Sister Ships

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Task Force 47

The following vessels join the Pioneer as members of Task Force 47:

Task Force 47 Flagship
Commanding Officer: Captain Thomas Winter
Executive Officer: Commander Harrison Wade

Commanding Officer: Commander Joshua Culver
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren

Commanding Officer: Captain Brett Watson
Executive Officer: Commander Peter McCullough

Commanding Officer: Commander Tyro Adina
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Hadley

Commanding Officer: Captain Evan Yearling
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Merin Mez

Commanding Officer: Captain Phoenix Lalor
Executive Officer: Commander Gary Taylor

Commanding Officer: Commander Aranis T'San
Executive Officer: Commander Daynah Ral

Sister Ships

The Pioneer maintains a close relationship with the following vessels:

Task Force 29 Flagship
Commanding Officer: Captain Marc Kidd
Executive Officer: Commander Kayleigh Harper

Commanding Officer: Captain Henry Crow
Executive Officer: Commander Edra Crow

Banner Exchange

The USS Pioneer recognizes the following non Obsidian Fleet sims

Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez
Executive Officer: Commodore Hadir Prenar

Commanding Officer: Captain Malcom Llwyedd
Executive Officer: Commander Hansel Friedrech
USS Valiant
Commanding Officer: Commander Natan Meran
Executive Officer: Commander Curtis Hildebrandt Thibideaux

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