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Tactical Disadvantage

Posted on Mon Aug 22nd, 2022 @ 12:13pm by Major Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant JG Mira Jayna
Edited on on Wed Aug 24th, 2022 @ 4:08am

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Mission: Episode 13 - Crooked River
Location: The Snake Pit - Deck 9 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD002 1830 hrs

Jayna had information for Neil, although she wasn't sure how helpful it could be. She'd been arguing with herself for two days as to whether or not it was relevant. But she did need someone to act as a sounding board and he was the best person for the job. Plus, she trusted him. And, if she were completely honest, she wanted to see him. He'd been so busy lately there wasn't even time for a quick meal together.

Even now he was busy doing...something. She'd left him a message that she wanted to meet with him and found a room with a holotable so she could study tactics. That was still one of her weak areas. All her life she'd been taught to be stealthy. To slip in and out without being noticed. Get in, get the information and get out. Be creative but don't get caught. That did not work for a capture the flag scenario for Marine training. Her performance in the holodeck program still wasn't acceptable. Her hide and seek training didn't work and her tactical training was lacking--although she was slowly improving.

The more she struggled, the more Gunny Ermy got after her. His instructions were beginning to frustrate her. She was pretty sure that was the purpose. Wasn't it to break her down and build her up to be a Marine? But she wasn't a Marine. She was an information-gatherer. She was a Spook. "Computer, run capture the flag scenario 2275, half speed."

She watched as the grid on the table became a jungle. Then the two teams materialized and she studied them as they battle commenced. For the second game, she took over for the green team lead, ordering her troops and watching as the other team adapted.

Neil strode down the corridor, his mind churning through the days admin work as he passed into marine country and found the holo-tank Jayna was using. Pausing at the door he cleared his mind to concentrate on the moment and entered, walking up to the holo-sim she was running. He glanced at the parameter information that was water falling off to the edge. Glancing at the stick figures rushing about, he grinned at her and asked. "How goes the war?"

"Not as good as I'd like."She flashed him a grin. "But I'm not losing as quickly as I was." Her momentary distraction lost her two team members. "This kind of tactics is not my strong suit." She launched a counter-attacked that gained her a little ground, but lost her two more little figures. "How was your day?"

"Department head meetings and walk throughs took most of the day," he said, making a face. "It's vital and they all need to be listened to and the personnel need to see command staff taking an interest. But...I think I'm going to have to hit the holo-gym and let myself get punched in the face repeatedly. Staff work is not my cup of tea."

He grinned as her figures moved about and said, "You may want to switch modes to attack or defend scenarios. Mindset is different and it's kinda rare where a mission tasks you to do both unless you're operating at the company level or higher. My advice is to start with squad tactics and work up, for what it's worth."

"Thanks. I've been analyzing tactics and wanted to try a few, but...I'm losing the details." She shook her head as she shut off the program. She turned to Neil and grinned. "I hear swimming under waterfalls can be quite relaxing after a hard day." She stood and stretched. Tomorrow she'd focus on squad tactics, but she had enough for now. While she enjoyed the challenge, it gave her another level of appreciation for intel.

Neil resisted the temptation to jump into the tactical squad challenges and watched her as she stretched. "I do miss that place. Simple problems you can generally handle by applying skills and physical labor..." He considered for a few moments and asked, "I believe we're both done with duty. Or close enough. Do you need a workout or do you want to just find drinks somewhere and then food after?"

She considered the options for a moment, then nodded to the table. "I could do with a workout after this. What do you have in mind?" She wasn't much of a boxer, but she was up for whatever Neil had in mind. Besides, she liked spending time with him. Maybe she could watch him at the tactical table some time. It would be fascinating to watch his moves.

Neil considered for a moment, then grinned at her. "Well, I did weights and strength training this morning. My normal routine now would be a run..." He queued up a quick request through his contact and said, "There's a holo-deck free. Do you have a preferred program?"

"For a run?" She considered that for a moment. "No. I go between woods, track, and country lane, but I'm flexible." A good run appealed to her, and she liked the idea of running with Neil. She looked at him for a moment. "Is there a program you prefer?"

"Camp Naga on Pentost IV," Neil replied after some thought. "It's a dedicated workout 5k trail with about a mile each of woods, hills, beach, urban, and mountain. Each klick has some sort of station set up if you want to hit weights, climb ropes, or go through an obstacle course. There's even a swimming bit if you're so inclined."

A slow smile spread across Jayna's face. "That sounds perfect." She liked the variety--and the swim. It would be a fun challenge. She also was interested in watching Neil run the course. "Do I need to bring my own running gear, or can I get it in the program?"

"Up to you. The program has built in refresher facilities, including snack bar and locker room," he told her, smiling. "The replicator should have all your presets, but if you have gear you prefer it's all good. There are cleaning stations for permanent gear as well."

"Good enough. I'll see what the program has to offer." She grinned mischievously. "This way, I can always blame the program for any...malfunctions." Her step was light as she accompanied him. This was going to be fun.

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