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Into The Forest Part IV

Posted on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 12:50am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke
Edited on on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 1:58am

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Mission: Marooned!
Location: Holodeck - Deck 5 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 2110 hrs

Last Time On Into The Forest Part III

Tyler frowned as he stared off in the direction of the cave. He did not like the idea of going in there with the safeties off. "Right, let's head for the cave. But everyone stay sharp. As much fun as this is we have to keep in mind that this is the unknown. Even a holographic blade can harm and we have little to no medical supplies. So let's get it done, get it sone quickly and safely."

Jayna sheathed her knife. "After you, sir." She agreed with him that it would likely be dangerous, but it also seemed like the best way out of the program.

And Now The Conclusion...

Tyler led the group down the path in the direction of the cave. He used his saber to cut vines and branches from his way as he went. After about thirty minutes of walking he came to the bank of a small river. He looked around and saw no immediate way to cross the running water. "Suggestions?"

"Tie a long vine to one of us to swim across?" Jayna suggested. "If we swim at an angle, we'll get over, then find a place to attach the vine as a guide to the others."

"I can swim that," Kat said, measuring the width and flow of the river. "It should be safe enough if I have a vine tied around my waist."

"The current looks very strong, are you sure Commander?" Quinn asked. She was new to the group, and he knew she was the captains wife. This was not enough for him to stop her participation. He just wanted to make sure she knew the risk.

Ameri waited for her friend to answer. She wasn’t worried about swimming across, she had been on the swim team in high school.

"As long as I have a strong vine around my waist, I'll be fine," Kat assured him. She did feel confident in her ability to swim across the river, and she also wanted to do something to help out. So far, she'd not done much to help out.

She found a good, long vine that was strong enough, tied it to a tree, and waded into the river.

Jayna took up a position by the tree. She watched the commander tie the knot and knew it would hold, but she wasn't so sure the vine would. Mostly, however, she was there as support.

When she was in deep enough, Kat began to swim toward the other side. Even though she was swimming straight, the force of the stream pulled her with it. She made it to the other side and waded out, tying her end to another tree and signaling for ther others to cross.

Tyler watched as his wife used those Starfleet Academy swim team skills and a broad smile crossed his face. He was worried for her, and Quinn was right to worry as well. However, deep down inside Tyler knew that she would be able to make it. She was a stunner to watch in action. "That's my Catfish..." He blew her a kiss and smiled using her old team name. "Quinn why don't you lead our people across and I will bring up the rear."

Kat grinned and blew a kiss back at her husband. That was a lot more fun than she'd expected.

"Yes Captain." Quinn said, as he grabbed onto the vine, and started to make his way across. The current started to push him, but he hanged onto the vine, as he kept forcing one hand in front of the other. After a short struggle, he was able to touch, to help gain his balance and continue towards the shore line. Quinn smiled at Kat, and then looked back at the group.

"Do you want to go next?" Jayna asked Ameri.

“Yes,” Ameri nodded. She grabbed a hold of the vine, putting one han over the other. At first it seemed easy enough, until the force of the water pulled her. Ameri almost lost her grip at one point and paused, took a deep breath and forced herself on. Her arms felt like rubber towards the end but she finally made it to where Kat and Quinn were waiting.

Jayna tied a vine around her waist, looped the other end around the vine across the river, and started across. She pulled herself more than swam, letting the current propel her to the other side.

"Everyone, take a moment to catch your breath. Captain, I think we need to think about safety. And finding shelter soon. The sun appears to be setting on the horizon." Quinn called out, as he pointed to a near by mountain range. Filled with larger trees, and maybe a cave.

Ameri agreed with Quinn. They didn't want to be caught out here in the dark. Who knew what the program had planned next. If is wasn't for the fact they couldn't end this, it would have been a lot of fun. Ameri was still enjoying herself but she would be glad when they had solved it.

