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Blowing Off Steam Part 2

Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 9:08pm by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Chief Petty Officer Leslie Calhoun & Lieutenant Paul Michael & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Major Cornelius Tremble & Ensign Auba Lyna & Sergeant Azure Thompson
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Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Holodeck Pool
Timeline: MD005 1600 hrs

Last Time On Blowing Off Steam Part 1

Aiden was by the pool in his swimming trunks, this was the first time he had the opportunity to actually mingle and meet new people, the Pioneer had been his first assignment, and a Private fresh from boot camp he had been kept busy. He liked to people watch, you could tell a lot by just observing, like the lady that had just walked in, late but trying to mingle and fit in as though she had been there from the start. He smiled, for the first time in weeks he was enjoying himself.

Billy Calhoun walked into the holodeck with his Intel cap on and his unlit pipe in his mouth. He was ready to let loose and most of all could not wait to see his lady. He walked right over to her, saying hello to people as he passed. He approached Jennifer from behind and gave her a kiss on the nape of the neck.

And Now The Continuation...

Paul was still at his table, a half eaten plate in front of him, and a drink in his hand. He had heard some disturbance and saw someone leaving. He saw people come on go. Saw some show affection for others.
He had seen Rissi earlier, but now he couldn't spot her.

Auba had stormed out of the holodeck after that person said someone about the guy she had been following. She was so embarrased now. Because of her history, she usually never went after guys. This situation has made her question her being on this ship now.

People had been fed. The niceties of a social function had been observed. Neil now decided it was time for the bon fire. Fire always drew people in, even when tensions seemed to rise from nowhere. He generally kept to his own, but this wasn't time for that what with the crew of the Pioneer going into another mission.

Moving away from the dining area, he lit the fire, adding fuel until it roared along merrily and he took a seat on one of the logs strewn around for just that purpose. Music drifted through and it drew his mind to a certain pianist as he slid off the trunk, using it as a back rest and stretched his feet toward the fire.

Rissie noticed the start of a fire, she was a little ways off from the main group. She was trying to collect her thoughts. For a moment, she debated about returning to the group, but another part of her, wanted to continue to explore the area. She knew she should head back to the group. She walked over to the bartender and ordered a drink. By this time the fire, had just started up. She found a stump to sit on, as she took a sip. She wondered how Paul was doing? She was trying to keep her distance. But she found it difficult to do. They were just friends. She did not want to ruin this. She did notice she that got back in eye sight of Paul. She sat alone on the stump, just looking around at the others having fun.

Tyler watched the fire light up, and watched his crew laugh. Even among this bloodshed. Especially among this bloodshed they can kind the happiness. He thought, it was something to see this crew bonding and just being people. He spotted the Cardassian that had been assigned to his ship. An invaluable addition during this mission. It was time to see how the man adjusted. "Brecat, how goes? I am glad to see that you are settling in to the Pioneer nicely. Do you have any questions thus far?" Tyler clapped the Cardassian on the back as he approached and spoke with a broad if not fake smile.

The physical touch alone was enough of an indicator to the Cardassian that the captain was doing his best to make the interaction between them appear genuine. While he didn't quite agree with it he knew causing waves at this very moment would serve no purpose. He flashed his own broad smile, that Cardassian smile. "Everyone has been quite accommodating so far Captain, I've either had most of my concerns addressed or scheduled to be. The furniture is a bit....too squared off in my quarters. Your operations staff are being quite helpful in my request to change out a few things. Otherwise these crawfish I believe they are called, are quite good. I must thank the host for inviting me. It's good to actually meet people here in person." It also gave the man more of an opportunity to gauge folks in person.

Tyler sipped his drink and nodded. "Quite so, quite so. The replicators are at you disposal should you want to change the furniture and redecorate. I am glad that you are adjusting well. While aboard this ship I would like you to serve to augment our tactical department. Your expertise will be invaluable there. Lieutenant Commander Myles in in charge there. With all due respect what does a Caradassian do when off duty?" He wanted to get to know his new officer but was at a loss how. Tyler also thought that the Glen would appreciate the fact that he was upfront.

"It depends" he replied. "We prefer to spend time with family but spending time with other officers or friends is a popular choice as well. Typically that leads to drinking or gambling but the main intent is to usually blow off steam. Holodecks such as this are not a commonly used commodity but I can see some advantages for it here such as visiting some of the steam baths I left back on Cardassia. They are quite exhilarating and would do well to keep me warm here."

Tyler laughed. "Perhaps when the dust settles on this situation you can show us around your home. It would be nice to see Cardassia through the eyes of one of it's own. It has been my experience that your people are quite proud of their home. I know I would love to see it." In this moment Tyler could tell that this Glen was going to become an invaluable member of his crew. Even if his presence was unwarranted at first.

Mina waited until everyone else was occupied before she herself started cooking. Butting a rather large fish on the grill, then besides it a collection of meat. She was enjoying the company, but was never the swimming kind of person.

