father. He was quite content to stay at the academy.

That was until Larim was offered a promotion that he couldn’t refuse, Chief of Security on a starship, with a promotion to full Lieutenant. Wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps he accepted it. The only drawback is that he couldn’t bring his family along.

So now in the year 2394 he boldly goes into his new normal.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman to Cadet senior grade

USS Fanta

Ensign to provisional lt jg

Caet Advisor, Academy


USS Pioneer

full Lt