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Lieutenant Paul Michael

Name Paul Michael

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Paul Michael is a tall, lean male. His blond hair frames a handsome face, that includes piercing blue eyes.
His posture is always erect.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Admral Matthew Mitchel, Starfleet Command, Retired
Mother Joyce Evans Mitchel, Assistant to Earth Diploatic Corp, deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Michael is an easy going, fun loving male.
Easy to make friends.
Likes the ladies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Good at his job; leveled headed under stressful situations.

Weaknesses: Worries about disappointing and shaming the family name.
Ambitions What ever junior officer thinks of....command.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, historical novels, most fiction.

Personal History Used to be, when a child was born on long haul freighters, that plod along at warp 2, They were called 'boomers".
Paul was born in the year 2369, on board the Federation starship USS Ticonderoga, he joined an exclusive fraternity that were born on starships.
His father, a lieutenant, was one of the ship's tactical and security officers. His mother was a lieutenant ship's counselor.
Growing up on the ship was sometimes boring, and sometimes an adventure. His best friend was a Vulcan child named S'klar, he was about the same age that Paul was.
School on the ship was fun for Paul, he learned a lot. The teacher told his parents that Paul showed a lot of promise.
When Paul turned 6, his father was transferred to the starship Polaris, to be it's chief assistant tactical/security officer. His parents told Paul that this was what life was when they served on a starship. The Polaris didn't needed a counselor, so Paul's father went to join the Polaris while he and his mother stayed on the Ticonderoga. His father called them often, so he didn't miss him that much.
Paul continued with his studies. By age 8, his Vulcan friend left the ship when his parents were transferred. So he became friends with a human boy named Lukas.

When he turned 10, his mother applied to the Fleet Diplomatic Corps. This meant they had to relocate to Earth, where his mother would get some training, and an indoctrination, and when she passed the training, she was assigned to the Diplomatic Corps, and they were stationed in San Francisco near the Academy.
While they were on Earth, his father was able to take some leave and spent 2 weeks with them.
After 6 months, his mother was assigned to the Earth Ambassador to the Federation, as one of his aides.

While they were on Earth, his father was able to take some leave and spent 2 weeks with them.
After 6 months, his mother was assigned to the Earth Ambassador to the Federation, as one of his aides.
On a diplomatic mission, his mother was with the ambassador on a mission to some dirt planet, when they were ambushed. The terrorists wanted to capture the ambassador to force the Federation to trade arms for his release. His mother tried to get the ambassador away from the terrorists, when she was shot, in the back, trying to escape with the ambassador.
His mothers death devastated him. When he returned to his father's custody, he blamed his father for his mothers death. For months, Paul was withdrawn. He saw counselors who tried to help him.
When he turned 17, he applied to the Academy, basically to get away from his father.

His grades were good enough for entry into the academy. His chosen course of study was Operations. His father offered to use his limited influence to but Paul told him he rather do t himself. That was the last contact he had with his father.
He was sullen and withdrawn his first year at the academy.
His roommate, a human named Garth Michaels, tried to get him involved with him in some of the group activities the academy offered, but he couldn't get Paul to agree to anything.
Even though he was withdrawn, his grades didn't suffer, in fact, he had some of the highest grades in his classes.
During the semester, many female cadets asked him to tutor them because their grades well bad. He helped as many as he could, but some of them wanted to go beyond tutoring, which he politely refused.

There were guest lecturers at the academy his first year, Admiral Janeway, who had brought back her ship from the Delta Quadrant, Annika Hansen, the former Borg known as 7 of 9, Lieutenant Harry Kim, Voyagers Operations officer and B'elanna Torres, Voyagers chief engineer. Paul attended each lecture, and especially enjoyed Lt Kim's. Paul was able to speak to the lieutenant and picked his brain on operations. Kim was so taken by the young man that they stayed in touch after the lecture.
The years passed by. By the middle of the 2nd year, Paul started to "loosen up" as his roommate said, and his roommate took credit for getting Paul out of his shell. Paul actually started joining some clubs and tried out for the track team. Once he made the track team, he became friends with the team, including cadet Stacy Rogers, one of the women on the track team. She was an engineering student, so they had a lot in command and things to talk about.