"Agreed Number One..." Tyler said as he tied the vine to his waist. He was never as good of a swimmer as his wife, however, he managed to get across with little incident. There was a small amount of struggle. He continued to speak with his XO when he arrived on the other side. "Perhaps we need to find shelter and then see about hunting for food. Lead on, anything that looks safe for a night should do."

"We can keep an eye out for food while we look for a cave or something," Jayna said. "Although doesn't the program have a time limit?"

“I think you are right,” Ameri agreed with Jayna. “Can we afford to stop to rest?” They needed to find their way out of here and rest when they got home.

"If we cannot get the program to end, or get out of the holodeck the program is going to keep running. That means that we will be stuck here at night. While I share all of your sentiments for getting out of this program, we have to be ready in the event that it will take time to get out. So we are going to need find shelter, and food if we are forced here for the night. If we find a way out first all the better." Tyler looked at his team as he spoke, he shared their feelings but had to exude the confidence that they would get through this.

"All right, mon Capitán," Kat said. "Let's see what we can find as we search for food and shelter."

"We might find a cave in the mountains," Jayna said. "It might be safer than sleeping under a tree."

“And there may be some berries or fruit of some kind,” Ameri spoke up.”I remember seeing bananas earlier. Maybe we will find some more.”

Jayna's stomach rumbled. "Bananas sound good." She headed down what there was of a trail with the other women, keeping an eye out for banana trees and pirates.

"Under a tree might be easier, but it would be tactically hard to defend. And we will need a sentry at night. If we want to sleep under a tree, we need to make a few traps and early warning alarms." Quinn suggested, remembering his wilderness survival training.

Jayna nodded. "Yes, we would. It depends on how far away the nearest cave is and how much daylight we have left."

They continued walking as they spoke, keeping an eye out for likely places to sleep.

"There's a light of some sort over there," Jayna said, pointing over toward the mountain."

Ameri looked where Jayna was pointing. “That may be our way out, it doesn’t resemble the sun setting and is out of place in this setting.”

Kat nodded. "Let's go take a look."

Quinn looked to Jayna, he had no issues watching her lead. Deep down, he was accessing her abilities as a leader. "Well you have gotten us, this far." He said, curious to see what she did next.

Tyler smirked he rather enjoyed not being in charge for a change. "Lead on... Let's see if we can get out of here."

Jayde looked at the captain and commander, inwardly surprised. Any of them were better qualified to lead than she was. She nodded and moved to the front, her blade in hand. Whatever the source of hte light, they were better off finding out now rather than having something come after them while they slept.

The warrant officer took the most direct route for a while, but as they got close, she angled off to the side. There was definitely a light, and it was coming from inside a cave. "Wait here," she said to the others when she felt they were too close to proceed. Sneaking through the jungle was more familiar to her. The sun was dipping below the horizon, giving her plenty of shadows to hide in as she carefully approached the opening.

She waited beside the cave opening for several minutes, listening. She glanced back at the others, then carefully peered in. The light was coming from the back of the cave. A doorway opened onto a corridor of the Pioneer. A large sign said "Exit." And between her and the sign were half a dozen large natives with bows and spears. One of them sat on a large chest.

She crept back to the others and told them what she saw.

"Sounds like a fight to the end." Quinn said, feeling a little relieved she found the exist. But that faded fast, when he started to think, how could they escape without hurting their opposition. Quinn looked to Tyler, to see what he was going to say.

Tyler took a quick assessment of the situation. "We are going to have to fight our way out. So the best plan is to take out the bows first. Once we have rendered all of them incapacitated we can investigate what this exit might be..." Tyler's voice trailed off as he looked at the natives that were sitting there and better idea came to him. "Actually there is a better plan. Quinn, Neil, Vaebn and myself will remain hidden at the mouth of the cave. Ladies see if you can lure them out. Then when they come out we will take em. No muss, no fuss." He said with a broad smile.

Jayna smiled. "That works." She looked at the other two. "I'm pretty sure they'll chase after us if they see us, unarmed nad scared."

Kat chuckled. "I haven't played a defenseless female in a very long time." She grinned. "Might be fun, as long as they don't shoot us."

