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Intelligence Meet Up

Posted on Sat Jul 22nd, 2023 @ 9:37pm by Makeba Brown & Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen & Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Lieutenant JG Gage Tohoyia & Captain Edmund Merrick & Sergeant Major Lachlan Barr & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaylara Loran
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Intelligence Suite - Command Tier Deck 8 - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD008 1800 hrs

It was after Merrick had gotten off his shift that he decided to go over the manifest of the Station, as to who was in command. One name came into view and that was Lieutenant T'ra Na'vassa. His eyes bugged out seeing her name there on the manifest. Last time he had seen her was when they were both on the NEC station. Then he had been transferred to some other areas. It would be good to see her again, they had been friends when they were there. Assistant Chief of Intelligence, he felt it really great.

He sent out a message to T'ra.

"Greetings from Captain Edmund Merrick, I was wondering if you'd like to have a meet up. And yes this is the Edmund Merrick you knew on the NEC. I'm here with the crew of the USS Pioneer and have some people I would like you to meet. Care to have a meet and greet with the intelligence staff from the Pioneer? I think it would be beneficial if both Pioneer and Poseidon intelligence personnel were to meet. I'll contact intelligence on this end and you do on your end. Maybe even grab a field agent as well. I've got another friend who is in intelligence as well. We can maybe first meet up at a meeting room then go from there? Looking forward to seeing you- Edmund."

Edmund then sent off a message to Rowena, Gage and Jayna as well as the other intelligence staff of the USS Pioneer

It read, "I'll be meeting with a friend on Poseidon and she is with Intelligence on the Station. A thought crossed my mind of having the intelligence team from the Pioneer meet with the team on Poseidon, Dining hall number 7 on Deck 16 of the station. -Captain Edmund Merrick. "

When Jayna read it over, she sent a reply that she would love to have a meet-up, but that they should include Beckett, Loran, and Brown as well.

Aer had just gotten over her fight with her fiancé and was quite happy for an excuse to get her mind off of that whole situation. As she had seen a request from the Pioneer for a meeting of intelligence minds she jumped at it and confirmed she would attend. It would be interesting to see how she'd react to Stefan when she saw him...

Stefan was curious as to getting a message for a meeting with another intelligence agency, one from the Pioneer. Well he'll go there just to find out what was what, and sent in his acceptance for that meeting.

Edmund had arrived at the dining hall, pleased to find that there was food available and things were set up for this meeting. He wondered who would be the first to show up. He hoped that Gage would also come, the man needed to make some connections. Also he hoped that Wena would show up as well. It was going to be strange but interesting as he was going to be the only non intelligence personnel at this meet and greet. It didn't really bother him though.

T'ra sent a short return message to Edmund. I shall be there at the appointed time.

Jayna was the first to arrive as she'd stopped by the promenade to do some shopping. "Hello. Thank you for arranging this meet-and-greet." Since she was "officially" on shore leave, she chose to wear black jeans with a dark blue long-sleeved blouse as she was trying to add some color to her mostly-black wardrobe.

"You are welcome, and I think we are going to need some name tags here." Edmund replied. "As I am certain not everyone is going to know who is who." handing the pen and also name sticky to Jayna. "Guess I am trying to be organized."

"Organized is good," she said, writing her first name on the sticky note and affixing it to her blouse. "I think this will do," she added with a smile.

Kaylara walked in a minute later. She again chose to wear a short leather skirt. This time, she topped it with a sleeveless silk blouse in blood-red. She was glad there were only two other people here as she wanted to try and remember names and catching them one-by-one was easier. "Hello. So, we're wearing name tags?" she asked as she joined the other two.

"Yes," Jayna said, handing her the pen. "You've met Edmund Merrick, haven't you? He's the Marine XO on the Pioneer."

The Romulan looked him over for a moment. "I don't think I have. Hi. I'm Kaylara."

"Hi Kaylara, I'm Edmund Merrick, I was part of the rescue effort to get our scientists back." giving a smile. "Plus the marine XO as well." Edmund deciding he had better put on his own name tag as well. "I hope that T'ra make it soon as well as the others."

"Ah. That's why your name is familiar." Kaylara smiled. "Nice to meet you."

T'ra walked in wearing a soft yellow sundress and wearing heels and carrying a small clutch. She walked over to where Edmund was and greeted him. " It is good to see you again Edmund, it has been a while. " She turned to Kaylara. It is a pleasure to see you as well. "

Kaylara smiled at the new arrival. "Hi."

