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Having Justice Done Part II

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2023 @ 6:30pm by Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Captain Edmund Merrick
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Security - Center Core Deck 21 - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD006 0130 hrs

Last Time on Having Justice Done

K'doc raised an eyebrow. " Just a drink? A federation marine and a marine of House Hurric having just one drink? " Said K'doc with a good natured laugh. " That would dishonor our ancestors and marines everywhere, A single drink between marines is never enough."

Edmund cracked a grin, "You are so correct, yes it will be more than one drink, Commander Valadorn, perhaps at the Live Gagh? Where we will have quite the time there. Until then please let me know, and thank you for giving the woman a chance at a new life. Hopefully she will accept it." reaching out a hand to shake K'doc's larger hand.

And Now The Conclusion...

K'doc returned the gesture and shook Edmund's hand. " Gagh and drinks go well together. We shall set up a meet time when we can. As for the girl I shall give her a few options. Number one, She can serve one to six months in our brig and be assigned to hard labor and banned for life from the station or she can accept the deal that you've come up with and do community service and find a job so that she can start over again. The choice will be completely hers to make. "

"i will leave that in your more than capable hands. Say, there will be a marine ball celebrating the birth of the Marines. Would you be interested in attending and bring a certain lovely lady with you. " giving a bit of a smile. It wasn't lost on him the reactions of Khylara towards K'doc.

K'doc chuckled. " You must mean Khylara, she is my Intended. So of course I'll be bringing her along. I Don't have a federation marine uniform, would it be acceptable if I wore my Imperial uniform with federation rankings on it? " He asked. And since it is a celebration for the marine's anniversary might I bring along a little something to share at the event? "

"I haven't got a clue on that one, what would you be wanting to bring? The one who is doing the planning is Major Tremble. Best thing for me to do is find out then pass the word to him. And I think it would be agreeable in your wearing your Imperial Uniform. I do not think he would mind." Edmund said.

" Since this is going to be a celebration, I would be bringing along a barrel of beverage to drink and share with fellow marines, nothing more. "

"Oh do tell, I am interested in what it is... " Edmund giving out a laugh. He did seem honestly curious.

" It's nothing that a marine would be afraid of. " Said K'doc with a smile. " It's just a drink called Chuch' tluch, it will put some hair on your chest as your people would say. It has a bit of a kick to it so I wouldn't advise chugging it rapidly. Or would you rather I bring along some warnog instead? That is basicly Klingon beer. " He suggested.

"Oh well that certainly has a bit of a punch." Merrick acknowleged. "Had that drink with your cousin. I had a hangover for a couple of days. " giving a hearty laugh.

K'doc grinned. " K'rang always did like the Chuch' Tluch, I only drink it at special events myself. Most people find it interesting when the drink starts to smoke when it's exposed to air. I believe that the people of Earth have a similar kind of drink. " He paused a moment as he thought. " If I recall right I think they call it moonshine. And before you leave, shall I bring in the girl and tell her the options she has? "

Edmund gave a solemn nod."yes and she maybe a bit nervous wondering just what is going to happen to her. Nothing like scaring someone straight eh K'doc?" raising an eyebrow to the rather tall Klingon. "As for the drink, it gets imbibed it may need to be after the ball. Just check with Tremble. In fact I think you need to make contact with him due to your security team will have to be advised as well."

K'doc listened to Edmund as he thought. " I guess I should bring the warnog instead of the Chuch' tluch. " He said as he stroked his beard. " We don't want things getting to out of hand, and I will speak to this Major Tremble as you suggest. It is his command after all and I will not show disrespect to a fellow commander unless it is warranted, and I have heard nothing unbecoming of the man. " Said the klingon in a very matter of fact tone.

K'doc Grinned. " And I have every intention of scaring this girl straight. When I give her the options, I'd like you to play along since you're going to look like the good guy, I believe my little ruse will work with her quite well. "

Edmund nodded his head, "Oh I've played this game before back in my security days." giving a laugh. "Let us begin my friend. Let us begin."

When K'doc gave the signal, Jali sent in the woman escorted by another security officer. The blonde woman's knees were shaking so badly at seeing both Merrick and Valadorn.

As the doors opened and the woman came into sight, K'doc stood up and glared at her and pointed to a chair in the corner. " Sit down, your fate has been decided, The only thing left to do is decide which of the three options you'll choose. "

The large Klingon growled and began reading her the list of choices. " The first option is the legal route. Lock you up in the brig for a month, permanently ban you from ever returning to this station and ship you off to a rehab work camp for at least six months and they'll help you find a new job and life.

K'doc nodded towards Edmund. " The second option is Captain's suggestion. Find you a job on the Station, where you'll work a full forty hour week and twenty hours a week doing community service work for two to three months and find you a place to stay. There are also conditions to this one. You have to stay out of trouble from here on out, If you don't then get used to looking over your shoulder and seeing me there waiting for you to screw up. "

" The third option is the one I suggested. " He continued. " It's simple. I cut off one of your hands to teach you not to steal and toss you on the midnight shuttle to anywhere. Those are your options. Choose. " Growled the Klingon.

