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Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros

Name Ja'sol Rava H'ros

Position Chief Security & Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Eldoran
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 3in
Weight 240lbs 109kg
Hair Color Jet Black ( Shoulder length )
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description Build: Between a body builder and a martial artist. ( Does both ) With a hard well toned body, bronze skin tone, a well trimmed short black beard and a stunning smile he's hard to miss. would be comfortable either on the battle field or saving a kitten from a tree and has a real love for life.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Ko'mar Rava H'ros re Seva. Age: 65 Seva starport ship engineer.
Mother Luma Sh'ay Vala H'ros re Seva. Age: 63. Former test pilot, now a flight instructor to upcoming test pilots.
Brother(s) Shan Rava H'ros re Seva. Age: 28. Lieutenant in the Nova Star Mercenary Unit. Currently serving guard duty at the Garos Freeport in the triangle zone.
Sister(s) Hi'da & Tara ( Identical Twins )
Hi'da Vala H'ros re Seva. Age: 26. Both are fashion models working for the Par'van Agency, and are
Tara Vala H'ros re Seva. Age: 26. two of the highest paid models in the company.
Da'na Vala H'ros re Seva. Age: 23. Graduated from the Eldran counter terrorism academy. Newest member of the Bravo Strike Team.
Other Family ( Uncle ) Dor'an Rava H'ros re Seva. Age: 62. ( Father's younger brother. ) Free Trader Captain of the Dawntreader's Path. He wanders back and forth between the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Star Empire, Orion space and the Triange zone. If you have a cargo and enough latinum, He'll deliver it for you no questions asked. It was his Uncle Dor'an that took him to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. Work in exchange for passage of course and helping to unload the andorian medical supplys when they arrived.

Alejandro. Two year old male russian blue cat. Normally aloof towards Ja'sol unless he wants attention or food. But will come and pay attention to any female that comes into the room and be rather cute and cuddly while they're around.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally easy going, but is a hard worker and pulls his fair share and is willing to help others. He is always a gentleman to the ladies and will always help a woman in distress unless it will jeopardize lives or a mission. The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few afterall. Ja'sol makes friends easily and can fit into almost any social circle.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Hard worker. + Career Minded. + Loyal and Honest. ( Won't lie to a friend or to advance career.)
+ Firendly and fair with co workers and allies. + Diplomatic and well mannered. + Well disciplined in mind, body and soul. + Protect the citizens and laws of the Federation. + Like those of his race he is empathic and reads emotions very well. + Eldorans are a rather charismatic people and can appeal to those of the opposite gender.

- Hates bullies ( Especially towards Women, Children and Animals. ) - Despises cowards and traitors. - Loves the ladies. - Loves to drink and party, can easily get caught up in the moment. ( Only when off duty and has no duty the following day. - weakness for fine foods
Ambitions 1. To serve in his job with honor and distinction. 2. Protect the weak and defenceless. 3. To work his way through the ranks as high as posiible. 4. To one day have seat on the Federation Security Council.
Hobbies & Interests 1. Bodybuilding. 2. Endurance running. 3. Dancing ( Romantic styles. Waltz, Samba, Tango & modern free style. ) 4. Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts. ( 12 YRS experience, 4th Dan. Willing to teach others. ) 5. Poetry. 6. Gardening and Flower Cultivation. 7. Horseback Riding. 8. Hiking and Camping. 9. Calligraphy. 10. Shuttle crart and speeder bike pilot. 11. Cooking.

Personal History Ja'sol is the eldest of the five children of Ko'mar Rava H'ros and Luma Sh'ay Vala H'ros. They grew up in the spaceport city of Seva, Where his father Ko'mar was employed at the spaceport in charge of one of the twenty crews at the starship repair facility. His mother Luma was a test pilot for dropships and starfighters for the Eldorian military. The two met and after a few years they married and started a family.

The children grew up normally and received they're formal education from early childhood on into early adulthood ( Age 17 one is considered an adult on Eldar. ) His Brother Shan always knew what he wanted to do with his life, and serve in a mercenary unit. Which he did and joined the day he turned seventeen. He has worked his way up the ranks and is a lieutenant in the Nova Star Unit.

His sisters Hi'da and Tara were approached by the sex trade and porn industry once they became adults due to their attractivness. Concidered an honorable trade and profession, they turned down the offers in pursuit of their dream of being fashion models. They were accepted and are now doing quite well for themselves, They travel to the exotic locations around Eldar and all the fashion shows.

His youngest sister and the baby of the family, His father had hoped that she would follow in the footsteps of her mother and become a test pilot like her mother or a fashion model like here sisters. She instead opted to join the Eldaran counter terrorism task force. She has graduated and is the newest member of the Bravo strike team.

Ja'sol wanted to do more then just stick around the home planet, he wanted to see and explore the galaxy. But when your home is just inside the fringe of the Romulan Star Empire, opportunites can be few and far between. On Eldar some willingly serve with the Romulans. Others find a trade on the home world and care little of what happens beyond they're sphere. Others become spies, mercenarys or information brokers to the highest bidder. And fewer yet leave the home world and enter the service of Starfleet and explore the galaxy.

But that's what Ja'sol wanted to do. Once he turned seventeen he contacted his uncle Dor'an and worked a two month passage and applied to Starfleet Academy once he arrived of Earth, He passed the exams and was accepted.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2384-2388. Graduated with honors.

Federation Anti Smuggling and Piracy Task Force 2388-2394. Awarded Purple Heart with clusters. ( Wounded in combat several times. ) And a Distinguished Service Citation.
During his time with the Anti Smuggling and Piracy task force he served aboard the USS Thomas Paine NCC 65530 A New Orleans class Frigate. 2388-2391 as Tactical Officer and Security.
In 2391 Ja'sol was transferred to USS Avalon NCC 63887 a Akira Class Cruiser, And served from 2391 to 2394. Again he served as Security and Tactical Officer.

With the war with cardassia raging, Jo'sol once again found himself being transferred due to manpower shortages. He was transfered to the USS Venture NCC 75306. A Sovereign Class Heavy Cruiser. During his time as Security and Tactical Ja'sol saw his fair share of combat on the ground and in space. During his time he was assigned to do a rescue and relief mission. The marine Captain in charge was killed in an ambush. Being the highest rank surviving he ordered the movement of the wounded to a nearby cave system for protection of the wounded and defense of the civilians that were there with them.

They fought off several waves of cardassians and held position with minimal loss of personal and held their own until relieved and reinforcements showed up. For his action he was awarded the bronze star for valor in combat. He served aboard the USS Venture from 2394 to 2396 as Security and Tactical.

2396 to present: Once again Ja'sol has found himself packing up with transfer orders in hand. He has been newly promoted and assigned as the Asst. CSTO of the USS Pioneer NCC 74757 and Intrepid Class Ship. He watches the sunrise over the planet below as the shuttle approaches the Pioneer, He looks toward the future and wonders about the people and friends he'll make and smiles as he takes the next step into a new life and crew.