USS Pioneer NCC - 74757


Docked at Starbase Sirius
Speed: Docked
Shields: Nominal
Hull: Nominal
Systems: All Systems Nominal

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A Cry In The Dark

Posted on Thu Jul 19th, 2018 @ 5:44am by Captain Tyler Malbrooke & Ensign Dana Wakefield & Lieutenant Elloma Essu
Edited on on Thu Jul 19th, 2018 @ 5:47am

Mission: Episode 4 - The Sum of Our Parts
Location: Bridge USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD001 0800
1344 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

0730 hrs - Captain's Quarters

Tyler woke up and found his wife had already left for her shift on the station. He and his wife had said their goodbyes over dinner the night before, and then later in the evening Elloma had joined them. He rolled over and gave her kiss before he got up to get ready to take the ship out. "Well Ensign I believe it is time to get this ship on the road. I will see you when you get on shift." He smiled as he went to shower.

Elloma sat up for a moment, from the bed, her eyes half opened. She was a little tired. She watched Tyler walk over to the shower. After he left, she slipped on a robe and replicated a cup of coffee.

She sat down at the table, and started to think more about the murder that had taken place, she had spoken to all of the witnesses, which surprisingly knew very little.

The camera footage was more promising. Elloma had planned on re creating the scenario in the holodeck, from the camera footage. To see if she could find out any more information. First though, she needed to wake up, and get ready. She wanted to avoid any attention from the crew, so she needed to plan her departure, after alpha shift started their scheduled day.

Showered and his uniform donned, Tyler grabbed his first cup of the day to go. This was his routine, it was said that he and Admiral Janeway would get along great because of their mutual addiction. He smiled at Elloma "Mi casa es su casa. See you out there darlin." He left the quarters with more bounce in his step. Kat had the right of it, things were better when you woke up next to someone, he thought.

Elloma smiled, as he left the room. After he left, she grabbed the data pad, and continued to shift through the report, to see if she missed anything, or did not pick up on a clue from earlier. In the security field you learn, to go over the information continuously, because it's very easy to become tunnel vision. And stepping back to clear your head, can open up new insights.

She sat in Tyler's quarters, reading her data pad, and drinking coffee. Thinking about how to recreate the scenario in the holodeck.

Thirty Minutes Later - Bridge

Tyler arrived on the Bridge with his steaming cup of coffee in hand and a smile on his face he loved getting his ship underway. As he glanced around he saw his officers at their stations relaxed and ready. It seemed that the shore leave had done it's job. Interestingly enough his Intelligence Chief was manning the auxiliary station.

"Morning number one, it is a wonderful day to finally get out there and see what's there." Tyler addressed the Bikarian as he walked the bridge greeting his officers.

"Indeed it is Sir." Darf replied Tyler's mood becoming infectious. "All doors are shut and we are reporting green for launch."

"Excellent! Lieutenant Miex contact station Ops and get clearance for departure." Tyler responded.

"Yes sir." The trill replied as her fingers flew across the console panel. " Empok Nor this is the Pioneer requesting permission to depart." She said politely simply waiting for the reply from the station before she could get the ship moving.

"Pioneer the deck is yours and we have cleared the docking clamps. You are free to maneuver, Happy hunting" The voice of Lieutenant Commander Dara Jax came over the comm.

When Tyler arrived at Joran Thal's station he leaned over and whispered. "You working on the little issue that we discussed?"

Joran Thal nodded slowly and said, "Aye sir. Nothing to report yet but I have a contact that is investigating."

"Very good there is something there I feel it in my bones." Tyler said with a slightly worried look. He clapped his Intel Chief on the back.

Tyler heard the Nema's response. "Very well Ms Miex indulge yourself." He smiled as he took the center seat.

"Will do sir." The trill replied as with a flash of her fingers the ship began to move. With a slight hum the engines roared into life as the ship began to move away from the station." bringing us into warp." She said as the engines shifted into position before the ship speed away.

About ten minutes after the ship went into warp the Operations console registered an incoming message.

Dana's fingers automatically got to work, pressing buttons on her console, before she briefly glanced down to see what had triggered the beeping.

"Captain, I'm picking up an emergency distress from the Cardassian Station, Choral Thai. It's quite garbled and I am attempting to clean up the interference." she stated in a calm collected tone.

"On screen" Tyler stated.

"Aye Sir." she replied, again pressing several buttons on the console to reroute the message to the main viewscreen. "

The image of a beaten a bleeding Cardassian man appeared on the screen. Consoles were exploding all around him. "This is Dr Tavik Zojal to any ship in the area. We need immediate assistance..." The signal garbled and his sentence was gut short replaced only with static. "...explosion imminent..." More static and the sounds of explosions. "...Possible irrevocable damage to Cardassia and surrounding worlds. Repeat immediate assistance required..." Then the message cut out.

"Ms Miex set a course and engage at maximum warp. Number One what do you think?" The question was posed to the XO as Tyler leaned over in his chair.

"Sounds like he doesn't have much time. Also I caught something about damage to Cardassia." Darf gave a quick reply. "We need to get as much info on him and his station. Its odd for someone to attack a base so close to Cardassia. My guess is something went wrong internally."

"I conccur Number One. Send a coded message to the Detapa Council see what you can get on him, also warn them of their own impending hubris." Tyler whispered back and as an afterthought added "I only hope that we can get there in time."

Darf had not been on long but him and Tyler had already started to build a command synergy so he had already started on pulling up his communication relay with Cardasia. He worked to keep an eye on things and listen to the crew as he started working on drafting the messages to be sent out.

Dana's expression did not show, it was something that her farther had always trained her to hide, show no reaction that way it makes it harder for people to read you, however deep down she was nervous and proud, this was her first distress call aboard her new ship and she thought she handled it quite well.

Tyler stared at the starfield as they shifted with the ship's course. "Commander summon the Senior Staff, briefing in thirty minutes. You have the Bridge I will be in the Ready Room."

A Joint Post By

Captain Tyler Malbrooke
Commanding Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Commander Darf Krakden
Executive Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Chief Science Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Larim Myles
Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jomaus Miex
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Pioneer

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dana Wakefield
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer

Ensign Elloma Essu
Assitant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Pioneer

Warrant Officer Joran Thal
Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Pioneer


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