Edmund when he heard T'ra's voice he turned and then just stood there, she looked the same and yet, she didn't. Her hairstyle was more soft, and natural. And she seemed to be more happier than when he first met her.

"T'ra its been way too long, good to see you!" walking over and giving her an embrace. "How are you doing? And you look fantastic."

T'ra returned Edmund's embrace. " It is truely good to see you again Edmund, It's been about ten years now hasn't it? " She asked.

Gage had never been assigned to a space station, let alone one the size of the Poseidon and he was sure he'd get lost. His nerves had settled when he beamed aboard, the familiar Starfleet feel of the corridors helping to put him at ease. He garnered a number of curious but friendly looks from the personnel he passed. Intelligence uniforms were generally few and far between in his experience and he was used to the curiosity. The turbolift disgorged him onto deck sixteen and he made his way to the dining hall. He couldn't help thinking that it was an appropriately innocuous place for a group of spooks to hold a party. He took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and stepped inside.

Edmund glanced over to the door which opened and a brilliant smile showed up.

"Hi Gage, we've got some name tags for you to put on. Glad you could come. This lovely lady is T'ra Na'vassa, she is the assistant chief of intelligence for Poseidon station."

"Hi, Gage," Jayna added. She was glad he made it. She hoped this would be a good chance for the two departments to get to know each other. She was definitely curious to learn more about the station's intel.

Then she turned to T'ra. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm Jayna, the assistant chief intelligence officer on the Pioneer."

" It is a pleasure to meet you Kaylara. " Said T'ra with a smile. " May I ask if you were one of the lucky ones who was born in the federation? Or did you have to defect? If you don't mind me asking.

Kaylara nodded. She was often asked how she got into Starfleet being Romulan. This was a nice change. "My grandparents immigrated to Mars. I was born there, but we moved shortly after."

T'ra smiled. " Ah.. Lucky you. I wish I had that for my situation, But I'm still here and no regrets. It was all for the best reasons. But that is neither here or there as they say. "

Just after that, Stefan arrived, his hair was still wet after having gotten out of the shower. He was wearing a blue button up short sleeved shirt, his first two buttons undone, black slacks and a pair of slip on shoes. He took a few steps in and froze in mid stride, seeing someone he didn't expect to see.

"Woah, Kaylara? Wh-" he stopped there being handed a name tag with a pen for him to put his name on it.

He took it and then looked over to where T'ra was being embraced by a blond man, "Hi, T'ra." he said then his gaze went back to Kaylara, then he looked down to hurriedly scribble his name down, and slapping it on the right side of his shirt upon its pocket.

" Hello Stefan. " She said warmly. She then noted his odd behavior and wondered about it for a moment. Her attention was drawn back to the people she was chatting with and she would think more about it later.

For several seconds, Kaylara didn't know what to say. Even though she'd thought about Stefan and the pirate ship, she really hadn't expected to see him again. Did she even want to see him again? "Hi, Stefan." There. That was a good place to start. There were far too many people here for more. She really should have pegged him for someone in intel. She should have found out where he worked.

Stefan was feeling just slightly awkward, he hadn't pressed in getting to know much about Kaylara. He liked her when she had stepped into the pirate bar, and then just went with the flow. Besides, not knowing who she was, Stefan wasn't about to say hey, I'm in Intelligence. Something that no one would do, when it comes to that profession. Trying to decide, on how to react to this situation, he decided to go take a look at the food that was on the tables, a smorgasbord.

Aer walked into the room with a slight slump in her shoulders and a pissed off look on her brow but it was a distraction that was most welcome. "Hi everyone, I'm Aer Feshau." she smiled.

T'ra waved and called out to Aer. " Hi Aer!! Grab yourself a drink and join the fun. "

Well, that was telling, Kaylara thought to herself. She no longer needed to wonder how he'd react if he saw her again.

Jayna noticed the way Kaylara and Stefan reacted to each other and walked over to the Romulan. "How about a drink after this is over?" she asked quietly. "It looks like you have a story to tell."

"Sure. It's better than punching something--or someone." She wouldn't look at Stefan. If he wanted to pretend he didn't know her, she'd play along.

The half-Vulcan chuckled. "That it is." She'd never seen Kaylara react to anyone this strongly before. But for now. they were here to get to know the other intel officers.

