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Before we Begin
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD004 1400 hrs

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How to move on

Posted on Fri Mar 15th, 2019 @ 12:14pm by Makeba Brown & Xoica
Edited on on Fri Mar 15th, 2019 @ 12:27pm

Mission: Episode 6 - Old Habits Die Hard
Location: Makeba's quarters
Timeline: MD003 2200 hrs
1371 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Xoica knew that staying away would most likely postpone the inevitable. She was walking through the corridors in a pink dress and black ballerina's. She requested that human princess to get her something to wear when she was going to visit her former lover. Looking at the dress, she decided pink wasn't her color at all. And she hadn't worn a dress in years. So it was kind of weird.

As she reached Makeba's quarters, she asked the guards to let her in. They turned around and opened the door and walked inside, stepping aside so she could walk in. She felt like a sweet earth candy as she pulled and tucked her dress. She looked to Makeba. "Don't you dare laugh," She said uncomfortable. "Come to think of it, this might look much better on you."

Keebs snorted and then smirked and cocked her eyebrow. "Honey you know I never where dresses. You can't put a beating on someone while wearing a dress. But all of that aside to what do I owe the honor." She said as she stood up and took some tentative steps toward Xoica. Truth was Makeba was not sure where she stood with her lover since they returned from the mission. Things just didn't seem to be right.

"Leave us," She said to the security officers, and she waited till they were gone. "Well, you know I don't either. I had that human doll talk me in to it. She said it would be romantic. And I should get something called red wine and chocolate. Maybe I should also have asked what chocolate was, cause I have no clue what that is."

"We will have to wait just outside. Commander's orders." One of the guards replied as they walked outside.

She then waved and sat down on the couch. "I am getting off topic. "I actually wanted to talk to you. I think I owe you that. I am sure you have questions. I would. But if it comforts you I could replicate some wine and chocolate. If you tell me what chocolate is."

"Chocolate is an Earth delicacy, a dessert and quite delicious. However, it won't be necessary right now. Why don't you go ahead and fill me in on what the heck has been going on, and how the heck you wound up with a bull." Makeba was of a mixed mind about seeing her lover. She missed her, loved her and wanted to see her. At the same time she wanted nothing to do with the traitor. At the moment Makeba wondered if she would admit to her betrayal.

Xoica just shrugged and said, "Well it happened about a year ago. Starfleet caught me. someone talked on me. I could have done my time. But I would loose everything. My ship, everything. Unless I would work with them. And the Bull I found on an abandoned lunar colony. It was just a baby. And you know I couldn't just leave it there." She breathed in deeply. "Anyways, I stopped communications with you, I didn't want to put you on the spot. Starfleet monitored everything."

"That they did. Listen here Zee, I know you better than that. You could have lost them if you wanted to. You could have contacted me, could have came back. Instead you left us there..." Makeba's voice trailed off as the anger began to build within her. "If you lost that bucket you call a ship, we would have given you another one..." Makeba blurted.

"Would you have rescued me from a penal colony, Keebs. Be honest? You're stuck here on this ship, under guard. Where are these people you call we?" She got up and walked around the quarters. I am just a pawn to the New Maquis, as I was to the old Maquis. Just because I meant something to you, doesn't mean I am something to them. There are more merchants out there. That is the business. And you..." She took Makeba's hands. "Honestly, I should have stopped with these weapons years ago, if it weren't for you."

The anger the roiled under Makeba's skin exploded outward. "Yes I would have broken you out of any penal colony. I am not stuck on this ship. There is actually a simple way off this ship, I haven't used it yet because I have to make contact. But that is another story. No one is a pawn in the New Maquis. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be." Makeba Brown had bought the New Maquis' line, but what she did not realize is that it was simply propaganda. However, for right now all she said spilled out in a shout.

Xoica crossed her arms. "Are you done?" She sighed and turned around. "The better off I will be? The Maquis you hold so high, was a dream back in a time where the Cardassians were a problem after the demilitarizing. I was there, Keeb. I was there. And what is left of it? It was crushed. The Maquis, the Cardassians, by the Dominion. All the Maquis is now is angry. But you aren't even the original cells."

She turned back to Makeba and pushed her down on the couch holding her down. "I smuggled weapons during the occupation of Bajor. I smuggled weapons for the Maquis. Always at a risk of being caught. With the Dominion threat rising, I didn't fear the Cardassians or the Federation as much as a Jem'Hadar soldier. I know my way around guns, it's true. The Dominion is gone. But Starfleet is still here. Despite the Jem'Hadar." She narrowed her eyes. "I have had enough, Keebs. I want it to end." The dress made it a bit uncomfortable, but she was not backing down. "I have stared enough in the beak of a beast, wondering when I will be caught next." She then let her go. "Condemn me for it, but I am done!" She then walked back to the door.

The number of emotions that roiled within Makeba were too numerous to count. "Wait... Done with what? The smuggling or us? You can't just walk out the door on everything we have meant to each other." Did Xoica have the right of it? Was it better to simply forget all the Maquis fought for, to drop the anger and move on. Once more she would hate to admit that O Flannagain was right. That smug bastard would never let me live it down. Makeba thought.

Xoica stopped and sighed. "The smuggling, of course. What happens to us, I leave to you. I betrayed your precious Maquis. I can understand you're angry about that." She turned around looking to Makeba. "Like I said, I only came back to what I did before because of you."

Makeba stood there dumbfounded. This was the last nail in the coffin. First there was the betrayal that landed her on Breyet Nor to begin with. Then the capture and lock up on the Pioneer, then that confounded O Flannigain. Now this... this... was it. A change would have to be made. She was about to scream for the computer to locate the XO so she could take him up on his offer, when another thought came unbidden into her mind.

"What if I told you that I had the largest score you could ever foresee. One that could send both of us into a comfortable retirement forever." Makeba smirked, conspiratorially. She knew that if all was going to plan Leyton and Prenar would be leading an attack on Empok Nor in a couple of weeks. Should they take the station they would need a fence and that would set Makeba Brown and Xoica up for life.

Xoica was in thought a moment, finally she said, "And what is this score then?" She asked, as she was a little reluctant.

Makeba knew she had Xoica right where she needed her. "Empok Nor itself..."

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