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The Ladies Who Lunch Part I

Posted on Mon Sep 25th, 2023 @ 1:38am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi & Lieutenant Commander Hermia O'Rourke & Lieutenant Vura & Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zhara Rynn
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Big Easy Bistro - Deck 69 - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD009 1300 hrs

Zhara thought it would be a good idea to get the female senior officers of the Pioneer and Poseidon Station together for lunch. With the assistance of Vura, she limited the list to counselors, department heads, and their assistants. Counselors because it would also be a good opportunity to hear what the women had to say and maybe get some ideas for creative counseling.

It was a good-sized group and she hoped most of them would be able to attend. But with shore leave and duties, accommodating everyone would be impossible. She selected a cafe and tearoom that offered both lunch and tea, then sent out the invitations.

Zhara arrived early, dressed in a tea-length dress of emerald green, and waited for the others to arrive.

Thex had been finishing up some of her department's paperwork when she got the invitation. It would be nice to meet the others so she accepted before finishing off the pads. Returning to her quarters she thought about what to wear. Deciding on her favourite back dress she donned it before doing her hair in a neat ponytail.

Heading to the cafe she looked around for any familiar faces when her eyes fell on Zhara. She'd not met her but recognised her image from her crew bio. " Hello there. Zhara, isn't it? I'm Thex." She said offering her hand with a smile on her blue face.

"It is. A pleasure to meet you," Zhara said, shaking the woman's hand. "Welcome."

There was nowhere the Deltan could go without making an entrance. Vura glided into the Tearoom, dressed elegantly. She wore a blue tea dress that nearly reached the ground. It had a light floral print and a plunging neckline. The dress also contained a light nearly translucent mesh covering that covered the dress' exterior and flowed slightly outward at the short sleeves to make the dress look more elegant. She paired the dress with matching blue colored stiletto sequined heels. Around her neck was a long yellow gold pendant necklace with a sapphire teardrop that drew attention down towards that plunging neckline. In each ear were blue flower earrings that were enhanced with yellow gold to outline the interior of the flower and the edges of the petals. Diamond studded earrings were at the top of her ears.

Swooping up towards Zhara, "How marvelous to see you again and what a marvelous idea this was to get us ladies together."

She smiled in response. "I'm glad you could make it." Zhara looked around. "It's such a perfect opportunity to get together and talk. I couldn't pass it up."

"Oh, I would not have missed this for the universe," Vura exuded enthusiastically. "I should have thought of it, myself."

"If you hadn't been so busy with other things, you would have," Zhara assured her with a smile.

"Busyness really is not an excuse. I have to be here and available for the crew, and as a Chief, I should be better...."

"But you only just arrived. Getting settled in and meeting the crew is work enough for now," Zhara assured her. "You can't do everything all at once--even if you want to." She glanced around. "Now as you are far better in social situations than I am, I will let you talk to everyone."

Noticing that Thex was there, Vura gave the Andorian a gracious smile, while internally concerned about her mental health, and said, "Good to see that you could make it, Thex."

"Vura," Thex said politely, with a nod, though she kept her distance not wanting to be hit with the Deltan's pheromones again." You look incredible."

"Thank you," Vura told Thex before noticing Hermia arrive.

Hermia had left Sickbay in the capable hands of her staff. She dressed in an aquamarine coloured tea dress and her Marine issue boots; she'd never felt comfortable in high heeled shoes. In her ears she wore small earrings with aquamarine gems.

Entering the tea room she recognized Vura and Thex. "Hi, Vura, Thex good to see you again. This should be fun," she said.

Vura gently grabbed the sides of her dress and gave Hermia a small curtsy. "Always a pleasure, Hermia. I see that you're still recovering well. You have a beautiful dress, but your shoe pairing is quite, um, unusual."

"I'm doing well, thank you." Hermia said. "I'm sorry, for forcing myself on you," she added.

"There is nothing to be sorry for. I may have encouraged it in my enthusiasm to assist you. I was more concerned for your well-being, Hermia."

"I'm okay, thanks to Bones." Hermia said. "I felt really good around you and I made the mistake of letting my mental walls down." She paused a moment. "I don't blame you; you can't control your biology." She smiled. "I did enjoy the kiss though," she added.

"It was a bit of a surprise. It is not often that I get to have contact but I'm more pleased that your mental faculties apparently survived the experience."

"Me too." Hermia said. "I hope you can still see me as a friend, I'd hate to lose your friendship."

"I'm not going to let a tiny thing like a kiss stand between us. Were you Deltan, that would not even qualify as a hello. Worry not, Hermia."

