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New Security Department

Posted on Mon Sep 5th, 2022 @ 5:31pm by Lieutenant Ja'sol H'ros & Ensign Rachel Sinclair & Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen & Ensign Auba Lyna & Senior Chief Petty Officer Leela Capella & Petty Officer 1st Class S'kaadaar
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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: USS Pioneer - Security Department
Timeline: MD001 1000 hrs

Petty Officer 1st Class S'kaadaar got a few interesting looks as she made her way down the ship's corridors toward the Security Department. She was used to it, not many in Starfleet had encountered a Gorn, let alone one dressed in a Starfleet uniform. She smiled at those she encountered, remembering to keep her mouth shut. Her teeth often frightened humanoids, and she didn't want another misunderstanding like back a Boot Camp.

Leela was in the Armoury cataloguing the new weapons and Security equipment they'd taken on at Empok Nor. She opened a crate that contain concussion grenades, examining each one before adding them to the manifest. Next she found a crate that bore the symbol of the SerNumi military, a label on it read 'Property of Sha'Zen D'Tem Do Not Open'.
She made a note to talk to this Sha'Zen D'Tem.

Auba entered the security office to check in and check any reports she has missed.

Ja'sol had just finished moving the last box into his new office when he heard the outer door open. He stuck his head out from the office door. " Greetings Senior Chief Petty Officer, What can I do for you? " He asked in a friendly tone.

"I thought with all the changes to department, that we should have a meeting, I hope I haven't over stepped my authority, but I've let the others know of the meeting." Leela said.

Ja'sol shrugged with indifference. "Nah, it was going to happen sooner or later anyway. I might as well get to know the people I'm going to be working with." He glanced over at Leela. " Since you've called the meeting and you know everyone, Let me know when they're all here and we'll begin the meeting. " As he took a healthy swig of coffee. " Oh and if you ever see me without a coffee in my hand, something is terribly terribly wrong! I'm the guy whose drinking coffee during the Vulcan summer. " He said and laughed.

Nhi ran in to the department. "Look I know I am late, but... hey...are you new? Where is commander Myles?" She then remembered the memo about him being transferred. "Wow, yea that's not making a good impression on the new boss. Look, sir, I am not going to make any excuses, my sister will have my head for that and she is just an enlisted officer. But she scares the crap out of me when she is angry. But she would say she is not angry, cause she Vulcan. I don't understand her logic. Ok I will stop rambling now. Ensign Hoa Nhi Nguyen, reporting for duty."

"Whoa there Ensign! Settle down and take a breath." Stated Ja'sol. " Now if your interested in improving your first impression on the new boss Ensign Nguyen." He said with a slight grin. "How about you grab me a large black coffee from the replicator, and something for yourself as well." "If anyone wants a beverage from the replicator feel free to grab one. Might as well have a powwow since we've got some people here that I need to meet and for you to find out a bit about me as well."

S'kaadaar entered as Ja'sol offered his replicator to everyone. She ordered herself a Raktajino.

Ja'sol nodded to S'kaadaar as she entered the room. " I haven't had a chance to read over the personal rooster of the department as of yet. I am honored to have you working with us, this is the first time that I've had a chance to work with a Gorn, I am honored and welcome. " He said with a slight bow. " I am looking forward to getting to know each of you. "

"Thank you for the warm welcome, sir." She replied with a toothy grin. "I'm Petty Officer S'kaadar. I have never had anyone bow to me before, most people just run in fear or give me dirty looks." She added.

Nhi got a coffee for her new boss and and a latte for herself. She handed the big mug of black coffee to Ja'sol. "Here you go sir. And I promise I won't be late again. This is actually my first. Just don't talk to my sister, or commander Myles. Or Major Tremble. Though I only met Major Tremble once and it wasn't because I was late." She quickly took a sip from her latte. "Forget I said anything."

