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Intelligent Vows

Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2020 @ 6:50am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara Li & Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles & Ensign Auba Lyna & Helena Moreno & Lieutenant Josh Randall & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn

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Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD010 1900 hrs

Tyler stood under the gazebo in the middle of the woods. Billy Calhoun stood next to him and both wore their dress uniforms. Tyler could not decide who was more nervous him or Billy. "Calm down Billy, she isn't running anywhere." Tyler smiled toward the El Aurian. "Thank you sir, it is just that I swore I would never go down this road again and then I met Jen." Billy replied. "I would be nervous simply because she is now your boss everywhere." Tyler said with a laugh as he handed Billy a drink. "Here you go ole man. Calm the nerves."

Kat was seated somewhere in the middle. Weddings always reminded her of when she married Ty, and a wedding on a starship was special. She double-checked that she had her tissue and smiled.

Once again, Jayde had chosen to work. Jayna couldn't fault her that, as she didn't know Jenn well. She didn't mind as she was used to going solo--even at a celebration. She preferred to be in the back where she could watch the ceremony and keep an eye on the door--occupational hazard. She didn't like feeling trapped, even when she was among friends. At the same time, she was happy to see her boss and co-worker tie the knot.

Quinn had arrived with Enya. Ameri was already at the wedding, being of the maid of honor. He thought Enya was cute as a button. She had picked out a cute formal dress. Quinn had not seen Ameri since earlier in the morning, but he remembered her looking pretty good as well, he would dare say, sexy as hell.

Quinn was a little harsher on himself, thinking the tuxedo he chose to wear, was a not as flattering as he would have liked it. Maybe it was the style, or the replicator did not adjust it properly. Where was a good tailor when you needed one, he asked himself.

Enya looked around as she came in with her Dad. She loved the dress she had gotten when she went shopping with her Mom. There wasn’t a lot of reason to dress up so this was extra special for her. She smiled at her Dad.

Neil stood at the opposite end of the aisle, or what was serving as one, just inside the archway jean would enter through, officially putting her get on the path toward matrimony. The marine was decked out in scarlet mess dress tunic with gold facings and blue and silver embroidery.

As he waited, the marine mused once again at the intricacies of marine mess dress and was thankful he didn't have a diplomatic posting.

Jayden walked in with Clarissa. He had taken one look at her and almost made the suggestion they skip the wedding. She looked beautiful. Not that she wasn't always but there was something about her today that took his breath away. He smiled at her.

"You prefer to sit towards the middle or the back?" He didn't even mention the front. "Or we could sit near the commander and his daughter? Enya is waving at us."

Clarissa just grinned. Her reaction was to get their own table, but she noticed Enya waving them over. She could not resist. "We don't want to be rude." Clarissa said, as she started to head over towards the table of the Enya and Quinn.

"May we join you sir?" Clarissa asked, as she smiled towards the direction of Quinn, and then gave a small wink to Enya.

"Of course, that would make both of us very happy." Quinn said, with a warm smile on his face. "Please both of you, have a seat." Quinn said, with a big smile on his face.

“Thank you, Commander,” Jayden said. He waited for Clarissa to take a seat next to Enya and then sat down next to her.
“You look pretty,” Enya whispered to Clarissa with a grin.

"Thanks, you like pretty as well." Clarissa said, with a warm smile on her face, as she took her seat next to Jayden, and pretty close to Enya.

“Thanks,” Enya’s face lit up. “I really like it, I don’t have a lot of reasons to dress up.”

"Will have to work on that, surely the Captain will take us on a few diplomatic missions, so we can play dress up." Clarissa said, with a big grin on her face.

Enya’s eyes lit up. “Oh that would be fun. I need more dresses.” She looked at her Dad. “Please!”

Paul walked in with Lyna and found a couple of empty seats.

Randall walked in alone. He was suppose to meet El here.

Hermia arrived with Helena. The doctor wore her dress uniform and Helen wore a purple dress.

Zhara came in after the doctor. She loved weddings and looked forward to the celebration. It was a perfect way for the crew to unwind and feel a sense of unity.

Kalina had walked in wearing a simple formal style dress. She was a little concerned how others would react to her selection. She was not use to wearing human style ish clothing. She usually dressed in Betazed fashion. Kalina grabbed onto Zaire tightly, it was clear by her body posture, that she was out of her element.

Zaire smiled at her, hoping his calmness would help her relax. He was wearing dress pants with a dress shirt he had picked up on the station. Clarissa and Jayden had gone with him but mostly Clarissa had given advice. He was much happier in everyday clothes. “Shall we sit towards the back?” He wanted her to be comfortable.

"Sounds good to me." Kalina said, wanting to get away from any spotlight. She followed Clarissa, Jayden and Zaire towards the back.

Zaire waited for her to sit down and took a seat next to her. He nodded down to the end at Commander O’Flannagain. “This keeps us out of the spotlight.” He whispered.

Larim walked in, clad in his dress uniform and sort of hung back a little. Such was his style on big formal things like this, plus he was a little unsure to be honest. After all the only other wedding he'd been to was his own, and there was no real planning for it.

"Oh Chua oi," Nhi said, "I think your uniform is alright, stop tugging it, Vulcans are not insecure you said so yourself!"

Lan straightened her back. "Vulcans are not... I am not...I am just self aware. And maybe you should limit your Vietnamese in the company of others, Ensign." She wasn't insecure about herself or aware. She was just not good with social gatherings, they weren't that big on that on Vulcan. Everything was just functional and efficient. She walked past her younger sister looking for a place in the room.

Behind her back Nhi shook her head and said with a sarcastic tone, "Yes, sir."

