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The End Is The Beginning

Posted on Tue Nov 9th, 2021 @ 5:55am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Major Cornelius Tremble & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Petty Officer 2nd Class Sofia Cipriani
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Mission: Episode 11 - Family Matters
Location: In Orbit of Jutus
Timeline: MD005 2030 hrs

The Oakley dropped out of warp and a smile came across Tyler's face. The Pioneer always looked beautiful from the outside. And here she was doing what Starfleet was meant to do, make first contact with an unknown species. "All right vacationers a trip is always fun but it feels better to be home."

Vaebn had a fretful sleep on the way back from the Outpost. His sleep had been filled with images of both his childhood and his adult life. In each scene of his dream he was chased by something he could not see, only hear. This troubled him, even in his dream world. He slept on a lower bunk, while his sister Lyie was asleep on the upper bunk. Her wound had been tended to and she was restrained as a safety measure.

Jayna was quiet as they approached the Pioneer. Her sister was leaving shortly and her feelings were mixed. They'd been apart for most of their time in Starfleet, and they'd both changed since their days in the Maquis so long ago, but she was still going to miss Jayde. At the same time, she wasn't sure what she wanted for herself. She would have to look at her options from all sides soon, but not right now. The mission had gone better than expected and there were a lot of people who would be happy to see them back, even though most had no idea where they'd gone.

Neil's comm automatically reset as the Oakley came into line-of-site of the Pioneer according to the presets he'd established and a flurry of messages hit his queue. Wincing at the sheer volume, he glanced at Tyler and said, "Do we have to go back. My message queue just updated. I'll be days clearing this..."

The marine sounded only half joking...

Jayna couldn't help laughing at the comment. "That's what you get for being so popular." She, of course, had nothing. But then, she didn't expect any messages. She wanted a good workout, a meal, and a soak in a hot bathtub.

Neil glanced ruefully at Jayna and said, "Popular. Most of these are from General-type officers, their aide's, trainsng up-dates, maintenance request/reminders and the like." One flashing add caught his eye before he cancelled it and he remarked, "Oh. And one add trying to sell vacation insurance for Risa. Why would you need insurance on Risa?"

She grinned. "You never know. Maybe they don't want you suing them if you lose all your money at the dabo tables, or catch some rare disease from one of the locals." Her grin broadened. "I'm sure there are a number of reasons to...cover your assets."

"Or don't cover them." Adelaide said quite quickly. "After all, Risa is meant to be enjoyed and there's hypos for everything." she winked.

Jayna laughed. "A good reason I've yet to go there. I like my assets as they are."

Tyler smirked toward Neil. "Well you will have plenty of time to read your fan mail as soon as we get back to the ship." He keyed in the commands and opened a channel to the Pioneer. "Quinn, I hope you kept a porch light on for us."

Pioneer Bridge

Paul was back on the bridge, the captain gave him a week to recover from the crash that had been a simulation, created by the aliens to test our abilities. He stayed in the back and watched the action.

Hermia sat at the back of the Bridge at an auxiliary station. She was there to keep an eye on Paul and also be present when they rendezvous with the Oakley.

Jayde manned security as Myles had other responsibilities. With the captain back, it would be her last bridge posting before her transfer. She was pleased to see the team return. Tonight, she looked forward to seeing her sister.

"Captain. Its good to see you!" Larim said, rising from the Command chair. "Quinn's not here... obviously. He was transferred abruptly. I don't know why but Admiral Routh informed me. I've been in command since."

The orders must have come in for his command. Good for you Quinn, welcome to the four pip club. Tyler thought with a smile. "Well then Commander permission to come aboard and I hope you have kept the ship together in my absence."

"Permission wholeheartedly granted, Captain. So good to see you." Larim smiled

The small view screen on the Oakley revealed much of the bridge crew and Tyler could see that there was definitely a story to be told here. He noticed Hermia standing off to the side in the command area. "Doc its nice to see you. We have some wounded here for you. You know the basic cuts and scrapes that a nice camping trip can give us. We also have one under sedation who has been... Let's just say she has been made not herself. Commander tr'Hwersuil will come to Sick Bay to assist."

"Nice to see you too, Skipper." Hermia said. "Understood, things are prep'ed in Sick Bay, I'll head down there now." She added.

Lunara frowned. Not herself, hm? That didn't bode well. She turned to Hermia. "I think I'd better come with you."

