Location: In orbit of Jutus
Speed: Standard Orbit
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 5:10am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Staff Sergeant Gaagii & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Ensign Dana Wakefield & Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Fleet Admiral Andrew "Chaos" Moore
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Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: Bridge USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD006 1100 hrs
2716 words - 5 OF Standard Post Measure

Tyler stood in the Ready Room looking out the windows drinkin coffee. Nearby Moore paced nervously. "Chief calm down, it's not like if you fail this you lose your job or anything." Tyler chuckled he was rather enjoyed teasing the man. "They will call you to the bridge when it is all ready. Might as well have a seat and relax."

Andrew paused and shook his head with a chuckle then moved over to a nearby chair, "I am calm, you shoulda seen me earlier," he replied with a smirk, "I'm just nervous, an enlisted crewman getting a command spot is a big deal, and at the Senior Chief rate is pretty rare. I just don't want to screw it up," he replied with a shrug, his usual bravado not showing.

"The only advice I can give you is to not attack the command as you would a hostage situation for example. You have to pause and think, and evaluate, then move. You also have to do all of that in a matter of moments. Have some coffee, and breath." Tyler replied as he sat down at his desk. Without Morre knowing Tyler was making sure that the feed from the bridge was working. Tyler would be watching the proceedings from the Ready Room

Moore nodded, "copy that," he replied and took a breath, "I guess I should rip the bandaid off...''

"Indeed, there is a time and a place for that style of command but the center chair is not that place. You treat your ship like a lady and she will get you home every time." Tyler smiled and sipped his coffee. "Do you have any last minute questions?"

Andrew shook his head, "no, I should be ok....I hope," he replied with a nervous chuckle and stood up,"with your permission, sir?"

Tyler smiled at his friend. "The bridge is yours. Try not to destroy my ship, or kill my crew. I will become very put out."
He laughed and held up his coffee cup as a toast. "Seriously, good luck out there you will need it."

* * *

Andrew stepped out of the ready room and moved to the center chair. He paused and looked at it for a long moment before taking a breath and slowly sitting down. The Senior Chief looked around the Bridge, taking in how different everything looked from that position. Finally he took a breath and hit the comm, "this is the Bridge, we will be commencing with the simulation in two minutes, all stations report in," he called, here we go, he thought to himself.

"Sciences and astrometrics are online," Vaebn said as he gave a quick glance at the surrounding terminals, "and reporting ready."

"Operations report ready sir, awaiting your orders." Wakefield spoke from her station at the rear of the bridge.

" Helm is ready to go." Stated the trill from her usual position at the helm controls

"Tactical ready sir. Phasers fully charged, full complement torpedoes. Shields in working order, Captain." Larim said

"Alright, take us out, set course for the Badlands warp six," Andrew ordered and put his hands on the command chair armrests.

" Course laid out for the Badlands. " The trill said as her fingers did there magic as the ship speed towards it's destination.

Moore stood when the ship dropped from warp and the orange cloud appeared on the screen. He took a step forward and stopped just behind helm, "alright, lets head in. Standard patrol," he said then looked back, "science and ops, lets take this time to see if we can add a few possible planets or other celestial bodies that the Maquus may set up on to our star charts."

"Affirmative sir, sensors are online and receiving. The immediate and mid-range grids are showing clear of contacts. Long range astrometrics are compiling inbound data through the long range sensor grids. Navigation might be tricky but I'm not detecting any major spatial anomalies at this time." Vaebn called out after the ship dropped from warp. "Will advise as we go deeper."

"Sweeping fir Maquis ships."Larim said. "Suggest yellow alert, Captain."

Dana glanced down at her console and poured over all the incoming data. "Sir, we are receiving a distress call from a Cardassian civilian freighter. Audio only" she said glancing back upto the Captain waiting for his queue.

Andrew nodded, "yellow alert, shields up," he replied as the waterspouts created by the plasma in the expanse shot up, "reminds me of old Earth ships stop-" he started as Wakefield reported, "alright, lets hear it," he said and looked over with a nod, fighting the impulse to call her 'ma'am' as was normally dictated for NCO's talking to officers.

"Aye Sir," tapping several more buttons on her console until the message started to play.

"This is the Cardassian freighter Hallack, we are under attack from unknown Federation vessels. Please assist, we have no weapons to speak of, shields are failing as is life support. Please respond."