Ja'sol looked at her and smiled." Thanks for the Coffee Ensign Nguyen, and your not late. This is a new day and everyone has a clean slate, okay? Take a seat and make yourself comfortable. Besides the Commander is too busy packing and transferring everything to his new quarters on the station. That and I don't know who your sister even is and I've never met Major Tremble before or let alone a reason to talk to them as of yet. I don't expect anyone in this department to be perfect, but I will expect you to do your best, and that's all I can expect of anyone. "

"Sir, you've met Ensign Nguyen, and our newest addition Petty Officer S'kaadaar, and Ensign Auba is here somewhere too." Leela told Ja'sol.

"Well it is my intention to meet with everyone on alpha shift today. One thing you should all know about me is that I don't care about what species or gender you are, As long as you wear that uniform and are a member of this department you'll be treated the same as anyone else. I won't tolerate any type of harassment towards anyone on our crew or on this ship. I know what it's like to be on the receiving end of that type of treatment. I am a Eldoran, Some of you might not know that. I have golden skin and amber eyes and No I am NOT an android! " He said with a grin. " Is there anything you'd like to know about me? " He asked.

Auba approached. "Heard my name, so here I am. You the new department head, sir."

"Yes I am. You must be Auba, Welcome and pull up a seat. We're just getting to know each other a little. We're all adults here and have been through the same training at the academy, and you all know what your expected to do. There will be no major shake ups or changes in the department. The only thing I ask for when I first come in, Is give me five minutes so I can have my morning cup of coffee. I'd like to hear a little about each of you. Any speciality training I should know about or special talents that could help out the department, and how long you've served. Things like that. Ok the floor is open, it's your turn now. I'm interested in learning who I'll be working with. " He said with a broad smile.

"I'm Senior Chief Petty Officer Leela Capella. I was raised to be a warrior. I am the Pioneer's Master-at-Arms, and as such I am proficient in most energy and bladed weapons." Leela said introducing herself.

"It is a pleasure to have you on the team Senior Chief Capella, It's always good to have an experienced combat veteran that can help train the younger ones to stay alive." Said Ja'sol.

Auba took a seat and waited.

"I am Petty Officer S'kaadaar." the Gorn began, her voice having a slight hiss to it. "I was created as part of a Klingon experiment to produce shock troops. The experiment was disbanded and I'm the only survivor. Due to chemical and genetic manipulation, I am stronger, have faster reflexes and I am more resistant to physical damage than my natural born brethren. I have also undergone Klingon warrior training."

"Ensign Auba Lyna, Bajorian, obviously. I'm good with a phaser and a wide range of martial arts training." She looked around. "I've been on the ship for awhile, I enjoy it here...and I'm engaged to the ship's pilot."

"Petty Officer S'kaadaar, Your truly a unique one aren't you? Undergone Klingon warrior training and a shock trooper, I bet the physical portion to your academy training was a cake walk for you, that and highly intelligent as well. I'm glad your with us on this ship. "

"Thank you, Sir." S'Kaadar said with a slight hiss.

"Ensign Lyna, Good with phasers and multiple hand to hand martial arts styles. If we ever have to do any boarding action on some pirate or smuggler ship, I've already got a highly trained and effective team. And congrats on your engagement. Is your wedding anytime soon? Just let me know before hand and we'll make sure you get your time off for your honeymoon."

"We don't have a date yet....we've talked of returning to Bajor for the ceremony." Auba replied.

"Congratulations, Ensign." Leela said. "I wish you well. On my world marriages are arranged and are used build treaties between families."

"Well when you do set a date, just let me know and I'll get the time set up for you. " Stated Ja'sol. " We simply can't have you missing such an important day in your life. "

He turned to Leela and gave her a curious look. "Leela, does your culture still practice arranged marriages? I don't recall ever meeting a culture that does still practice arranged marriages. Does it work out well for your people?"

"My people still practice arranged marriages, and it does work sometimes, unfortunately for my father, I refused and left the planet." Leela explained.

"If I was still on Bajor, my parents would have pledged me to a Bajoran man." said Auba.

