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Intel is where you get it.

Posted on Wed Nov 10th, 2021 @ 12:11pm by Major Cornelius Tremble & Corporal Andrew Shy
Edited on on Thu Nov 11th, 2021 @ 3:00am

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: After 11
Timeline: MD001 0030 hrs

Neil settled into a booth in After-11 mulling over his schedule for tomorrow. There were several things he needed to do.

Many things, actually. Given that Quinn had been rushed off of Pioneer for his own command meant that Neil had to step up until a new XO could be posted. Which meant that getting back into the daily swing would be harder.

Glancing at the table’s chrono, he debated whether there would be time to eat and get a workout in. Then he shook his head. It was too late and he’d be lucky to get any sleep before 03:00.

Neil took a drink from the chilled glass of larger he’d brought to the table with him and stared out the view port. He had a view of Sirius and her active port facility as ships left and approached dock at controlled intervals.

If he was honest, he should have sucked down a protein drink right away and did a thirty minute burn in the gym, saving the roadwork and cardio for tomorrow. While they’d been on mission, he’d been lazy.

He amended that with the thought that there really wasn’t much room for anything but the most basic’s on the Oakley. He’d done some shadow boxing and skipped rope, but nothing like a full workout. Sighing irritably he avoided looking at the chrono again.

Shy was taking his xaxdamned time.

Andrew entered After-11 in mufti, looking about for Tremble. Spotting the Pioneer’s second officer and noting what looked like a beer in front of him, Shy approached the bar, speaking to the civilian tending bar and once he found out what Tremble was drinking, got a chilled glass for himself and a pitcher of beer.

Approaching the Captain’s booth, he asked, “Pardon me sir. Can I get a moment?”

Neil had seen Shy enter in his peripheral, but didn’t turn his head until he was addressed. “By all means, Corporal.” “What’s on your mind,” Neil followed up after Andrew had slid in across from him.

Having already made sure there weren’t ears that would easily overhear them, Shy said “Lots going on sir. There’s a full report on Pioneer’s encounter with the Jutrai and corresponding intel from G2 and Federation Intel. Fleet Intel mostly matches. There’s some things I think they didn’t provide us that G2 picked up…

Andrew’s met Neil’s eyes and nodded in affirmation. “Aye sir,” he said, “Some things were left out or not thought important from Fleet, sir. Hard to say which unless we get a look at the Romulan desk’s decision process. We think they’re expanding faster than fleet is letting on. At least that’s the word we’re getting from coalition forces.”

Andrew took a drink from his glass of lager and continued, “And, ship deployments indicate that we’re not snooping into their territory like we should. There’s holes in the passive info-gathering that should be done, and as of yet we can’t pin down why. Fleet keeps coming back to RDF/FMC stating that it doesn’t have assets available for such missions at this time.”

Neil muttered under his breath and said, “So. Either it’s incompetence or something smells? But we can’t even determine if there’s a stink or not?”

“No sir,” Andrew said, taking another drink of the lager and using the excuse to look around again. “Something stinks, we just can’t localize where the smells coming from. It’s definitely localized to the Fleet. We’re getting a better look from Federation Intel than Fleet, which can also draw from Federation. We’re supposed to draw everything from Fleet, but ever since the Commandant…”

Neil waved Shy off with one hand as he sipped from his glass, then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and said. “I’m aware, but thank you for including the reminder, Andrew.” It wasn’t a rebuke, which is why Neil softened his remark by using the marines given name.

“We’ll just have to keep plugging away and compartmentalize things operationally from the Fleet if the Cure or Pioneer gets pulled in deeper.”

“Yes sir,” Andrew said, glancing about again, “About that sir. There’s something in the wind that will affect the Cure. Word’s come down that the Detachment is going to re-organize.”

“Re-organize,” Neil parroted, his eyes narrowing. “How so.”

“Structurally and we’ll be adding some personnel, sir. And…,” the Corporal looked a bit embarrassed as he took another drink and looked around.

“And,” Neil again parroted, “Come on Shy. I’m tired and am starting to think I should have just stayed on vacation….”

“Well sir, with Commander Quinn gone, there’s scuttlebutt that you’re name is on the list for XO.” Andrew watched the captain’s expression and somehow wasn’t surprised that Tremble didn’t look surprised.

Neil squinted at the marine after a few beats and said, “Well, that explains a couple of things. Foolishness.”

The captain cut off his commentary along that line at that. It wouldn’t do to complain that obviously someone, some where had lost their mind. “You said personnel changes, sounds like we’re getting some bodies?”

“Aye aye, sir,” Andrew responded. “Looks the Gunny may be transferring and we’re getting a new Master Sgt. and it sounds like a junior officer. Group that with the proposed re-organization and it’s appearing to be something of a cluster, sir. You’ll likely be most interested in the addition of slots for Fleet and other non-marine specialists into the Cure. The underground word is that we’re going to hybrid a Raider model.”

As the corporal took another drink, Neil sipped at his own and conserved that. The Lance Corporal Underground was the source of much of the scuttlebutt, real and made-up, within the Corp. He trusted Shy to give him what the intel specialist considered the mostly straight poop. Rubbing at the bridge of his nose tiredly, Neil said, “Thraggling wonderful. That’ll put us in hack until it gets implemented and signed off. On the flip side, the Cure will be able to get shore leave coming up.”

Neil let his eyes look about the lounge, before glancing back at the Corporal. “Anything else?”

“Aye sir, just something that made me decide that re-organization stuff was straight up. Seems Warrant Mira will be the liaison embedded in the Cure. The Calhoun’s are transferring to Empok Nor and Fleet is assigning a new Chief Intel Officer to the Pioneer.”

“So, lots of new faces as you said,” Neil said, sighing. He was used to the transitory nature of the service, but it still made him a bit sad that Jenn was leaving.

Shy finished off his glass and slid from the booth, “Thanks for letting me talk, Captain. But I’d better get to my rack…by your leave?”

“Anytime. And thanks, Andrew,” he said as the marine walked towards the exit.

Neil contemplated the pitcher the Corporal had left and refilled his glass, took a drink then brought up the replicator menu, ordering a deviled eggs and spicy chicken wings.

He was still on vacation after all...

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