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Meetings and Greetings Part II

Posted on Mon May 16th, 2022 @ 4:43am by Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna & Petty Officer 1st Class Kaylara Loran
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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: After 11 - Deck 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 2130 hrs

Last Time On Meetings and Greetings Part I

"One of our planetary neighbors would appear out of nowhere and take advantage of certain situations, Sometimes even referring to us as thrice-cursed liars. Some of my people would work for them and get paid very well, while others ignored them and did as they pleased. When you don't know who your dealing with, one tends to gauge and test others to see if they are trustworthy enough to be called a friend, failure to do such may have resulted in forfeiting ones breathing privileges. They could be a rather suspicious lot towards those not of their ilk." Ja'sol said and sipped his drink.
And Now The Continuation...

"I understand. I grew up on Bajor during the Occupation. You had to be careful because you never knew who was working with the Cardassians or who would betray you to keep out of trouble." She didn't go back much because of the memories, but she didn't forget those years, either.

" It was hard at times when I was growing up when you looked around and found someone you've known had disappeared. But by the time I hit my teen years the thoughts of my pesky neighbors had been replaced by the thoughts of girls and speeder bikes. " He chuckled briefly. " So, I guess you could say my teen years were happy and normal. " He glanced towards the ceiling. " Of course it didn't help that my kid sister tried her best to set me up with every one of her friends. " He folded his arms and leaned back in his chair. " Of course, she did that to just about every one that she knew. "

"Why would she do that?" Kaylara asked. "Did she think you'd make a match, or does she just like controlling people like that?"

Ja'sol smirked. " She seemed to think she was the ambassador of love. Self-appointed of course. She had this notion that it was her duty to help others find true love and happiness, even tried setting me up with several of her friends. She almost got me with one of them, but that's a chapter in my history I don't like remembering to well, so enough said about that. She just thought she could make others happy and bring love into the world. Guess I can't blame her for that, at least it's a better vision then most politicians have. " He sighed. Enough about me, How about you ladies? Your stories must be far more interesting than mine. "

"Not likely," Kaylara said with a wry grin. "I grew up as a Romulan on Mars. That led to me becoming a bit of a rebel and running off to work on a merchant ship. When that didn't live up to my expectations, I joined Starfleet as a non-com." She shrugged. "I'm still a bit of a rebel, but so are a lot of people in intelligence."

"I'm both Bajoran and Vulcan," Jayna said more quietly. "I am a child of the Occupation and a former Maquis, but that is all in my past. I've been in Starfleet ever since." She shrugged, choosing to skip over the details.

The waiter arrived with their food, giving each of them a smile as he set the plates and silverware down, then quietly retreated.

Ja'sol thanked the waiter as he retreated from the table and placed his hands together, lowered his head and closed his eyes. " Thanks for the food. " Was all he said and picked up his knife and fork and cut off a small bite of meat. " Mmm... Perfectly seasoned. " He looked to the ladies once again. " If keeping the federation safe and exposing threats makes one a rebel, then sign me up. The only real difference between our departments, is Intelligence protects the federation from external and sometime internal threats. Security protects it from within and keeps the citizens safe. Overall, we're still working for the same goal in the end, are we not? " He asked.

"For the most part," Jayna replied. "Intel is about gathering information, but we do have an eye toward protection, yes." She put the dressing on her salad and took a bite. She enjoyed a good salad.

Kaylara tried her steak first. "This is good." She glanced at Ja'Sol. "Why did you choose security?"

" For the same reason that anyone else has for going into law enforcement. " Replied Ja'sol. " I want to make a difference and protect the rights and freedoms of those in the federation. If someone is in trouble and I can help, then that's where I'll be. I'm pretty good at reading people and figuring out people's ulterior motives seems to be a talent I've acquired during my development. That and being empathic does help out a bit. Most Eldorans are empathic by nature. "

That he was empathic was good to know. Jayna filed it away for later. "That is an admirable goal. Fortunately, there are still many in Starfleet who want to make a positive difference."

" Making a difference is my main reason for joining Starfleet, But there are other reasons as well that are just as important to me. Eldorans crave experiences. Our planet is warm temperate and Tropical, for us it is a paradise and we socialize heavily with each other. " He said with a grin. But the federation with who knows how many species as members. To me this is the ultimate buffet for experiences!! Just think of how many species and things I could learn about their species and cultures. " He said like an excited boy in a candy store. " It will take me a lifetime to learn, and once other Eldorans find out, they'll come flocking to serve in the federation. "

Jayna couldn't help chuckling at his eagerness. "You will definitely find much to experience here. There is definitely more than one lifetime's worth of learning in the Federation. I also hope that we can learn more about your people as well."

"Unfortunately," Kaylara said, "Not all of it is good. But even those experiences are worth learning from."

He looked to Jayna. " Have no fear in that, I love talking about my people with others, Just as much I like listening to others about their species. That's where the fun is, learning about others. " Ja'sol stated.

Jayna nodded in agreement.

