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Wetting Down

Posted on Wed Jan 5th, 2022 @ 7:08am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Commander Rowena McGowen & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke MD & Major Cornelius Tremble & Captain Edmund Merrick & Master Sergeant Lachlan Barr & Chief Petty Officer Sha’Zen D'Tem & Sergeant Azure Thompson & Corporal Adélaïde Moreau & Corporal Rairror Thoran
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Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: The Breakers, Empok Nor
Timeline: MD002 1930 hrs

Neil looked over the, for now, bar and seating area he’d arranged to host his wetting down ceremony. The custom of celebrating promotions was archaic. But, so were a lot of things within StarFleet. And even more so among the Marines. Given that he still wasn’t sure that him becoming the XO of the Pioneer was a good thing, he’d wrestled with the choice of holding hosting one.

Then he’d considered contributing factors and decided it was a good idea. Pioneer wasn’t attached to this AOR anymore so there were few occasions to see old friends. And then they were losing members of the crew and gaining new ones. So, something like this would give everyone an excuse to get together.

His choice of the Officer’s Club, aka The Breakers had been the path of least resistance. Especially when General Sobel had offered his junior aide de camp, Lieutenant Ma’AaT, to help organize.

The Breakers was familiar, in a pub sense. The deck was carpeted, except for the dance floor which was a 8x8 meter section in one corner near the band riser. Ma’Aat, a relatively junior officer of marines (and a Gorn) had been very helpful, doing most of the heavy lifting and Neil nodded approvingly as he cast his gaze about the room. People were starting to filter in and Neil moved to take up his post at one corner of the highly polished, black kuni-wood and leather bar. He saw Ma’Aat moving toward him and turned to acknowledge the Gorn. “Everything looks five by five, Ma’Aat. Thank you for all the hard work.”

“Thank me after when and if only a few people become seriously injured or die,” the Gorn replied, his eyes sparkling as he held out a glass of blue liquid to the newly minted major. “My gift: I arranged for a quantity of Meridor to be available for this this, major. In the words of my people, NOSH Li HOAT!”

Accepting the glass, Neil raised the pilsner glass as the Gorn tosted him and took a hefty swig of the blue beverage. He’d had Meridor before and generally liked it. More importantly, he respected it. “Isn’t Nosh Li Hoat a reference to your insides not turning to jelly?”

“Absolutely,” Ma’Aat enthused. “And it’s an acknowledgement to one of my species more cordial meeting with yours. In that first meeting, the Meridor, being a distillation of the Meridorlashak beetle. No one thought to ensure it actually wouldn’t liquify human insides upon completion. Our histories tell that it was quite the party.”

Neil cast a wary eye at his glass then looked back at Ma’Aat, “I take it this is not that vintage?”

“Oh no, Major. Unlike the Klingons, we see no reason to test the mettle of those aliens who share our customs. You should only worry about that if you sample family/dwelling brews,” the Gorn grinned his toothy grin. “Then you may want to take something to line your stomach before and ensure a purge after.” At that point, the Gorn sighed. “I miss home. The last time I sampled my grandmother’s home brew, even I was sick for three days, much to her amusement.”

Neil shook his head and sipped again at his drink. “Well, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks again, Ma’Aat. I’ll make sure General Sobel knows you did a such a good job.” Then Neil grinned a slightly wolfish grin. “I understand the Breaker’s is going to need a new manager coming up…”

The Lieutenant stared balefully at Tremble for a moment, trying to make sure the major was kidding.

Humans were difficult that way sometimes. And major’s scent was masked by some sort of woody, musky scent that was distracting. “I thought you liked me, Major.”

“Aye, well. It’s part of my job to keep junior officers on their toes, Ma’Aat. Being an O Club manager isn’t the worst fate,” Neil grinned.

The Gorn huffed, but was mollified by the human showing him his teeth a humorous display. “No thank you, Major. The only thing worse would be being promoted to be Exec of a StarShip?”

Neil squinted at the Gorn and said, “See. Now you’re just asking for it.”

