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Pirate Island - The Pirate Ship Part III

Posted on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 2:03am by Lieutenant Paul Michael & Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Junior Grade Mira Jayde & Ensign Auba Lyna & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn
Edited on on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 2:19am

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Mission: Marooned!
Location: Holodeck 2 - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 2100 hours

Last Time On The Pirate Ship Part II

Abruptly, the lead female snaps her fingers and two of the dark skinned men, each holding two spears in hand, take two graceful, quick steps forward, casting a spear each in your general direction. The spears thump into the sand, quivering approximately a yard from paul's feet, separated a shoulder's width apart.
And Now The Conclusion

Paul held his ground. This was either a warning or a show of strength on their part. Pulling his sword probably wouldn't be a good idea. So he reached for the spear and pulled it out of the sand. He looked it over, then looked at the men.

Jayde took the other spear, checked the balance, and held it ready to throw. "We wish to pass," she said to the woman.

He started to approached the woman, holding the spear he picked up in a non-hostile way. When he reached the woman, the two men moved towards him. He handed the spear back to the woman. "All we want is to get home." He pointed to the tent.

The woman took the spear and smiled, then indicated that all but one of them could go through.

Paul saw what the woman meant, that one had to stay behind. Paul waved his arm, "No, all of us must go through."

The woman said something unintelligible and waved her hand at the bodies on the beach. The men around her raised their spears.

Paul pulled the sword out of it's scabbard, and held it in his hands. "If one must stay....then I will stay!"

Lyna was shocked. "No mustn't. The ship needs you...I need you!"

"No. We all go," Jayde said. She turned to the woman. "Let us go. Now."

Paul looked at his people, and nodded. Then he looked at the woman. "You heard them, all or we all stay. We don't want to fight you, but if we have to, we will."

The woman said something to the men beside her and they raised their spears.

"Looks like we have an answer," Zhara said, looking for some rocks she could thrown.

Grinning then, the largest male shows off teeth that are black and have been filed to points and he shouts out a battle cry and the other's all respond in kind, as they rush for you.

Paul stands and waits for the nearest native approached him. When he's close, Paul sidesteps the native, and Paul hits him in the head with the handle of the sword.....the native drops, unconscious.

Auba goes into full security mode. She ducked the point of a spear, grabbing the spear, pulling the person closer to her, delivering a quick leg sweep to the man's head, knocking him down. While he was down, she slugged him three times into unconsciousness.

Jayde waited for one of the natives to come at her. She deftly parried the attack, spun to disarm him, then thrust up under the man's arm and into his chest. When he fell to the ground, she wiped her sword on his clothing and went after the next opponent.

Zhara kept her distance. She didn't want to get into a hand-to-hand fight, so she threw rocks at anyone who got close to her.

Paul held his sword out ahead of him. "We don't want to fight you! Just allow us to pass, please."

One of the natives threw a spear at Paul.

Paul deflects the spear with his sword. He waited to see if the native was going to attack. "I wish you could understand us...we mean you no harm, but if you persist in attacking us, we will fight back." Paul picked up the spear and threw it into the brush.

While Paul fiddled with the spear, the native attacked. Rushing shield first, he caught the Ops officer in the shoulder, causing him to stumble. Following up, the native advanced, bringing the shark toothed sword around in a wicked slash attempting to disembowel Paul. The JG barely avoided the slash, backpedaling, the cloth over his stomach ripping in the process as the weapon snagged in it.

Paul still had his sword, and when he managed to regain his balance, he charged the native, smashing into his shield, forcing him to fall backwards.

A bald headed, spear wielding native darted at Zara, avoiding a pair of rocks that she cast at him as he trotted toward her, a grin revealing very white teeth all filed to a point as he neared, bringing his spear up and around, attempting to sweep her feet from beneath her.

Zhara jumped, avoiding the spear, but she was still basically unarmed. she threw one rock at his face and another at her assailant's spearhead.

The bald native ducked one stone, deflected the other with the shaft of his spear and moved closer, thrusting at the counselor's neck. When she avoided that, he swept the haft around attempting to sweep her feet.

Zhara moved away enough for him to miss, then ran over to the othes.

The pair of natives, one a female with wild hair tied (barely) out of the way with beaded cording. Large gauge earrings worked into her lobes and bone piercings through her nose and eye brows. Her companion, a heavily (if badly) tattoo'd male with short-cropped, splotchy black hair snarled something as they moved forward, sweeping spears toward Jayde.

Jayde watched them come toward her, watched the way they moved and the way they handled their spears. She spun, kicking one in the stomach while she thrust at the other with her sword.

The female native grunted doubling over in pain from the blow, while the male folded, blood spurting from a wide gash. The female, hearing her mate's howl, gritted her teeth, spear and pain forgotten, let at Jayde, finger nails going for her her eyes as she bowled into her.

Jayde moved with the force of the woman and controlling her fall so she could flip the woman safely beyond her. She grabbed her sword and turned, ready to thrust the woman through as she came at her again. Jayde didn't want to hurt anyone, but with the safeties off, she couldn'tt risk it.

Now free of both assailants, Jayde ran to help Zhara.

An exceptional short, exceptionally loud, totally naked native with a mohawk adorned with beads and a dead seagull ran at Auba, spear leveled. Surprisingly, a great many expletives poured from his mouth in a rather high pitched voice, punctuated at the end "DIE, ugly female. I will drink from your skull this evening!"

Auba was surprised when she heard the native speak and she was able to understand him. She had the height advantaged. So she screamed back, "No one drinks from my skull...ever, you ugly short troll!!" She had her sword and she picked up a rock and threw it at his head.

Laughing a hooting sort of laugh, the naked native became disturbingly aroused as he brought his spear above his head and thrust at her, eyes wide.

Auba was ready for the fat native. When he thrust his spear at her, she grabbed the spear, pulled the native forward, then dropped him with a leg kick to the head.

Paul held the tip of the sword against the natives throat. "Surrender."

The native looked at Paul for a moment, then dropped his sword.

"Yes." The native sneered at Paul. "I accept. Drop your blade."

Paul had to take the native at his word, so he dropped the sword. Then he turned to the others. "Stop fighting."

Through all of the confrontation, the exit beckoned welcomingly....

Paul watched as the others stopped fighting. He motioned his people forward towards the opening of the tent.

Jayde led the way, in case any of the natives objected.

Zhara followed her.

Auba walked in front of Paul, making sure he was staying close to her.

Paul walked behind Auba, keeping a watchful eye on the natives, but it appeared they were holding up the bargain. Paul approached the door. "Exit."

It opened, showing the corridor of the Pioneer.

Paul smiled, holding Auba's hand. He turned to the others. "Looks like we're home." He waited for the others to walk though the door, then he would follow.

Jayde and Zhara walked through, followed by Paul and Auba. It had been quite an adventure, but they were glad to be done with it.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Michael
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Ensign Auba Lyna
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Lieutenant JG Mira Jayde
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Counselor, USS Pioneer

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