"The Eldorians have something similar. If a set of parents are friends they might pledge they're children to be married when they grow up. If they find they love each other, they will marry. If not, it is called off with no loss of face for either family since there is no point to having a loveless marriage. There is a saying on my home world, One should never be ashamed of who they love. Eldorans are free to marry who they will in most cases, even if they are not of our world."

"Growing up on a Klingon colony world, I knew nothing of my people's ways, a Gorn male from the experiment, tried to force himself on me, refusing to take no for an answer, so I was forced to kill him." S'kaadaar said.

Ja'sol shook his head in disbelief. " I'm sorry that happened to you. Your a warrior, and I'm glad you survived with your honor and dignity intact. Served him right for not listening in the first place. "

Nhi played with her spoon. "My sister married the man my mother chose for her. She seems happy. For as far as a Vulcan can show happiness." She shrugged. She felt a little out of the conversation. She hadn't even had her pon farr yet. And she hoped to find someone some day. But she wasn't actively looking.

Ja'sol let out a soft sigh. " I understand, it can be hard to meet people when your always on the move. Anyone in Starfleet knows that. There's the travel , excitement and adventure that goes with the job. Going from planet to planet and meeting new people. The trade off is your never in one spot long enough to develop deep friendships or relationships. " Ja'sol gave a grin and continued talking. " I do however have a roommate, who tends to ignore me most of the time. I will warn you right now, that Alejandro is very much a ladies man and will steal your heart if your not careful. If you came over he would be rubbing up against you, followed by jumping on your lap and purring up a storm. He is a two year old Russian blue cat, and the only time he even bothers with me is when he wants attention or food. I found him a few years back after someone abandoned him and left him on his own. He was maybe four or five weeks old at the time and I just couldn't leave him there. "

"Cats are large on my world, and we train them to be our mounts in battle." Leela said.

"We have big cats too where I am from, but I wouldn't say I would ride them like a horse. many battles have you been in since you left your homeworld?" Nhi said turning over to Leela. Her tone was mostly bored, but she couldn't help throw in a little arrogance.

"As few. Just recently, I helped my friend, Lieutenant Commander Dartaw K'gunn, dispatch a Klingon hit squad, on Empok Nor, before coming aboard the Pioneer." Leela replied.

"We don't have cats on Bajor. The Cradassians killed them." said Auba.

"But they probably left you their voles on your world." Leela said. "My father traded once with Cardassian traders, and our settlement was invested by the ugly little creatures."

"I've heard that some worlds in the outer rim areas would hire Caitians, Lyrans or Kzinti's to come in and take care of vole problems. They get credit per head plus a bonus for completing the job, and I'm told they give the meat to their needy back home." Said Ja'sol. "That would work for me, the people get rid of the vole and the poor and needy get fed."

"Stellar pest control," Nhi threw in. "Yep that's interesting." She finished her drink as she looked around the room and realized she hadn't met half of these people. At the start she was only with her sister a lot.

'I agree." S'kaadar said. "I have not encountered any of these creatures, mostly because I have had very little interaction with Cardassians. Purely out of curiosity, I would like to know how these voles taste."

Ja'sol looked to S'kaadar. " If we happen to ever come across some, I'll try to bag a couple of them for you can give them a try. Who knows, you just might have a taste for it. Since they're a common pest, I don't believe anyone will object to us killing some of them. I've eaten some strange things from different cultures around the galaxy, So how do you like yours cooked? " He asked.

"I spent some time in New Orleans and I developed a taste for Cajun food. So, I'd enjoy it that way." S'kaadar replied.

"Are you proposing a Pioneer cook out, S'Kaadaar? If so I am in!" Nhi was suddenly interested. "I believe the Cardassian stations for some reason keep getting overrun by them. Maybe Empok Nor can keep some aside for us. I did bring some of the spices and herbs from my home country. Oh my father will be so proud."

