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Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn

Name Zhara Rynn

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

PNPC By (Maren)
Gender Female
Species Betazoid/Carpathian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 145
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Zhara is curvaceous and proud of it. She wears civilian clothes, preferring rich colors like gold, emerald, sapphire and cream. She dresses for comfort as well as style as she recognizes the importance of first impressions and being comfortable while you work.

She also believes that not wearing a uniform helps people be more comfortable around her.


Father Petrov Rynn (deceased)
Mother Mara Chrysobal

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zhara is vivacious with an exotic flare. She loves music and often has it playing in her office. She also uses fabrics and plants to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. When she's in a good mood she will often sing or hum while she works.

She is a sensualist. She loves rich textures, sweet and spicy aromas, rich foods and good music.
Strengths & Weaknesses Compassionate, considerate, smart, cheerful and at peace with her world.

She likes people, but she can be a bit high-handed when she feels she is right. She also has a Robin Hood complex. She will often stand up for the underdog and the defenseless.

She has been known to bend the rules if she feels the cause is just.

She loves to read and will lock herself away for hours at a time, comfortable with her own company.

She has unorthodox methods that can cause some people to think she's odd. However, she does not mind their opinions and generally gets results.
Ambitions Zhara is torn in her desires. She has several fields of study and tries to devote time to each of them. She would love to teach some day and have the time to explore, which she currently lacks.
Love has so far eluded her, but she would one day like to marry and have a family.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, embroidery, weaving, playing the piano, zitar, and flute.
She enjoys music and singing.
She likes to do pencil sketches of nature.

Personal History Zhara was born on January 5, 2373 on Carpathia, a planet that produced spices and rich fabrics to export to other worlds. Her father was a spice merchant and her mother a weaver of tapestries. At an early age, Zhara learned to weave and embroider fine tapestries and clothing to sell in her mother's store.

Her parents hoped she would follow in their footsteps, but Zhara also loved to read. She spent much of her free time reading books about strange worlds and fantastic adventures. She especially loved the histories and folktales.

When she turned 15 and finished school, she took a job on a merchant ship so she could explore the galaxy and learn more about the other cultures she'd read so much about.

After two years of traveling, she stopped on Betazed, the home of her father's people, and decided to stay for a while. She enrolled in a university where she studied science, history and literature. She also learned how to use and control her telepathy, something she had grown adept at with her parents, but had never used with others outside her own family.

While at university she would often spend time listening to her fellow students and their problems and do what she could to help them. After the first year, she began to take classes in counseling so that she could more effectively help them.

By the time she was done with her schooling, she was qualified to work in science, counseling and computers. She had also grown in her telepathic and empathic abilities to where her teacher felt she had learned as much as she needed.

Zhara booked passage on a science vessel so she could continue traveling. This time, she fell in love with exploring itself. At the first opportunity, she took her entrance exam to Starfleet and passed, but not getting in until nearly a year later.

During this time she was allowed to work on the starship, the USS Tesla, as a cadet in both science and counseling.
Service Record 2385-2387: Served as a Cadet on the USS Tesla from
2387-2390: Attended Starfleet Academy
2390-2392: Served as historian and counselor on the USS DaVinci
2392-2394: Served as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Lakota
2395: Serves as Counselor on the USS Pioneer