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A Night On The Town

Posted on Sun May 14th, 2023 @ 4:20pm by Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Lieutenant Elen Diari & Lieutenant Junior Grade Thex sh'Zoarhi & Ensign Paisley F'rar & Captain Edmund Merrick & Sergeant Major Lachlan Barr
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Mission: Episode 14 - The Poseidon Adventure
Location: Elysian Dreams - Promenade - Poseidon Station
Timeline: MD005 2100 hrs

Thex was feeling very happy. Shoreleave always felt good even though she'd never been on this station before.

After a shower and changing from her uniform into a black mini dress with matching heels and she was ready for a night on the station. She'd heard from others of the crew that the Elysian Dreams was one of the better highlights of the station one of which Thex would enjoy given her hobby.

Camly she found it and joined the line noting a few of her fellow crewmates in front of her.

At the door of the Elysian Dreams there could be seen and not easily missed, a rather tall Klingon woman, she being six foot five in height. The woman was scanning all who were desirous to enter into the place. This was for their safety as well as the employees there.

The half Bajoran/Half Cardassian woman was looking forward to a few days' R&R. She was working very hard to settle in on the Pioneer; Damage Control was always necessary, and so...she didn't have much idle time. Outside of her regular duties of damage control, wether on the ship or someone else's, she ALSO assisted Engineering. Still, tonight? She wasn't going to think about that. She was wearing a cute (in her opinion) dress-red, probably tighter than it should be, leather-look and shiny. She wore heels, which was probably stupid, given the fact that she already towered over most; the heels made her a full six feet tall. Inky black hair hung loose, and bright blue eyes were highlighted in a little bit of kohl black eyeliner. Red lipstick completed the look. She carried a little purse of sorts, just to hold her ID, comms badge, and lipstick for touchups later. She stood in line behind an Andorian woman. With a tap at her back, she smiled. "Can you tell if they're checking IDs or...what??" Hers was new, and up to date, and with luck, the super tall Klingon woman wouldn't recognize her last name.

" Just looks like a standard security scan. " Thex replied looking behind her. " Are you from the Pioneer your face looks familiar. " She enquired.

Paisley nodded. "Yeah, I am!! The damage control specialist. I came aboard literally in the midst of that mess," she said, jerking a thumb behind her in a general motion.

Thex waited patiently till she was at the front of the line till it was her turn for the scan. " Rough crowd?" She asked the Klingon security woman as her antenna gestured towards the scanner.

"This is a precaution set up by the station's Chief of Security, Commander K'doc Valadorn " the Klingon woman replied, with a great amount of pride. "He was very insistent of which he had good reason." giving a nod of satisfaction. "You are clear, have a good evening."

Thex smiled as she stepped past though she turned and stopped, waiting for Paisley to be scanned.

"Aw, thanks, you don't need to wait!" She showed her badge to the woman, submitted for the scan, and then stepped inside. It was already noisy and busy. Fun!!

When they entered there was to the right a real wooden bar, well taken care of, which ran down part of the right wall, to the left of it was a stage set up where there were poles set up for dancing. There were two dancers already there, a red headed woman and a dark haired male. They were doing a pole dance duo.

There were bar hops both male and female, dressed in grecian style outfits. Several passed by, and they were of varying races. Andorian, Orion, Trill, human, caitian, bajoran, ferengi.

A lurian female came out of the dining area,which was on the left. Her hair was long luxuriant, it reaching almost to her waist. She was wearing a purple dress which flowed and moved as she walked gracefully. it being grecian in nature, the clasps holding her outfit at her shoulders. She would stop and greet those whom she passed by and her voice was deep and resonant not unpleasant to listen to.

"Greetings everyone, my name is Chientaka, welcome to Elysian Dreams, am very glad to have you all here. It is a sort of celebration of life. Enjoy yourself, food, drink, pretty dancers to be seen. Dabo games to play as well as cards. Don't forget to enjoy the food that can be found in the dining area."

Ja'sol entered into the Elysian Dreams after standing in the security line. It looked like a good crowd and a place that he could unwind for awhile, He was wearing a white button up dress shirt with black dress slacks and polished dress shoes. But before anything else happened this evening he needed fuel and followed the scent of food and found a place at the counter to order. As he waited he looked over the crowd to see if there might be someone he'd want to ask to dance later on.

