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Sergeant Major Lachlan Barr

Name Lachlan Barr

Position Chief of the Boat

Second Position Headquarters Team Chief/Element Leader

Rank Sergeant Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue


Father Theo Barr, Engineer
Mother Anna Barr, Teacher
Brother(s) Kyle Barr (38), Business Owner
Lieutenant Thomas Barr (29), Engineering Officer, USS Serendipity
Sister(s) Amelia Barr(31), Dancer/Songwriter/Singer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lachlan used to be a hard headed marine. His job was to follow orders, do as he was told and protect himself and his fellow marines. Over the years he has mellowed a little and saw scope for more. He still believes in the core of what the marines stand for but believes working with the Fleet more openly is better for a long-term solution.

He loves his stripes and feels he will never take them off. He lives for his brothers and sisters and would do anything to protect them, protect anyone.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Calm, collected under pressure.
+ Quick thinker and problem solver
+ Good actor (Undercover work)
+ Loyal, resilient, open thinker

- Can be arrogant
- Sometimes can forget to be himself, years of undercover work can cloud who he is
- Doesn't always stick to rules and regulations
Ambitions To see the Eternals Project succeed.
Serve his crew, his team with pride and honour.
Hobbies & Interests Lachlan is a fan of whiskey, all drink really and a good night out when ever he can get one.

He likes to keep fit, running, some weights and time at the gym. Likes to cook and tries to learn new recipes when he can.

Enjoys reading about new ways to further relationships in all ways of life.

Personal History The Barr’s were a normal family. Theo Barr and his wife Anna Barr lived in a town just outside of Glasgow in Scotland called Greenock. In the past it had a bad reputation, talking hundreds of years ago, but it was rich in history as this is where a lot of old-style naval shipbuilding used to take place. To this day there are monuments to those ‘shipyards’ along the River Clyde.

Theo and Anna had a modest life. Theo was an engineer by trade, mainly developmental work on Earth, never usually strayed out of the solar system unless it was for a seminar or conference. Anna was a teacher, history and biology were a huge passion of hers.

They had 4 children. The oldest, Kyle, born in 2358, Lachlan in 2361, Amelia in 2365 and Thomas in 2367.

The 4 of them were close, the community where they lived thrived on looking after each other as most did these days. Kyle and Lachlan were the more rough and ready types, they got their hands dirty, got scrapes and bruises, basically were the stronger, more resilient of the 4. Amelia was creative, she loved to draw, to create and her imagination was unparalleled in game making as well as so much more when they got older. Thomas, the youngest, could be said to be the most intellectual. He could take apart anything and put it back together again, much like their father.

Kyle started his own business after university, security based with a theme on bodily/close protection. Amelia became a dancer, she toured with some famous companies on Earth, branched out of the system to bring what she had to others and now is a choreographer and songwriter. Thomas joined Starfleet to become an engineer. This pleased their father to a degree but not so much that he’d leave them and go gallivanting around the galaxy.

He was prepared for this eventuality however as Lachlan had joined the Starfleet Marines at the age of 18 many years before Thomas made his own decision. Some say that was a form of catalyst for Thomas, a permission almost for him to do the same but go a different route.

Lachlan’s journey through basic was easy enough. He was physically fitter than most his age due to his love of running and weightlifting. He had been an athlete in high school which had helped. He had a sparkle in his eyes and a smile that caught ladies’ eyes and he wasn’t shy in using that to get the girl when he could. There is almost a boyish charm to him even now.

Stories during his training and first posting lit up his imagination both positively and negatively. He had missed the Dominion War, thankfully as his mother had kept saying, but the stories and remnants of the war still showed amongst both the Fleet and the Corps. The scars were gradually healing, physical ones mostly. Lachlan had wanted to join the marines when he was 16 but his mother convinced him to finish school first, so he joined at 18 instead. He was smart but didn’t see university as something he wanted to do.

He showed leadership qualities, the ability to get people to see his things his way and even at the beginning was seen to be quite charismatic enough to bridge a gap between officers and enlisted alike. His athleticism scored him high points on the more physical side of things, he was strong and hard to get past but knew when to give a gentle nudge instead of a forceful push. He specialised in being a combat engineer, so was adept in more technological areas than some. He further specialised in being a sniper, combat warfare and military intelligence.

His first posting was with a detached company that was based on Starbase 205 near the Klingon/Gorn border. This was where he fought his first Klingon hand to hand. Their cease fire and allied status had all been confirmed but there were still those that opposed it and his team were sent to stop a small incursion by a smaller house who were gaining ground on a small farming colony on Midgar VI. His combat engineering and sniper skills came into play as a Bird of Prey or two landed to take back what they deemed to be theirs.

As the night seemed to draw longer on this planet this was when the Klingons attacked in greater force. Lachlan and his team came face to face with a large Klingon force and fought them with everything they had. Two of his team died that night and Lachlan and the others were left bloodied but victorious. He had gained a respect for how Klingons fight but their drive and strength were not to be trifled with.