T'ra observed Stefan and wondered about his behavior, but then returned her attention back to the get together, As this was a rare and and unusual treat for multiple intelligence departments to get together and share some down time.

"Thanks T'ra." Aer gave her a small wave back and headed towards the table with the drinks. She walked up next to Stefan and they reached for the same cup. Their hands brushed and she pulled back quickly, "Sorry, your cup. I'll take this one." she said simply and began to pour herself some tea.

She felt far more awkward than she should. They'd just agreed on things being normal between them, being friends, but Jack's outburst still resonated in her mind.

He noted Aer's reaction to touching his hand, cast a glance towards her, and once he had a drink. He paused then picked one up for Kaylara. "Its okay, was just an accident." he murmured softly, to Aer, before heading over to take the drink to Kaylara.

"I was a bit surprised to see you, Kaylara. Stefan holding out the drink to her. "I ask for your forgiveness." though he was getting the feeling that tonight was going to be awkward in one form or other.

She took the drink graciously. "Thank you. There were no promises given and none expected." Although a part of her had wondered about him. "I cannot fault you for that. It was your reaction when you saw me here that let me know my presence was not welcome."

"Wait a minute, what are you talking about? What did I d-" he thought over what took place when he first arrived. He stepped in, was shocked to see Kaylara... greetings... Kaylara saying hi... him going to the buffet .... it didn't register completely in his mind. He winced.

"You said hi and I just walked on by, without saying another word." a regretful expression in his eyes." Stefan slammed back his drink, then remarked. "Kaylara, to be truthful, you are more welcome here than I am at the moment." glancing towards his superior officer Commander Feshau his eyes traveling back to Kaylara.

"I have no problem with you, none what so ever and don't really have any excuses to offer as to my behaviour except for the lame excuse of, I was vastly surprised to see you, and I had no smooth actions as to how to react to this. This is a lesson on me of being caught flat footed, without having done any preparation. This includes my not having even looked up the intelligence team on the USS Pioneer. And by this time, I would already be dead many times over." he lifted his glass to his lips, the realized there was nothing in it. "If you ladies will excuse me, I am going to get another drink."

He looked towards Jayna, "Would you like a drink as well?"

"No, thank you," she replied. "I'm good." Better than good--she was uninvolved.

When Stefan turned and went back to the bar, Jayna whispered to Kaylara. "You didn't bother looking him up, either. Did you?"

"No. I don't think he was looking for more than a brief encounter." If he was, he would have asked to see her again. Kaylara looked at the other women in the room. "I'm really not sure I want to know what is going on around here."

Gage automatically fell back on his natural tendencies. He generally hated parties. There was too much exposure and too many things he couldn't stay. So he ordered a mild drink and sat back to watch a bunch of people he didn't really know, reveal a lot. They were professionals but this was a casual event and something would happen.

Keebs never liked departmental gatherings. She always felt that they were forced and the sentiment did not mean anything. However, for reasons she had not known yet she was ordered to attend. So she walked in and made for the bar, found a barstool in the corner away from people and sat down. A quick drink order later and she was ready to sit for an hour and head back to her quarters.

Jayna turned to see who had joined the group, then smiled when she saw Makeba. "I think I want a drink after all. I'll talk to you later."

"No!" Kaylara hissed. "Stay."

"I have no part in this conversation. Plus, I think I need to introduce Gage to Makeba." She nodded to Kaylara and headed for the bar.

On her way, Jayna paused by Gage. "Have you met Makeba? Come on, I'll introduce you. She's part of our team."

Keebs saw the usual milling about that happened at these functions and was glad that she would only be here for a short time. Although she did keep a weather eye out for her sister. It seemed to Makeba that the other woman had the smarts to not attend, she wished she was that smart.

"Hello, Makeba," Jayna said, smiling at the other woman. "This is Gage Tohoyia. He's new to the department. You two might work together at some point, so I thought you should meet."

Makeba made her best effort to sound genial however, she was afraid her best may not be good enough. "Lieutenants. Hello, glad to meet you Lieutenant Tohoyia welcome to the Pioneer."

Jayna wasn't deceived by her faux friendliness. Even though she and Makeba had both been in the Maquis, Jayna had long ago chosen Starfleet. She said nothing, however, choosing to smile instead.

