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Mr. Tumnus, Marine Cat

Posted on Mon Sep 19th, 2022 @ 12:48pm by Gunnery Sergeant Flarn & Staff Sergeant Shayla Kunadt & Major Cornelius Tremble & Captain Edmund Merrick & Sergeant Major Lachlan Barr & Mr Tumnus & Corporal Sina Ravenna & Corporal Son Th'rerheq
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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Deck 9 - The Cure - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD003 1300 hrs

Mr. Tumnus found himself somewhere new again. This world is so big. He hasn't been back home to his litter box in a while now. He has been on an exploring journey. But it is useful that every two legs he met has been feeding him. And some of them sometimes been shouting when he did stinky business somewhere again. But yesterday he found a litter box. Maybe the two legs finally got smart, and put litter boxes out for him.

It's been a while since he been to this part of the world. The grey fur two legs are here mostly. But now he noticed, there weren't just grey furred two legs, there were also yellow fur two legs. But also a whole lot of green fur two legs. Two legs are just curious, but they come in all different size and forms, and furs colors just like cats.

Tumnus decided he wanted to explore where they went. The other two legs always left somewhere else for a bit. Presumably to sleep or eat. But these two legs always stayed here.

Tumnus walked on to the marine area. Again trying to avoid being stepped on. He crawled under bed bunks. The two legs seemed to occupied to notice him, he then quickly dashed away in to a room where the doors were open. His eyes grew open when he saw all the stuff on the shelves. Small and big.

The toys!! He thought As he jumped on the shelves, knocking over a few of the toys. It made a lot of noise as it hit the floor. But he just ignored it and just moved on knocking over more stuff in the process. Hihi, this is fun. He started to hit all the toys and knocked them off the shelves.

Sina was walking past the shop when she heard a series of crashes. Choosing to investigate, she found the deck strewn with action figures and other toys. She could also picked up the scent of a feline.

Edmund had heard about the shop where you could actually have an action figure made of yourself, and well maybe he can get a collection of those on the USS Pioneer. He approached the shop and noticed, Ravenna there.

"Hey what's up?" then he noticed the scattered figurines. "What happened here?"

"A feline of some sort, sir." Sina replied. "I am tracking it now."

Flarn heard the commotion and the explanation of what made the racket. The Ops Sergeant would not stand for any messing around with equipment, even if it were just toys. "Get that blasted cat out of here before it blows us all up. This is a Marine installation not an animal shelter." The Tellarite boomed.

Hearing the sounds of Flarn's delicate tones bellowing from another room Lachlan came in to view the mess that lay before them all. "Cat?" he asked. "How does a cat get into a secure area like this? It is a good thing we didn't have anything dangerous out... does anyone see it?" he asked.

Meanwhile Tumnus had hid on under the counter in an empty box. He didn't think this was because he had knocked over the toys. And hit them around the shop. But he did find it curious he had attracted so many two legs. One of them was speaking really loud and that was a concern for the black and white feline, so it remained where it was for the time being.

Flarn rose and immediately started barking orders. "You heard the Master Sergeant. I want this place turned upside down and backwards. Or is a cute little kitty going to get the best of Marines. Now move it..." The Tellarite's shouting sounded a lot like grunting. Deftly he pulled a small PADD from the cargo pocket of his uniform and began to plan a search pattern of the Marine barracks. Tellarites were nothing if not meticulous and Flarn would make sure this cat was found in record time.

Neil walked out of and sealed the morgue behind him, cracking his neck as he went. He'd finished his weekly gear check and now was headed for something cool and quiet.

Then he heard shouting.

Frowning, he strode toward it and walked in to see marines rushing about, looking confused or (in the case of his senior NCO's cases) looking red faced. Taking in the scene, he saw even Ed was peering around. They seemed to be hunting something. In his best DI voice, Neil asked, "What in the blue blazes is going on on my deck?"

Sina had been following the cat's scent, but since the other Marines entered the room, she was having trouble isolating it from those of her fellow Marines.

Flarn mustered to attention as Major Tremble entered. "Major on deck!" He shouted and paused to let the others respond. "Sir, there seems to be a cat that has gained entrance to the secure area. How or with whom's assistance is still unknown. I have ordered a search for the feline. Sir!"

"A CAT, Sergeant?," Neil asked as he looked at Flaarn. "Likely that Tumnuts or whatever I've had reports on. My mother would likely say to just close the doors and put some food out...."

"Sir if those are your orders we can replicate a feline supplement. Sir!" Flarn remained at attention as he spoke. If Tellarites could blush he would be with the amount of embarrassment that washed over him. A cat had gotten the better of him and his unit. Flarn would surely never hear the end of this.

Neil's eyes glinted slightly as he caught Flarn's reactions in his peripheral. "The biggest crime is failure to take action in the face of the enemy sergeant. Perhaps detailing this to a suitably motivated pair of marines would allow the rest of us to get back to work?"