Ameri grinned. “Oh, this will be fun! Being chased by bare chested pirates!” She looked over at Jayna and Kat. “We’ll keep them busy.”

The other two women grinned.

"Okay," Jayna said. "Time to look defenseless." As she walked toward the cave, her stride changed. She walked more slowly, more hesitantly. She stumbled as she got within view of the cave and giggled. "Oops. Sorry."

Kat raised an eyebrow, but she, too, had altered the way she walked. She mussed her hair and clothing so she looked disheveled. "Well, honey," she said, loud enough to be heard in the cave. "I do hope whoever is in that cave is friendly."

Jayna noticed someone carefully look from behind a rock, then disappear again. "Good," she said softly. "We've been spotted."

Tyler drew his saber from it's scabbard and signaled the rest of the men to hide. They would strike on his signal. He hated placing the ladies in this situation. But believed that it would be the best way to get through with the least amount of bloodshed.

Jayna stumbled and fell, crying out as she did so. She waited until she saw two of the men leave the cave and then scrambled to her feet and ran off. They both came after her.

Kat took a more brazen approach. She went almost to the entrance and called out, "Hey, buddy, mind if we pass on through?"

The four men looked at her and grinned.

She turned and ran. One of the men followed.

“Hey!” Ameri yelled at the men as she approached. “You don’t look so tough! I bet you can’t run fast enough to catch me!” Two of them headed towards her and she ran.

Only one remained in the cave, guarding the exit.

As Kat turned the corner by the opening of the cave the two men were hot on her heels. Tyler took a low and quick swing with the saber and he caught the first man right in the shin. The man stumbled and fell screaming in pain as the saber bit into his leg. The second man turned on his heel and went to punch Tyler. The Captain's response was to step to the side quickly and the punch connected with the rock face of the cave. The man screamed in pain and Tyler was able to take the man's legs out from under him. "That is two down..." He called to his friends.

"You, my love, are a man of many talents." Kat grinned. "Shall we go after the one left in the cave?"

Quinn was right behind them, when he called out. "I am ready to end this, once and for all." He said, in disbelief, that this program had gone on, for this long. He was ready to leave the program.

"We either take care of these four, or we make a run for the exit," Jayna said. She ran around a tree and used a branch to give her leverage to kick one of the natives in the face. He landed hard and knocked himself out. "Okay, three."

"Number One, cover us and then get out. The rest of you with me..." Tyler kicked one of the men in the chest and started toward the exit at a run. He could see the rest of the team coming along side him.

Kat kept close to her husband. This had been fun, in a quirky sort of way, but she was looking forward to getting out and getting a drink.

Ameri was up beside the rest of them, heading towards the exit. She hoped this was their way out and that Quinn would take them out quickly. There was no doubt in her mind that he would win.

Jayna was the last of the group to leave, just in case of trouble, and to make sure the others got out safely. They were senior officers, and she felt they were her responsibility. Once everyone but the commander had walkedoff the holodeck, she followed.

Quinn started to engage the pirates, keeping them distracted and focused on him. After the away team tactical withdrew, he started to make his way to the exit. He was careful not to get shot or stabbed, or subdued. They all started to head towards, what the perceived to be the exit. With the pirates chasing and screaming and chanting. Trying to catch up to them.

"Alright Quinn everyone is clear get out of there. Now..." Tyler shouted over the din of combat as everyone ran by him.

"Aye Captain." Quinn called out, as he ran by Tyler. Making his way to the exit. He had no idea, what to expect next. But he hoped it was the end of the program, and everyone would be walking out of the holodeck together. As he started to make his way, he noticed a flash of light.

Tyler watched as his first officer, his friend ran by him an through the door. He took a moment to smile and tip his hat to the attackers as he made his way through the door. "Not this time..." He called back to them, a flash of light passed through Tyler's vision as he made his way through the door. He hoped that this was the end of the program, he had his fun but now would be a good time to end it.

A joint post by:

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