With Jayna leaving to go to the others, Stefan looked at Kaylara, "I am sorry, I don't know what I can do, to make it up to you. A box of chocolate, some flowers, an explanation? Or a slap from you for me being such a cad? I wasn't trying to make you feel, unwanted. Like I didn't want to just sweep you into my arms. Okay I'll just... stop right there. Nothing like digging a deeper hole for myself."

She shook her head. "As I said, there were no promises made, so I should have no expectations." She continued to look at him for a moment. "And I don't like being lied to, so don't pretend you wanted more than a one-night stand." She wondered how many other women in the room he'd slept with. More than one, by the way he was behaving. That was only one of the reasons she didn't want him to know she'd been thinking about him. She already knew that was foolhearty.

Stefan's eyes narrowed. "Don't tell me what I was or was not thinking Kaylara, I do not appreciate that." he growled out, "I would have liked to have spent more than one night with you. I wasn't about to reveal what I do for a living on the station. Its not something a professional does. Not even in a personal matter, when not knowing who the other is or does." a frown appearing.

" I got caught up in the moment, maybe I should have just left things with just the one drink. Hell I actually revealed a little bit about myself, my personal life. Sure it was just a slight little peep, and that man we went up against in that scenario. There was a clue as well as to who I am, or was. Both of us though were not even thinking clearly maybe. We were caught up in the play and fun. I am sorry I hurt you, it wasn't my intention." A genuine expression of regret in his eyes. "I am really sorry that this has gotten complicated." he looked over towards Aer, another rise of irritation as to what was happening.

Stefan placed his empty glass upon a nearby table. " You might as well call this a lesson learned, I am not one to really get connected with anyone until I find my brother. Call me what you will, I don't care at this point. I want to find the other part of the triad I belong to, actually see him with my own two eyes, instead of just getting messages from him. Then me and my sister, as well as my aunt, can rest easier knowing he is alright." Stefan stated tersely.

"I don't think you've really listened to what I said, so I'll spell it out for you." She'd been willing to give him some slack, but now he needed to hear a few home truths. "One: there were no promises on either side. Anything I may have felt is on me alone. Two: Since when do you have to give details? If I'd really wanted to, I could have simply searched the computer for personnel on the station named Stefan. I can guarantee it would have said you worked in the intelligence department, if nothing else. Three: if your brother left because he needed to be on his own to find out who he is and what he wants, you shouldn't give up your life until you find him. Have you even considered that he has a reason for not wanting to be found?"

Kaylara paused to take a breath and glare at him. "And four: do you honestly believe that sleeping with every woman who gives you a second look is going to help you find your brother? That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. If he's a decent man, he'll be appalled by your behavior--as will the rest of your family. And you may just end up chasing away any chance you may have of being happy yourself. So, in the end, you're an idiot."

"You can think what you like, Kaylara. I do not sleep with every woman that gives me a second look or even a first look. I know quite well that they are not going to help me find my brother. And you do not know my family. I only shared a little tidbit of my family due to you seemed interested. And I was interested in sharing that with you. That was stupid on my part. Thank you for telling me how it is in your own perception." he growled, "You can enjoy it, I for one am going to take my leave." Stefan glancing over towards Aer, then towards T'ra as well as Edmund. There was too much attention being focused upon him and Kaylara.

"As it is, I would have liked to have asked you out on a date, Kaylara, looks like that has been blown to smithereens. And the same for any other sort of conversation. Its been lovely to have had this discussion with you, Kaylara and seeing you again." Stefan's posture stiffened, he gave a slight bow, "I shall bid you and the others an adieu." he turned on his heel and headed for the exit.

Kaylara felt like she'd been hit by an air car. No, she didn't know his family situation--but he had said something about flirting with women hoping one of them had come across his brother. True, she didn't know if it went farther than that, but he also hadn't been interested in seeing her again. So why throw wanting to ask her out in her face now? She couldn't stay here. They already had half the room watching them. She headed for Jayna.

Edmund looked over to where Kaylara was, she seemed upset as she spoke with that Poseidon officer, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"Hey T'ra do you know much about that guy ? Uh Stefan is his name?"

T'ra turned her attention back to Edmund from the drama that was unfolding in the room. " Stefan? He is athletic, talented and reliable. He performs his duties and assignments in a more then satisfactory expectation and is a credit to our department, Nor have I ever had a problem with him. " As she listened to Edmund she also kept an eye on Stefan and Kaylara, just in case.

Stefan stopped near where Edmund and T'ra were. "Thank you, this has been a lovely meet up, glad you put this together, Mister Merrick."

