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First Date on a Water Planet Part III

Posted on Tue Jul 25th, 2023 @ 4:08pm by Ensign Connor Turner & 1st Lieutenant Marjani Smith
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Aquil
Timeline: MD013 2000 hrs

Last Time on First Date on a Water Planet

"Oh yes, my, well, enthusiasm at your agreeing with helping me out with my ship. Oh gosh, I know I had told you I wouldn't kiss you when I thought you had a girlfriend but I thought you were sexy when I first saw you. And yes I gave you a kiss. It was lovely though. Then you kissed me later on, of your own volition and that was fabulous," her eyes warm and filled with fondness. Her heart was racing, "And just something about you makes me feel giddy like I have imbibed in a rather strong drink," Marjani stated, revealing how she was feeling. She ran her fingers along his jawline, her feet treading water.

"Well, I did not kiss you until today," he countered, moving his face into Marjani's touch. "And well, um, you're rather smashing, Marjani. And as to fixing Talon, well, I was only concerned about protecting you."

And now the Conclusion...

"What you say is true, Connor, about the kissing and just the fact that you wanted to make certain something didn't go wrong, it touched me greatly, you impressed me that you came with me, and was willing to even fly the Talon. Even after my... exhuberance." She went quiet, just enjoying the moment, being with Connor .

"Well, you were insistent that I come to make certain nothing was wrong. I could not argue with your logic, so I came. I was more surprised that you wanted me to fly the Talon."

"You flew rather well though. I am glad you took that leap and did such." Marjani replied. "How about we head to shore, and continue this conversation someplace else?" she was starting to feel that it was time to go back before the two of them got tired. Another kiss and Marjani started swimming back to shore.

"You've had enough swimming?" Connor wondered in amazement. "Is it already time for the sunset that you wanted to see?" Did time move so quickly with Marjani that he noticed nothing else but her? He wondered at that, and gazed into the distance, contemplating its meaning.

There was a rock that Marjani had noticed. She made it to shore, picked up her towel, and tote bag. The rock was large with a flat top and extended out into the water just above the surface, high enough for the feet could dangle over the edge, the water hitting the shin. There was room for two people to have a seat upon it. Marjani had folded her towel in half, it sitting behind her after she took a seat to dangle her feet into the water. The clouds in the distance were starting to show signs of a pink tint as the sun was starting to lower into the horizon.

"C'mon Connor, let's watch the sunset and the stars come out," Marjani called out to him.

The moment that Marjani had started making for shore, Connor did the same. Following her like a lost puppy, he went to his own backpack and towel, looked at the towel forlornly, and decided that trying to dry himself off with it after being in the sand was a lost cause. He would likely only spread more sand over himself. Well, whenever they got back to the ship, he would just have to take a shower.

He heard Marjani call to him and he carried over his belongings towards the rock. Obediently, he climbed up the rock and sat next to Marjani. Do I put my arm around her or take her hand? he debated. He looked over at Marjani, who seemed to be enjoying the moment. Would it be too forward to put my arm around her? We are sitting next to each other. Putting my hand on her leg would probably be too much and too suggestive. Holding her hand would be appropriate, but we have done that already. This is supposed to be romantic, so, a nice medium should be putting my arm around her. With that mental debate settled, he slowly put his arm around Marjani's waist and looked out towards the sunset. He exhaled lightly, praying that he had not overstepped his bounds, while simultaneously enjoying the feeling of being next to her.

Marjani smiled softly, her own arm sliding around Connor's waist, she leaned her head upon his shoulder. She marveled at the play of colors upon the clouds, the hue of the sun the brilliant orange and reds, and also she marveled at how she was feeling with Connor's arm about her waist. She wasn't certain where this was going to go but she was deriving a sense of comfort, the sense of peace. As the hues proceeded to the darker hues of violet, Marjani lifted her head to look at Connor, using a fingertip of her opposite hand and turned his head to give him a kiss.

Connor obliged Marjani, kissing her in return. As far as he was concerned, this was the most frightening, terrifying, intimidating, and exhilirating day that he had ever had in his life. He was not sure how that could all happen in one day, but it certainly had. Part of him had to wonder what Paisley would think of all this and involuntarily, he started to giggle through the later halves of the kiss.

Marjani pulled her lips back an eyebrow raised, then she asked. "What amusing thought came to your mind? Did my lips tickle your lips?" breaking out in a smile, a twinkle in her eyes.

