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Dinner With The Brass

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 10:40pm by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Richard Ballston M.D. PsyD & Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Lieutenant Amelia Zano Psy.D. & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Major Cornelius Tremble & Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters - Calhoun & Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles & Chloe de la Vega
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Mission: Episode 3 - Weary Travellers
Location: After 11 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1930 hrs
Tags: SD 71397.1930

Captain's Quarters USS Pioneer
"I hate these dress uniforms why do we need to wear these again?" Tyler spoke to his wife as he kept pulling at the neck of his uniform. Kat for her part was making the final adjustments to her hair.

"Because he is an Admiral and you are not. If you want to be an Admiral at some point you better start liking that uniform" Kat said with a smirk. "Besides I have a weird feeling that there is a bigger reason for Lancaster's presence other than a tour that is. i can't quite put my finger on it." She added as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Well THAT doesn't make me any less nervous." He chuckled nervously at his wife's comment.

"Come on you should be there first to make sure everything is ready." Kat grabbed Tyler by the hand and practically dragged him from the quarters.

A few moments later Tyler and Kat arrived at After 11. Aside from Chloe and her staff the two Starfleet officers were the only ones there. "Mi consejero... How goes the preparations? Do you need anything?" He said with his trademark smile albeit there was a nervous tone to his voice.

"Just fine Tex." she replied teasingly. It was her first time holding an event like this so she had moved some of the 'bar' equipment and replaced it with some better styled tables that gave a more intimate, professional feel. "I hope this is too your liking. I've tried very hard to change the place as I want to help meet your needs/wants..." she froze for a moment realising how that could be taken. "Just want to make you happy." she added with a smile.

Tyler smiled at the bit of flirtation but felt the hand of his wife tighten on his arm. "Chloe this is Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke of Empok Nor. Kat this is Chloe she runs this great place." He made the introductions, but there was a part of himself that would have been happier if Kat had stayed on the station.

Chloe did a little courtsy behind the bar, "This place is only as great as the people who drink in it." she beamed, "It's nice to meet you Commander Malbrooke, your husband has been taking good care of us here, especially me. Letting have this place, letting me stock real alcohol, for that he has his own bottle of tequila!" she said with a larger smile. "Your hair is beautiful by the way... I do love a... how do you say 'pelirroja ardiente'... fiery redhead?"

Kat was intrigued by the flirtatious nature of Chloe, especially when it came to her husband. But she knew Tyler too well and he liked women around. She smiled "You just make sure that our guy here doesn't make an ass out of himself with the tequila. Red wine please, and keep em coming I am going to need it to get through this mess." Kat placed both hands on the bar as she sat down. Tyler for his part got a glass of cider and began to mingle. He had to play host.

Hermia entered the Lounge and made a bee line to the bar. "Hi. Whisky, straight, make it Irish." She said to the bar tender.

Joran Thal adjusted the collar on his dress uniform as he stepped into the After 11. He typically avoided big crowds and lots of shiny collars. However, as he had to remind himself, polite appearances as a department head never hurt. He realized this more with age and experience. Stepping over to the horderves and noticed the bacon wrapped shrimp on offer. That was a food she liked a lot. Another memory rising to the surface...

Katherine looked over at the woman who just walked in and the first thought she had was leave it to Tyler to take a boat load of women into the unknown. She smiled at the new arrival. "Evening I am Katherine Malbrooke one of the Engineers on Empok Nor." She took a sip of the red wine.

"Evening, Hermia O'Rourke one of the Doctor on the Pioneer." Hermia said. "Hang on, Malbrooke, any relation to the Captain?"

Kat raised her glass in mock salute. "In fact yeah you can say that I and your Captain are close." She smirked, "I am his wife. Looks like he rolled out the red carpet for the Admiral."

"A pleasure to meet you, Ma'am." Hermia said. Indeed, I'm not used to such gatherings, I spent the majority of my career in a Marine forward base."

Katherine laughed at being called ma'am. She understood the reasoning but hated it nonetheless. "No need for the ma'ams I checked my rank back at the station. This is the hubby's show. You can call me Katherine or Kat if you would prefer. Marines huh fleet life must be a change of pace. So tell me the real scoop how is it working for that guy?" She motioned toward Tyler who was chatting with some of his crew at the moment, as he made his way toward the Admiral.

"Yeah, the feet is certainly different, Kat." Hermia said. "I haven't been aboard long, but I have talked with your husband and he seems to be a good man."

"That he is just try not to piss him off." Kat said with a chuckle. "His temper certainly needs to be checked from time to time."

"I'll keep that in mind, but I have a fiery temper myself, my father is Irish, after all." Hermia said.