He looked at T'ra, "I will see you and Commander Feshau at work in the morning. I've got to go make a call."

T'ra nodded. " Very well Stefan, We'll see you in the morning. But if you need to talk, please do not hesitate to call. " she stated with concern for his well being.

Edmund looked at the man then over towards Kaylara. He then moved his mouth to make a comment but Stefan glanced at him sharply.

"Sir, I am leaving as i do not want to make anymore of a scene than what has already happened. And I am going to go cool off." with that Stefan brushed past Edmund and left the room.

When the door closed behind him, Stefan moved forward a few steps, then paused to look back towards the door. He thought of Kaylara, feeling a lot of regret. Heaving a sigh, he turned back around heading towards whatever destination his feet would take him, maybe wandering aimlessly.

"Is everything okay?" Jayna asked when Kaylara got to her. The Romulan was clearly upset.

"No. I...need to go. And please don't ask any questions. I'm sorry." She really wasn't up to talking about anything. Or pretending nothing happened.

She walked calmly out the door. Then, as soon as she was alone in the corridor, she ran. She knew that would probably turn a few heads, but for her it was better than breaking down in public.

T'ra looked to Aer. " Well that was unexpected. " She said. " I was hoping to get to know the Romulan woman Kaylara better, it's not often I get to converse with other Romulans that are in the federation. " She sighed lightly. " I hope we can straighten things out and resolve any misunderstandings. It wouldn't be good to have any animosity between our departments. "

Edmund looked at T'ra, "You could set up a meeting with her and it might work out better on a one and one basis. I would like to find out what is going on, but probably best to stay out of it. I'm just not pleased right now."

Aer had watched the whole scene from the refreshments table. For intelligence officers they weren't shy about announcing their business to the room, even if they were trying to be discreet. By the end of their 'conversation' Aer had moved over towards T'ra and Captain Merrick.

"Yes, but Stefan has been going through a lot." Aer defended him. "He has a lot of feelings that sometimes bottle up and he may on occasion get confused with how to express them. He's a good man." her eyes lingered on the door before shooting back to the two officers. Sometimes her youthful appearance very much begot her views on people, on life and love.

"Mayhap he needs to go see a counselor, just to get himself sorted out. Stefan definitely seems to have a lot going on." Edmund commented, "Sorry, I am worried about what happened there."

"I wouldn't worry about that. From what I saw both of them got some signals mixed after, or during, a night together. Young love will do that and I don't see it as something that complicates anything. They don't serve together on the same ship and they are both adults. They can figure this out, or decide to not speak again." Aer shrugged. "Their choice."

Taking a sip of her drink she looked at who was left. "Still plenty of people left." She thought for a moment. "What made a marine captain decide to call an intelligent department meeting?" she asked. "I'm curious..."

"Was I wrong to do so? Actually, since I found out that T'ra was on the staton, and Pioneer is here on shoreleave, what could hurt in getting that together. I cleared it with Cara I mean, Admiral, I mean Commander Letsul." he blushed a little bit. "Oh heck she'd be telling me to just call her Cara, anyway, I thought perhaps it would be a good thing to set up a meeting, a little get together. Besides probably a good idea for a little bit of networking, one never knows when it will be needed. C'mon come and say hello to the others."

T'ra stepped away for a moment and went to the bar and ordered herself a drink and returned back to the group. She held a steaming mug of a semi clear liquid. She took a sip and shuddered. " By the gods that is vile!! " She sat the mug down on the table next to her. " Give one of these to everyone in the room and no one will remember anything negative about the evening. "

Edmund chuckled, "That stuff is powerful, however I think we've got some mingling to do." he made his way to where Makeba is at along with Gage and Jayna.

" Powerful indeed Edmund. I don't know the reason why this stuff starts steaming like the vapors from the pits of hell when it's exposed to air, but it does. And it's called Chuch ' tluth for any curious enough to know. "

"I think some of you may have met T'ra already but this is Aer Feshau, Chief of Intelligence on this station. I don't think I've met you yet Makeba." he had looked at the roster, so knew her by her image.

T'ra bowed her head slightly. " I am T'ra Na'vassa, The assistant Chief Intelligence Officer aboard Poseidon Station. For those of you I haven't met as of yet, It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope we can get along well together and work to safe guard the federation. And for those of you that I already know. It is always good to see you as usual.