Tumnus slowly peeked his head out of the box he was in. He looked around if there was a safe place where he could jump too. He saw a cross from him another box. He jumped out of the box and quickly rushed to the other box and jumped in. He could feel his stomach. It was dinner time. He really needed some food. But these humans just seem to just talk with each other and still there was no food.

While this was going on, Merrick watched as the cat moved from one box to the other. He thought for a moment, trying to put himself in the mindset of the cat. When it came to hunting something or someone it was best to try to get into the mind of they prey. Now cats love boxes, but there was something that they loved even more. It was food. With curiosity, Merrick looked around for a replicator and found one.

"Seafood cat food" was what Merrick quietly said, waiting for it to materialize. Once it was, and it being on a plate he moved to where Tumnus could catch a sniff of it. It was time to set the bait and possibly a trap. Then Edmund sat down not too far from the plate of food. Hoping that the cat would come out to feed.

"Here kitty kitty." he said softly.

Son had just got back from some impromptu PT to see a lot of commotion. And also to hear the boss call for volunteers. Not knowing what was going on he decided to make as little noise as possible, hoping not to be picked.

Flarn cast his eyes about for Marines that would be suited to the detail as the Major had said. First he found Kunadt and knew that as a pilot she would have hands quick enough to catch the cat. "Kunadt assist the First Lieutenant in ending this." he ordered.

Shayla who up until this point had been attempting to conceal herself and her laughter turned when her name was called. She would have rather stayed out of it. However, an order was something that could not be refused. She crossed the room to where Merrick could be seen sitting. "El T I guess I am with you on this detail. What can I do?"

Merrick looked up towards Flarn, 'I've got a suggestion that may help to get this taken care of, Shayla and I can wait this one out, while the rest of you." Looking at Major Tremble, "If you don't mind Major, can ease your way out of here, and not let Mr. Tumnus escape. Too much noise will make a cat not come out of hiding." He turned his gaze to Shayla, "And then you and I will be able to catch Mr. Tumnus."

Flarn let out a snort of defiance but did as he was asked nonetheless. Shayla knelt down next to Merrick and whispered. "Seems like you have some experience with this."

Merrick gave a quiet nod, "I have but not with this feline." a sight smile appearing.

"Who does this cat even belong to?" Lachlan asked randomly.

"As I recall," Neil said dryly. "Cat's tend to belong to themselves and regard humanoids as staff. Let's try not to let this eat our attention too long, people. Or bust out one of the drones and let it handle the feline."

Striding toward the door, Neil turned his mind back to other matters.

Tumnus was really hungry by now. Specially since he smelled the tuna food with sea food. This was what the two legs usually fed him on his journeys. He couldn't hold on, and there were people leaving it seems. So he carefully put his head out of the box and sniffed around and then slowly jumped out and went for the food. Not quickly as he had to mind that there were still people around. He crawled slowly but surely to the food. He was on his paws, at the sight of trouble he could jump away. He came closer to the food. Two two legs were sitting a bit away from it. Maybe they were trying to make friends. As they were sitting on the floor. He started to eat trusting these two legs.

"Looks like you were right El T." Flarn said at a whisper. He did not want to scare the animal away and cause further embarrassment.

Merrick glanced upwards towards Flarn then turned his attention back to Mr. Tumnus, allowing the cat to eat, "Hey there Mr. Tumnus, pleasure to make your acquaintance." slowly moving forward in a non threatening manner, and slowly reached out his hand to give the cat a gentle pet and if the cat was willing a rub on the sweet spots on his head.

Tumnus noticed one of the two legs coming closer. He could the non threatening energy coming from him. He saw the hand coming closer. He knew that meant he wanted to pet Tumnus. Tumnus like pets. He reached to smell his hand and then softly rubbed his head against the hand.

Edmund chuckled softly, petting Mr. Tumnus along his sleek body then back to his head. Then he gently picked up Mr. Tumnus. "How about we get you out of here."

Sina watched from the doorway as the Lieutenant made friends with the feline, a brief smile crosses her lips.

Merrick looked over to those who were still near, then rose up to his full height, Mr. Tumnus cradled in his arms. "Shayla would you get the rest of his food and we shall clear the store and close it up tight." giving her a smile. "And lets get back to work."

"Yessir!" Shayla acknowledged the order and began to gather up the cat food. It had sure been chaotic, and she wondered if they would have more training since a feline got the best of them.

Tumnus didn't like being carried around, but wasn't fighting right now, cause he really wanted to get out of this place. Too many two legs, and a lot of noise. So going back to the Cargo bay where his bed was, didn't sound so bad. Also it seems the food was coming with him. He just purred softly and hoped he would be out of here soon. He probably would go back to the sickbay next time, much safer.

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