Kat looked at Hermia for a moment as she sipped her drink and thought. No too much like him... She smiled at the doctor "That should be just enough to keep him in line."

"I'll try." Hermia said with a smile and took a sip of her drink.

Crew Quarters, USS Pioneer
Turning side to side in front of the mirror on the closet door she pulled at the waist of the black dress she'd selected for this particular evening, making sure it sat right and felt comfortable, making doubly sure it was on good taste, even going so far as to get her roommates opinion, taking into account there was going to be an Admiral at the dinner as well as her Captain and her superiors. But it felt good dressing up nicely and going to dinner once more, besides she felt at these sort of events the attention was on the officers not the enlisted like herself, as long as she minded her manners.

Heidy took one final turn, faced the mirror head on and smiled, offering a hand to the imaginary Admiral in front of her. "Heidy Dilucca Petty Officer 3rd Class, pleased to meat you sir." She winked. Practice over she went for the door.

After 11, USS Pioneer

Elloma was ready, she did not like the way her hair was looking. She was trying to brush it again. She walked through the doors of After 11. She started to scan for Rissie.

She noticed her sitting down at the table, with two glasses of water. Elloma walked over to her, wearing his dress uniform. "Can you braid my hair? Please?" Pleaded Elloma as she handed Rissie the scrunchie.

"What would you do without me?" Asked Rissie as she took the scrunchie and put it on her wrist and motioned for Elloma to have a seat next to her. Then proceeded to French braid Elloma's hair.

"Thanks Sweetie, one of those mine?" Asked Elloma looking at the water on the table.

"Yep." Said Rissie as she continued to work on her hair.

Elloma took a big sip from her water. She trying to prepare herself for dinner with the Admiral. She felt out of focus still and needed to find herself. Plus today she really needed to be on her best behaviour the Captain's wife was going to be at the dinner.

"Done." Said Rissie, as she returned to her seat.

"Thanks, the others should be arriving shortly, I really appreciate the French braid." Elloma said.

It wasn't Richard's first encounter with an Admiral but to say he wasn't concerned would be an understatement. His last encounter ended with an assault that the highly decorated Medical Admiral being hauled off with charges of assault.

He drew in a deep breath before rubbing his hands along the braille letters that adorned the plaque stating he had arrived at After 11.

Straightening out the finely pressed tunic of his dress uniform Richard hesitated a moment before entering through the double doors to face the gathering crowed. . It looked as if tailored for him but that didn't mean he had enjoyed it or even liked the way it looked.Eve his boots were polished enough he could comb his hair by then.

Once inside Richard glanced around and let a faint smile play with the corners of his mouth before finding an empty seat to occupy.

"Good Evening Sir." Suggested Rissie as she noticed Richard walking into the room, and taking a seat near their position. Meanwhile Elloma just sat silent at the table, sipping on her water. She did not want to be rude and interrupt Rissie and Richard's conversation.

The Azzian let a broad smile cross his face, "Ensign Rockwell." He began with a professional greeting but it sounded too cold for him, "such a beautiful place isn't it?"

"It's pretty nice, I was just hear last night. It's your first time at After Eleven?" Asked Rissie, trying to keep the dialogue going.

Richard chuckled, "not really but when I last saw it the place had been damaged."

"Do you know when the Admiral arrive? I was hoping to leave early. Wanted to explore Empok Nor." Said Elloma, the reality was, she did not want to see Tyler with his wife. She was doing her best to get over her infatuation.

"I don't, do you Doctor?" Asked Rissie. She could tell how uncomfortable Elloma was.

"I can't say as I do," Richard said with a chuckle, "I'm looking forward to the shore leave as well." He grinned widely and tilted his head, "actually I have family on the base, you should meet my daughter."

Rissie's first thought, she's not a babysitter. And her second thought, why would she want to meet his kids. She barely knew him, she thought it was a little soon. She smiled as she said. "I can't impose your on your precious family time. Elle and I plan on doing some shopping on Empok Nor."

Richard chuckled as his eyes twinkled, "smart decision Ensign."

"I have my moments." Suggested Rissie with a smile on her face. She looked over to Elloma, who was clearly watching Tyler and his wife, being all chummy.

Rissie leaned over and whispered. "You need to let him go, he appears to be very happy with his wife. Don't be a home wrecker Elle." Softly stated Rissie, trying to get her point across to Elle.

"Your right, Rissie." She said, as she looked at Rissie and tried to get her mind off of Tyler. She took a few sips from her drink. "Hopefully we get a new chief engineer so you will not have to work double shifts. I miss hanging out with you."