Rowena didn't understand why she got this invitation. Somehow she tried to keep away from people. But now that she got this invitation it would like bad on the Chief Intelligence and Second Officer not to make an appearance. She stood in front of the dining hall of the station. She took a deep breath, as she breathed out the doors split open revealing the room to her. But also revealing her to the room. Not a best entrance being the last at the party and having all eyes on her. She took another deep breath as she stepped in to the room.

She rubbed her arm before putting it behind her back. She nodded to everyone in the room. "My apologies for being late. I had some business to attend to. For all the new faces, I am Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen. Chief Intelligence Officer of the USS Pioneer." She scanned the room. She noted Aer Feshau and T'ra Na'vassa. "It is quite refreshing to meet some colleague faces out in the wild instead off on an personnel file ."

When Rowena walked in Edmund's attention was drawn towards her. A pleasant and warm smile could be seen, he was happy to see that Wena arrived. He hoped that she would, felt that there was a need for this get together to occur. Gone from his mind for the moment of the troubled meeting of Kaylar and Stefan. His mind was more occupied with seeing Rowena. "Glad you were able to make it to this meet and greet event." Edmund said to Rowena.

His eyes flicked over towards Makeba. "So... Makeba, how are you doing?"

"I am well Captain sir." Makeba's answer was short. She added the sir, as she of course had no rank. It was also a way for her to distance herself from anyone. She felt bad for those around her to be honest. They simply attempted to befriend her, and the problem was she did not want to be befriended.

T'ra took her drink and went over to the piano and sat down at the piano and began playing a soft melody and sipping at her drink. She began to hum along with the song and then the humming turned into soft singing.

Jayna listened to the words for a moment, then finished her drink. It had been a good idea to get everyone together, but there had been more going on in the background than she realized--even now. The song seemed to underline the evening, and she needed to get out and clear her head. Besides, Rowena was here and apparently knew the other women and no one noticed the Vulcan at the bar, so it was a good time to slip away and see if she could find Kaylara. With a nod of thanks to the bartender, she slipped silently out of the room.

Edmund looked over towards T'ra then gave a slight sigh. As his listened.

Edmund then turned his attention back at Makeba, "I take it you didn't want to be here at this meet and greet. T'ra there is also a friend of mine from where I last served. I figured would be a good way for people to meet. Maybe should have set it at the After 11. Makes for a bit more relaxed situation."

"No, I do not want to be here. But you misunderstand what the here is. I do not want to be here as in this bar, on this ship, or anywhere near Starfleet for that matter." Makeba took a swig of her drink, she would have loved if Quinn just left her where he found her to die. At least she would be rotting in the ground instead of here.

Merrick was taken aback for the moment. He hadn't had any clue that Makeba felt this way. " I had no idea, but I do appreciate you having come here." he said to the woman.

T'ra finished her song and switched over to a new melody. The melody was sad and sweet and she began singing the song in romulan hoping that the tune would help sooth her mind and that of others and would take their minds off of the sour grapes of the evening.

For those that understood the language, it was a song of a young woman whose love went off to war before they could marry. the joy she felt when she received word from him and how anxious she would feel when she hadn't heard from him in awhile. The song wrapped up with word finally reaching home how neither he or the ship would ever return again, and with her vowing to his spirit that she would do what she could to help her people thrive and find peace once again to honor his memory. A few stray tears trickled down her cheek as she stared out the bay window as it stirred a few memories within her as well.

Edmund walked over to place a hand upon T'ra's shoulder, "Are you going to be okay? Perhaps this is a good time for this party to come to an end. And you go see about meeting up with Kaylara as well as your Pioneer counterpart Lieutenant Jayna." he gave a final squeeze on her shoulder.

Makeba drank the dregs of what was in her cup and with no further word left the bar. The song while beautiful and haunting was no help for her mood. She decided that perhaps she would seek out her sister and see if she could get some familial answers.

Edmund noted the departure of Makeba, which was all well and good. It to him spoke out a great deal that she had actually come. His eyes turned back to where Rowena was at, as well as Aer. He leaned in to say to T'ra. "Don't forget to get with Kaylara, and as well as Lieutenant Jayna. I'll talk with you later." And proceeded to where Aer and Rowena were at. He felt like he had two left feet as this wasn't something he was used to doing. Oh well it could have gone even worse, but it hasn't yet and hope it doesn't. Him mentally knocking on wood.

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