"It is the most absurd thing, Marjani. I'm sorry that it came into my mind. I don't even know why it did."

"I actually would like to know, so no worries." Marjani said softly. "Though I do like my idea that my lips tickled yours," she told him, giving him a wink. "But please tell me."

"Did I tell you about Ensign F'rar? Assitant Chief Engineer. She's, well, mad. On my first day on the ship, she insulted computers and then she dragged me around the ship doing ops repairs and insisted on being on my medical exam. The doctor told her to get out. Anyways, she kept insisting I was flirting with her, which of course, I was not, because I had a girlfriend. Anyway, this morning, she was going on about her sexual conquests and telling me I didn't have a girlfriend. I did call her a bint and got myself a month long transfer to ops for my trouble. Anyway, I was just thinking, how I could just walk up to her with you and say, 'See! Here's my girlfriend.'" Connor then blushed. "Um, uh," he then cleared his throat, "You, um, are, aren't you? Or, um, have I, um, gotten ahead of ourselves?"

Marjani's face went through some expressions when he told her about Ensign F'rar her eyes widening, then anger registered there, then when he came to his name calling, Marjani gave out a laugh. "Good for you." She paused, at the last part, then nodded. "I would love to be your girlfriend." Marjani said softly, leaning in for another kiss. The sun had completely settled beneath the horizon and now there were stars in the dark velvet sky. The moon had risen also shedding some soft light upon the couple.

Connor returned the kiss, more vigorously than before, his heart swelling with relief and happiness. He did not know how long the kiss lasted, but he was sure that it was not long enough. "Well, that's a relief. So, um...." His brain was looking for words, thinking that there must be something more he should say. "Hm. Snogging is good," he finally concluded.

"Yes it is." Marjani feeling giddy once more. "The stars are beautiful down here but, want to go back to the station to my quarters? You can use my shower to get cleaned up, and then we get something to eat? This has been the most wonderous evening, and so romantic. And I love it. But I am getting hungry, how about you?" Then she paused remembering something. She dug through her totebag. "I forgot to do this earlier." She was going to take an image of the two of them. "Shall we take a selfie?"

"Alright," Connor replied, giving Marjani a wide grin. "We can do that. Might not be our best. I hope I didn't mess your hair so much from the dunking...." He considered it for a moment. "So, maybe this is a candid shot, yeah, with the moon in the background, and then we take another when we're cleaned up? What do you think about that? Just need to switch our position here, so we're facing the other way to get that moon with the stars and water, just so," he told her, trying to maneuver themselves 180 degrees from having faced the water.

Marjani gave a nod, then regarding his comment about her hair. "It will be alright." She turned around as Connor had directed. "I do like your idea and most definitely another shot when we are cleaned up. This has certainly been an amazing day filled with surprises." She thought for a moment. "How about, one with us sitting down then we can do one standing up, just for a semi different perspective?"

"I'll take as many holos with you as you want," Connor replied with a beaming grin at Marjani. "Someone has to make my pictures look respectable."

"Are you certain its not you making me look respectable?" Marjani teased Connor. Once they were settled, Marjani snuggled up against Connor and began the picture taking, including one of her kissing him. "Maybe next time we could utilize a drone to make a moving holo of us," she suggested when she was done kissing him.

"Oh! That should not be very difficult to create," Connor informed Marjani. "Give it a little booster pack, maneuvering thrusters, program it to follow us.... Pretty easy, I should think." He nodded to himself for confirmation.

"I like that, it is a brilliant idea." Marjani exclaimed. She rose to her feet offering a hand to Connor for him to stand up, to get some more pictures taken. "This is quite fun." she gave a bright smile.

"The advantages of dating an engineer?" he asked smiling before giving Marjani his hand, standing up, bringing her into himself and giving her another short kiss. "If we're going to change or eat at all, we should probably request our beam up, right?"

"Just one more shot." She kissed him once more with the moon just behind them, both taking an image of them both kissing.

"Okay, and yes definitely advantages to dating an engineer." Marjani said grinning after the kiss was finished.

She slipped on her summer dress over her bathing suit. "Let's get to the transporter pad and we'll be beamed up from there. She looked at Connor, "And all you'll need to do is just slide a shirt on." Her towel had the sand shaken off out of it and placed inside her totebag. And she was ready.

Thankfully, Connor had placed his shirt in his backpack, so it was sand free. Placing his shirt on his body, he slipped his hand into Marjani's and led them off to the transporter padd.

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