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Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen

Name Rowena McGowen

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 145
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Slender build, tanned skin


Father Major Benjamin McGowen (Deceased)
Mother Lieutenant Arlina McGowen (Deceased)
Other Family Godmother: Captain Rowena Mazumdar Grandmother: Megan McGowen (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rowena is an overall friendly person. She is usually quiet and observant, but don't mistake her quietness for shyness. She is not afraid to speak her mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rowena is still dealing with the trauma of her past commands, but she doesn't let that get in the way of her work.

Rowena is mostly accurate and reads things twice if needed.
She is punctual.

Because of her traumatic past she isn't very social. She rather spends alone her quarters with a good book than that she is drink with her colleagues.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, painting, meditating.

Personal History Rowena was born on December 12 2366 to Benjamin and Arlina McGowen. She was born on Earth, North Carolina, America. She was named after her godmother Rowena Mazumdar. When she was 6 years old, her parents went on a mission, when their transport had an accident. At least that was what her grandmother told her.

After the death of her parents she was raised by her grandmother. From a very young age she has been interested in detectives and puzzles. Her grandmother always told her if she worked and studied hard, she could accomplish something. She took those words to heart.

During her youth, she was often visited by her godmother Rowena Mazumdar, who was an officer in starfleet. She had always had a lot of stories to tell. Rowena always listened to them. To the dismay of her grandmother. She tried really hard to keep her out of starfleet.
Upon asking her godmother why that was, cause her grandmother wouldn't tell her, she had no idea. But she did say it had something to do with the death of her parents. According to her godmother there was a lot of mystery surrounding the death of her parents. She was her parents best friend, but no one would want to tell her what the circumstances of their deaths were. Also their bodies were never recovered. Something she really regretted.

Despite all that she tried, her grandmother could not prevent Rowena from joining starfleet Having a liking for puzzles and coding, she studied history and archeology. She also did a study of symbols. In the academy she took on a course of alien archeology. It was taught by a Vulcan instructor.
It was during her time at the academy she was approached by a recruiter from starfleet intelligence. With her interest in coding and symbols, and apparently her parent’s background, which they wouldn’t want to reveal anything about, she would make a perfect candidate.

She was first assigned to Starfleet headquarters to decode messages coming in. It was then her graduation was hastened and she got a field promotion to Ensign and was then transferred to the USS Falcon in 2387, it was an intelligence vessel near the Neutral zone. It was assigned for a 6 month mission to record messages. But their official mission, if the Romulans asked, was listed as a scientific mission recording space noises. Alongside the intelligence mission the science department on board were recording space noises and were conducting research on it to present to Romulans. Starfleet Science also received regular updates from the Falcon.

The mission was called short when they were reassigned to Bajoran space. For several years Falcon was assigned to ferry intelligence between Bajor and Cardassia for diplomatic relations.

In 2390 Rowena was transferred to the USS Amsterdam and was assigned to retrieve two field agents that were in an undercover mission with the alliance. She assumed the position of Chief Intelligence and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior.

2392 Rowena was transferred to the USS Maleficus where she served as Chief Intelligence and for a short time was promoted to the position of Second officer. One of the first missions she had on the Maleficus was on duty on the bridge. She had to witness through the communications channels how the away team on a ship was in distress and she felt helpless as she helped the operations go through layers of code just to get the ship operational again. For some reason the controls were frozen and everyone on the bridge was forced the entire time they were fixing it to hear the cries of their crewmates on a ship adrift in space.

Rowena stepped down as second officer and focused mainly on her intelligence duties. In 2395 the USS Maleficus was attacked and imprisoned. Together with the crew they managed to finally escape after several months in captivity, and were even able to retrieve the ship.
Still haunted by the torment of the prisoner camp, Rowena could no longer perform her duties on the ship. Counseling didn’t help, so she requested with Starfleet command she were to be transferred.

After a leave of absence, Rowena was reassigned to the USS Pioneer as Chief Intelligence officer and Second officer.
Service Record 2386 Starfleet HQ Intelligence Department Decoder. Rank: Cadet Senior
2387 USS Falcon Data analyst. Rank: Ensign
2390 USS Amsterdam Chief Intelligence. Rank: Lieutenant Junior grade
2392-2393 USS Maleficus. CIO & Second Officer. Rank: Lieutenant
2393-2395 USS Maleficus. CIO. Rank: Lieutenant
2397-Present USS Pioneer. CIO/Second Officer. Rank: Lieutenant.