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Decisions, decisions Part 1

Posted on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 @ 4:41pm by Ensign Eleanor Raine
Edited on on Fri Jan 14th, 2022 @ 10:54pm

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Risa
Timeline: MD005 1000 hrs

Warm water from the gentle waves lapped over Eleanor’s feet, as she slowly walked along the soft sandy beach. Her bathing suit was a cute little number, that seemed to be perfectly sculpted for her body, and for the first time in several months she felt relaxed, like a weight had been lifted. For a while it had been touch and go, one of those important life decisions that weighted heavily on the mind. An internal struggle that could have severe ramifications on the rest of your life. However, the extended leave of absence had certainly helped her refocus and she had finally reached a decision, one way or another she was finally content.

Risa really was a beautiful place. However, it was a façade, without the weather control system and the seismic regulators, it would be simply a rain-soaked, seismic unstable hellhole, but why quibble over semantics. The place was full of beautiful men, relaxing beaches, restaurants and had plenty of nightlife, just what the doctor had ordered. Suddenly the sound of music and people laughing caught her attention, she could just make it out in the distance, a beachfront bar and restaurant. Smiling, Eleanor thought what a perfect start to her afternoon this would be, so she decided to head there to quench her thirst.

Bradley was sat with a group of his friends, it was the first opportunity in twelve months that they had all managed to get together, it had been a hectic time since graduating and then taking on their first assignments. In fact, Bradley was only able to make it because he was waiting for reassignment.

“Oh my god, babe alert, three o’clock.” Josh said, as the group of men all turned like a pack of meercats to take a look.

“I think, I’ve died and gone to heaven.” Replied Michael, lowering his sunglasses for a better look.

“Oh, she’s heading this way.” Luke said, with a wide smile.
Bradley shook his head, at his friends and grinned, they certainly were not wrong, her bathing suit, seemed to be countered to show all of her assets, in fact nearly every man in the bar was looking at her as she approached.

“So, who reckons they can actually get her to agree to go on a date with them?” Michael asked, smiling at his friends, “I’m pretty confident I could.” he said, clearly laying down a challenge.

“Michael, you no chance, she’s more toned than you.” Eddie said as he laughed out loud at his friend.

“Oh yeah, we should each wager ten bars of gold pressed Latinum, fist guy that can get her to agree to on a date, wins the pot.” Michael replied.

The group of men all looked at each other, they all nodded apart from Bradley, who continued to shake his head. “You guys are unbelievable, you know that.”

“Brad, you’re only saying that because you clearly know you don’t stand a chance.” Eddie taunted.

“So, you in or not, Brad?” Michael asked.

“I most certainly am not, but I will quite happily watch you guys fail miserably at the task.” Bradley replied, a smile creeping across his face. Did any of his friends actually think that they stood a chance this beauty, she was certainly clearly out of their league, and surely, she must already have a boyfriend, looking like that.

The raucous got louder the closer Eleanor got to the bar, and several men were clearly looking at her. She blushed slightly, she normally didn’t make this much of an effort in her appearance, but something was clearly working. She smiled as she weaved through the crowd, before hurrying to the bar as heads turned to follow her.

“Let me guess.” The bartender said, smiling at Eleanor “You take me as a Bajoran Mojito kind of girl.”

Eleanor smiled, “Well, why not, a Bajoran Mojito, please.” She replied, as she watched the barely clothed bartenders every move. ‘This planet certainly has nice scenery’ she thought to herself, as she felt her cheeks blushing again. As the bartender returned with a large smile and glass in his hand.

“That’s…” the bartender began to say, before a voice from behind cut him off.

“Don’t be silly, this lady shouldn’t be paying for her own drinks.”

Eleanor raised an eyebrow and turned to the unfamiliar voice, “And why, shouldn’t said lady be paying for her own drinks?” she asked.

The young man’s smile dropped for a moment, as he tried to think of an excuse that wouldn’t offend her. “I mean…because...” before he started to blush a little himself, “I…oh come on guys, who’s going to back me up, raise of hands, who would like to buy this beautiful lady a drink?”

A group of hands shot up from across the bar, Eleanor blushed even harder and just shook her head. She certainly was not used to this kind of attention, but she was here to relax and let her hair down, before the hard work had to start. “Well, I’m flattered.”

“Well, luckily for you, I shall have the pleasure of buying your first drink, no strings.” He said, his bright white grin reappearing. “I’m Michael, and I’m with a group of my rather boring, academy friends.” He said raising his thumb and pointing over to a table, where all eyes were on them. “Care to join us?” he asked.

Eleanor pondered for a moment, she normally wouldn’t just interact with a group of random men, but this was Risa, and he had implied they were all from the academy, and well they were all human, so he had to mean Starfleet Academy. This could a good opportunity to have some fun and tease them, after all they didn’t know that she was a diplomat and had also graduated the academy.

“I’d love to.” she replied, giving him a wide smile and small smirk.

“Rea…really.” He stuttered in response, as Eleanor simply continued to smile and nodded her head. “Great, let me just pay for your drink.”

Ensign Eleanor Raine
Diplomatic Adviser, USS Pioneer


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