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Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 11:48pm by Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Makeba Brown
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Mission: Episode 5 - It Would Be Their Pleasure
Location: USS Pioneer-Brig
Timeline: MD010 1900 hrs

Willie started to come to. He had such a pounding headache and all of his muscles where very slow to respond to his consciousness. As he found his way to a seated position his eyes started to adjust to the lighting and saw he was on a ship in what he assumed was a brig.

Makeba Brown had quarters and yet here she was in the brig again. This time she had goaded some transporter chief into a fist fight. Her concept right now was to create so much discord among the Pioneer crew that O Flannigain would have to simply cut her loose or face a mutiny. As she pondered her next move she was quite surprised to see that she now had a roommate. As she lay on her bunk she looked out at the other cell. "So what are you in for?"

The voice caught Willie by surprise. "I tried to break up the Captain and XOs joy ride by trying to assassinate the Captain." Willie stayed in character with the non-fleeter. "Would have got him if my rifle had not of skipped on me."

Makeba practically jumped out of her bunk. "You tried to kill the bad river?" She said excitedly as she walked toward the forcefield. "H..H...How did you do it? Why?"

Willie made sure none of the officers where listening. "I was working with a cell on the surface. The powers of the Maquis want to start to strike more direct. I was to be the tip of the spear. Instead I sit in here waiting for them to kill me."

Makeba tried her best to contain her excitement. This man was Maquis and once more he had updates on what was going on since she had been trapped here. She had to figure out a way to talk to this man alone and find out what was going on. "I doubt you will be put to death if the way Malbrooke has dealt with me is any indication. My guess is he will try to rehabilitate you and bring you to Starfleet." She paused for a moment as she considered the man across the Brig from her. "Did you come from Starfleet?"

"If you call spending most of my service time stuck in a brig much like this, then yes. Stiff shirts are to timid to make the hard decisions to defend the Federation." Willie turned on his charm with his head down looking at the floor. "They are so scared of their own shadows that it is only a matter of time when we take them out from the inside out!!" Willie said with a grin as his eyes meet hers.

She laughed genuinely for the first time since coming aboard the Pioneer. "Too right you are especially the XO on this barge. He walks around like he has a stick up his butt. Say do you remember what some of the Maquis did on the USS Voyager? I am thinking that perhaps we can pull that off." Keebs was betting that the useless Brig Officer had no idea what the Maquis under Janeway had planned to do at the beginning. Even if the guard did realize what she was talking about, now with help, there would be no way of stopping the plan.

"If your referring to what I think you are then yes. If your referring to the fact that they turned their back on the cause then I may come through the wall and smash your face in." Willie sold his part in the Marquis hard.

Makeba considered what the man had said for a moment. They thought alike but had different outlooks on the events that transpired on Voyager. "I guess one does what one needs to survive. However, we are thinking about the same thing. So I have one question. Are you in?"

"I mean anything for the cause." Willie left it pretty vague but kept her going along.

"Okay... So do you know anyone in the area that we can contact? I am pretty sure that I can get communications access. But once I do that I need to know who to call." Although Makeba was interested in the assistance. She was unsure if this man was for real. It all seemed too convenient. He just happned to be put in the cell near hers, and happens to be Maquis, and happens to want to help. She smelled a rat but wanted to see which way the chips would fall. Even if this guy wasn't Maquis, she knew that she could simply manipulate her way into being released. After all Malbrooke seemed to have a soft spot for her. Although she did not know why.

Willie was going to reply when a group came into the brig. He tried not to smile but he was glad they where in Intel grey and not Security yellow. He just looked down at the ground and kept his eyes down.

Calhoun had been sent to retrieve the new prisoner for questioning. When he arrived he saw that the man had been getting close with Makeba and that rubbed the old man the wrong way. He addressed Makeba first. "Back up! You will be returned to your quarters soon enough. Going against the Commander has it's price." He then turned toward Jackson. "As for you, you are to come with me for questioning." He drew a phaser from his belt and opened the forcefield. "Now move..."

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Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun
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