Ja'sol looked back and forth between the two security officers. " I don't object to us having a cook out. " Said Ja'sol. " But I have a few questions first. What is Cajun cooking? As I have never heard of it or tried it before. Second, We're not just talking about seeing who can come up with the best vole dish, correct? " He asked for clarification's sake. " Or are we talking about making enough of something and sharing it with the personal in our department? "

Nhi laughed, "Sir, you haven't had Cajun food? It's one of the most popular cuisines on Earth and not just among humans as S'Kaadar here just proved. Earth has a a cuisine pallet of a hugely wide variety, and yes Klingons and Bajorans has some great dishes granted. And this is because of Earth's cultural diversity. To answer your second question, when we make these Vole dishes, who do you think have to test them?" She winked to her boss. "Look as a Risian you have to admit, food is just a different kind of pleasure but then for your taste buds."

"If we're all going to be making a vole dish each, then I would say that we all try them to see which one is liked the best. And no I have never heard of or tried This Cajun food. I was cramming in extra classes at the academy so as to be able to get a better posting on a ship of my choice. In the four years I was at the academy I think I might have had about thirty days free time. Besides for me it's a long way from Earth to my home world. In fact this is the closest I've been to home since I graduated from the academy, So if time permits I just might visit my family while I'm this close." He thought a moment." So it has been nine years since I've been home last. " Said Ja'sol.

"Cajun food begins with green bell pepper, onion and celery. It uses spices such as black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and smoked paprika, but salt, mustard powder, chili peppers, or cumin can also be used." S'kaadar explained.

"This Cajun food sounds interesting, I look forward to trying it. But before we have our little shinding, I believe we must first acquire some voles for the cook off. Or is there a subsititue that we can use in case we can't find any voles? " Ja'sol asked. " You'd know better then I would concerning this Cajun food you speak of."

"If you like spicy foods, you should try Hasperat. I think it's mild, but I grew up on it." said Lyna.

"El Dorian food Varies by the region. About eighty percent of the planet is either Tropical or warm temperate in climate. The area I live in would be comparable to say Fiji or Hawaii on Earth climate wise and our cooking style I would compare to Hawaiian, Polynesian and Japanese. Take those and blend them together and you'd have a good idea of the types of food from where I'm from. Now if you go further south toward the equator, where the land masses are larger, you'd get a blend of Central and South American of foods if compared to Earth style of foods. I don't mind some spicy foods, just as long as it's not burn your mouth off hot." Said Ja'sol

"The roof of my mouth is quite thick." S'kaadaar said. "So, spicy food does not cause me pain."

"As I said, I don't mind some heat but I want to enjoy the flavor as well. I guess my mouth is a bit more sensitive to the heat." He shrugged. "It's to be expected from different cultures and species, And I accept that. That's what makes learning about others so fun, you get to see the differences and work together."

"The cuisine of my people is quite bland and simple by most standards." Leela added. "I've come to enjoy the food of other cultures during my time in Starfleet."

" Do we still want to have a vole cook off? " Asked Ja'sol. " Or do we want to have a culture pot luck? You know, everyone brings a dish to share with everyone from they're home world or region if multiple people from the same planet. How does that sound? " He asked to gauge the reaction.

Lyna spoke up. "I'd be okay with the pot luck idea. I can bring Hasperat....or a dish from Earth, where my fiance is's called, meat loaf. I've been trying to cook it."

"We need to have vole first. But I guess I can make some Vietnamese dishes. Everyone in the Academy was impressed by the half Vulcan making Earth food. Hah!" Nhi laughed.

"Ok, We'll replicate the vole. I'm not aware of anyplace around here that sells fresh vole. Or maybe there are some recipes in the replicator?" He asked them. "Surely there's got to be at least one Federation species that has entered a vole dish into the replicator system."

Lyna looked at him. "Aren't Voles vermin? Would you eat a mouse or a rat?"

"My people do." S'kaadar said. "And they eat them live, but I prefer my food cooked and flavoured well." She added.

Ja'sol turned and smiled at Lyna. " I would be willing to sample foods from other cultures, It is one of the best ways to start learning about others. That is the one thing that binds most species together, We all have to eat to survive. How many Federation species are in our department alone? the only thing I could name from the Vulcan's menu is Plomek soup. I've heard of it, but I have never tried it before. Food gives you a starting point to talk about as you get to know them. Then you become friends and learn other items of interest about they're species and customs, and they learn about you as well. So if sampling some rodent helps me understand a species better then count me in. "

S'kaadar said. "I could throw together a Jambalaya."

