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Captain Edmund Merrick

Name Edmund Merrick

Position Platoon Executive Officer/Element Leader

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, with well toned muscles which are not overly bulky, due to his martial arts training. He tends to wear jeans that have stretch in them to make sure he is able to move. Plus tee shirts or button ups. On dress up occasions he would wear a suit and a tie. Or a more casual approach: a jacket with a button up shirt and no tie.


Spouse Vivian (Deceased)
Father Seth
Mother Betty
Brother(s) Adam ( 40) and Nathan (32)
Sister(s) Rosa (37)
Other Family Maternal:
Grandparents: Dean Gray; Sasha (Murphy.) Gray
Aunt Myra, Uncle Austin, Cousins: Abner, Jack, Miriam and Lynda
Grandparents: Harrison Merrick, Scarlet (Campbell) Merrick
Uncle Matthew (Forester), Aunt Daisy, Cousin Duke, Cousin Esme and Cousin Marcus.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally he has the outward appearance and demeanor of a nice guy and he is one. He tries to be patient with those whom he deals with and doesn't suffer fools though. They make him slightly irritable. He is also professional.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Professional
+Hard Working

-Worried about getting into a relationship
-Suffers from Periodic nightmares.
-When certain dates come around, his dead wife’s birthday or the date of her death, even their wedding anniversary, he tends to become a bit quiet and withdrawn, and periodically gets drunk, while off duty.
-Still has some survivor's guilt.
-Wife’s father blames Edmund for his daughter’s death
Ambitions Personal-Hopes to get over his worry about being bad luck to the women he is attracted to.

Professional- Be able to save others.
Hobbies & Interests He likes to dance but hasn't in a while. Has skills in fighting with the Meklat, and the Bat'leth. Blades and is very skilled with phaser weapons. Martial arts styles: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt) MMAP(Marine Martial Arts Program) Second Degree Black Belt.
He loves to read, experience historical holo-programs. Cooks. Loves to sail boats both in holosuite and off ship. Loves to sing He loves to paint and draw. Camping, and surfing.

French, Klingon, Federation trade speak and Orion

Personal History Parents:

Mother and Father met in Dunedin, New Zealand whilst in college. Mother was studying Fine Arts with a minor in Health Care. Father was getting a degree in Agriculture and Forestry. Father and mother married right after they graduated College.


Edmund grew up in Hawke’s Bay, where along with his paternal Grandparents, and parents. They had a vineyard as well as a winery. His childhood wasn’t too bad. Family was very important and they are a close knit family. Would take holidays to go see mom’s parents. He got along fairly well with his siblings, and did have minor squabbles like all kids would have.

Primary school

2364 Edmund started school at the tender age of 5. Not only did he start school, he also started taking classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

2369 Age 9 Edmund was convinced to take dance lessons as his sister Rosa needed a dance partner. He and she were a really good team and even took the championship in a local competition. He quit when he got older as he wanted to concentrate on his martial arts.
2371 Edmund graduated from Primary school.
Started secondary school when he was 13.

Age 14 thru Age 16, During the summer, Edmund would go to his Grandfather Dean’s place who lived in Dunedin, and would work a couple of weeks helping out on his ranch which had highland livestock whose heritage could be traced all the way back to the Scottish Highlands.

Still continued with his martial arts training. Plus intermixed with still doing dance competition with his sister until she found another partner to compete with. Edmund was quite glad that she did find someone else. He won a few tournaments in his age category in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


2377 When Edmund turned 18 he joined StarFleet, along with some friends who also wanted to be a part of Star Fleet they enlisted, all of them being accepted. His siblings on the other hand weren't wanting to be part of StarFleet. His older brother Adam has his own ship and his second oldest brother Nathan is working with him. His sister Rosa is married to a StarFleet officer of security Mark Griffith who is stationed above Earth.

Merrick worked hard in the academy and met another cadet two years older than he was, by the name of Tyler Malbrooke. This cadet decided to take Merrick under his wing, sort of a part of adopting a new cadet program, in order to help him get through orientation. Merrick was appreciative about that. He soon found that Malbrooke had humble beginnings much like he did. Tyler grew up on a ranch, Edmund grew up on a farm/vineyard. Tyler talked Edmund into playing tabletop role playing games. Edmund most of the time, played some sort of warrior, whether it be a barbarian, a monk, or a fighter. Sometimes he'd play a Paladin. Edmund had fun with that. Eventually his friend Tyler graduated and went on his own life path.

2381 Edmund graduated and was made an ensign, also the Borg Invasion began. Edmund was sent to the USS Aventine. It was a rather hard and harsh time.

