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The family stays together

Posted on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 8:14pm by Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Edited on on Tue Sep 22nd, 2020 @ 8:18pm

Mission: Episode 10 - New Home, Same Pioneers
Location: Lt O'Flannagain's Office - Deck 6 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD009 1000 hrs
1252 words - 3 OF Standard Post Measure

Ameri came into her office with a mission in hand. She was going to finish up all her paperwork today and get it turned in with no interruptions. She shut her office door and went to her desk, setting the covered coffee down. Taking a seat in her chair she went to work on the first one.

Immersed in her work, it took a moment for Ameri to hear the beep. Looking up, she saw that she has an incoming subspace call. Wondering who would be calling she connected the call and waited.

Ameri looked at the screen and smiled when she saw who it was. “Dad! She said with a smile. It had been a few months since she had spoken to him. She wished that it had been when Quinn and Enya were with her, they would have loved to talk to him.

“Ameri,” her father’s face was lit up. “It has been a while so I thought I would see if I could talk to you and see how you and the family are.”

“We are doing well,” Ameri said with a smile. “Quinn is close to his own command. I am the chief operations officer now.” She hoped she didn’t come across as bragging, she was proud it their accomplishments.

“I thought you were in science,” her father frowned. “You went back to Operations?”

“There was an opening and I took it,” Ameri replied firmly. She loved her Dad, but he often didn’t realize his children were adults and had their own lives. “I really like my job. I have good people working under me.”

“As long as you are happy,” Paul replied with a smile. “I spoke with Timothy and he said the boys are growing fast.”

This was one of the things that was a drawback for serving Ameri thought. She hadn't seen her nephews since they were babies. "How is he doing?"

"Timothy seems good," her Dad replied. Ameri could see the concern on his face. Timothy's wife had passed away about a year ago. She had been there for him as much as she could.

"I'm glad to hear it," Ameri said with a grin. "You haven't met someone have you?" She had always hoped that her Dad would meet someone. She missed her mother and no one would ever take her place but Ameri knew her mother wouldn't want him alone.

"I'm too old and set in my ways," Paul growled. "You know that it would take one hell of a woman to put up with me and all my bad habits."

Ameri grinned. Her Dad did have a particular way of doing things and he had a schedule. He never deviated. If someone wanted to find him they would know where just by the time of day. "As long as you are happy."

"How is my beautiful granddaughter doing?" her father asked her, changing the subject.

"Enya is doing really good," Ameri grinned. "She is so smart, sometimes it takes all I have to keep a step ahead of her. I see a lot of Quinn and myself in her."

"Is there any chance you will be coming this way anytime soon?" Paul asked her. Ameri could see the hope in his eyes.

"Dad," Ameri began. "I don't have access to where we are headed next and I highly doubt we would be headed there. I honestly can't give you any indication of anytime soon we will be coming. We're a long way from home." She hated disappointing him, but this was the life she and Quinn chose for their family.

"I didn't think so, but I wanted to talk to you about something," Her father began. "And I want you to hear me out.

Ameri had no idea what he was going to ask but she was pretty certain it was something her Dad was sure she wasn't going to be happy about. "Okay, Dad. Go ahead."

"I wondered if you would talk to Quinn about the possibility of Enya coming to stay with me for a year," He took a deep breath. "I know it is a lot to ask but you know I would take good care of her. I am missing out on spending time with my granddaughter."

Ameri's heart broke for her father but she didn't need to speak with Quinn she knew what his answer would be, the same as hers. There was no way they were letting their daughter leave and go to Ireland for a year. It was not about trust or anything like that. They were a family and they stayed together. When they got married that was one of their first discussions about having children. They would be raised wherever Ameri and Quinn served.

"I can't Dad," Ameri shook her head. "I am sorry but there is no way that Quinn will agree to that and neither will I. You know that we feel strongly that we stay together as a family. Enya has an established life here."

“"And no friends," Paul argued. "You said it yourself, Ameri. There are no girls her age to play with, to dream with. Here she would be able to spend time with kids her own age for a while. It would be good for her."

"You can use every argument you used on Timothy," Ameri said with a sigh. "Our lives are here and that is where Enya is going to be. She is already talking about becoming an Engineer. It is her dream." She paused. "And as much as she wants friends her age. I know that she won't want to leave her Dad and I. We are really close, like us kids were with you and Mom."

"I had to try," Her father said with resignation. "I am getting older and I miss you all and grandchildren I don't even know."

"I know you do, Dad," Ameri felt tears in her eyes. "We all miss you too, Dad." She took a deep breath. "The best I can promise you is that if and when we can take some leave, maybe you can meet up with us."

"I need to let you go," Paul said. "I knew I shouldn't have asked or put you in this position. I have upset you. It was a pipe dream."

"We love you, Dad," Ameri said as she held herself together. "I am not mad, I understand, just please understand how we feel as well."

"I love you, Ameri," Her Dad said. "Give Enya and Quinn my best." The screen went blank.

Ameri sat and stared at the screen. She felt for her Dad. He had always planned to grow old with their mother and spend time with their grandchildren. Instead, she had died, Ameri and her siblings had all gone in the service and were spread out in space. It was not fair, but they were all living the lives that they were meant to.

Finally, she turned back to her paperwork. When she got home from work tonight, she would tell Quinn and Enya he had called and gave them their best. Later, when they were in their room and away from where Enya could hear, she will tell Quinn about the call. Ameri knew he would feel for her Dad but that he would agree with her.

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Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin
Chief Operations Officer, USS Pioneer


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