In 2383, three years later, they were tracking Gorn illegal arms shipments. Normally part of Starfleet Security’s job but they had been tasked by military intelligence due to the nature of their cargo. There had been word of Human trafficking and felt a different skillset was best in stopping this activity. Lachlan had a small pirate spacecraft taken during a raid, he’d gained a promotion to Corporal by this stage and a small team filled with analysts and specialists. They were to track, gather intelligence and make any move they deemed necessary to stop the Gorn’s activities.

It took the better part of a year, hiding in shadows, going down to the depths of sickening planetary underworlds and they stuck out like sore thumbs on any Gorn world. They were posing as inter-system traffickers themselves looking for products to move and wanting to move their own.

Lachlan gained the trust of a local merchant who had connections but wasn’t one to give them up so easily. Lachlan greased a couple of claws, said the right things thanks to his analysts getting good information and knowing his specialists were around to have his back. He gained access to the lizard in charge, and he turned out to be a Lieutenant of a larger Orion Syndicate organisation run by a man called Mighwin.

This operation took a turn that no-one expected. They were undercover, sure, but they had expected the Gorn to be the last hurdle to put a stop to the trafficking ring in this sector. The year had been tough but now it was to be extended and Lachlan’s team were now in this for the long haul. A new team would cause suspicion as they were now known in the area and had gained good intel as well as formed solid relationships with seedy individuals.

In 2386, years later and the undercover work truly taking its toll on their life, they had managed to gain access to Mighwin’s network. They were trusted enough, had done enough of the seedy, dirty work that they would never forget but had always remained true to the never taking a step too far. They were still Starfleet Marines.

By this stage the information on the Orion smuggling operation, Mighwin, The Gorn and everyone else was longer than they needed. Lachlan and his team were told to put an end to it once and for all. They had the location of the main stage, where the Humans were kept, transported from and shown like show ponies at a fair.

Charges were set, plans were made and then put into action. As the operation began minor explosions were set off to get the attention of the Orions and their minions as Lachlan and his team set about freeing and transporting the Human prisoners off the planet of Gimle. During the main body of the operation Mighwin tried to flee but was caught by Lachlan posing as a normal guard ‘just doing as he was told’ when being stopped by authorities. When he spotted Lachlan, his rage was unimaginable. He flew for him, the betrayer, and they fought until one could no longer move. Mighwin was large, forceful and in the end not very intelligent. Lachlan had speed, manoeuvrability, and an eye for exposing weakness. The big man was brought down and cuffed to spend the rest of his life in a cushy Starfleet prison somewhere.

Lachlan and his team gained some well-deserved time off, a couple of months in fact and they were put into a program to rehabilitate them back into the Starfleet way of life. Living as a pirate, a smuggler and general lowlife for years could break the spirit of any man or woman. The Christmas season seemed to help.

In 2387 he was promoted to Sergeant; his team stayed with him and grew a little and were nicknamed The Spooks. This generally meant they were spies but they worked in plain sight most of the time and was a more British name for such. Lachlan appreciated the title being Scottish.

They remained on Starbase 205 for a while longer before transferring to a Starfleet Marine base on Cran Beri II.

In 2390 The Spooks took part in a peacekeeping action on Corowt IV as two species fought over the claim of the planet. They provided security and intelligence for the diplomatic corps to find a solution that avoided bloodshed. This was a more straightforward mission and with a couple of his team embedded in each side the information was easy to come by. An amicable solution was reached, and his team left without much incident. Although there was an unexplained dismembered animal…

Lachlan made the decision in 2391 to become more active in the Corps regarding building relationships between the Fleet and Marine Corps. He had noticed since he had been present that there was a divide between them, the ‘I’m better than you, no I’m stronger than you’ crap that came with misguided and misunderstood knowledge. He proposed the initiative to start placing marines within fleet structure and vice versa. This came to wide criticism from both the naval side of the fleet and the marine side. Deemed unwise, foolish by some but then a few heads had turned.

It was shelved.

Lachlan and his team moved to the USS Santa Monica for a number of years near the Cardassian region.

In 2395 he was approached by a General Mercer. Lachlan’s initiative had crossed his desk and he was interested in knowing how he would put it into practice. They withdrew to plan it together.

Months later, the Eternals Project came into being.

In 2396 the project began, and some placements were made around the Zodiac fleet. The test bed for this venture and Lachlan was placed on the USS Pioneer as First Sergeant of their military group but also, Chief of the Boat.

This role, seen as the bridge between officer and enlisted, as the perfect role to start to bridge a gap between Fleet and Marine.
Service Record 2379 - Starfleet Marine Basic Training
2380 -> 2386 - Undercover Operations, attached to Starbase 205
2386 - Several months leave
2387 -> 2392 - Team Leader, 'The Spooks', Starfleet Marine Station, Cran Beri II
2392 -> 2395 - Team Leader, 'The Spooks', USS Santa Monica
2395 - Project Leader, Eternals Project
2396 -> PRES - Chief of the Boat/First Sergeant, USS Pioneer