"Me too Elle, I am getting tired of working them, plus it would be nice to know who the new chief of engineering is going to be. I hope we get a new chief soon." Said Rissie, taking a sip of her drink, and making sure to keep Elle's attention on her. She was going to help her friend get over Tyler.

Lieutenant Myles entered After Eleven, tugging at his collar. He wasn't used to wearing dress uniforms. And the last time he was anywhere near a Formal Occasion, it was his wedding. Where considerably less was worn. Ever the gentleman, he let his "date" enter first.

"Aww, how sweet Larim." Lwaxana said as she entered After Eleven. "Thank you."

"Anytme, Lax." he said. "Lets find ourselves a table." he smiled

Amelia walked into the room rather pensively. She was used to talking to people one on one, on her own terms and in her own space so this took her a bit out of her comfort zone. She noticed others had entered and had began to form their own social groups. One of her hobbies was people watching, seeing how others responds to conversational topics or outside stimulus, their body language often said more than their words did.

Strolling into the lounge the first thing that struck Heidy was how unlike the rest of the ship it was, she appreciated the not on board ship feel of the place. Glancing around she looked for familiar faces, recognising first Lt. Myles and presumably his wife and then Ens. Essu with a fellow young officer, but not many others. That would change by the time the evening was out, she moved towards a female Lieutenant who was for the moment standing alone and introduced herself. "Hi I don't think we've met before, Heidy Dilucca, Petty Officer 3rd Class, and you are Lieutenant........?"

Almost snapping out of her observant day dream it was somewhat ironic she didn't notice beautiful Petty Officer arrive. "Oh! Ehm Zano, Amelia Zano. Nice to meet you." she said smiling and offering her hand. "Beautiful lounge isn't it? Almost makes you forget you're on a starship...".

"It really does, really cosy feel." Heidy agreed before going on to admit. "It's actually the first time I've made it down here. Been a busy few days."

"You're telling me!" she exclaimed. "I literally hand my hand in a Bolian not too long ago and I'm a psychiatric doctor! That was definitely one I'll remember for a long time but think I'll just stick to getting inside people heads instead of bodies... not as messy. What is it you do on board?" Amelia asked with keen interest.

"Brig Officer, Security." She responded simply. "So I guess I'm one of those who managed to find more work for you, unfortunately, but things didn't go to badly this time around. Thankfully." She added with a little bit of a grin. "The Bolian made it I hope?"

Amelia nodded as the woman answered her about her role on board. She couldn't imagine being in security, seemed all too aggressive in her mind... she liked the tranquillity of counselling. "Definitely had my hands full." Amelia relied, "And yes he lives although I don't know if he'll come back for me medical services." she joked. "Can cure a head, a body is a little more difficult.

"Yeah I prefer the questioning and investigation side of the job, more then running around all armed up, sure it's works but only as a last resort." Heidy responded with a smile, always keen to distance herself from any perceived liking of weapons and such.

"Can deal more damage with a well placed question or word I find that firing a phaser or throwing a punch." Amelia answered philosophically. "I've never fired one since the Academy..."

"I'd drink to that if I had one." Heidy responded with a thin smile. "I'd prefer not to have too. But I got follow orders and current circumstances mean those orders are go fight." She added with a shrug. "It was nice talking with you but I'm gonna go get that drink."

It had taken Dana ages to get ready, at first she had thought she had lost her dress uniform, but then she had found it hidden behind a particular beautiful dress, which would of looked so much better, but protocol dictated a dress uniform.

She had done her hair, not a strand out of place, she had changed it since leaving earth, she didn't want anyone that may known her, recognising her and that's why she was dreading meeting the Admiral, hopefully he wouldn't remember her or recognise her, that was going to be the best case scenario. Also it was going to be a great opportunity to mingle with the crew, she had only met a couple of them and then to be given shore leave, this really was a great start to a new posting. With that, she took a deep breath and the doors to After 11 opened, she gracefully walked in and felt a few eyes fall upon her, she glanced around, now what did she do. This one one of the only times she missed her security escort, at least they used to keep her right

"Lar. I'm gonna get us some drinks. Still Aldebaran whiskey?"

"You know me too well, Lax." he grinned. "I may surprise you one day." he laughed.

"Not betting on it." Lax laughed as she walked up to the bar. One to get the drinks, two to meet who she could meet. As soon as she arrived she ordered. "One Aldeberan whiskey and a Jestrel tea please." She then leaned up against the bar and grinned at passersby

Jenn wasn't sure what all the fuzz was about, but she sure as hell was missing out on food. She looked at the black dress she was wearing and the black ballerina flats under them. She had loosened her hair and put a clip in it. She walked in to after 11 and straight to the bar. There was already someone standing there.