He turned his attention to Kaylara. " I've never expected any one species to have everything be good about them, that would make them perfect, and I have never met a perfect person before. Besides a perfect person would be so boring, no real challenge or growth is possible at all for them. I'll keep my faults and flaws thank you. "

"I rather see people who profess to be perfect as delusional," Kaylara replied blandly, a twinkle in her eye. "Humanity is flawed, but that is to give us space to grow--if we wish. Thus, as no one is perfect, anyone who claims to be so is either lying or delusional."

" I would agree with you, Kaylara. But I have met many people who think they know everything or are just better than anyone else. Sadly, those are the same people who cause me a lot of paperwork. But one thing I can say for certain, that tonight I have no worries, As I am enjoying good food in good company. " He laughed lightly. " So, the petty problems of the galaxy can wait until tomorrow. " He raised his glass to the ladies. " To good food and good friends. "

"To meeting new friends," Jayna said, raising her glass. She'd met far too many of the people Ja'sol mentioned. It made her doubly grateful to be on the Pioneer. She liked most of the people she'd worked with. And if one in particular kept swimming through her thoughts, she would keep that to herself.

Kaylara raised her glass. "To good food and good friends. And to keeping the slugs away for another day." So far, she was enjoying the meal, and the company. She hoped it boded well for her own time on the Pioneer.

" The Captain told me that since we're close enough to my home world, that I might even get a chance to visit after the mission is completed. Oh, and before I forget, The Re Seva in my name is only used when I first introduce myself to someone new. All the Re Seva means is that I am from the City of Seva. "

Jayna nodded. grateful for the information.

" I do miss Seva. Imagine many white and silver spires that rise up from out of the Ocean, while the bases of those spires reach to the floor of the ocean bed. Down below is the fish farms, kelp and seaweed farms and the environmental and desalination plants. Above the waves, with the sea birds drifting between the spires on a tropical breeze is the city of Seva. It is home to around seventy-five thousand Eldorans. Within several kilometers of Seva there are three large islands, they are Tro Seva, which is used to grow crops. Tor Seva which has industrial base and land animal farms, And of course Cho Seva, which is the entertainment island. There are restaurant boats that come out at night that one can swim up to and sit at one of the counter stools and order dinner that is still live in the fresh tanks and cooked in front of you while the light of the twin moons reflect off the ocean and the warm trade winds gently teases your hair. Perhaps if we get a chance to visit, I could show the both of you around? If that is something you'd be interested in doing that is. "

"Impressive. I'm glad you'll be able to go home from time to time," Jayna said. It sounded like an amazing place. She'd have to check the computer for images and information.

Kaylara's eyes widened as he told about his homeworld. "Sounds like quite a place."

" When the weather is good, one can ride their speeder bike across the surface of the water all the way to Cho Seva island and spend the day wave riding , and catching the sea's bounty in the shallows and tide pools. We'd catch a good amount and keep some for ourselves and trade the rest for land meats to cook with our catch and enough to stay in the hostel overnight in the summer. Those were carefree days indeed. " Said Ja'sol as he finished off the last of his supper and signaled the waiter that he was ready for dessert. Would either of you care for some dessert? Vanilla ice cream with diced mango and drizzled coconut milk is rather tasty. " Ja'sol stated.

"Not me," Jayna said apologetically. "I have to get back to work." She put her napkin on her plate and stood. "It was nice meeting you both." She gave them both a half-bow and departed.

Kaylara watched her go for a moment, then turned back to Ja'sol. "Sure, if you don't mind it being just me." The dessert sounded great, and she was done for the day, so had the time to linger a bit longer.

Ja'sol stood as Jayna rose up to leave. " It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. " With that he sat back down and turned his attention to Kaylara. " I have no objection to spending time and enjoying pleasant conversation, I am currently off duty and the only thing I've left to look forward to is unpacking and setting up my quarters. I have seen very little of the ship as of yet, this is my first time on an Intrepid class ship, but it will become home to me soon enough. "

Kaylara nodded. "I've only been here for a week, so I'm still fairly new, too. But I like what I've seen so far. At least it's smaller, so it's easier to learn your way around." She'd spend time walking around the ship, familiarizing herself with the places she'd work around most often.

" I agree, , it shouldn't take too long to learn the ship compared to some I've been on. " Said Ja'sol. " I've served aboard some sovereign and Akira class ships and they took a bit of time to learn. Size isn't what makes a ship, It's the people you work with is what gives the ship her spirit. That and the Pioneer is an explorer, that's why I wanted to come to this ship. And the people I'm meeting are exceptional as well. " He said with a warm smile.

"I haven't met many yet, but based on the ones I have met, I definitely agree with you," she said, returning his smile.

" So, are there any interesting spots on the ship that people like going to? " Ja'sol asked. " Just about every ship I've served aboard has a few, other than the holodecks. Some of the older ships even have a kitchen area where you can prep and cook real food, Hydroponic gardens or even a holovid theatre. Anything like that around here? " Ja'sol asked his question showing some curiosity of wanting to know the ship better.
To Be Continued...

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