Bethany for that was the woman's first name looked towards the huge klingon security chief then to the tall blonde handsome Marine, back and forth then she stated timidly. "I er would like to go with choice number two? I don't want to lose a hand and I don't want to go to prison." there was no vestige of her former attitude before. She was definitely scared.

Captain Merrick gave a nod. He was glad the woman was willing to pick choice number two. He would rather that to have happen, though he did love seeing Commander Valadorn in action it brought to Edmund's mind memories of Major Valadorn.

K'doc slowly sat back down and looked at the small trembling woman. " Had you chosen the first or third option it would only proved you dishonor in my eyes, yet you chose the only option that would reclaim your honor and your self respect. Your path will not be an easy one but it will be worth it. I'll have someone help find you quarters and we'll help you find some employment. You'll also be assigned a contact in the security department to report into at least once a week to report your progress, Do we have an agreement? " He asked.

Bethany gave a nod. and said meekly, "Yes Commander Valadorn, we do have an agreement. And I will keep to my word. I don't wish to dishonor Captain Merrick's act of mercy she looked gratefully towards Merrick.

"One other piece of advice. I would stay away from the Elysian Dreams you have been found as a possible security risk due to you trying to pick pocket me, I do not think the owner is going to allow you to go inside there, not for a very long time." Edmund responded, with a stern look in his eyes.

" Good. Then I shall have you swear an oath of honor to Captain Merrick that you will stay out of trouble and never do any such activity while your on this station. I ask you to swear it to him and not to me for a reason. " Said the large Klingon.

K'doc's features took on a hard and threatening look and his voice lowered to a growl. " Because if you ever violate the terms of the agreement while I'm still on this station, Then you better pray to whatever gods you believe in that Fek'ler himself comes and gets you before I do. Do not make me regret that I chose to go with the Captain's suggestion to show you mercy. " His eyes showed the resolve of fire and steel within them. Then his features softened slightly. " Now that we have that out of the way, what type of skills do you possess that a potential employer would be willing to hire you for? "

"Well despite my trying to pickpocket the captain here, I do know how to work,I have done odd jobs. A maid, a waitress, a Dabo girl. I even have worked as part of a crew on a cargo ship. I am not much of a pickpocket in truth and that was the first and only time I would even do that. I was desperate. Not that would count much for anyone." Bethany stated.

"Why didn't you ask anyone for some help then." Merrick responded.

"I couldn't. That Breen attack left me stranded, and I lost my possessions, and seriously I didn't think I could get any help from the Federation." Bethany remarked with some heat.

K'doc shook his head in disapproval. " And that is the reason why you failed, you didn't have faith or trust in others. I am a capable warrior and on the battlefield I have no fear. Nor do I have that fear when I am tasked in protecting the lives and keeping this station secure daily, but at the end of the day, I am still only one person. And I am required to ask for help almost every single day so that I may do my duties. "

K'doc closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. " I take it that you were unaware of such programs as travelers aid that help people get back home in case they had some Ill luck while out traveling and needed some aid. " He opened his eyes and looked directly at her. " Or in your case where you lost everything, We can provide you with temporary aid with food ,clothing and shelter long enough for you to get back on your feet. You know all of this could have been avoided if you had just asked for help. "

He picked up his PaDD and input some data. " I have ordered temporary housing for you, it's not a luxury suite but it does have all the essentials that you'll need as well as several changes of clothing that can be replicated for you. I'll send a female officer to escort your to your quarters and show you how to gain access to replicate the clothing you'll be needing. Someone will be in contact with you by tomorrow morning to assist you with starting your job search. " He looked up at her with a slight quirky smile. " And if you tell anyone that I was nice to you, I'll deny it. Can't have rumors like that ruining my reputation you know. " He sat back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest and glanced at Merrick. " You approve? " Asked K'doc.

Edmund gave a nod, "I approve." then his eyes drifted over towards Bethany, and he grinned.

Bethany had a dumbfounded expression on her face, she was not expecting this, all this help being offered to her. She felt a heavy burden, drop from her shoulders and to her dismay she started to cry, being so relieved.

Edmund's eyebrows raised and he patted her shoulder to give her comfort. "Well then looks like she is happy."

K'doc nodded his agreement. " Good, then she can get out of my jail cell and into her quarters, So I'll have room to lock up real criminals. " He turned towards Bethany. " Remember, if you need help then ask. I don't want to see you in security again unless your here to visit or ask for help, alright? " He motioned for a female officer to come over and instructed her to take Bethany to her quarters and instruct her on what she needed to know and to program her access.

He watched the officer he had instructed. " What are you grinning about? now get out of here and do your job, your security and your suppose to be dour. " He shook his head in disbelief. " Well if that's all, I'm going to lunch now. Jali you've got the shop while I'm out. Come on Khylara let's go get some lunch. "

Jali looked at the time and then to K'doc. "Make certain you get some sleep, Sir." Jali keeping things professional.

Edmund looked at the Assistant Chief of Security gave a one shouldered shrug then castt a grin. "I'll be getting going to." he looked at Bethany who's tears soon dried. "Have a good life, Bethany and keep yourself out of trouble."

With that he gave a nod to Jali and went on his way.

Jali watched as the assigned security personnel took Bethany off to her designated quarters. Then she retrieved herself a large Raktajino. Looked like she was going to be pulling a double shift.

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