She looked a moment to the woman. "Petty Officer 1st class Jennifer Masters, Human intelligence Agent," she introduced herself trying to be polite. She then turned to the bartender. "Martini, hold the olive." She then turned to the woman again. "You must be stationed on Empok Nor, I haven't seen you here before, Lieutenant."

She smiled. "And you'd be absolutely right." Lax said. "Lieutenant Lwaxana Myles." she grinned. "The smart one of the group." she laughed.

"A pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant," Jenn grinned back to the Lieutenant. "Lieutenant Myles, ah you must be the lovely wife of our security chief I heard so much about you." She hadn't heard much about her, cause the Lieutenant wasn't very open, she noticed the last time they talked. She wasn't sure if that was because he was shy or just reserved towards others.

"Likewise, Masters." Lax grinned. "May I call you, Jenn?"

Jenn took another sip from her drink. "That's what all my friend call me." She nodded. "And maybe you can tell me what the deal with your husband is."

Marine Country

“You sure look pretty, Gunny. Er, LT. Erm, sir?” Peavy laughed then caught himself as he looked at Tremble from where he sat slumped in the marines assembly area.

"Don't," Tremble began automatically, then closed his mouth instead of finishing with ~call me sir, I work for a living!~

After dressing in the prescribed uniform for the Brass’s dinner (Mess Dress, Black) Tremble felt more like a clothes horse than ever. He'd changed uniforms at least three times today. Marine dress uniforms as prescribed were meant to be ostentatious and catch attention.

He’d done research on the thing years before and it resembled nothing as much as a black tuxedo from old earth. The jacket however had hunter green facings and epaulettes, as well as miniature medals patched on his left breast and a silver chain strung between the silver buttons with the corp emblem on them.

Under the jacket was white shirt and bow tie, black trousers with green seam stripes and a hunter green cumber bun. He also wore highly polished black oxfords and suspenders, of all things. Since the affair was aboard ship, he could forgo the boat cloak and cover for the night.

Thank space: the cloak just looked silly.

Tremble bowed slightly to the ordinance specialist, even as he said “You could go as my plus one. We could really fill up the Admiral’s party with marionettes.”

Peavy shook his head at that, “No way, LT. I wouldn’t know how to act.”

Tremble nearly grunted at that. Personally, he wasn’t sure HE knew how to act in such an environment. “I personally am going to treat this as a RECON mission,” he told the marine. “Go in silent, stay as unobserved as possible and stay out of trouble.”

“Dressed like that, good luck.” Peavy laughed again and Tremble could only shake his head.

The marine had a point.

Eight minutes later

Tremble strode through deck keeping a steady pace. As he approached After 11, he slowed before the doors and then steeled himself and walked through the doors. He hadn’t been to the lounge, and he paused for effect just inside the doorway as he looked around, getting the lay of the land.

Surprised at not seeing a receiving line, he paced to a space near the center of the bar, ordered and settled in to watch the crowd.

Wandering over to the bar wanting a drink after spending a bit of time on a short chats with some of the crew who she wasn't that familer with, she ordered a Telarite Wiskey, turning to see a marine in full dress uniform she strolled over to him. "You boys certainly know how to do things in style, enjoying the party?"

Tremble caught her approach and turned, raising his glass to her. "Marines are meant to add a certain style to any party we attend miss,"he smiled. "Whether its a boarding party, or putting on a show for a visiting Admiral, we always dress for the occasion. As to the party, I'm not sure," he answered honestly. "It's the first one I've attended as an officer."

"I"m Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble, by the way. Nice to make your acquaintance, miss....?"

"You certainly do, had the pleasure of combining with a few of you boys and girls couple of days ago for a bit of a counter boarding action." She responded with an approving nod before taking a small sip of her drink. "Heidy Dilucca, Petty Officer third class." Extending a hand slowly.

Tremble shook the proffered hand and glanced her up and down once more. "Nice to meet you, Petty Officer. Nice dress, by the way," he said with a grin. "Are you incognito tonight or just tired of Fleet-ware?"

"Why thank you very much Lieutenant, and a little of both tonight." She answered with a warm expression, before launch into a little more detailed reason. "Invite did mention formal wear, let's just as I'm exercising my right to chose, it's part of what we stand for after all."

Taking another taste of his drink, Tremble thought about that for a few beats, then shrugged. "I think I forgot that part, more or less over the years. It's easy to let some choices be made for me rather than agonize over each detail. But then, that too is a choice I suppose."

