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Mr Tumnus

Name Mr Tumnus

Position Ship's Cat

Character Information

PNPC By (McGowen)
Gender Male
Species Feline
Age 6

Physical Appearance

Hair Color Black & White
Eye Color Yellow


Father Unknown
Mother Mama Rose
Sister(s) Gypsy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mr Tumnus is one of the ship's cats. The cat has free reign on the ship and goes everywhere. Even occasionally the Bridge. He is quite lovable and prefers to be rubbed behind the ears. He also will bump his head against yours if you let him to give him a kiss. He hates the color purple. His favorite place on the ship to nap is the upper level in Main Engineering near the warp core.

Personal History Mr. Tumnus was born on Utopia Planetia. His mother was abandoned on the station. The people on the station took care of the kittens and the mother.

Mr Tumnus was the oldest of the litter always seem to roam around. He was always there wherethere were people and people loved to see him. It did get him in a lot of trouble. Getting stuck on Jeffry's tubes and such.

After the completion of the Pioneer, he snuck on board. After inquiring with the station, the crew decided on adopting the cat, whom they named Mr. Tumnus. And Mr. Tumnus adopted the crew of the Pioneer. They set up a little place for him in the cargo bay, but he was give special access to the entire ship by her captain.

Mr. Tumnus also took it on himself to help the Pioneer crew. So aside of roaming around and sleeping, he also came to cheer up the crew of the Pioneer.
Service Record Utopia Planetia
USS Pioneer