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Lieutenant Vura

Name Vura

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 115 lbs
Hair Color bald
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Bald is beautiful, or so any self-respecting Deltan would tell you. Vura is thin, perhaps a little too thin, but there are hints that her body may have been more curvaceous in the past. However, her figure is ill-defined, being mostly straight.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Regu
Mother Domune
Brother(s) Letas
Sister(s) Zaya

Personality & Traits

General Overview Joining Starfleet is not easy choice for any Deltan. Being willing to take an oath of celibacy cuts out much of what a Deltan is, as Deltan culture thrives on emotions and sensuality. Worse, because of their pheromones, Deltans are constantly gawked about, stared at, and often can sense sexual thoughts in their direction, which no Deltan in Starfleet may act upon, if they desired.
Since most Deltans choose to concentrate on their inner space and the sensations of everything about them, it is highly unusual for many to leave their home world. This does not mean that Deltans are incapable of achieving great things. The contrary is true. Many are well renowned for their mathematical skills or art skills.

Vura, however, is neither of those. Vura is a woman who always sought connections. She sought the sensations of feeling the interconnections between others. Her desires were always to build relationships and experience those emotions and feelings and to help others experience and work their way through those emotions and feelings. However, when Vura’s personal experiences became too much to bear, she left Delta IV to join Starfleet, taking the oath of celibacy, knowing that if at least, she could not help herself, that she could help others. However, in doing so, she often remembers her own pain. To get away from it, she transfers posts, thus not building many roots.

Personally, Vura has a fondness for cosmetics and jewelry. She does not like to be seen without being “presentable.” She loves the sensations of being dressed formally and does not like to perspire. Only close friends ever get to see her less than glamorous.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Accessible -Extravagant +/-Adventurous
+Clever -Facetious +/-Spontaneous
+Creative -Flirty
+Energic -Frustrated/Stifled
+Funny -Vain
+Inventive -Withdrawn re her personal history
+Open Minded
Ambitions While Vura desires to help people, she is subconsciously trying to assist herself. Vura’s pain from her own loss continues to haunt her, which drove her to leave Delta IV and head into Starfleet. Ironically, though, the more she assists others, the more she remembers her own loss and pain, further deepening her wounds rather than healing them.
Hobbies & Interests Drawing, jewelry making, pottery and sculpting, dancing, makeup art, acting

Personal History Vura was the second born child to her parents. Letas, her brother, was born before her and for many years she was doted upon by her parents. That changed when the unplanned bonus child, her sister, Zaya was born. Though Vura was never jealous of Zaya, Vura did miss the additional attention that she used to receive from her parents.

Delta IV was a place of wonder and beauty. The people of the planet lived in harmony with it and enhanced its beauty. Simultaneously, the Deltans looked to satiate their desires and sensations with all that was around them. Why go elsewhere when there was so much on your own world to explore? In this environment, Vura had little reason to ever want to leave. After all, her curiosities, as far as she could tell, all could be satisfied on her home planet.

Unlike many of her classmates in school, Vura was not gifted in mathematics. Sure, she could handle the basic concepts and could perform basic spacial trigonometric mathematical equations in her head, higher level math was lost upon her. Her teachers also found that she was acceptable in the arts, though much more skilled in the performing arts. Yet, she lacked the gifts that would make her anything notable on Delta IV. Consequently, she was directed to a field where she might be able to help others – psychology.

Here, Vura began to shine. Attending the Delta Institute for Psychosocial Sciences, Vura was trained in traditional methods of Deltan psychology. As Deltans are what humans would consider hedonistic, there was a good deal of training in sexual and sensational therapies. Vura’s strengths resided in psychoanalysis and “humanistic” therapy, specifically in existential therapy.

In 2389, she obtained an internship at the Blossomvale Medical Clinic. Much of the clinic was devoted to Deltans who suffered from some for of mental illness. It was a unique opportunity to test her skills and apply her craft to individuals who desperately needed assistance. She only hoped that she could assist them back into mainstream Deltan society.
One day, while walking down the Blossomvale hallway, she was buried in her notes. Vura looked up just in time to see that there was a man walking towards her in the same way. They were about to bump into each other when she screeched, “Look out!” and veered immediately to her left and bashed her shoulder into the wall, causing all of her notes to scatter across the floor. “Oh, sorry! Let me make certain you’re not hurt,” was the response she heard, and before she could protest and complain about her notes the follow up statement of “I am a doctor,” was uttered. Something about that voice was so soothing that she could not help but look at the man that nearly flattened her. She looked at him and all forms of protest melted away.