Hermia smiled. "Thank you, Vura."

"I wonder who else will be coming to this little party. I'm more than certain there are several people that I have not yet met."

"Yes, I've met most of those on the ship, but there are some here from the station, I believe." Hermia said.

"Well, that will be fun! I wonder what pleasures that they will bring me."

Hermia smiled. "I'm glad we're good, Vura. I best go mingle."

"Go ahead. I should do the same." With that, the Deltan left to find other people to meet.

Kat Malbrooke walked in and took a moment to look around. It was a nice place for lunch and she was pleased that she was included as she only knew some of the women already assembled. She went over to Zhara first. "This is a great idea. Thank you for including me." She'd chosen to wear a pair of comfortable slacks and a sleeveless maternity blouse for comfort and to help mask her growing baby bump.

Zhara gave her a hug. "I'm glad you could make it. I think you know most of the Pioneer personnel."

"By face, anyway," Kat admitted. As the captain's wife, she made a point to at least know who all the senior staff were. "I've yet to meet the new counselor, though. Or anyone from the station."

"Then I'll leave you to mingle. You should meet Vura." Zhara glanced over to where the Deltan was chatting.

"I should. Thanks." Kat smiled and wandered in the counselor's direction.

Yvette had received an invitation from someone she didn't know and who was on the USS Pioneer. The former Intel officer was skeptical, but also intrigued, so she accepted the invitation.

Now she walked into the tearoom. She was dressed in what appeared to be a mauve Top with a deep V-neck and skirt, but the skirt was in fact pants. On her feet she wore matching pumps and around her neck she wore a silver cross.

The Deltan floated across the floor to Yvette and introduced herself, "I do not believe that I have had the pleasure of meeting you before. My name is Vura, I'm the new Chief Counselor."

"A pleasure to meet you, I'm Yvette Beauvoir, I'm the new Assistant Chief of Operations, here on the station." Yvette said. "I love your dress, Vura, and may I say you wear it well," she added with a little smile.

"Ah! Thank you! Your dress is quite striking, as well." Vura exclaimed. "And look at us, two newbies together! Assistant Chief of Operations? Oh, my. Is this your first time as an Assistant Chief?"

"No, but I was Intelligence Chief for a while." Yvette replied.

"Exactly how does one go from a Chief of Intelligence to the Assistant Chief in Ops?" Vura inquired. "That's quite a change."

"Well, at the Academy I studied Security and Operations, before being recruited by Intelligence. I worked my way up through assignments to Chief Intelligence Officer. After 18 years in Intelligence, I thought it was time for a change, so I transferred to Operations and was assigned to Starbase 50." She said. "So, Vura, have you always wanted to be a Counsellor?" She asked.

"Interesting that you should ask that. I was more shuttled into it than interested in it. But I never had a strong gift for math and my art, well, it is at best mediocre, so I had to find my talents elsewhere and this was it. However, my counseling style is much less Deltan-based than what many would call more Terran based."

"Whatever works for you." Yvette said. "I tend to take parts form things I learn about. For example, my close quarters fighting style integrates parts of Human, Vulcan and Klingon disciplines."

"I'm a lover, not a fighter," Vura told Yvette laughing prettily after her comment. "But I do take holistic approaches. Nonetheless, that's far from a traditional Deltan approach."

"Well, take it the Deltan approach involves touching." Yvette said with a wink.

"Of course," she answered. "And a great deal of methods that would probably make most people here blush. Non-Deltans are so innocent."

"I bet it's a lot of fun." Yvette said.

"That depends on the therapy required. While sensual psychology can be quite helpful, it can release very deep emotions without little warning."

"Vulcan emotions can be quite powerful." Yvette said. "I'm sure the same is true of Deltan emotions."

"Unlike most Vulcans, I don't require a strict adherence to logic to control my emotions, I apparently possess some antisocial tendencies that made me an effective Intelligence field agent," she said.

"Your name is not standard for a Vulcan either. Did you change it at some point? Did you not get raised on Vulcan?"

"My father is a human, and I was born on Earth in a place called Brittany in France and was brought up there by my father. My mother was a Starfleet officer and was seldom home," Yvette said.

"But your mother borne you. I'm surprised she would let you have a Terran name." Vura said.

"My mother, T'Lisa Anderson is not entirely Vulcan, her mother, my grandmother, T'Mari Anderson is half human, I suppose it wasn't important to her, maybe her humanness coming through."

"It sounds like quite the history...."

"It is, perhaps, I can bore you with it later." Yvette said. "Suffice to say my family has had a long history in Starfleet."
To Be Continued...

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