Miex had been quietly drinking off to the side for a while, but she decided to take a dip in the pool. Pulling of her shirts leaving her in her pink swimsuit the trill took a running jump and dived into the pool.

Rissie's mind was a little distracted, on the thoughts of Paul, and what they were doing. She needed a new distraction. She noticed Elloma walking over towards her. "Hey sexy girl." Rissie said with a big grin on her face.

"Rissie, what's on your mind." Elloma just flat out asked.

"Boys, but nothing we should worry about tonight." Rissie said, hoping to change the topic, before Elle started to breach on her about being in a committed relationship. They both seemed to like the idea of a physical encounter, but these encounters, were making her wonder. Was there more to them, than physical pleasure?

"They can be a big distraction. But you are right. Were here to have fun, so let's have fun! Wanna go swiming?" Elloma asked Rissie, hoping she would say yes.

"Sure." Simply replied Rissie, as she started to disrobe down to her swimsuit. Both ladies started to dash into the water, giggling and having a good time.

Jenn felt the little kiss peck in her neck and giggled. She turned around and put her arms around him. "Hey Billy, how are you doing?"

"I am doing alright... Well better now, and nothing that a good steak won't improve." Billy said with a chuckle. "...And you m'lady how does this little part fair you."

"Being a host?" Jenn shrugged a bit. "Using the replicator and holodeck makes life so much easier." She leaned against him. "People seem to be serving themselves so I have no work really. So how about we sit near the pool?" She was already looking at a place for them.

Billy found a chase lounge and plopped himself into it. His cap was askew and he puffed on the unlit corncob pipe.

Jenn followed him and nestled herself on his lap. Then she pulled out the pipe before she put her arms around his neck. "I am sure you could do a few hours without." She said as she playfully nuzzled him.

Billy chuckled "But it wasn't lit..." He smiled, kissed her forehead and then smiled. "I suppose you are right. It has been with me for so long that it has become part of who I am."

"That's true," she said smiling. "I am not taking it away from you, cause I know how important it is to you. I just want you a bit to myself right now." She giggled.

Billy nodded and put the pipe in a small leather pipe holster on his hip. He kissed masters gently on the neck and took a look around at the crew as they mingled. He was amazed at the resiliency the smiles as if nothing happened, and nothing lay ahead of them. Then Billy looked at Jennifer and realized how easy it was to forget all that was at stake. The El Aruian swilled his scotch and hugged his lady extra tight as he tried to forget what time meant to a being like him.

As Jenn felt his arms around her more tightly, she just lay her head on his chest, sighing happy and blissful.

Mina went over and got a few plates from the replicator moving over and starting to put cooks pieces of meat on them. "Anyone want a few nice lamb shanks."

Neil took a pull from the squeeze bag (with sinthahol) of something called a Rum Runner. It was rather sweet to his taste, but seemed to fit the atmosphere of this gathering. When he heard Mina announce more food, he half groaned but pushed himself to his feet and wandered over. "Do you have any that have attitude," he joked to Mina as he looked the plates over.

She looked at her offerings, two plates with a collection of lamb steaks on it, and the other a collection of two large fish, complete with there large fish heads still attached.

But she picked one of the two plates with lamb on it, this place all the meat having a slightly reddish look to it. "Depends oan whit ye mean by attitude. but these ur sure tae at leest lighten up yer day." She put one on a plate complete with knife and fork.

Accepting the plate, Neil sniffed at the steak and felt his mouth start watering all over again. "Thanks, these smell great." He told her, "If there had been time and I'd been thinking, we could have brought one of those bugs back. It might have tasted like a big craw fish." He half joked, though the thought had crossed his mind.

She thought about it. "Hmm. i'll hae tae look them up, ye micht be ontae somethin. I never met a meal I didn't like."

Michael watched as Rissi and the other woman jumped into the water. He started to wonder what kind of relationship Rissi had with that woman.

Rissie and Elloma started to swim into the water, the holodeck, was pretty convincing. She loved how realistic the water felt. Rissie was trying to keep her focus on her friend Elloma, when in reality, she wanted to be talking to Paul. The two ladies continued to swim out.

"So what's the deal with you and Paul?" Elloma said, when she felt comfortable, that they were far enough away from everyone else. Elloma tread water, to stay afloat.

Rissie matched pace with her, "same as before, we are just friends." Rissie said, as she slowly started to swim a little more, to keep herself afloat.

"It's been five days, and your still sticking with friends?" Elloma asked, unknown to Rissie, she had been keeping tabs on her, and it was time to call her out.

"Were trying to figure out, right now we are friends, good friends." Rissie said, as she paused for a moment to think. "Can we talk about this later. I need to keep moving to avoiding drowning. I don't tread water that easily." Rissie said, hoping to get Elloma off her case.

"Come on, Doc, let me introduce to you the Cure." Azure said as she led Hermia over to the Marines.

"El Tee, Gunny, this is Doc O'Rourke, a Marine in all but name." Azure said.

Neil nodded to O'Rourke, smiling and told Azure, "Why, the Doc and I have met. Over a bottle of scotch as I recall, though the recollection is a bit fuzzy."

