USS Pioneer    [ View Specifications » ]
The Bridge   The Bridge is the control center of the Pioneer
Ready Room   The captain's ready room is a personal office reserved for the commanding officer of a starship and is typically accessed from the bridge.
Officer's Briefing Room   Like most starships, the Intrepid class has a briefing room located adjacent to the bridge for senior officers to gather, review schedules, their mission, and decide on a course of action.
Officer's Mess Hall   On an Intrepid class ship, the mess hall is located on Deck 2 at the front of the ship. Access is available from either side using a set of sliding double doors inset with windows on each.
Senior Officer's Quarters   Quarter's for Department Heads and Senior Officers
Executive Officer's Office   The office for the Executive Officer of the USS Pioneer
Captain's Quarters   The Captain's Quarters is the largest quarters on the ship and is traditionally where the ship's commanding officer resides.
Crew Quarters   Crew quarters on an Intrepid class starship are similar to standard on most Starfleet ships
Transporter Room   The transporter room is part of a starship or space station which is specially outfitted to transport lifeforms and small, inanimate objects.
Sick Bay   The Medical Facility for the USS Pioneer
Holodeck   The generic name, especially in use aboard Federation starships, for the "smart" virtual reality system as evolved by the 2360s — a technology that combines transporter, replicator and holographic systems.
Science Labs   On an Intrepid class ship, the science lab is the primary coordinating office for experimental and observational science.
Astrometrics Lab   Astrometrics was a specialized lab used aboard Federation starships for stellar cartographic purposes
Brig   A brig or holding cell is a type of prison on board a starship.
The Snake Pit - Marine Barracks   The home to the USS Pioneer's Marine detachment. Marine Detachment facilities include a dedicated armory, equipment room, briefing area, and offices for detachment command.
The Morgue   One of many room attached to Marine HQ affectionately known as The Snake Pit.
Secret Compartmentilzed Information Facility (SCIF)   Office of the Intelligence Department of the USS Pioneer. Requires special clearance from Starfleet Intelligence or the Commander of the ship to enter.
Shuttle Bay   On a starship, a launch bay or shuttle bay is the area from which shuttlecraft and other small craft may be launched, and where they are docked when not in use.
Main Engineering   On an Intrepid class starship, main engineering is located on Deck 11, and serves as the central control center for the ship's warp propulsion system, as well as the impulse propulsion system, and other engineering systems.
After 11   After 11 is a bar and lounge located in the aft of deck 11. Current proprietor is Chloe de la Vega.
Corridors   Corridors located within starships typically serve as pathways or passageways to various stations or quarters, and as lengthy hallways through which one accesses various rooms.

Serenity    [ View Specifications » ]
LCARS Display   This is the LCARS display and MSD for Serenity
Cockpit   For a shuttlecraft the cockpit is larger than most
Aft Compartment   The aft compartment of Delta Flyer Type Shuttlecraft

Oakley    [ View Specifications » ]
LCARS Display   This is the LCARS display for the Aerowing Class Shuttle
Cockpit   An aeroshuttle is a runabout-like spacecraft embedded in the saucer underside of Intrepid-class starships

Roosevelt and Churchill    [ View Specifications » ]
LCARS Display   This is the LCARS display for the Type 8 shuttle
Cockpit   The type 8 shuttlecraft is a type of Federation designed auxiliary space vessel, utilized for short term missions.

Hawkeye    [ View Specifications » ]
Hawkeye   This is the LCARS display for the Argo Class transport Hawkeye

Earp, Holiday, Geronimo, Sitting Bull    [ View Specifications » ]
LCARS Display   This is the LCARS display for the type 9 shuttle
Type 9 Cockpit   The class 2 shuttle, also referred to as a type 9 shuttlecraft, was an auxiliary space vessel utilized by Starfleet for use as an embarked craft from starships.

Edison    [ View Specifications » ]
LCARS Display   This is the LCARS display for the work pod Edison
Edison Cockpit   The Brunel Class work pod also known as a cargo management unit, or CMU. Unofficially called a worker bee, is a small utility craft in use by the Federation from the mid-23rd century to the present.