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Lieutenant Elen Diari

Name Elen Diari

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description "The blonde bombsite" ~ a Former CO.

Elen would be considered attractive by most sentient species' standards, who were in to that sort of thing, and has a slight difficulty keeping her hair in a reasonable approximation of in place, bits of it will escape and poke out at random angles.

Despite the sonic shower, has an air of sawdust, grease and that general metallic smell of engineering about her and her uniform, which is usually cut a least two sizes too large for her, or just the jacket that is more average klingon-sized rather the average betazoid sized.

Note: As a Betazoid, El is telepathic, although sometimes she forgets others aren't and will try and have conversations with non-telepaths that way.


Father Indus Diari, carpenter, betazed.
Mother Jenniye Diari, teacher, betazed.
Brother(s) none.
Sister(s) none.
Other Family Uncle Dalen, Stellar Astronomer, Archer Observatory.
Auntie Leanno, Librarian, Archer Observatory.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Date of Birth stardate 46705.4
Place of Birth Azure Peaks, Betazed

Major part of Elen's history happened seven years ago, whilst on board the USS Jersey, an Excelsior class ship doing a survey mission near the galactic edge of the alpha quadrant.

The ship entered a temporal anomaly where it spent, by our calendars two weeks, but by ship time, twenty five years and as such Elen lived her life, and worked her way up to Lt. Commander, and had three children, which then disappeared and "reset" when the ship left the anomaly. She still has memories of those twenty-five years, although has had extensive help to overcome the resulting temporal trauma.

This has left Elen with a certain, some would say, lax attitude to the idea of chain of command. Those who have tried to command her, would say she’s the definition of Bolshie,(deliberately combative or uncooperative) as she feels things like rules, procedures and the like are futile if time can just reset itself, so why go through the effort of following them?
Strengths & Weaknesses El's main weakness is her temporal trauma, that usually when under high stress or agitation, leaves her confused about where and when she is and unaware of her surroundings.

When settled and calm, Elen is an impressive improviser and inventor of unique prototypes.
Ambitions "you know the old starships, not the ones in the Smithsonian, the really old ones, the starjammers the Vulcans and Bajorans had way, way back, the ones with the solar sails, I'd love to work on one of them, restoring it, getting it flight worthy again."
Hobbies & Interests When not thinking of or making new prototypes, El is a keen woodworker, usually with Opera blaring in the background.

Personal History Pre- USS Jersey.

Elen enjoyed woodworking from an early age, she had hoped to follow in her father's footsteps and take over the workshop one day, but then a little thing called the Dominion came along in 2374 and invaded her home, so she and her family fled, first to Earth, then onto Dekoa, a betazoid colony set up almost as a refugee camp.

It was there were El learnt, and fell in love with physics, and decided to join Starfleet to study it further as they had the best "toys" to do with in her opinion.

Her time at the academy, while without note academically, was where she came out of her shell, and the timid, quiet girl became the loud, opinionated and life of the party her freiends now know.

Then she was assigned to the USS Jersey.

Post -USS Jersey.

After the temporal "incident", El went back to her family home on Betazed to recuperate- most of the crew of that ship, unable to cope with what had happened, left the fleet, she just went on leave.

Two years later, a trill officer by the name of Odrin Gryf found her and asked her to join his group working out of Spacedock on Starship repair, mostly of the science labs. she hesitantly agreed, and over time retrained as an engineer, to work on transporters and replicators for the group.

When the group relocated to Finland Station, she became the base's systems Engineer as well as helping set-up the group's research and development projects into an official set-up known as Toybox.
Service Record 2392- 2394 Finland Station – Station Systems Engineer. Manager of Research and Development projects work space, Toybox.

2388-2391 Spacedock, Earth- retraining as engineer, specialising in Matter/Energy systems (transporters/ replicators)

2386-2388 Medical Leave on Betazed and Earth.

2384-2386 USS Jersey - junior Science Officer, Physics department.

2384- Graduated Starfleet Academy. Given rank of ensign.