“Then I had best go check in with the band and double check the food,” the Gorn said good naturedly. “Enjoy your party, Major and let me know if you need anything.”

Watching the Gorn turn and move off toward where the members of the marine band were warming up on the stage, Neil shook his head and took another sip of the Meridor. With his back against the bar he looked up as more people arrived.

"I knew all i had to do was follow my "radar" so to speak." Larim said. He walked in to the Officers club and nodded in appreciation. "Nice place." he said. ""Wonder why I never came before. Hey there." he added, waving to Neil

"You know, I do not like 'parties', Sergeant." Sha'Zen said. "Explain to me again, why I am doing this?" She asked as she helped Azure carry the 'rakshi' into the The Breakers Bar.

"Because you agreed it was right to celebrate the heroic actions of a fellow warrior." Azure replied.

They come to Empok Nor by shuttle, as the Andorian Corpsman didn't want to risk putting the potent Tibetan alcohol through the transporter.

Spotting a Gorn Marine Lieutenant near the bar, they made a beeline for him.

"It's been a while since I've been to one of these." Lachlan admitted to Corporal Moreau as they approached the bar. He'd met her on his tour of the marine deck and she'd stuck out like a sore thumb due to her lack of filter.

"You kidding? I swear we get drunk every other week night." Adelaide said looking around the entrance.

"Some would say that's the start of a problem, Corporal." Lachlan rebutted with a smirk.

"Only if it gets you in trouble, Sergeant." Adelaide grinned.

They both had a little laugh and walked through the entrance of The Breakers before splitting up to meet with different people.

Tyler walked into the bar wearing a pair of jeans, his cowboy boots, a plaid flannel shirt and his Dad's cowboy hat. The gold bull head buckle was shining around his waist. When the Captain was not on duty, he made sure that everyone knew where he came from by the way he dressed. He walked up to the bar and slapped his hand on it. "I will have bourbon neat." Tyler told the Gorn his order. He spied Larim and Neil chatting and joined them. "Well Number One congratulations! Or should I say I'm sorry."

"They set up this place up during the latest phase of rebuilding. The Brigadier likes to have a familiar place where FMC members and extended family can mix without terrifying or upsetting the civilians," Neil told Larim with a grin. "For some reason, we upset people some times."

As Tyler arrived, Neil cast a glance toward him, then grinned and said, "We forgot the mechanical bull, skip. But we'll think of something. Thanks for coming."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world Number One. The crew can definitely use something to blow off steam." Tyler replied as he got his drink.
Rairror entered the bar. He was dressed like a biker, with black jeans and boots and a black leather jacket.

Spotting Sergeant Thompson and her friend trying to get the Gorn's attention, he walked over and asked. "Sergeant, can I be of any assistance?"

"Yes, Corporal." Azure replied.

"Just a moment." That said, he walked up to the bar an hit it with his giant hand to get the Gorn's attention.

"Sergeant Thompson and her friend, have some rather potent alcohol, for you to share with the guests, I advice you pay them some attention." He told the Gorn.

Ma'AaT was glancing over a flimsy when he realized he was being addressed and the eyebrow ridges furrowed as he glanced at the being apparently addressing him. "What?" He half growled, before tempering himself and placing meaty hands upon the bar, "In turn I'll advise you to watch your tone, Marine. As this gathering is just getting started, I'll assume you aren't into your cups addressing me with such disrespect. Since I don't know who you are, I won't automatically decide it's your ill parented nature, marine."

Turning to Azure and Sha'Zen, he inquired. "Yes?" He glanced at them briefly and then at their burden. As he waited, he heard Malbrooke address him and wondered why he was being taken for server but he gestured at the grinning Orion off to one side and said, "Don't enjoy this too much Cis. See to Captain Malbrooke's request while I deal with this?"

