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Senior Chief Petty Officer Sha’Zen D'Tem

Name Sha’Zen Fehan D'Tem

Position Biologist

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

PNPC By (H O'Rourke)
Gender Female
Species SerNumi
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 1.63m (5’4”)
Weight 62kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Like all her people, Sha’Zen possesses a biological mechanism similar to that of the Terran cuttlefish, by which she can change the pigment of her skin, to show her mood and can be used as a crude form of camouflage. This helps her blend in better with her natural jungle environment. Also has the ability to sense electromagnetic frequencies
emitted by biological and technological cloaking fields.

She is slim, but not overly tall.

When on duty she has special dispensation to wear her N'Zhara blades. These are weapons that consist of a curved bade that covers the knuckles and each end in a short spike.


Father Dhe’Ra Fehan D’Tem, SerNumi Defense Force Officer, SerNumi IV
Mother Rea’La Fehan D’Tem, Scientist
Brother(s) Trena Fehan D’Tem, SerNumi Defense Force Officer, SerNumi IV

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sha'Zen is intelligent and inquisitive with the tactical mind of a hunter. Sees problems as a beast that needs to be conquered and tamed. Does not understand the need for lying and is therefore direct and bereft of tact.

Believes that trust is earned, not freely given.
Strengths & Weaknesses +A proficient fighter.

+ Curious

+ Loyal

- Lacks tact.

- Can come across as unfeelling.
Hobbies & Interests Hunting (on the holodeck), studying new biological organisms. Darts.

Personal History Born on the jungle planet SerNumia IV, Sha’Zen grew up learning her environment, how to hunt and how to avoid becoming a snack for the 'invisible' Tuk'Nar beasts. When she was old enough she was sent to school and found she had an affinity for biology.

Her father is an officer in the SerNumi Defense Force and when she was old enough, she followed in his footsteps.

During the Dominion War, when her homeworld was attacked by Jem’Hadar foot soldiers, Sha’Zen led a squad of defenders that helped to repel the attackers.

Following the war, she left the Defense Force and eventually joined Starfleet as a Science Enlisted, hoping that a change of scene would help her put the War behind her.
Service Record 2380 - Graduated boot camp and Sciences school.

2380- 2382 – Sciences Crewman: USS Oslo

Promoted to Sciences Specialist 3rd Class

2382 -2385 - Sciences Specialist 3rd Class: USS Oslo

Promoted to Sciences Specialist 2nd Class

2385 -2390 - Sciences Specialist 2nd Class: USS Britannic

Promoted to Sciences Specialist 1st Class

2390 - 2392 - Sciences Specialist 1st Class: USS Coleman

2392 – 2395 - Sciences Specialist 1st Class: Starbase 32

Promoted to Chief Petty Officer

2395- Chief Petty Officer, Biologist: USS Pioneer