He shifted and decided to change the subject then, "And I did read the after action reports. It did seem you had some fun with the boarders. Something like that always breaks up the day, kind of like this get together."

Heidy nodded along with a little shrug, while she respected the mindset it wasn't something she could live by and now was not the time to get into that sort of a debate. As he moved back to the previous few days events she chuckled at the break up the day remark. "I don't mind things breaking up the day it's when they break up my sleep we have issues. I'm graveyard watch so 1000 hours I was all comfy and tucked up asleep. But you know that's life."

"True," Tremble replied, "My grandpa always said Life stinks sometimes, but the directions say take it." He smiled into his glass and winked at her, trying to lighten the conversation. "Although, I've yet to see a manual with any of those directions. When I pointed that out to him, he just threw the marine corp manual at me and told me if it wasn't in there, it didn't belong in your life."

"Now that's an image." Heidy responded with a little chuckle. "Grandpa Tremble, lobbing padds around. Sounds like a career marine though like you and your Pa I guess?"

He gave a laugh at that, "No, it was an actual bound version of the manual because there are times when you can't spare the power for it." Nodding then, he had a rueful look on his face. "Oh yeah. He opted for an officer posting himself. My dad never understood it."

Tremble shrugged then. "But, enough of me. Other than an occasional rough wake up call, how are you enjoying the serving aboard the Pioneer?

"It fairly good, I'm only about a week in so it's still early days and first impressions." She stated carefully, in truth it felt like she was still finishing her feet, but certain factors had helped. "But theres a number of good fleet enlisted, my Senior Officer isn't so bad. So far so good."

He polished off his drink and glanced towards the knot of people clustering around the Admiral. "Glad to hear you've got some good personal to work with. Marine countries like that: small detachment and all." Smiling then, he asked "Think anyone would notice if I slipped out? My mandatory attendance should be taken care of by now, maybe?"

"Maybe, maybe not." Heidy responded with a shrug, and then motioned with her head to the tables all set up over one side. "But we were invited to a dinner not just a reception, those look like tables set up over there, and most importantly I haven't eaten yet. Listen my mate Jenn's here, she's an enlisted as well, why don't you sit with me and her if that would make things a little more comfortable for you."

Officers Quarters, Deck 3, Room 10, USS Pioneer

Hermia was putting the finishing touches to her dress uniform. She'd had to replicate it as she'd been taught to travel light and had required one in years. She added the pips to her collar.

She didn't know why she was attending this dinner, she wasn't the Senior Officer or a diplomat. She was just a country doctor.

Looking at herself one last time in the mirror, she left her quarters and headed to the Lounge.

After 11, USS Pioneer

Oliver stepped into the lounge, a bottle of single malt in his left hand. He'd always been told it was polite to bring a bottle of something to parties, and wasn't about to stop that now.

He approached one of the tables, picking up a glass and pouring himself a drink before setting the bottle down. He brought the glass to his lips, taking a small sip. It was a 25 year old scotch, this particular one being the epitome of a sipping drink. There were some perks to rank, this was one of them.

Chloe had left her conversation with the Malbrooke's at the arrival of more guests and more began to mingle. The doors of her lounge had swooshed open once more to reveal a tall man with Admiral pips on his neck, not that it meant much to her being a civilian but she knew how much it meant to 'Tex'.

She moved up towards him and peaked round the side of him noting he was wearing dress uniform but with gold trimming. "Nice to see they help Admirals accessorise." she said pointing to the trimming, "Hi, I'm Chloe de la Vega, I run this place and just wanted to let you know if you need anything... I'm your girl."

Chloe had dressed in a rather seductive style as she wore a vibrant red lacy dress that fell just above her knees, this was after all her lounge and she would wear clothes that made her feel as comfortable as she wished in her own domain, plus she matched the Spanish decor.

"Good to know." Oliver said, holding out a hand to her "Oliver Lancaster. Nice to meet you."

"Pleasure is mine Admiral but be forewarned that there are a few women on board that would love to have a drink with a handsome Admiral such as yourself." she replied with a wink as she walked away to tend to other patrons. "Don't be a stranger."

"Good to know." Oliver muttered to himself "Mind on the job, Ollie. You're here to work, not to fraternise."

Richard saw the well decorated Admiral enter and smiled in response. He drew in a deep breath and stood to his feet, "well the guest of honor is here." His pale eyes glance around as he looked at the two he had been talking to, "if you two will excuse me I probably should mingle a little."

Even on Shore leave the life of the XO was a busy one. He was dealing with some resupply hangups and had arrived later then he had liked to the dinner. He was just glad it had not started yet.

To Be Continued...

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