Cis grinned at the Lieutenant's tone, recognising the reptilian's tone. "Easy Ma. Those are Tremble's lot and a few of them are rumored not to be fully house trained. But I think they mean well." She flashed a smile at Azure and Sha' Zen, sweeping her flame red locks behind her and gave Rairror a whisper of a wink before twitching away and moving the short distance down the bar to retrieve a bottle from a spot deep in the bar-back.

"Sorry, about Corporal Thoran, sir." Azure said realizing the Gorn wasn't the bar keeper. "The Cure are close knit and we tend to stand up for each other, he meant no disrespect, he was only trying to give me an Petty Officer D'Tem a hand. Anyway I have some alcohol I created myself, that I'd like to add as my contribution to the festivities."

The Gorn looked impassively at Azure for a moment and then his teeth flashed, "Well. Let's inspect this concoction." Taking a half step away from the bar, he glanced up and said, "Shix. Ring the bell. A new alcohol has entered the bar and the Corporal here is declaring all hands."

The sound of panels sliding over the bar was heard and a soft, strangely echoing voice came from above. "All hands? Already? I knew this party was to be trying but...very well Ma."

A rather large, arachnid half slung itself downward over the bar well and eight beady eyes looked in all directions at once before they locked on Azure and took in her; Sha'Zen; their burden; and then all of those standing about. "Sergeant, please tell me about your beverage," Shix's voice oozed. "What kind of stem ware or glasses are suitable?"

Seeing the arachnid, Sha'Zen's hands went instinctively to her N'Zhara blades and her skin changed to red.

Seeing this, Azure put a calming hand on the SerNumi's arm, and her colouring returned to its normal blue-green shade.

"It is called Rakshi, its a distilled alcohol made from fermented millet. Rocks glasses should be suitable, sir." Azure replied.

"Ahh, the arachnid's wavery voice sounded, along with a half-clicking / half-buzzing laughter. "Not the right gender dear. Our males don't live very long after they've proven useful. And rock's glasses it issss."

Shix's arms floated back to the shelving and began lining up rocks glasses, forming a double row of glasses down the middle of the bar. "I look forward to trying this Rakshi. Have many died while imbibing?" the arachnid inquired.

"As with all alcohol, ingesting too much can cause death." Azure replied.

The arachnid made a clicking noise and a cobalt blue haired arm hovered near the containers of Rakshi as it commented, "There are all sorts of dead...I myself have been really dead a couple of times but only once due to ingesting a mis-mixed beverage. Sloppy lab work you know. Four of it's eyes focused on Azure momentarily. "How many times have you died, Azure. May I call you that?"

"Sure." Azure said. "It is my name after all." She thought for a moment. "I haven't died as such, but the pain made me wish I had, when my brothers were killed protecting me from pirates." She replied.

"Ahh, I commiserate the loss of your sack-siblings," the Arachnid sighed out to Azure. "The competition to survive against them, and then with them, leads to a deep connection." A spindly limb picked up one of the glasses and brought it up to Shix's face, a drinking tube slipping from it's maw and touching the alcohol, sampling it.

Abruptly Shix's skin color began shifting and ended up with the skin becoming a golden color while the hair went crimson. "Delightful," Shix's voice boomed out. "A drink absolutely suited for Marines."

"Thank you." Azure said. "I'm a botanist as well as a Corpsman, so I thought making alcohol would be right up my alley."

Sha'Zen looked around the room as Azure talked with the spider thing. As always she was on the look out for danger. A consequence of growing up on a world where most things are trying to kill you.

She grabbed a drink from the bar and found herself a place to sit.

Fetching a glass from the bar, she leaned a thigh against the bar-well and asked Tyler, "Right. Bourbon you said, Captain? How do you like it? On ice? With water? Neat or...".

"Neat please, the only way bourbon should be enjoyed." Tyler said witha chuckle.

Cis obliged, pouring three fingers of bourbon into a rocks glass and placing it on a napkin near Tyler's elbow. "Keylar's Sterling 89, off of WayLong."