"Hallack, this is the USS Pioneer, we are responding," he called as he nodded to helm to set a course, "Miex, fast as we can, Myles, can you see them on sensors?"

=/\="Please hurry we do not have any weapons to speak of...=/\= The response came over the garbled comm channel and then abruptly cut off.

"Aye sir, sensors have em. Multiple small craft. Type used by Maquis, Captain. Taking the precaution of raising shields. Hallack shields about to fail!" Myles spoke from his station.

Andrew nodded and moved back to the command chair, quickly sitting, "bring us to red alert, weapons online and hail the lead ship," he ordered confidently.

Quickly pressing buttons on her console, she glanced up "Channel Open"

Larim spoke, rather excitedly. "Phasers armed. Torpedo bay loading as we speak, Captain."

Once he got word the comm was open Moore looked at the bright orange and red hues of the badlands on the screen, the smoothness of the nebula making it seem as though the ship wasn't moving at all, "Maquis fighters, this is Captain Andrew Moore in command of the USS Pioneer, you are ordered to stand down at once and leave the area or we will take action," he said then sat forward and his voice lowered and became more even, "do not test me, you will fail," he added, staring a hole through the view screen and setting his jaw.

The Pioneer's viewscreen blinked on without warning. The image was of a stout human man. =/\="Commander Pioneer I am Lars Lunde of what you would call the Maquis. I cannot order you to cease your response, but I can strongly urge you to not enter a warzone. You want no part of this Starfleet..."=/\= The viewscreen blinked out just as quickly as it had come on.

Dana's face furrowed, the Maquis, Warzone, she had thought that the fued between them was over. "Sir I'm picking up strange readings, especially where the battle is happening, but the interference from the Badlands means I get anything specific, just :she looked up: they are not normal.

Myles face immediatey switched to worry. "Sir I've got nothing." he said, scanning the area with a fine tooth comb, but so far was drawing a massive blank. "Sir, I have nothing on the strange readings as of yet, however two of the Maquis vessels have fired on our port nacelle. returning fire"

Andrew felt the shudder through the deck, "tr'Hwersuil, get me a scan of those strange readings," he ordered then looked back, "tactical, disabling fire only...prep shuttles to be launched and flown by remote," he added as he pulled up the tactical view on the armrest display, "and give me status updates on the Cardassian ship."

"Yes sir;" Vaebn responded, "I'm filtering the sensor readings through our systems looking for a match. The background interference from the region, coupled with the weapons fire is making it difficult to obtain a clear trace."

Tyler sat in the ready room and laughed out loud. Thus far Andrew had everything pretty well in hand. But Tyler had designed this new version of the Kobyashi Maru himself. He watched as the second phase of the scenario went into action.

"Sir, I've got a lead on those sensor readings." Vaebn called out; "The surrounding plasma field is distorting from a mass displacement and reacting to some kind of disruption field. The displacement is larger than our own ship's displacement."

Three Galor Class Cardassian warships dropped out of warp one of them began to open fire on the frieghter while the other two flanked the Pioneer. Sergeant Gaagii had requested some training time on bridge operations, and so it was granted during this simulation. He manned the Chief of the Boat's station. "Sir we are out maneuvered by two Galor Class warships. I recommend retreat." No sooner did he speak then the two ship opened fire and the Pioneer rocked for the impacts on both sides.

"Shields down to 45 percent Captain!" Myles said." He said, his face beading up with sweat. "We can't take another barrage like that" He said. No sooner than he said that the third ship opened fire "Ahh!" He said as his condole sparked. "Firing torpedo spread!" He said, slightly out of breath.

Andrew looked at the screen, "Sergeant, laugh all our shuttles and program attack pattern Theta, three groups on the two Valors attacking us....helm, set course for the nearest plasma pock, tactical, full phasers on that pocket on my order," he called and sat forward in his chair, "I want to set off a plasma spout right under their belly."

"Sir, there is a field of metreonic plasma approximately 12 km off our starboard aft quarter." Vaebn called out, "Advise we fire torpedo with a phaser lock into the field so we can direct the spout and subsequent detonation. I'll calculate the timing needed and push to tactical. If it lands right, we should be able to disable two of those Cardassian ships."