Going deeper into the club it could be seen that there was also an upper area where people were dancing.

Thex antenna was already twitching to the music as her eyes gazed around the club. Her eyes were drawn to Orion dancers an art form she knew very well. Part of her wondered where her mentor and her team were right now. Hopefully somewhere safe or plotting to ruin another evil person's day.

Turning back to Chientaka Thex gave her a warm smile. " Thank you it looks lovely. You seem to have tight security here did something happen?" She enquired.

Chientaka's eyes saddened glancing over towards a portrait of a woman with the words, In Memory of Melinda, friend, a sister right hand woman business partner

"She died in an explosion during a performance, at a stag party." Chientaka wiping away a tear. "We do not allow large cakes for people to pop out of anymore."

Well £"$% The though to herself wondering who'd try bombing a club. " I'm sorry for bringing it up. I'm sure she was a wonderful person. " She replied hating herself for bringing it up.

"Sadly it was an act of jealousy, revenge, and wanting to drive me out of business." Chientaka replied in a matter of fact tone.

" Did they catch who did it?" Thex asked

The Lurian woman nodded. "Yes, the person who had conspired to do that was caught." giving a nod. "She has been incarcerated."

" I'm glad she's behind bars." Thex said looking round for something to change the conversation. " Your dancers are very beautiful." she added looking over at the graceful Orions." What school of dance are they from?" she enquired.

Chientaka answered Thex, "They told me it was a trade secret. If you'd like you could talk to the Orion ladies, or that couple there pointing to the ones who had just finished their set on the poles.

" I'll see if i can catch a word with them." Thex replied before her attention was drawn to the door.

At the door, of Elysian Dreams two other people had approached. One of them being Edmund Merrick and the other was Lachlan Barr. They had gotten through the security line, passing inspection.

"Well this isn't a bad place to be at." Merrick commented to Lachlan. "And wait do I see Thex there? And I think I see Ja'sol too. Who is that girl next to Thex, and that Lurian?"

Thex gave a smile and a wave as she walked over to the two. " Hello, guys. Nice to see you two here." She said friendly to her shipmates.

Still just standing there like a ninny, Paisley's blue eyes darted around; always alert to danger. When Thex smile and waved, moving forward, she snapped back to the present. She smiled warmly. "I am Ens. Paisley F'rar; I work with Thex over on the Pioneer! I am the Damage control specialist."

"Hi there, nice to meet you. Looks like we're setting up to have a good time here." Merrick replied, holding out a hand to shake F'rar's hand.

She took his hand and gave it a firm shake-and smiled. "Seems like it's already a party." Her blue eyes searched the faces gathered-a couple she'd seen but didn't know formally. She spotted her boss, and nodded. "Elen!" How awkward was it to see your boss when you were just trying to do things that were unbecoming (hopefully!) to some poor Romulan who was more brain than muscle?!

Elen raised her beer bottle in response "Nice choice. " she shouted, with a smirk

Edmund gave a laugh, stepping further inside to get a better looksee of the place. "Great to see you, Elen."

Turning around he spotted Ja'sol eating at the bar. "Look who else is here." Merrick said, "Hey Ja'sol fancy seeing you here."

"Ed, this is beer. Beer this is Ed. Think you two should meet" Elen passed over a full bottle to the marine.

Merrick accepted the beer, downed it and then got another one.

Ja'sol had just finished eating and grabbed a mug of beer and walked over to join the group of fellow crewmates that had shown up at the club. He walked towards them and they could see he looked different. His long hair had been cut short and he was cleanly shaved. " So how is everyone doing tonight? " He asked.

"Be better once I've had a few more of these." Lachlan commented as he grabbed a beer and downed it in one go. Placing the empty bottle back down on the bar. "Being cooped up on a ship limits the choices of places to drink."

" I'll drink to that. Thex added having gotten a large orion starburst for herself.

Paisley smiled; they were clearly all going to have a good time. She spoke up then. "I'll be right back!" Kanar was too much for a party like this. She decided on Springwine. After a moment, she returned to the group. "Anyone meet anybody interesting yet?" She asked, innocently.