" I've never tried a Jambalaya before, So what the heck I'd love to try some. " Stated Ja'sol. " Since we all seem to agree on the idea of a pot luck style meal, I could bring an Eldoran grilled fish with a light dipping sauce and some seaweed salad. I'm pretty decent at cooking those. For drinks we'll just use the replicator in here. We'll make a list that way everyone will know what's being brought and plan accordingly. Is everyone good with that? " He asked.

"Its good with me." Leela replied.

" Alright then we'll figure out a time when we want to pot luck then. " Said Ja'sol. We're currently enroute to a planet by the request of the Jutrai Government to assist with an investigation, once that is done I think we'll have plenty of time for our pot luck lunch or dinner. "

Walking into the security office, Rachel instantly froze when she saw the gathered officers all engaged in conversation. She’d hoped her first day might be a little more quiet but it seems the universe had other plans for her. Taking a deep breath in, Rachel closed her eyes for a moment to try and centre herself before walking over to the one officer she recognised as her division CO, “Ensign Sinclair reporting for duty sir”

Auba looked up. "Oh...a newbie." She smiled at the woman. "Welcome to the Pioneer."

Turning to look at the woman welcoming her, Rachel gave a slight bow, “thank you ensign….um, sorry I’m afraid I don’t know your name. I haven’t memorised the crew manifest yet”

"I'm Ensign Auba Lyna, Ensign Sinclair."

“Then thank you Auba, you may call me Rachel” she said, holding out her hand towards Ensign Lyna

"Yesss, Welcome Ensign." S'kaadaar said. "I'm S'kaadaar."

Ja'sol spoke up. " Alright, I need everyone's attention for a moment. Ensign Sinclair just transferred onto the ship today along with our supply delivery. She is has been been assigned as our new Assistant Chief Security Tactical Officer, So please make her feel welcome. "

"So basically she is our boss when you're not here, sir?" Nhi nodded to Rachel. "Welcome, we were just discussing about food. And a pot luck. It's a great moment to join us."

"That is correct Ensign Nyugen, or she would be in charge of the second unit if we're operating two teams. So help her out and show her the layout of the ship and areas of interest, And she already knows about the pot luck as well." He turned and went into his office and came out with a mug of coffee. "Oh, by the way Ensign Sinclair, That is your office right over there. And welcome to the Pioneer, We're glad you've joined us."

"Thank you sir" Rachel said before looking back to the others, "and yes the boss has told me about this planned pot luck. I'm looking forward to it as an opportunity to get to know you all. I hope I can be a good commander for you."

"Welcome aboard Ensign, I'm Leela Capella, Master-at-Arms, at your service ma'am." Leela said.

“Master-at-Arms? I may need you to give me a quick run through the weapons training programs you have."

"Of course, Ensign." Leela said.

Ja'sol watched as the ladies chatted and introduced themselves. He brought his coffee mug up to his lips and then noticed something missing and looked into his mug. " Damn. Empty again. As he got up and went back to the replicator for more.

S'kaadaar approached Ja'sol. Noticing his empty mug. "Someone should invent a mug that refills itself." She suggested.

Ja'sol chuckled and nodded in agreement. " That would make my life easier, but then I wouldn't be getting my exercise walking back and forth between my desk and the replicator. " He said with a laugh. " Computer fill cup with hot Hawaiian Kona Coffee. " The machine hummed and filled it's request. Ja'sol looked up at at S'kaadaar. " Would you care for a cup S'kaadaar? " He asked.

"Yes, thank you, sir." She replied.

Ja'sol got another cup from the replicator and handed it to S'kaadaar. " Kona coffee has a nice rich flavor with mellow tones. I like to enjoy some after a meal. relax to some music for about a half an hour and then go to the gym and get a workout done , that's pretty much routine for me. How about you S'kaadaar? what do you like doing in your time off? " He asked her.