Lan heard her but decided not to indulge her. She just took a seat and waited for her sister to join her. She didn't plan to dress her down at a wedding which she might want.

Ameri entered the room and walked down the aisle to the front and took her place. She saw Quinn and Enya and smiled at them, then looked toward the back, to where Jenn and Tremble would be coming in.

Everyone went silent as the music started. Billy swallowed hard as he saw Jennifer and Captain Tremble begin to walk down the aisle. Leslie Calhoun had been married a few times before. Each of his previous wives had been beautiful in their own way. However, he was scarce to remember when he felt so nervous and when his bride looked so beautiful.

His chrono informed it was time as he caught site of Jenn approaching and the marine smiled at her approach. "You look lovely, Jenn. But, say the word: I have a fire team ready to cover this lot while you make your escape." Neil tugged at his gloves as she approached, then turned in place and offered his arm to her.

"I am nervous," Jenn admitted, "But I asked him to marry me, it would be wrong to walk out now, and also I don't back out of something I initiated." She hooked her arm in Neil's. "Thank you, none the less." She then looked forward and began her walk down the aisle.

As Jenn rested her hand on his forearm, Neil brought his other hand up and laid it atop of hers and paced them solemnly down the aisle. In a low conversational tone he continued, "True. But it traditionally IS, on Earth anyway, a woman's right to change her mind. You could even just pause and let an uncertain look wash over you. Maybe see if Billy could sweat a little more?" Neil targeted his gaze on Calhoun, as if considering the man once anew.

Jenn grinned, "You know, you are very devious, is that through your experience as a marine, or just something you picked up during drilling? You know, sticking it to authority?" She did for a moment consider his offer to coax more out of Billy, but she figured being for the many times that he has, he was probably already punished enough. She turned to Tremble and smiled, "Let's just do this. I am most likely his 6th wife by now, I am sure he had his fair share already."

Keeping his voice low and shifting his gaze to the gathered witnesses, friends and family as he led Jenn down the aisle, Neil replied, "No experience and it's about the only thing the Corp doesn't train us for. However, I'd guess it's like going into combat: no matter how often you stand in the door, taking that leap into the unknown has to scare you at least a little bit."

Neil kept his steps measured and was aware of her dresses train as they walked.

Jenn smiled. "Neil, we're starfleet officers. Our job is to face the unknown on a daily basis. I am an intelligence officer, it's my job to make the unknown known. If I were scared of the unknown, I should not even be here."

Ameri looked over at Billy, his eyes on Jenn and then hers as she came with Tremble. She couldn’t help but think back to her own wedding and smiled to herself. She would marry Quinn again in a heartbeat.

Kat watched Captain Tremble lead the bride down the aisle and felt a tear run down her cheek. She was far too emotional right now. She surreptitiously wiped it away.

Jayna watched from the back, happy for the couple and hopeful this would be the start of good things for both of them. At the same time, she couldn't help feeling like an outsider. It was probably just the day.

Hermia sat with Helena, she hoped things would go well for the happy couple, but she couldn't help herself dwelling on the mess her own marriage had become.

"She looks beautiful, doesn't she, Mum?" Helena asked.

"Yes, she does." Hermia replied with a weak smile.

The Bride arrived and she took her place next to Billy and looked to Captain Malbrooke. She nodded to the captain to begin the service.

"It has long been the greatest pleasure of ship Captains the duty of joining people in a loving union. It is this duty that I am performing today as we join Leslie William Calhoun to Jennifer Masters..." Tyler paused as he had a small flair for the dramatic and he smirked as the two in front of him stood nervously. He was reminded of the day that he and his beloved Kat said their I dos. "Do you Leslie Willam Calhoun take Jennifer Masters to be your wedded wife. To love, honor, and respect her until death do you part."

Billy looked at the Captain and squared his jaw then he turned to Jen. She had never looked more beautiful and his thoughts ran to the first time they met and the dance that they had shared. "From now until the next life... I do!" The response was typical of an El Aurian for each family was a new life and Billy was beginning what could quite possibly be the best one yet.

Jennifer slid a ring onto Billy's left hand. Tyler spoke again and he realized that this would be the last time he would address Jennifer as Masters. "Do you Jennifer Masters take Leslie William Calhoun to be your wedded husband. To love, honor, and respect him until death do you part."

After a short dramatic pause of her own Jennifer replied "I do!" and smiled. Billy slipped a ring on her finger.

"Then by the powers vested in me by the Federation and Starfleet. As master of this vessel I now pronounce you husband and wife. Go ahead Billy lay it on her." Tyler spoke loudly and with gusto. When he finished he took his own wife in his arms and smiled. The Pioneer truly was a family and lord knew that this family needed this happiness right now.

A joint post by;

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke
Chief Medical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Clarissa Rockwell
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Kalina Solwick
Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun
Data Systems Analyst, USS Pioneer

Helena Moreno
Child, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Jayden Robertson
Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Zaire Byrne
Science Officer, USS Pioneer

Enya Ó Flannagáin
Child, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke
Operational Advisor, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant JG Zhara Rynn
Counselor, USS Pioneer

Warrant Officer Mira Jayna
Infiltration Specialist, USS Pioneer

Captain Cornelius Tremble
Marine Commanding Officer/Second Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Chief Science Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Paul Michael
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Elen Diari
Chief Engineering Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Eleanor Raine
Diplomatic Adviser, USS Pioneer

Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD
Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara Li
Chief Counselor, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles
Damage Control Specialist, USS Pioneer

Ensign Auba Lyna
Security Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Josh Randall
Suregeon, USS Pioneer

Command Chief Petty Officer Phuong Lan Nguyen
Chief Of The Boat/Master-At-Arms, USS Pioneer


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