" Actually yes. " Said Ja'sol. I had a chat with one of the dancers in here tonight. She was half Caitian and half Klingon. Nice most of the time but when annoyed she has a short fuse. Her name is Daltari and seems to be one of the more interesting species I think I've met in awhile. " He said.

Paisley shook her head. Men everywhere, regardless of species or time warp, were all the same, weren't they? "Well. Maybe an introduction is in order?" Paisley was bisexual; she wouldn't mind doing unbecoming things with a Caitian/Klingon dancer, either, in case a suitable replacement couldn't be found. She kept mostly to herself on the ship, but mostly because she was new and didn't know many people. They'd learn quickly that she was friendly-maybe a bit TOO much-and a bit of a wild child, which came with the territory when you raised yourself pretty much.

" I could introduce you to her if you'd like. " Stated Ja'sol to Paisley.

"All of you enjoy, there is good food, good drink and great entertainment." Chientaka announced.

Merrick took a look at Paisley, "As for me, I've not gone out much." he flashed a grin then headed over towards a beckoning hand.

She laughed as he left, and settled into his formerly-occupied chair. She hoped he wouldn't mind. "I don't think I met that guy; that's one of the Marines, right?" She asked Thex. "So many people are here!!" She sipped her drink and looked at the assembled people-every race, every color, every planet was represented. How cool. A pair of eyes were looking at her; she could feel it.

Edmund had barely caught Paisley's question, "I'm Edmund Merrick " he called back over his shoulder then disappeared from view.

" One of the platoon commanders i think." It is truly an amazing place isn't it." Thex replied looking around the busy club.

Paisley nodded. "Yes, it is!! Hope I meet someone cool tonight. Or at least fun." She wasn't really looking for a long term anything right now, just a one-off bit of trouble.

El stood up "I'm going to find some nice greasy food, and a pool table, anyone want to join me ?"

"Sure...though you'll have to teach me how to play pool. We don't have it on Cardassia Prime yet, and no one in the Exchange plays it. Come on, Thex!!,"she said. "I'll skip the greasy food, though." Being full and run down from fast food was a bad idea if you wanted some fun later!

One of the girls passing by paused to look at the one who made the comment. " I will have you know the food here isn't greasy. We've got a dining room there. Seriously, getting a bit tired of comments as to how the food is here. Its not greasy." the waitress who had spots indicating she was Trill. 'there is a pool table up there, enjoy but, no greasy food." with that she walked off bearing drinks.

El sighed "I meant greasy as in high fat content, You know what, stuff it", she put her beer down and walked over to the pool table.

Paisley smiled. "I am sorry, she said it, not me! I've never been here. The drinks are excellent, though!" She said, blushing a shade of purple-the red against her grey-toned skin made an interesting color. "Can I have a Kanar, please?" She called out after the woman. She turned. "Barr? Wanna join us?" She asked. She recognized him from the boat but hadn't officially met him. "Ens. F'rar, Damage Control Specialist," she said, by way of introducing herself.

" Sounds like fun." Thex said still going through her Orion starburst though her eyes keep being drawn to the dancers as her antenna seemed to bump up and down to the music.

A smooth voice came at Paisley's elbow, "here you go, don't mind her, she's been here since everything went haywire. She's a bit protective over Elysian Dreams."

Paisley turned. "Excuse me?" She said. The voice from nowhere had startled the otherwise unflappable Carjoran. "Hi. Thank you!" She said, as the Kanar was placed in her hands. She knew she had to slow down. She would be SO sick tomorrow if she weren't careful and that was dangerous.

The sleek darkskinned man noticed the rhythm of the Andorian's antennae. "You know its been known for some guests to have their turn up on stage." he remarked before placing more drinks at the table some of the people were at.

As the man left her side, she turned to Thex. "Who's that guy??" She said, her blue eyes still trained in his direction. She watched Thex watching the dancers. Was she...also bisexual or perhaps a lesbian? Had Paisley hit the jackpot? *Whoops, calm down, P, it's the Kanar talking.*

" I'll have to consider that." Thex said slyly with a grin at the bartender before noticing everyone had turned to look at her. " What I'm trained in two forms of orion dancing." She explained to her crewmates.

Paisley raised an eyebrow. "Really?" She asked. "I didn't know there multiple types." She had led kind of a sheltered life, as one did when ones father was high up in the Cardassian government, and there was much about the Universe she didn't know.

