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Docked at Starbase Sirius
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Something wicked this way comes

Posted on Fri Feb 2nd, 2018 @ 4:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
Edited on on Thu May 31st, 2018 @ 9:47pm

Mission: Episode 2 - The Enemy Within
Location: Science labs
Timeline: MD006 0800 hrs
Tags: SD 71373.0800
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T'Rish rested her chin on the back of one hand while the scrolled though the sensor log in front of her. She had noticed something...odd in the hours following departure of the ship but logic dictate that she double check her supposition before she say anything.

She had been correct, the internal sensors within the science labs were disabled for five minutes and 8.3 seconds. She couldn't determined what has caused them to be offline, but she was currently running a analysis on the system to determine which sensors, specifically, had been turned off. While that was running she made the emotional decision to head down to the Science labs and confront the Science Chief. This was not proper operating procedures, nor was it logical, but she seemed to be falling victim to her more chaotic impulses.

Vaebn was in his office looking over a number of progress reports from the newly started research teams, and had the updated schematics for the whiskers up on his terminal screen on the desk. Through the window, and his open door, he could see some of the research personnel in the main labs milling about at the computer terminals. The sounds of ongoing chatter filled the office with enough white noise to be somewhat soothing. He dropped the PADD he was reviewing onto the desk and turned his attention to the schematics on his terminal and projected the plans onto the main screen, shrinking the astrometric data of the Badlands into the corner. "The engine output needs to be higher, but we cannot sacrifice the range of the sensors just to go faster." he said to no-one in particular. As he pondered, he heard the main doors open with a slight hiss, and turned his head slightly to see the Chief of Operations stepping in.

The PaDD in T'Rish's hand indicated the analysis was completed as she passed through the doors of the science labs. Her eye brow cocked in the tell tell Vulcan way. The sensors were only the ones in the office of the Chief Science Officer. She had met the Romulan previously and felt a connection with him. She turned to her left and moved towards his office. "Excuse me Lieutenant..." she started, "Do you have a moment?"

He knew she had approached, but only turned at the sound of her voice, "Of course Ensign. Please come in." He gestured to the office in general as he met her gaze. "What can I do for you?"

"I noticed something off on the sensor log." The Vulcan started as she walked farther into the office. "The system noted that around 1300 hour the audio sensors in your office were deactivated for roughly five minutes, eight point three seconds." She looked the Romulan passively. "Have you noticed anything...unusual about the sensor readings in your labs?"

"I haven't noticed anything unusual, but if you ask a more direct question I believe I can answer it for you." Vaebn folded his arms across his chest. "Dr. Ballston approached me regarding a need for assistance regarding a ..... personal matter. I assumed he wanted to speak in private so I deactivated the recording sensors while we spoke."

T'Rish couldn't imagine what Richard could be getting into that would require such blatant breach of protocol. "It is against standard protocol to deactivate internal sensors without prior approval." She wasn't sure where she was going with this, but it was the facts.

"You are most likely correct in that regard, however, as the Chief Science Officer, I deemed the conversation as private and thus decided to override the internal recording devices, as is my prerogative." He lowered his arms and reached for the drink sitting on the desk, and lifted it towards his chest. "If you would like to know about the Doctor's personal, complications; I suggest you take them up with him." He took and long drink from the beverage and looked back at T'Rish, his poker face unbreakable.

"I have no need to know what was said." The Vulcan replied almost defensively. "I need to find out if there is a problem." she continued. "It is my departments job to monitor the internal and external sensors. I cannot do my job if other department heads take it upon themselves to to circumvent procedures." She let out a sigh. "I guess it isn't much different that a recording suppression device, but it feels wrong."

"I appreciate your dedication and work ethic to your position and the ship Ensign. If it will make you feel better, you may inspect the necessary systems in my office and the science labs." Vaebn gestured around the room, "I place my facilities at your disposal for as long as necessary. However, I believe my explanation should be good enough for your query."

The Vulcan looked over the Romulan with very little of what she was feeling given away, as usual. There was something about the Romulan in this moment that was throwing her off when compared to their last interaction. "I would like to run a diagnostic on all the sensors in the science suite, as it my prerogative as Chief of Operations" He could throw rank but as the department head for Operations he couldn't overrule her if she wanted to check the systems.

"Of course. Please take your time, and if you happen across anything outside of it operational parameters, please feel free to make the necessary adjustments. However, you must excuse me; I need to check in on the bridge before running back to the Engineering Labs to work on our whisker array." Vaebn reached into his desk and grabbed a number of small PADDs and other small items, including what looked like a leather book and stylus, "I leave my labs in your more than capable hands Ensign." He nodded his head in her direction and began to walk out the door. "Oh, and feel free to look at the whisker schematics on the main screen there." He gestured with the mug to the wall behind the desk, "I would certainly like some operations input regarding these probes when we have a chance to speak next, in a less than abrupt meeting."

T'Rish had the immature, un-Vulcan, urge to stick her tongue out at the Lieutenant's back as she exited the room. In that moment she knew Richard was right, there was something wrong with her. Clearing her throat and tugging down the front of her uniform she did her best to regain her composure before beginning her diagnostics. The shear size of the science labs made this a daunting and dreary task.

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Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil
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