Name Description
USS Pioneer
The USS Pioneer
NCC - 74757
Intrepid Class

The Intrepid class represents a departure for Starfleet away from large, complicated starships like the Nebula and Galaxy classes toward constructing smaller and more efficient vessels. Like the Galaxy class, the Intrepid class incorporated a series of new developments intended to make the ship as effective as larger ships with a fraction of the resource and crew requirements. The class was designed to reach distant star systems and fulfill a variety of mission profiles, including exploration, survey, courier and even interdiction. Atmospheric landing capabilities allow the Intrepid class to make planet-fall for repairs or to conduct extended scientific missions.
The USS Pioneer has 1 Delta Flyer Class Runabout

The USS Pioneer has 1 Aerowing Class shuttle
Roosevelt and Churchill
The USS Pioneer has 2 Type 8 Shuttles
Hawkeye The Hawkeye's primary use is for the Pioneer's Marine unit known as "The Cure". Usage of this craft is only granted through the clearance of the Commanding Officer of The Cure.

The Argo is a specialized shuttlecraft developed by Starfleet for ferrying cargo and vehicles between orbit and planetary surfaces when conditions preclude the use of transporters.
Earp, Holiday, Geronimo, Sitting Bull
The USS Pioneer has 4 Type 9 shuttles
The USS Pioneer has 1 Brunel Class Workpod
Empok Nor Cardassian-built star base with 6 large docking pylon ports, 3 medium docking ring ports, 9 small docking ring ports, and 6 landing pads.
USS Katana

The USS Katana
Sabre Class

This ship is currently assigned as support to station Empok Nor in the Trivas System
USS Carthage

This ship is assigned as support to station Empok Nor in the Trivas System