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Lieutenant JG Gage Tohoyia

Name Gage William Tohoyia

Position Infiltration Specialist

Second Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Nickname "Iron"
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 156
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Compact and powerfully built. He is short by modern human standards but is comfortable with that. He has close-cropped hair so that nothing interferes with his equipment. His eyes are deep green with flecks of gold. His chest and legs are well-defined from his intense physical preparation. He walks on the balls of his feet and is capable of great bursts of speed. His hands have long fingers that one might expect on a classically trained pianist. Gage is descended from old Earth Japanese family on his father's side and Irish on his mother's. He has pale skin with a few subtle freckles on his face.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ahiro Tohoyia
Mother Jemma Tohoyia
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Maxwell Burrington - Uncle
Chibi Tohoyia - Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gage has somewhat of a dual nature. When he is not on an operation, he is usually laid back, quick to laugh, and trying to enjoy life. He makes friends easily. When he is conducting an operation, he is all business, cold, and willing to do what it takes to ensure success. He is very risk averse when not working but while he is on a mission, he takes risks that often get him in trouble with his command, despite the fact that the risks usually pay off.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Gregarious
+Excellent body control
+Absorbs information quickly
-Adrenaline junky
Ambitions Gage is very satisfied with his current career. He worked hard to get into the operations segment of the Intelligence field and has no plans to give that up. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he has thoughts of one day, when he is old, of being the officer in charge of a team, preferably on a starship. But that day is far away.
Hobbies & Interests Gage loves whiskey, a family tradition passed down for generations. He also loves anything that is a physical rush: skydiving, surfing, free fall in space... even if he has no idea how to do those things, he will try. On the flip side, he enjoys food and likes to cook and entertain.

Personal History Gage was born in space on a bulk freighter than was leaving Vulcan for Earth in 2369. His mother's family was exporting Vulcan grains to put to use in their family distillery. He grew up spending time between his father's ancestral home in Japan and his mother's ancestral home in Ireland. His parents divorced when he was ten but they were able to remain great friends and Gage was lucky to suffer only a mild form of trauma from their split and was able to build good relationships with each. He inherited his father's ability to focus under any conditions and his mother's ability to befriend anyone. There was some pressure on him as he gained adulthood to set down roots but he'd also inherited the Irish wanderlust and, on impulse, applied to Starfleet Academy. He promptly forgot about the application and was surprised, while on vacation on Mars to have a courier track him down and deliver the message, forwarded by his father.

Gage breezed through the academy. He was scolded on many occasions for breaking rules (Minor ones) or finding ways to exploit tests. But nobody could find it in him to stay mad because he was always so transparent and remorseful. He was, essentially, a likable rogue and a popular figure amongst the student body.

The one thing he took away from his time at the academy was the joy he found in the physical aspects of his training. He was a solid middle-of-the-pack student, maybe slightly below average, but in the physical segments, he was top-tier. He won the all-Academy mixed martial arts competition two years in a row and was one of the best track athletes the Academy had seen in decades.

Eventually he branched Security, thinking that the experience would be similar to the vids and holodeck programs he enjoyed. He graduated in 2387 and was assigned to the USS Okuda, a Sovereign-class starship. Upon arrival, full of excitement and dreams, Gage was assigned as a brig officer. He spent the next three years hating every minute of it. The brig was the most depressing, boring work and, had it not been for the outstanding social life on the ship, he likely would have resigned his commission.

His luck turned though. In 2390, while participating in an away mission that went bad, he was able to single-handedly save the other four members of the away team, including the ship's second officer, Commander Bentley. Commander Bentley took Gage under his wing, helped get him assigned to an actual Security team and eventually helped him move on to a new posting in 2391 on the USS Iowa an Akira-class starship.

He was promoted the same year to Lt jg and became a security/tactical officer, working on a bridge for the first time. He was also able to participate in many more away missions and soon the phrase "Gage pulled a Tohoyia," was understood to mean that the young officer had done something incredibly dangerous and brave and mostly pulled them off. As a result of his recklessness, Gage was both reprimanded and given awards for bravery. He considered that to be a fair trade. He also became familiar with the USS Iowa's medical bay and with a few of the nurses as well. He had relationships but nothing serious developed.

In 2395, his third year on the Iowa, Gage was visited by a representative from Starfleet Intelligence. The captain of the Iowa had recommended him for advanced training and selection as an infiltration specialist. Gage was surprised by the offer but soon came to realize that the opportunity was just what he was looking for. He threw himself a huge farewell party and somehow ended up back on Earth in 2395 where he trained for a year as an Infiltration Specialist. He loved the technology and the intense physical training. He was a superb student, finishing second in his class of 30. His follow on assignment was a year of on-the-job missions, bouncing from ship to ship. After the year, he was given his first assignment as an Intel Officer and assigned to the USS Pioneer
Service Record 2384-2387 Starfleet Academy - Tactical Branch
2390-2393 USS Okuda -Sovereign Class. -Brig Officer
2391 Promoted to Lt jg
2393-2395 USS Iowa -Akira Class -Security/Tactical Officer
2396 -Intelligence School- Infiltration Specialist -Earth
2397 - Classified Training Assignments
2397 -USS Pioneer -Intrepid Class -Infiltration Specialist