His 3rd year at the academy, the work load increased. The increased workload meant that Paul had to work longer hours, so his personal life suffered...what friends he had stopped talking to him, and Stacey broke up with him. That caused him to revert back to his solitary ways again.
Because he dedicated himself into his work, his grades improved, and his instructors took more notice of him. He would run into Stacey from time to time, and he found out that she was seeing another cadet.

Cadet Michael was assigned to the USS Oxford, a Miranda class starship, for his training cruise. He was on of the ship's Operations Officer. There were 20 cadets and 50 training officers. Every cadet got equal time at their position. The captain had programmed the ship's computer to simulate different scenarios for the cadets to handle. Scenarios included enemy attack, engine problems, and other problems for the cadets.
Michael's time at Ops, he faced 3 scenarios and correctly solved them.

By the 4th year, his grades were excellent, and his instructors all gave him praise.
His psych evals, were good. Though his counselors worried about his mental state, regarding all his hard work and his tendency to be a loner.
By graduation, his final grades were in the top 3% of his graduating class. His counselors all gave him clean bills of health.

Upon graduation, Ensign Michael was assigned to the USS Wellington, a Niagara class starship, as one of the ship's operations officers. He spent most of his time in engineering, and only got bridge time when one of the senior ops officers were ill.
Based on his work in engineering and on the bridge, he received a good commendation in his file.
His next assignment was on the USS Einstein, a Nova class starship. He was the ship's assistant operations officer.
The Einstein was a science vessel, so his duties were limited mostly to work in engineering, and the occasional bridge shift, but he was happy working, plus he was getting to know the engineering crew.
Paul was off duty, in the ship's mess when the computer told him that he had an incoming message from Starfleet. Puzzled, Paul returned to his quarters and played the message. It was a recorded message. The figure on the screen was Admiral Halsey, one of his fathers former commanding officers. "Sorry to have to relay this message this way, instead of face to face. I regret having to tell you that your father passed away recently. He was doing some contractor work for Starfleet, and there was an accident. I was told that he didn't suffer. I will authorize some time off of you want. Contact me with your wishes. Sorry Paul." The screen went blank, and Paul just starred at it. His last words to his father was that he didn't want his help in the academy. He did the only thing he could...he buried himself in his work.
The Einstein approached the nebula, and started running scans. Paul was watching the data come in, when an unknown vessel emerged from the nebula, and attacked the Einstein. The senior ops officer was killed in the first attack. The captain had all personnel report to their battle stations, so Paul raced to the bridge and took over the Ops console.
The enemy attack damaged critical systems throughout the ship. The captain ordered Paul to give the shields and weapons top priority, so that's what he did. Using emergency backup power, and cutting some non-essential systems, he brought the shields and weapons back to almost 100%.
The 2nd enemy attack caused more damage, and injured the captain. Finding himself the senior officer on an almost deserted bridge, Michael took command, avoiding additional attacks, and maneuvered the ship into a firing solution, and fired all weapons, destroying the alien ship.
Medical teams arrived and took the captain and the other wounded to sickbay. A senior officer arrived and assumed command.

When the captain recovered and returned to duty, he had Michael stand and announced to the crew, "For exemplary service to the ship and Starfleet, I am proud to present you with this medal, the Distinguished Service Medal, for duty above and beyond the call of duty. And I hereby promoted you to Lieutenant. Congratulations." The captain shook his hand, and the assembled crew congratulated him.

Service Record 2386 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
2387- Completes freshman year.
2388- Completes sophomore year.
2389 - Completes junior year.
2390 - Completes senior year - graduates top 3% of his graduating class, with degrees in Ship Operations and Engineering,
2390 - 2392 - Assigned USS Wellington as Ensign and assigned to Operations.
2393 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade based on work performance reviews.
2394 - Transferred to USS Einstein Operations Officer.
2395 - Promoted to Lieutenant for exemplary service USS Einstein.
2396 - Assigned USS Pioneer Assistant Operations Officer.