Merrick arrived on Empok Nor, the place where he'd board the USS Pioneer. At first he had a bit of a surprise to find out that a friend from Academy days was now the captain of the USS Pioneer. He wondered if Tyler already knew that he was assigned to the ship. He got word that the man who he would be reporting to as Marine XO wasn't on the ship. In fact word was there was a party happening right at this moment. Edmund Merrick decided he'd ease himself into it. This would give him a chance to do some observation on who he will be working with. He stowed his gear, and having changed his clothing, to that of a long sleeve denim shirt, blue jeans and his favorite boots and a simple belt. He took in the place, The Breakers, the inside furnishings of the place made him smile. This was a place to simply enjoy a good brew. He was taken aback by the appearance of well.. of a large arachnoid behind the bar, and there was a gorn there too. To keep from staring rudely at them, his eyes was drawn towards... Captain Malbrooke! And not too far from him was the Marine CO, Major Tremble. Two birds one stone, he liked the odds.

He walked up to them both, "I heard there was a rumored celebration going on. Looks like I arrived at a good time." Edmund flashing an easy grin. "Or is this a party for my long awaited arrival?" of course he was kidding. "Long time no see, Captain Malbrooke" his gaze drifting towards Tyler.

"Indeed it has been some time. Haven't seen you since the Academy. How the hell have you been Edmund?" Tyler smiled broadly. Of course he knew his old friend would be coming aboard. Tyler arranged for the man's transfer.

"Oh I am alive." giving a brief flash of a smile, "And well.. things have happened and now here I am. We definitely need to do some catching up."

His gaze shifted back to Tremble. "Major Tremble, let me introduce myself, I'm Lieutenant Edmund Merrick, just arrived, I'm your XO."

Neil turned at the sound of his name and took in new arrival. Shifting the drink he was holding from left to right, he offered his hand to the new Lieutenant. "I'd heard you were in-bound, Merrick. Welcome to the Cure. And to the Breakers."

Neil eyed the company-grade officer for a moment then gestured at the bar. "Step up and have a drink, Mister Merrick," Neil said, sipping at his own. He wasn't really of a mind to interview his new officer, but such were the requirements of the service. "I know you were former Fleet. You're not a tea-totaler, are you?"

"No sir, I am not a tee-totaler." taking Tremble's hand giving it a firm shake. "And yes I was formerly in Star Fleet." he cast a glance towards the glasses that were lined up in the middle of the bar, "What sort of alcohol is in there? Something possibly strong?" Merrick was in the mood for something like that. And he was curious as well. It might be something he'd not had before.

Overhearing Edmund's remark, Azure said. "Sorry to interrupt, but if your looking for something strong, they're about to pour the Rakshi, I made. I'm Sergeant Azure Thompson, by the way."

"Pleasure to meet you," Edmund replied, and I'm willing to try that drink." giving a nod towards Azure.

"Good evening, Captain, Major." She added.

"Azure," Neil replied, smiling at the medic. "Meet the Cure's new Executive officer, Lieutenant Edmund Merrick. Mr. Merrick, this is Sergeant Thompson, detachment Medic and perhaps rum-runner."

"Nice to meet you, LT." Azure said. "The 'rum-running' is a new thing." She added.

"Nothing like a little bit of rum running." casting a quick flash of a grin.

"Rum running, I do like rum" Merrick commented.

"Don't we all." Azure said.

Before Merrick stepped away, "Tyler, we certainly need to set aside sometime and catch up on what's happened since Academy." then turned towards the bar, "What is this Rakshi?"

"Its a Tibetan millet alcohol." Azure said. "I learnt how to make it from a fellow Marine."

"I would love to have some thank you." Merrick replied. "Tibetan Millet Alcohol." he said musingly, reaching out and taking a glass of the brew, he took a taste of it and then smiled. "This is really good!" taking a bit more.

Azure smiled. "If you'll excuse me, Lieutenant, my friend seems to have disappeared and, I've got to go find her."

Hermia had finished up in Sickbay, changed into a red blouse and black jeans, and headed over to the station. Major Tremble was having wetting down ceremony and she thought it best that she stop by.

