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Xenomelia Part I

Posted on Wed Aug 24th, 2022 @ 3:29am by Commodore Tyler Malbrooke & Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Harris & Staff Sergeant Shayla Kunadt & Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Maren & Lieutenant Fathom Fellini & Lieutenant Junior Grade Selorina M'Kress & Lieutenant Junior Grade Mignon Mejia & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sha’Zen D'Tem
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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: Shuttle Craft Roosevelt/Shuttle Bay - Deck 10 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD004 1600 hrs

Michael Harris walked into the Shuttle Bay after receiving the word that he had been assigned to the Away Team. He truly wondered why he was on this assignment. His knowledge lay with space not with the water, Harris was an astral physicist and a specialist in temporal mechanics but as usual orders were orders. As he approached the shuttle named Roosevelt he could see the other team that had been led by the XO gathering near the Serenity. Michael thought that the Captain was indeed pulling out all the stops for these new allies.

Alyssa and Mignon were discussing the information they'd obtained and what they might find as they approached the shuttle bay. "If the amputations are ritualistic in nature, they could be from a renewal of some pagan ritual," Mignon said.

"I don't think so," Alyssa countered. "There are too many feet showing up in a short period of time. I would expect those numbers as a result of conquest, and there's no indication of that on the planet."

"True." Mignon spotted Harris ahead of them. "Hello, lieutenant."

"Commander if I may be so bold. While this is a very curious case I do not see a reason for an astral physicist in the briefing. Why exactly was I asked to be here?" Michael was not opposed to away missions in fact in most cases he rather enjoyed them. However, the idea of going underwater did not please him.

"I don't wish to speak for the Commander, but I believe she want you to, how do humans say, 'come out of your nut shell', Lieutenant." Sha'Zen said.

Mignon would prefer that his nuts stay in their shell, but she knew the comment was impertinent and so she said nothing. She managed not to laugh, too, but she couldn't help the twinkle in her eye.

Alyssa glanced at the other archaeologist and gave her a tiny shake of the head. She knew something amused Mignon, but really didn't want to know what it was. "Lieutenant," she said, addressing Harris, "We have a tidal map that may or may not be as accurate as we need. Have you considered that astrophysics might be needed to help with additional lunar calculations?" She raised an eyebrow. "But if you don't think you're up to the task, I can ask someone else to replace you."

There was a small almost inaudible grumble from Michael. Alyssa seemed to know what to say to hurt the man who could not be hurt. She had challenged his intellect and his science and that was a challenge that Michael could not and would not back down from. "No ma'am no need to replace me. I just did not understand why I would be needed. However, as you say new mapping may be needed." He turned and made his way into the shuttle. He did not want to be on this mission, however, he knew that he should make some friends and this may be just how to do it.

She watched him go for a moment, then shook her head. He was definitely prickly. Alyssa normally got along with her crew, but sometimes--like now--she had to work for it.

"Poking the bear?" Mignon asked, sotto voce.

"That wasn't my intention. I got the feeling he didn't want to be here, and possibly that this would end up being grunt work. I really do think he may come in handy." She shook her head. "I probably should have phrased that last part differently."

"Dunno." Mignon shrugged. "He doesn't seem to want to be friends."

Alyssa smiled. That was entirely his business. "Let's go."

Fathom Fellini came up behind them. "Hi." She was a marine biologist and while she wasn't familiar with this planet, she was excited to get a look at what lived under the ocean.

"Glad you made it," Alyssa replied. "Let's get everyone on the shuttle and see what's down there." She picked up her bag and led the way.

As the rest of the team boarded Michael sat at one of the stations and began to format it to his liking. He tried to remove the somber expression from his face and made a conscious effort to appear welcoming, although he was unsure if it worked. He nodded by way of hello as everyone boarded.

Kunadt hurried through the corridors of the Pioneer wearing her MARVEL EAS with the helmet tucked under her arm. She had received the order to act as pilot for the science team for the mission, and instantly became torn. She wanted to be on this mission as it was the first thing that was interesting in a long time. However, she felt that this damned suit was a bit much. Major Tremble ordered her to wear the suit as she would not only be serving as the pilot but as the muscle of sorts as well. She jogged into the shuttle. "Sorry for being a little behind schedule but I just got the orders. I am Sergeant Shayla Kunadt and I'll be your pilot today..." She chuckled at the homage to old airplanes that she made. "...My friends call me Jumper." She said as she sat in the pilot's chair and set her helmet down beside her.

Alyssa turned to her and smiled. "Excellent. We're ready as soon as you are." She settled herself in a seat and prepared for launch. She'd made copious notes, which were now on her PADD, and was eager to get started on their part of the mystery.

Sha'Zen grabbed her gear and climbed aboard the shuttle.

Michael sat at one of the auxillary stations and had it configured to his liking. He took the liberty of connecting his console to the Pioneer's sensor suite. This way if needed he could get a readout from the ship, this may be particularly useful for mapping currents and the like. He may have not wanted to go on this mission but there was something in the air, something that had stuck within his gut. He needed to be here, and so here he was. "All looks green over here Sergeant." He said when the woman asked as she went through her preflight.

"Bridge this is Roosevelt requesting permission to depart." Shayla said into the open comm channel. "Permission granted Jumper. Safe travels and hurry home." The twangy voice of Captain Malbrooke could be heard in return. Shayla smiled and turned over her shoulder. "Alright ladies and gentlemen hold on to your butts here we go." With that the Roosevelt rose off the deck in the shuttle bay and turned toward the open bay doors. It passed through the blue glow of the forcefield and out into open space and the unknown.
To Be Continued...

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