"Of course, Counselor." Hermia said gladly. She'd caught the Captain's comment about the sedated crewman not being herself, and knew that the psyche was something that was outside her own wheel house.

Tyler docked the Oakley manually with some difficulty. He was afterall a little rusty when it came to piloting. A few short moments later the docking clamps could be heard engaging as the Oakley was home. Tyler was perhaps the happiest to be home and not have the Romulans on his tail. He stepped off the Oakley and smiled at Larim. "Commander you are going to remain in command for the foreseeable future. I plan on going to see my wife." He smiled and headed for the door of the bay.

Vaebn stepped off the Oakley with his sister in his arms. She was still unconscious. He was not sure of her condition or if she would ever be herself. With a solemn look he acknowledged the presence of the doctor and the counselor.

Jayna held back, letting the others leave first. They had a greater need than she did. She knew a bit about deprogramming, both from growing up in the Resistance and part from intel. It would take time, but there was a very good chance Lyie would make a full recovery, especially with her brother there.

She watched Neil leave, her thoughts carefully masked. She'd enjoyed working with the Marine, but it was unlikely she'd have another opportunity to do so. She had no reason to enter Marine Country, either.

The half-Vulcan watched the others depart, then made her way around the room, not wanting to get in the way. She nodded to the others on the team as she passed them, glad things had gone as well as they did.

Hermia stopped Vaebn only to scan, who she concluded was, his sister, and himself for injuries. The Romulan woman's vital signs were low, but within normal parameters for someone of her species. He lack of consciousness was therefore most likely caused by psychological trauma.

Commander take her to Sickbay, they'll provide a bed for her there. I be there shortly, after I've check over the rest of Oakley's crew." Hermia told Vaebn.

Vaebn looked at Hermia and managed a small smile as the thought that he was home and glad to be here settle upon him. However, all he could muster was a gently. "Yes Doctor..." as he left the Oakley's docking area.

"Okay, who's next she asked the others present?" Hermia asked. "Please bear in mind, if I don't give you a clean bill of health, you can't return to duty."

Tyler smiled as he was glad to be back and with minimal losses. He chuckled as he looked at the vacationers, as Neil had nicknamed them. "We will all be in Sick Bay shortly doc. Even I will right after I check in with Larim, and my wife. As for the rest of you that is an order and don't give the Doc any grief." Tyler turned toward Larim. "Commander give me a status update."

"Ship secure, aside from some computer issues. I'll need to brief you fully on that one. Ambassadors met. I showed them around and they seemed happy. All ship systems in working order." Larim replied.

Schultz grabbed her gear and made her way onto the Pioneer. A bath, a drink, and then bed. Those were her priorities and her focus.

Neil disembarked the Oakley, checking the Curesoperational status, glancing at the sick call names and double checking that the detachment was ready to load and go at a moments notice, as they should be.

The detachment was small, so that tasking only took him moments. Then he turned to his second officer's queue and winced. That list was going to take a while. The marine shifted his kit bags and glanced around as the rest of the vacationers exited the yacht and began filtering back into the Pioneer and their regular duties.

Considering, he brought up the team net they'd been using and keyed his com, "Good job campers. I'm going to shut down this net and I have a watch cycle in a couple of hours, but if anyone wants a pint I'll be in lounge.

Jayna frowned at the order to see the doctor. She was fine, and a visit to sickbay would only be a waste of time. On the other hand, she might actually like a pint of something.

"If I don't get cleared, does that mean I have more time for that pint?" She asked both the Doctor, and Tremble. They both seemed to just look at her, the Doctor more sternly. "Okay, okay." she said holding her hands up. "Cleared, then we drink." she nodded setting off for Sickbay.

Lunara had stayed silent for the whole time, quietly observing the crew. Their expressions, their body language, what they said, how they said it, and what they didn't. At least she had a general idea of what she'd be dealing with now. She called out in a mischievous singsong voice as everyone began leaving. "And don't forget, you get to talk to me to~!"

Larim just smiled. "A few more minutes in charge at least. I might just join you for drinks."

"Very well Commander you have the Bridge, I like the rest of the campers have an appointment in Sick Bay." Tyler said with a side glance toward Hermia. He smiled broadly and clapped Larim on the back as they left the Oakley. It was good to be home.

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