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Having Justice Done Part I

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2023 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Captain Edmund Merrick
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Elysian Dreams/Security - Promenade/Center Core Deck 21 - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD006 0130 hrs

Khylara was on the hunt for a pickpocket and one who had slapped a visiting Marine from the USS Pioneer. She tracked down the person, going by their scent, soon she cornered the woman literally in a custodian's closet. "You are coming with me, and you are in big trouble," the large Klingon woman said to the thief. She reached over and sent out a call to her boyfriend, K'doc Valadorn.

"Commander Valadorn, I am in need of your assistance, please come to the Elysian Dreams. Khylara out." Khylara then stood in front of the custodian's closet knowing that there wasn't any escape for the women in there. And Khylara knew that due to having explored the strip club's area.

" Acknowledged. I shall be there shortly. " a few minutes later he showed up with with his Targ at his side. " I was out take him for a walk when you called. You said you required assistance, what is it that you need? " the large klingon inquired.

"In there is a woman who had struck a visiting Marine on the cheek after he refused her wares. She had tried to pickpocket him, but he stopped her. Then she offered herself to him and he said 'No'." Kylara pointing towards the supply closet where the woman was trapped inside. "I felt I needed your input and also take her into custody."

K'doc nodded. " A simple matter then. I shall take care of it. " He walked over to the closet door and tapped on it. " I am Commander Valadorn, Chief of Security for this station. You have been charged with battery and attempted pickpocketing of a Marine and patron of this establishment, If you do anything stupid you will either be stunned or turned into a chew toy for my Targ. " He looked down at his Targ. " qij tiq!! " The targ responded by standing next to him and growled as the closet door opened.

A light haired woman peered out slowly around the door and gave out a bit of a squeal when she saw the rather large targ staring at her then she noticed the even much larger Klingon towering above the targ and the female klingon. "Um.. please don't hurt me?" she managed to squeak out.

Khylara just stood there without saying a word, staring at the woman. She wanted to leave it to K'doc to handle this.

" I won't hurt you as long as you don't do anything stupid. " K'doc growled at her. And don't try to run away, or he'll catch you and bring you back. " He motioned towards the Targ. " I haven't fed him yet today, but you're kind of scrawny and wouldn't provide him with much meat, so just behave. "

The woman gave a nod, gingerly getting out of the closet. "Okay so here I am. Now.. can I just well get booked or something I'd like to get away from your targ." carefully brushing her blonde hair away from her face. "Will that marine be pressing charges? I don't know what his name was except for I heard some call him Edmund."

Khylara snorted, "You should have known better than to have struck him."

The blonde got all teary eyed. "He didn't want to spend the night with me, said he wasn't interested at all. How could he have not want to spend the night with me?" she was attractive for human standards. "He said he didn't trust me therefore he wasn't interested."

K'doc nodded as if he agreed with her. " How indeed could he not be interested in spending the night with you. " He turned to Khylara. " You did say that you have the footage of her attempting to pickpocket the marine in question and then striking him after he refused her advances, Correct? "

"Yes I do have the footage, there were witnesses as well." Khylara replied.

"But, but..." the woman started to protest.

"There are no buts coming from you. You have been caught and there is proof so you will not be able to escape your punishment." Khylara said firmly.

" Cut the the fake tears, they only disgust me. " K'doc growled. There is enough evidence to hold you until we can determine whether or not the marine wants to press charges against you. If he does your looking at about a year in a penal colony, if he doesn't about a month here in the station brig. " He snapped his fingers. " qij tiq! " The targ moved next to him. " Now come along quietly to booking, but on the bright side you are lucky. Tonight we are serving fresh Gagh, stale bread and water. I know you'll just love it. "

Khylara gave a laugh, looking up at K'doc. "Oh a romantic dinner? I do like that." then she gave a sidelong glance at the woman that had been caught.

The woman shuddered, "Eeew Gagh, I'll just take the stale bread and water please."

Khylara just bared her teeth towards K'doc. "I shall accompany you. This way I can make a full report."

The woman looked from one tall Klingon to the more taller one. "Are you two like dating? Isn't this against the regulations of the Federation?" this was getting way too weird for her liking.

K'doc gave the scrawny woman a glance. " tlhlngan maH!! " ( We are Klingon!! ) " I serve the Federation and she does not. No regulations against that. And Klingons do not seek out relationships, We conquer what we desire. Besides some Gagh might do you some good. It will put some meat on your bones so you don't blow away with a slight breeze. Now are you going to come along on your own or do I drag you by your neck like a spoiled child? " He asked her.

"Eeewww no thank you." the woman shuddered. She found herself in an uncomfortable situation one tall Klingon on one side and the Chief of Security on the other and glancing behind her was a large Targ.

If she was going to be trying to escape it would be fruitless. Her shoulders drooped as they walked along to the security office.

Jali was there, "Good morning, Commander Valadorn." she looked curiously at Khylara. She knew the lady was a bouncer at the Elysian Dreams, then she looked at the blond woman who seemed rather dimunitive between K'doc and Khylara.