2382 Edmund was transferred to Earth SpaceDock. Where he met Vivian Gray.The two hit it off pretty well from the get go. Got married near the end of the year
2383 They were both transferred to the USS Oberon. Edmund and Vivien loved being on the Oberon and though it was hard work, it was enjoyable.
2385 Later on something happened that would change Merrick's world forever and also the life path he had been on. On the way to a celebration of the opening of the newly refurbished DS9, USS Oberon was attacked by aTzenkethi ship, it was a hot battle, and the ship took extensive damage. There was a fire in engineering, the fire system was offline. Debris was blocking the way into engineering, to where larger framed people couldn't get in there. Vivian was just the right size to barely fit through the opening that could be seen or reached. She went through, and the fire system came back online. The ship was saved, at the cost of her life. She is considered a hero. Merrick was haunted by that fact, he felt like he was the one who sent her to her doom. Vivian though insisted on it, she had told him that she had to go and there was no other way or choice. She was the logical choice. In one part of his mind it made sense but, there was the other part, the guilt, the survivor's guilt, something that could crush the very soul of a man. It was what caused him trouble. Merrick was placed on leave and sent home to take her body as well as go through grief counseling. And to get her state of affairs taken care of. At the funeral service of his wife, his father in law punched him and forbade him to have anything to do with Vivian's family ever again. Edmund took this hard and was miserable. His parents told him he needed to come home. Three months passed by, Edmund going to counseling and also doing hard work at his parents' place then on his grandfather's ranch, the hard work being the one factor that helped him out.

2386-2389 Edmund came back to StarFleet and was signed on to the USS StarStrike, an Akira class starship. He was the Assistant Chief of Security and raised up a rank to LTJG during this time. He eventually became Chief of Security and raised to a rank of full Lieutenant, near the end of 2388

After Vivian’s death there were women who wanted to be with him, but Edmund’s worry that he might be the cause of someone’s death he declined and put up barriers between him and the women interested in him. He did engage in a couple of brief romances but they didn’t work out. In some aspect he seemed bent on ending a relationship before it could get anywhere near serious. And maybe he was still stuck on his wife.

2389 At the beginning of that year, on an away mission accompanying the XO of the USS Starstrike, the away team was ambushed by some insurgents on the planet. Several of the team had gotten severely injured, the XO included, the team barely escaped. They were sorely out of their depth, due to not knowing or having been specifically trained, to get out of this situation. Merrick did his best to keep everyone safe and moving but he felt he was ill prepared for this sort of work. To him that there could have been more information as to the sort of mission here. And those on the away mission could have been better prepared. Once they got back to the ship, Merrick resigned his commission and joined the Marines.

It was tough, him having been part of Star Fleet he had to deal with those who had a slight prejudice against fleeters due to the old rivalry. However, through his diligence and hard work he succeeded in quelling the naysayers and harsh feelings that a few of the marines had. He rose up the ranks never shirking his duty. Merrick delved into all aspects of Marine training, EOD, Recon, Infantry and Rifleman. He wouldn't let anything get in his way, declining to get involved with any romances. (Stems from the loss of his wife.)

With him having gone through Academy and gone through officer school, he gained the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. When he arrived at the NEC/Avalon Station which was commanded by Rear Admiral Cara Letsul, he was feeling more satisfied with whom he was turning out to be. With them being in the Gamma Quadrant there was ample experience for him to do marine duty. Another thing that he found on that station, both Marines and Security worked together to provide the protection that was needed for the station and other places. Just something that was done there, and it worked. Security was better trained than what it was like when he was in security, so when there was need for the station to be protected, every last male and female no matter the species, who served in either capacity were at the ready. It made Edmund feel very proud in being a part of that. Time came though for a change of place to be serving in. Rear Admiral Letsul left the station, and he departed not too long afterwards. He was now a First Lieutenant and was getting the chance to be an XO. He hoped that wherever it would be, he will serve with honor.
Service Record Born 2359
2377 StarFleet Academy
2381 Graduated at rank of Ensign Assigned to the USS Aventine
2381-2382 Borg Invasion
2382 Transferred to Earth SpaceDock
2383 Transferred to USS Oberon
2384 raise to LTJG
2385 Brief leave of absence near end of year
2385 Officer Training
2386-2389 Transfer to USS Starstrike (Akira Class)
Raised to full lieutenant
2389 Resigned from StarFleet beginning of 2389
2389 Enlisted
2390 Completed Recruit and AIT(Infantry/Rifleman)
2391 Assigned to the USS Babylon
2393-2396 to the NEC/King George V
2396 transferred to the USS Pioneer