For the next year, the two were inseparable. Vura and her doctor, Cannir, were the talk of the hospital. The only questions in anyone’s mind was when they were going to get married and how many children they were going to have. Cannir and Vura had discussed the possibility but both decided that it would be inappropriate to get married prior to Vura’s completion of her internship and some further time together. After all, would things be different when one was no longer pursuing a degree?

Six weeks prior to Vura’s completion of her internship, Cannir decided to Vura to a relaxing getaway. His family had a small cabin that was off a lake in the Carabon Valley. Vura had been looking forward to this trip. She had even decided that she was going to violate their agreement to wait until some time had passed. She purchased two rings and was going to proposed to Cannir on this trip. Waiting an arbitrary amount of time to officially spend the rest of her life with him seemed like nonsense.

The trip to the cabin was excruciating for Vura. Her stomach was churning and the rings weighed heavily in her packed bags. She did not know when the best time to propose would be and she spent much of her time trying to creatively plan the exact best moment to pop the question. That moment would never come. When they arrived at the cabin, they knew something was immediately wrong. It was already inhabited. A slimy voice called to them, “Oh, my. Look at what we have here…. Visitors….” Cannir protested and charged in, insisting, “This my parents home.” The response was, “Not anymore,” followed by an order, “Gas ‘em.”

When Vura awoke, she was no longer in the cabin. She knew she was elsewhere and wherever that was, was in space. She could tell this from a porthole. Why would someone give her a room with a view? Her mind puzzled out that perhaps it was so that she knew she was helpless. Trying to break out would kill her.

The door opened and she was roughly escorted into a larger room. Cannir was already there, unshackled, as well. A rough looking man came into the room. He had a dark black beard and squinty eyes. “Welcome to the Roughshod. I don’t suspect that you will be here too long, though. You’re both going to make me a very rich man.”
Cannir shouted at the man, “How’s that? We’re just two Deltans who were on a vacation.”

“Ah, that may be true but it is said that Deltans are prized for their sexuality. They’re apparently so skilled that they can drive a man or woman insane. Do you know how many people would be willing to pay for that chance?”

Vura was repulsed. She looked at Cannir in horror. The rough man approached and stroked Vura’s chin. “You’re going to be quite the prize. They’ll line up for you.” This was too much for Cannir. He punched the pirate and ordered Vura, “Run! Find a shuttle! I’ll catch up!”

Vura did not wait. She ran as Cannir and the pirate struggled. An alarm went off but she managed to slip into a ventilation shaft with her thin body and made her escape. Eventually she landed in a corridor outside the shuttlebay and made her way to the one available ship. As she opened the hatch, she heard phaser fire. Cannir ran into the bay. Vura held the hatch open for him. She heard Cannir shouting, but the shouts were silenced, as he was hit by a disruptor. Cannir’s body evaporated right before Vura’s eyes. The cry of anguish that followed was heart rendering, but she had enough presence of mind to escape and somehow the ship carried her back to Delta IV.

Once back, she knew she could not stay on Delta IV. The hospital was not the same. Friends and family looked at her with sadness and pity. Her heart was broken and everything on Delta IV was a reminder of all that she had lost. The only way to forget it and move on was to get away, so she enrolled in Starfleet, hoping that she could help others.
Her superior officers have marveled at her hard work and utility. Nobody has wanted to lose her and all comment on her skill and performance, wishing that she would have stayed. However, at least one of her counselors has noted that Vura is reluctant to form deep attachments and is concerned about her apparent wanderlust.
Service Record 2384-2388 Delta Institute for Psychological Sciences
2389-2390 Blossomvale Medical Clinic
2391-2394 Starfleet Academy
2394-2395 Ensign, USS Jamaica
2395-2395 Lieutenant JG, USS Lincoln
2396-2397 Lieutenant USS Alaska (Assistant Chief Counselor)
2397 – present USS Pioneer