Ja'sol spotted a lone lady in a Starfleet science uniform sitting by herself near the back wall. She was of a species that he'd never seen before so he went over to introduce himself. She had cat ears and eyes, otherwise she looked like a normal human. " Hello I'm Lieutenant Ja'sol from the pioneer, May I join you please? " He asked and then sat down to inquire of her species.

Merrick returned to the table, rubbing his cheek slightly with a chagrined grin. "Well I don't think she liked my answer." a hand imprint upon his cheek.

Khylara the Klingon bouncer, came up to Merrick and the others. "Who slapped you?" her eyes narrowing.

"Its okay, there isn't any trouble there. I just let the woman know I wasn't interested in her services. And she slapped me. I was being honest, also I caught her hand heading towards my pocket. I wasn't about to deal with that."

A frown and Khylara turned to look in the direction Merrick had come from, her nostrils flaring slightly. "Did she steal anything?"

"Well no, she didn't." Merrick patting himself down. "Nope nothing missing.

Khylara walked over, gave a sniff at Merrick, nodded and then left abruptly. She was on the hunt.

"Okay then." Merrick remarked.

Paisley snorted a little at Merrick, as she watched the table. "Who's teaching the Carjoran? Or am I on my own to find a little fun?" She asked. She was definitely going to need to get some more alcohol down some gullets--hers included. "Elen, I am going to watch the dancers a moment while you set up." Her boss knew that she swung both ways, romantically, and a fun few hours with a Orion girl would be just the kind of trouble she'd need to keep her going out here just a little longer.

Merrick looked at Paisley, the red mark on his cheek subsiding from its sting. "What will someone be teaching you? You've got me curious. " giving a bit of a chuckle.

"To play pool!" She said. "We don't have it on Cardassia Prime-or at least not in any place I was allowed to go. I left before I was legal age to spend time in bars and clubs, though!" Not only that, but she hadn't wanted to face the wrath of her father if she HAD learned to play such a game-he'd have called it unbecoming, or worse. "How about you?? Do you frequent places like this often?" She asked Merrick.

El just shook her head "Just don't do anything that'll put you in sickbay- or the brig. You know, not in the mood to hustle tonight, might call it a night here." she said, fidgeting with the cue ball. "I'll catch you guys later."

"I have NEVER been in trouble. I am a good girl!" She laughed, teasing her boss a little before she left to go back to the table. "Sorry, y'all, no pool for me tonight, looks like. I think I was interfering with El picking up some ladies."

" Still." Thex said with a laugh as she downed the last of her drink in one gulp. " Who's up for that game of pool?"

"If you'll teach me, I'm game!!" Paisley said, lighting up. She placed her drink on a tray that a faceless Andorian held, and then stood up. "We don't have it on Cardassia Prime, and if we do-it's not the kind of place I would've been allowed to frequent." She had only been in the Fleet for a couple of years-not nearly enough time to learn Human customs, and the first year she'd just spent her time trying to avoid other Cardassians, in case someone recognized her.

Merrick looked towards Thex and then Paisley. "if she isn't up to teaching you, I am sure there are a couple of people that will be able to do so. Right now though, I've got to get going. I've got something to do, see you all later." giving a bit of a smile and a wave, Edmund left Elysian Dreams.

Paisley shrugged and waved. "See you later!!" She turned to the others. "Well. Anyone else? If not, there's two really cute Romulans over there," she pointed, "Thex? They look like twins; it could be fun!" She laughed, but turned back around. "Gentlemen? Beat me at pool?" She said, putting her long black hair back, and her blue eyes dancing merrily. It was the first time in a while she'd felt truly relaxed and it was..nice.

" I see what you mean." Thex said softly noting the two female Romulans. It felt good to have some time of.

Paisley nodded. "Let's go!" If Thex followed, she followed. If not, she didn't. Paisley didn't care-she'd get her fun while she was still young enough to enjoy it.

" You go ahead I'm getting another drink. " Thex said to Paisley as the blue girl headed for the bar. The night was still young and she had a lot more partying to do.

Paisley just nodded and waved. She hoped the others would be safe but she couldn't worry about other adults. "See ya later, then!" She sailed towards the Romulans, smiling.

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