"Like to read about military history, work out, eat a good meal, and a crewman on a previous posting introduced me to 'monster movies'. Its a type of visual/audio entertainment from Earth of the 20th and 21st century, that involves attacks on humans or their cities by large or ferocious species, some alien, some not. I tend to root for the monsters." S'kaadaar added with a brief toothy smile.

" That sounds interesting, I might just have to give a few of those shows a watch to see what your referring to. " Stated Ja'sol. " I tend to watch more cooking and travel programs and exotic locations around the federation, since I'll never get to travel to them all. "He smiled as he remembered. " I have an Aunt and a few of my cousins back home that have a swim up dinner that is stocked with meats, fruits and vegetables from the shore and the freshest catch of the day still swimming in the tanks and serve up a nice torchlight dinner every evening, maybe while we're in the sector we'll get a chance to visit my home world. I think it would make for a nice shore leave for the crew, perhaps I could suggest it to the Captain and see what he thinks. "

"Sounds like a fine plan, Sir." S'kaadaar said sipping her coffee.

"If the Captain does approve the idea, I wouldn't object to playing tour guide or suggest some activity's For those on shore leave. There is plenty to see and do on Eldor, and the locals are friendly to non eldorians." Said Ja'sol with a confident smile.

Auba was surprised that a new arrival was given this assignment......what about those who were there already?

Nhi was distantly playing with her empty mug. She sighed loudly. "I am bored. Let's do something." She started bouncing in her chair. "Sir, I would like the SCIF duty. Been requesting for ages with Commander Myles, but he never put me on the list. My sister said its because I am not serious enough. But I think Major Tremble might be holding it back. I think he was in charge of planning the duty roster of SCIF security. Does he still do that if he now the first officer?"

"I will look into that, He is the first officer and may still be in charge of that. But your sister is right, it does take serious commitment. From now on Rachel and I will be in charge of the security roster for the daily duties and they will come out at the start of each week. I'm also going to implement some training drills for ship emergencies. The drills I want everyone to know will be. Boarding enemy ships, repealing enemy boarders, both transporter and breaching pods, How to handle biological warfare attacks and catastrophic ship wide damage such as in the event of a quantum filament or other such events. The better prepared we are the more lives we can save. We will utilize empty cargo bays or recruit off duty crew members to play the victims to make it a bit more real. But for now let your hair down and let's enjoy ourselves. "

He walked over to Nhi. " You said you were bored and wanted to do something. What did you have in mind? Is it something we could do as a group? " He asked.

"Well.." Nhi tilted her head. "There is this marine drill program that the Major developed with the commander. It was designed to be useful for both the security department and the marines. It's basically one of the programs set up to make marine and fleet work more efficiently together. I hear it is both fun and interactive as well. But wouldn't you know we never had the time to do it. It is also good for team building. Which from the looks of it we could use right now."

Ja'sol rubbed his chin. " That depends on how long the program takes to complete, Pretty soon we'll all be up to our necks in this Jutrai investigation and we'll need all hands for this. I think this will give you some excitement, trying to uncover where the mysterious body parts are washing up from. Kind of grim if you ask me. "

"Ewww...bodyparts?" Nhi shivered making a weied face. "There are programs of an hour I know," Just continuing on about the holodeck program. It was better than talking about the mission.

"The Jutrai government requested our ship be involved in this investigation. We are being observed to see if we are trustworthy and if they want further contact with the federation. This will be a first contact type of event, so best behavior and bring your best to the table during the investigation. What has both us and them puzzled, is that these feet are washing up shore and there has been several federation species amongst the remains. The Jutrai have no idea how they got there and neither does Starfleet HQ. We've had no official reports of missing persons or ships, So where are they coming from? We need answers." Ja'sol stated." Does anyone have any questions?"

"Okay, I'll prepare our equipment for the investigation." Leela said.

"Sounds good." Stated Ja'sol. "We've got a lot of work to do and a limited time to do it in. But I've got the best security team at my side So I'm not worried. "

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