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Posted on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 2:38am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Major Cornelius Tremble
Edited on on Wed May 11th, 2022 @ 2:41am

Mission: Episode 12 - Risin' To Risa
Location: Briefing Room - Deck 1 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD011 1700 hrs

Neil leaned back in his chair, his feet crossed and up on another chair as a report on stores cycled through his contact's holo. Most of Pioneer's reports had still been waiting for him after his shore leave.

Much was the pity.

Still, it wasn't taking all that long to get through things. The AI's and filters he'd set up had everything pre-sorted by importance. He still had to read everything, but it some things could wait. And other things weren't nearly as important as the entity sending or requesting them thought they were.

Neil was reaching for his coffee cup when his contact flashed to a vid of Tyler approaching. Grinning, he stood up, pushed his footstool/chair back into place and straightened his tunic and moved to parade rest as Pioneer's Captain entered.

"Morning Number One, at ease sit... You know I don't stand on ceremony." Tyler said as he walked in and sipped the rachtijino that never seemed to leave his side. "...I hope your shore leave was good and you are rested. Anything that I need to be caught up on?" Tyler knew most of the goings on especially all the crew changes. However, he knew that at times he could miss things so he wanted to make sure.

Sliding back into his chair Neil stated, "Shore leave was restful sir. Warrant Mira and I explored the remote areas of Risa. It was nice and quiet. I'd say first things on the list is a notice from Fleet putting Pioneer on departure notice. Apparently they've had a request from the planet Inion, a Jutrai colony for aid. I'm guessing you received the brief, all I saw was the summary."

Glancing at Tyler, he said, "I've issued notifications for all hands to return and we're settling stores. Department heads are reporting in and we should be ready whenever you want to depart."

Neil shrugged, "Changes at Tactical are going to be the biggest thing, but things always change."

Tyler nodded in agreement with everything that Tremble had said as he sat down across from his XO. "It seems that the strangest thing has begun to happen on that colony. Feet of all different species have begun to wash up on remote shores throughout the colony. Normally Starfleet and the Federation would leave this as an internal matter for the Jutrai. However, some of these feet are human. So now the question is why is this happening, who are these people, are they alive and how did humans get to the colony. But all of that will have to wait until we get there."

Tyler paused as he sipped his rachtijino. "That brings me to the changes at Tactical. I can't blame Larim for leaving building a family is something that takes a lot. I just wish he would have given us more notice. This mission that we have gotten is going to rely heavily on our investigative team. Do you think that this Lieutenant H'ros would be up to the task of running the department?"

Neil considered that for a few beats and nodded, "I don't know why not. Especially with plenty of backup: even if we've been called in there might be some issues with the locals that will need smoothing over. We'll need to make sure H'ros is left to do the work. It's odd being called in like this, but we'll do our best to put our best foot forward, sir."

"Agreed... We do not have a choice at the moment. We are going to have to let H'ros take point on this. Have him fill in as Chief for the interim. I would like to have someone with a little more experience but the fleet wants us out there. This will be his proving ground as it were. We will sit back and allow him to take the lead on the case. I would like to make sure that we are pushing off in two days. I think that should be enough time to get everyone settled." Tyler pondered the new Security Chief as he spoke. There was not much known about the newcomer, but Tyler thought that some fresh blood may be just what was needed.

"Well," Neil commented as he scrolled through his to-do list, "I doubt we'll do much sitting back. It takes more restraint to let people do their jobs while setting them up for success then wading in and handling a problem. Like Captains' going on away missions...."

Tyler chuckled at being chided by his XO. "Yes indeed that is the age old discussion for starship Captains. Whether to go away or not to go away. But, I can see your point you step away to go help a friend and all hell breaks loose on your ship. Speaking of, have you read this report from the Chief?"

"The attempted hack?," Neil asked, "Yeah. I had Shy try independently running the data through Corp resources. Only thing he's certain of is it was channeled through Empok."

"I already have H'ros looking into it as well. It seems that someone really wants to pin the take over of Empok on us, and I for one have to know who." There was more than a twinge of anger in Tyler's voice. "What makes it worse in my eyes is that whoever did this has to be Starfleet it would be the only way they would have the access. It shouldn't surprise me though when Leyton is involved."

Neil let his eyes trace to the view port and remarked, "We should just get orders cut to hunt Leyton actively. We're constantly having to wait and react. It would be nice to set a trap and cancel him once and for all."

"I agree, but you know the fleet. Everyone is afraid to do something like that. Everything has to be done by the book as it were. Once we put a who with the theory, that is to say we figure out who let them in the door on the station. Then I plan on going to command and get authorization to do just that. We have to hunt him down and put an end to it once and for all." Tyler responded with more anger than he had shown in some time. He sipped his rachtijino in an effort to calm himself down.

Reading Tyler's tone and the look in his eye wasn't hard. Neil nodded in agreement, waited for a few beats and then said. "Well, with that being out of the way, the last thing on the agenda are two promotions for your consideration."

Plucking two flimsies from the table, Neil slid them in front of the Pioneer's captain. "Bu'Pers has approved promotions for both Lieutenants McGowen and Meren to Lieutenant Commander. Apparently," he added with humor in his voice. "They've gotten to the M's during the last boards."

Tyler appreciated the humor of his XO, and was rather glad for it right now. It brought him somewhat back from his dour mood. "Yes it seems they have. But have you seen what Maren has down down in the labs and the cargo bays. We have actual heiroponics now. I still need to get to know Rowena a little better, but her record does speak for itself and she is the Second Officer. I do not see a reason to refuse them."

Shaking his head, Neil responded. "No, haven't been down there yet. I've looked at the schematics and filtered through the resource requirements, filtering everything to make sure we justify the ongoing requirements. I think I have everything coded correctly. At some point, when I clear my in-box or I take a pulse phaser to my office, I'll make it down for a look around."

Then he thought of something and pulled a data slip from an arm pocket, "Speaking of getting to know persons. Well, kind of. My friend John heard of your penchant for all things Old Western from Earth and he put together something for you."

Neil slid the slip across the table and said, "It's a old west themed billiards room program for the holo decks. It's not fully fleshed out much past the steps of the saloon, but he's fiddling with that in his off time."

Tyler gave a look of appreciation as he took the chip. "Wow, tell him thanks. Perhaps we should go see what the program has to offer. There is not too many things pressing at the moment. So what do you say?"

Neil glanced over his work and nodded. "We might as well. I think everything that needs thinking about has been brought up. Everything else can wait." Then he grinned, "And I've been curious as to what billiards is anyway...."

"Well then it seems that you are my huckleberry..." Tyler said with a grin as he motioned toward the door. It had been some time since he enjoyed some fun with his XO.

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