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Major Cornelius Tremble

Name Cornelius Alphons Tremble

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Platoon Commanding Officer/Team Leader

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm
Weight 102 kg
Physical Description Corneius is burly; solid; a rock of an individual who is deceptively light on his feet. He wears his hair shorn close and is usually clean shaven.


Spouse The Corp
Children None
Father Adolphus Achilles Tremble
Mother Gwendolyn Marie Smythe Tremble
Brother(s) Hugo Achilles Tremble
Sister(s) Agatha Marie Tremble

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cornelius is a no-nonsense, hard charging Marine. Every life that he's responsible for is precious. Every life pitted against he, his Marines and the Fleet is negotiable.

He negotiates well.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Not afraid to lead

-Bull headed
-Nit Picky
-Tends toward violent response to presented situations
Ambitions To live up to his father's expectations and his own.
Hobbies & Interests Wood carving
Playing piano

Personal History Cornelius was born in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador, raised by his mother’s extended family: mostly by his Grandfather Jaques who ran a fishing boat, while Grandmother Natalie and his mother ran a substance farm and winery. Cornelius spent most of his days in the bush, pitting himself against nature. Other days he spent on the boat or working on the farm. He enjoyed the physical nature of both, but not the monotony.

His father was born in New Orleans and joined the Corp, keeping to a long tradition within the Tremble family: grandfather Cornelius died in action against the Cineran invasion of 2300; while his father retired after reaching the rank of Sgt. Major and a distinguished 40 years in the Corp. He currently lives on Mars, where he lives in the Outback. He and Cornelius’ mother still vacation and spend time together, but he finds that he needs space while she needs her family.

Cornelius turned 16 when the Dominion war began, which gave him greater drive to join the Corp. He saw action during the last year of the war, serving aboard the Hood. His career after that is a collection of training and mostly redacted missions that officially didn’t happen.

One notable exceptions is the invasion and subsequent Peace Keeping mission on Garalall which had been brought into the Federation due to their proximity to the Romulan Empire under less than ideal circumstances and over the years it had reverted to fighting between several petty warlord who played the Federation against itself. The Federation Council chose to intercede and called in the Marines to establish beachhead.

Four thousand Marines went in; Leading the way were the Force Recon teams. Cornleius’ teams mission was to take out Surface to Space batteries then sow chaos amongst the defending units in their area of responsibility. They ended up becoming pinned down by overwhelming, where most of his unit perished and he was knocked unconscious and left for dead.

He lost approximately 34 hours that he still doesn’t remember, save for some horrifying flashes that he still hasn’t pieced together. When they found him,he was wandering and babbling. He spent nearly a month in sic bay before being released for duty. It was a struggle for him and he nearly quit the Corp, but he persevered but he found himself ground to a finer edge than before: only duty was able to get him through the fears he found himself facing in the dark.

It proved enough to slow his rise through the rank as he grew tentative. A tentative Marine is not one who others want leading them and he opted to take EOD training when it was offered. His superiors seemed to think the change would do him good and thus the transfer.

Over the years, he’s overcome the fear of the dark: mostly. And lost his tentativeness, though there’s still a few bold souls who will refer to him as Tentative Tremble to his face. Dealing with the few led to more than one disciplinary action over the years for fighting. Most recently, he attended Pathfinder school: which was tougher than he cares to admit, reminding him he’s likely on the downward slide in his career.

His one true love is the Corp: female companionship has been rare, (well, anything that’s lasted longer than a hangover) as he’s of a mind that if he was supposed to have a wife, the Corp would have issued him one.

Cornelius is as close to his family as he can be, though he hasn't seen any of them in several years. He's closest to his brother, who is a civilian engineer on Io. He talks most frequently to his mother: well he gets talked to by her who thinks it's time he settle down.

Agatha, his sister, doesn’t understand him at all. She’s part of a Federation diplomatic mission and has been slowly building toward a political career. She doesn’t understand her brother or father at all and doesn’t hide that opinion.

He rarely talks to his father because he doesn't need to. It's weird, but they're both cast from the same mold and conversation runs out after about five minutes leaving empty silence. Not because there’s nothing to say. But because there’s nothing to say that the other doesn’t understand at a cellular level.
Service Record 2357 Born
2373 Enlisted; Star Fleet Marines
2374 Completed Recruit and AIT (Infantry\Rifleman); Assigned to USS Hood
*Saw action in the battle to retake DS9
*Participated in the invasion of Chin’toka III
2376 Cross Trained as Combat Engineer (Secondary MOS)
2380 RECON training
2382 Assigned to Deep Space 12, Force RECON Team 12
*Participated in the invasion of Garalall VI 2384
*Peace keeping on Garalall VI, 2385
2386 EOD training
2388 Assigned to the USS D’Sha’al
2390 Pathfinder school
2391 RECON Training Cadre, M’Karat 6 / Camp Ravenhawk
2394 Platoon Sgt. USS Pioneer
2394 Promoted Gunnery Sgt, USS Pioneer
2395 Promoted 2nd Lieutenant, USS Pioneer: CO the Cure.
2396 Promoted 1st Lieutenant, USS Pioneer, CO the Cure
2396 Promoted Captain, USS Pioneer, CO the Cure
2397 Promoted Major, USS Pioneer. XO USS Pioneer, CO the Cure.