"Do it, Lieutenant. Sergeant, keep those shuttles hurrahing the Galors so they don't see what we're doing," he ordered then looked at the helm, "Miex, as soon as the spout goes, bring us around so weapons are on the Maquis ships....ever drifted a starship?" he asked with a grin.

"Tactical, I'm feeding you targeting coordinates," Vaebn stated coldly, "we'll need to fire past those Galors to detonate the torpedo. That should cause the plasma spout to follow our phaser trajectory. We may want to brace for residual impact once we fire."

The Pioneer's viewscreen blinked on again. The image of Lunde appeared for the second time. =/\=I warned you Starfleet. You want to come to the war then you take casualties...=/\= Lars pointed to his tactical officer, and with that inaudible command the Maquis ships split into two formations. One formation of three continued to attack the Hallack, and the other three have now opened fire on the Pioneer. So that made three Maquis fighters and two Galor Class warships engaging the Intrepid Class starship. =/\="Your own people have given me the method to subdue. Please do not make me use it. Leave now...=/\= The viewscreen blinked off as the Pioneer took hits on all sides.

Larim struggled to keep up with the assault. His hands moved like mad in order to deal with the threats on all sides, but itprovef to be too much to handle. Multiple sparks flew from his console. But he kept working, that is until a lucky shot slammed into the pioneer. Lthe ship lurched forward, sending Larim with it right over his exploding console

He landed with a thud a little ways from the rail behind the command chair.

Dana glanced over to the tactical station that was to her right, seeing the console explode and Myles catapulted. But Now was not the time to get distracted, she quickly tapped away at her console.

"Sir, damage and casualty reports coming in from all decks, sixteen critically wounded, four fatalities and multiple walk in's, I conquer with the helm, retreat is our..." Just then the whole ship shook again, another explosion of consoles. "Sir we must retreat we can't..." then suddenly the creaking of a support beam as it broke loose and came swinging towards Dana, she was frantically trying to redistribute power when the support crashed into her, knocking her off her feet and pinning her against the bulkhead, a gentle groan as her eyes went fuzzy and everything faded into darkness.

A proximity alert flashed on the nearest sensor screen, "Captain, there is another plasma field shifting direction an....." He never finished the statement as the power relays behind the wall next to overloaded sending cascade of sparks and debris across the port bridge, searing half the Romulan's face and head, and launching him into the railing across from his station. Vaebn landed on the floor gasping in a raspy rattle before falling silent, eyes glazed over; lifeless.

=/\= Engineering to Bridge. Port nacelle is ruptured, we're venting plasma. EPS network is critical, and containment shielding is running on back-ups. Whoever you're annoying, can you finish it before we're particles? =/\= Elen reported up.

Andrew had been tossed to the deck, his ears ringing and voices sounding disembodied. He felt a warm trickle from his temple and could taste the copper in his mouth as he pushed himself off the deck. He looked around to see the bridge full of smoke from fires bring at multiple stations, "all hands, this is the Captain, abandon ship, repeat, abandon don ship," he ordered, his voice echoing around the corridors as he moved to tactical and started firing in all directions, his goal to provide a screen for the same pods, "if I'm going so are you, computer, set course for lead Cardassia ship, ramming speed..."

As soon as Andrew had issued the order Gaagii relayed the order through the system to the lower decks. He had gotten half of the order through when the MSD behind the Marine exploded in awash of smoke, flame, and sparks. The shards of isolinear plastic showered over him and the force launched him over the rail. Gaagii came crashing down onto the CO's chair and rolled to the floor. His first bridge duty would seem to be his last.

Tyler laughed and almost spit coffee all over the screen. Ramming the Cardassians was definitely something that he never thought of. Tyler walked out onto the smokey bridge, it smelled of burned electronics and flesh. He clapped "Well done everyone, now someone vent this smoke. Someone else get Liutenant tr'Hwersuil an award. Mr Moore when you are settled you're with me. Everyone else I will debrief you in a little while. Dismissed." His smile was broad and he was still chuckling.

Moore nodded and stepped out from tactical, "aye, sir," he replied tiredly.

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**Laughing manaically in the Ready Room**
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Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles
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**I'm dead and waiting for debriefing**
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**Killed by isolenear chip to brain**
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Elen Diari
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Jomaus Miex
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**Roasted over an exploding console**
Command SeniorChief Petty Officer Andrew Moore
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**Thrown across the room by exploding MSD**
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