" K'doc looked to where he had heard Jali's voice. " Good Morning Lieutenant. Have this lady placed into the holding cage, We'll need to contact a Marine assigned to this station named Edmund and have him come to security and see if he wants to press charges. "

K'doc watched as the woman was placed into the holding cage. " It seems she attempted to pick pocket our marine and when he caught her in the act she tried to proposition him and then committed battery upon him after he turned her down. Until the marine arrives, I shall be in my office taking a witness statement and viewing the evidence gathered. " He stated in a less then usual gruff tone.

Jali raised an eyebrow at the change in K'doc's voice, she caught the softness in his eyes as well. This was certainly an interesting turn of events. "I'll book the prisoner and get the marine, Captain Merrick to come in to make a statement. He is part of the crew of the USS Pioneer."

K'doc walked past Jali as he went with Khylara towards his office. " Thank you Jali, that will be most helpful. I would also like to talk to this Captain Merrick when he arrives, a combined statement between the victim and witness will put the entire case in order and provide evidence should there be a hearing. "

"Okay will do so, Commander Valadorn." Jali was once again very surprised, something was definitely different about K'doc and she was thinking it had something to do with Khylara.

Khylara gave a bit of a look to the petite Klingon woman. Well she was petite compared to herself but obviously she was someone K'doc trusted. She followed after K'doc into his office.

Jali stepped up to the blond woman, "Come with me, and do not think you will be able to get out of here. It won't do you any good."

The woman nodded, "I get it, and lock me up, I don't want that targ staring at me like I am a snack anymore."

Jali shook her head and made the arrangements for the booking at place the pickpocket into the holding cell. Then sent off a message to get hold of Captain Merrick.

After the woman was locked into the cell, Qij Tiq padded over and curled himself up and lay by Jali's desk and growled once more before taking a nap, As the Targ waited for his master to come out of the office.

K'doc got two mugs of Raktajino from the replicator and sat them down on the desk before they began. " Computer, open file and insert audio and visual documents for report on file case FX 72994. " He checked the machines progress and was satisfied. " Now open Amendment file A For witness statement From Khylara Jorrath, Begin recording. In your own words describe the incident if you would. " He asked her.

Khylara took a seat, gingerly at first but finding that the chair was solid began her statement, well after drinking some of her raktajino. She flirtatiously lifted up her eyebrow, and gave a slightly baring of her teeth towards her boyfriend. Then began the report.

"A Marine by the name of Captain Edmund Merrick had been accosted by the perpetrator..." then she related the rest talking about the hunt and what happened.

While Khylara was giving her statement, Jali sent off a message to Captain Merrick, asking him to report to the station's main security office. Within minutes the blond haired marine, arrived.

"I am here to report in to a Commander Valadorn?" Edmund remarked, "Please let him know that I have arrived.

Jali came and knocked at the door of K'doc's office. "Sorry to interrupt, Captain Merrick has arrived."

K'doc looked up and nodded. " Good, show him in. " He turned his attention back the Khylara. " Make yourself comfortable and I shall interview the Captain. Jali can show you to the break room, there are still a few things we must discuss. "

K'doc stood up as Captain Merrick entered his office. " I know you're busy, but I need to ask you some questions so this matter can be resolved. Would you care for a drink ? " He asked.

Khylara gave a nod and followed after Jali, with Jali leading the way. Once they passed by Edmund giving a nod in return then he answered K'doc.

"A drink would be good, a ginger tea with lemon and sweetened with honey." he responded. "As for me being busy, my ship is on shore leave so I am not busy to do this interview. I'm familiar with the process." he told the rather large Klingon. "Matter of fact you remind me of someone, and the same as your last name. Are you by chance, related to Colonel Valadorn?"

" Where do you know my cousin from? " K'doc asked. " His father is my uncle and we grew up together in the same compound. Our relationship was.....competitive, to say the least. " K'doc got the requested drink from the replicator and sat it down on the desk and returned to his seat. " So my main question is do you want to press charges against the woman who committed battery against you? She is currently in our holding cell. "

Merrick's eyes widened. "He was one of my instructors for the Marines. A fine instructor indeed, I ended up being sent to the station he had been a part of. Anyway as for the woman who slapped me. I could press charges but seriously, she seemed to be a bit desperate, enough to offer herself to me. How about maybe... community service and her getting a job on the station? From what I observed in that short time there was a bit of wear and tear on her clothing and that certain look in her eyes like she was down on her luck. What do you think? She gets maybe a second chance to change her luck?"

K'doc stroked his beard. " So you wish to show mercy? Fine we can assign her to twenty hours of community service a week for three months and there are several places that could use help with staffing, I'll have to interview her to see what type of skills she has other what I've seen so far. It shouldn't be to hard to keep her out of trouble from here on out. " Said the large Klingon. " Is that acceptable to you? "

"Yes that is acceptable to me." the blonde marine giving a nod. "Anything else? Maybe sometime before we end shore leave here, you and i can go have a drink. What do you say?" Edmund replied.

K'doc raised an eyebrow. " Just a drink? A federation marine and a marine of House Hurric having just one drink? " Said K'doc with a good natured laugh. " That would dishonor our ancestors and marines everywhere, A single drink between marines is never enough."

Edmund cracked a grin, "You are so correct, yes it will be more than one drink, Commander Valadorn, perhaps at the Live Gagh? Where we will have quite the time there. Until then please let me know, and thank you for giving the woman a chance at a new life. Hopefully she will accept it." reaching out a hand to shake K'doc's larger hand.
To Be Continued...

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