Sipping carefully at the Rakshi, then taking another, Neil noted the Doctor entering the Breakers and threading her way toward the bar. Raising his glass over his head in a toast, he said loudly enough to be heard. "Just in time, Hermia. Grab a glass and help us test Azure's offering, hey?"

"Don't mind if I do." Hermia said grabbing a glass. Raising the glass she said. "To Neil, congratulations on your promotion and my the Four Deities smile on you, Major." Then took a sip of her drink.

"I'll take all the help I can get," Neil said, shading a wink toward the Pioneer's CMO. " Thank you Hermia. "Allow me to introduce Lieutenant Merrick, the Cure's new exec."

Turning to Merrick, he said, "Mr. Merrick, Lieutenant Commander O'Rourke, Pioneer's CMO.

"Welcome to the crew, LT." Hermia said. "Nice to meet you." She sensed a mixture of loss and guilt radiating off the man. It was hidden, but as part Betazoid it was there for her to 'see'.

"Pleasure to meet you, Commander O'Rourke." giving a pleasant smile. "It looks like I had arrived at a perfect time. A celebration of the Major's new position, what better way of breaking the ice right?" Merrick taking another drink, which lowered the level of his drink a bit more, feeling the warmth of the alcohol as it settled in his stomach.

"Better than being in the Major's office and being grilled by him, I bet." Hermia said with a smile. "Oh, and don't listen to anyone else, I'm sure you'll make a great action figure." She teased.

"I wonder if Tyler still has that figurine of me when we played his Dungeons and Dragons game." Merrick mused.

Hermia rose an inquisitive eyebrow and said. "What I was meaning was that, the Marines have a shop that sells action figures of the Pioneer crew and you'd make a fine addition." She clarified.

This caused Merrick to do a double take, "Wait, What?" taking a big gulp of the Rakshi some of it going down the wrong way. He barely managed not to spew it out in his fit of coughing. He held up a finger as if to ask for a moment, literally turning his back to Hermia. Some of the drink going up his nose.

"Oops, perhaps I shouldn't have told you that while you were drinking." Hermia said. "Are you okay? Can I get you some water?" She asked.

Merrick wheezed out, "Please" quickly covering his mouth again, he also feeling the burn of the alcohol in his chest. He hated the sensation. He was also amazed he hadn't dropped the glass to the floor either.

Hermia poured a glass of water from the jug on the bar. Taking Edmund's own glass form his hand, she replaced it with the water one. "Sip it ." She told him.

Edmund nodded his thanks and sipped at the water, it was certainly helping to clear up the burn. After a few moments, Merrick was sort of able to speak without coughing. "Thank you. I wasn't expecting a possibility of being an action figure." giving a sheepish smile.

"Yeah, besides the uniform, mine comes with a medkit, lab coat, type-III phaser and K-Bar." Hermia said with a smile.

"That is impressive." Merrick replied. "An action figure. I wonder..." he was feeling okay now, and was thinking about getting another drink, especially since the last one, he didn't get to really savor it. "I think I'll get another drink." giving friendly nod, to Hermia. "And this time I won't inhale it." giving a teasing smile.

"As CMO, I'd endorse that." Hermia teased back. "Tastes better that way."

Merrick smiled, "I will certainly enjoy myself thank you for the assistance." giving a lopsided smile. Tonight he has something to celebrate and just enjoy the evening at hand and also do some people watching.

"Okay, LT, have a good time." Hermia said.

Tyler sat on a stool next to Neil. He gave Tremble a congratulatory clasp on the back. Tyler raised his glass. "Whelp here is to you Number One and one hell of a great crew." He clinked his glass and sipped his drink. Content to watch the crew enjoy themselves and let their hair down.

As he surveyed Pioneer's crew starting to loosen up, Neil drank more and felt the alcohol starting to shift his body chemistry. He leaned back against the bar and continued thanking people as they circled by.

He'd been to a few of these and you never knew what was going to happen.

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