Turning to O'Rourke, he grinned "A Marine in all but name can make you guilty by association Doctor. Good to see you again."

"Indeed, ElTee, but you did insist on trying to out drink me." Hermia pointed out with a smile. "Good to see you again."

"Emphasis on the trying part, I freely admit," Neil said, humor evident in his voice. "And there's no use being so formal," Doctor, "He told her, please call me Neil. Or whichever insult comes to mind."

"Okay, Neil it is, at least until I think of something better." Hermia said. "And of course, you can call me Hermia."

Paul stood up and made his way back to the water. He dove into the water and started swimming towards Rissi and Elloma. He swan and exploded out of the water behind Rissi.

Rissi's heart literally jumped from excitement and shock, he scared her at first. Then she was excited to see him. Her first reaction was to hold up, and kiss him passionately. But she remembered the rules they had established about keeping things on the low key. She hoped he would change his mind, and want to be exclusive, but she did not want to scare him away. "You startled me." She said, as she tried to catch her breath with all of the excitement. She was looked into his eyes, and it took all the strength she had not to swim over to him, and embrace him.

Paul looked at Elloma. "Hello, I'm Paul." While he looked at Elloma, Paul reached under the water to caress Rissi's backside.

Rissie was not sure, what to make his action. It was pretty discreet, but what did it mean. She tried to tell herself, not to over think it. She looked to Elle and said. "Don't but rude Elle." She said, as she looked her in the eyes, basically pleasing with her not to ask about the status of their friendship, like she was doing to her a little bit ago.

"Elloma Essu, Assistant Chief of Security." She said, in a monotone. She picked up on Rissie's eye signals. And respected her friend well enough, not to make this awkward for them all.

"Paul Michael, operations. Pleasure to meet you."

Elloma felt like a third wheel, but she could tell from looking at Rissie, that she did not want her to make a scene. She was really curious to know what was going on between them. She hated the look, and she knew she would pay for asking later, but she felt that she had too. "So Mister Michael, what's the story with you and Rissie?" Elloma asked in a soft tone.

Rissie tried to smack Elloma's arm to shut her up, but the water prevented her from doing so. She felt very embarrassed. She knew why her friend was asking, but she needed to mind her own business. When Rissie knew what was going on, she would have updated Elle. Her face was bright red, as she looked to Paul, she was debating about stepping in and saying something.

Paul looked at Rissi and saw what looked like absolute terror on her face, then he turned to Elloma. "The story about us? Shipmates. Friends. Do you think there's something more going on?"

"I do." Elloma said, wanting answers. She hated the fact that Rissie was not speaking up to say anything. She hoped Paul would be more forthcoming. But something deep down told her, he would not. And not to trust him.

Paul looked at Rissi, wanting to see if she would say something, or at least give him some indication of what she wanted him to say.

Rissie was not sure what Paul wanted to say, she looked to him, with a blank stare on her face. She could not believe what Elloma had done, part of her felt betrayed. Another part of her felt relieved. These feelings were so confusing to her.

Elloma noticed Paul and Rissie looking at each other, she could tell she was not going to get a straight answer. "You two are hopeless, when you ready to talk, come and find me." Elloma said, as she started to swim off, annoyed at her friend and her friends boy toy.

"Sorry about that Paul." Rissie said, as she wanted to swim after Elloma. Part of her felt that Elloma over stepped her bounds, and needed to think about what she had done. Why did people need to put a title on them? They were enjoying this agreement, and even though Rissie's emotions were causing a minor inconvenience. She was trying to respect his feelings. He made it clear, that he was happy with what they had. And Rissie was okay with it, so why wasn't Elloma?

Paul shrugged. "No need to apologize. Some people are like that. Why is it so important for people to know what we do anyway?" Since no one could see them in the water, he move closer to her. "Anyway, what's the big deal? Tell her that we're friends and we have sex. Shouldn't be a big deal."

"Even in the 24rth century its still a big deal." Rissie said, as she welcomed his aggressive posture towards her. She smiled, as she waited to see how he responded. She knew Elloma was not going to let it go, and a lot of humanoids did not like the idea of a sexual friend, casual sex was looked down on by the ladies. For some reason its okay for a guy to have casual sex, but not for a lady. She hated the double standard.

"Outdated morality if you ask me. Fine...tell them we're dating, that should satisfy their curiosity. If that is okay with you." Paul looked at her.

"You mean that?" Rissie asked, as she swam closer to Paul. Her eyes were full of passion, she had been wanting to hear him say that, but she did not expect him to say it. She thought it would be at least a couple of months.

"I mean it. After all, it's not like we're getting married, is it?" Paul took her hand and they swam to a secluded area and he embraced her.

Rissie eyes got wide, and a little scared when he said marriage. She then realized, he was only teasing. She liked him, but they still needed to get into this relationship, and get passed the so called honeymoon phase, to see if they are compatible for something like marriage. They started to swim off together for some privacy. As the scene fades away.

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