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A conversation of sorts

Posted on Thu Jul 18th, 2019 @ 2:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Larim Myles & Ensign Dana Wakefield & Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Jayden Robertson & Private 1st Class Aiden Pearce
Edited on on Fri Jul 19th, 2019 @ 1:07pm

Mission: Episode 7 - Home Again
Location: Main Mess Hall - Deck 2 - USS Pioneer
Timeline: MD006 1800 hrs
3341 words - 7 OF Standard Post Measure

The first thing Ameri had wanted to do when she got up was find Wakefield and tell her off but she didn’t. The time and place would come. She wanted this to be rank dropped, so that they were on equal footing.

If there was one thing Ameri hated it was someone on a power trip thinking they were better than someone else. It didn’t work that way on the Pioneer and she was going to be the one to set her straight. Oh, she was certain Quinn had some words for her but he was more calm and rational than his wife. Ameri would make certain Lieutenant pain in the ass knew the score.

Ameri headed into the cafeteria and grabbed a tray. She had spied Wakefield over in the corner. No time like the present. She selected her food and headed over, not bothering to ask and took a seat, staring across the table at Wakefield.

“I have something to say to you, off the record,” Ameri demanded. “No rank, no ship status.”

Dana simply took a mouthful of coffee from the cup in front of her, she didn't even acknowledge the interruption or glance up from the padd that she was reading.

“Ah, I see,” Ameri growled. “When one wants to speak with you on an even level you are too afraid. One wonders,” she smiled. “Did you cower when meeting with the Commander this morning?”

"Oh" Dana said looking up, "You are talking to me, sorry I thought that you would simply go running back to the Commander because the big bad women said I wasn't busy, and cower..." she laughed "I've come across scarier kittens," she replied, again picking up her cup and taking another mouthful of coffee.

Ameri laughed. “I would have preferred to handle it myself but considering you are the worst Chief I have ever encountered, one wonders how you ever made it this far. It certainly isn’t on your qualifications as an Operations Chief. My daughter is only eight and she could outshine you in a heartbeat. If you aren’t so scared drop the rank, you know you want to or is that the only time you are brave enough, when you can hide behind it?”

Dana simply glanced up, this woman was goading her, if only she knew to whom she was speaking. "I'm amazed who they let reproduce these days, but if you look after your child as effectively as you carry out your duties, she's probably running rampant around the ship," Dan said, a wicked, evil smile coming across her face, before gently leaning in and whispering. "Oh, I'm not scared, I can drop the rank," she said, reaching for her communicator, gently removing it before throwing it in front of Ameria.

“Enya is smarter and more qualified to be an officer than you will ever hope to be,” Ameri replied. “But we aren’t here about her. I just want to know if it gives you great satisfaction to be a bitch to those who work under you? What you did last night was the worst case of blatant disrespect and frankly, I am relieved that I work under someone who thinks so little of themselves they have to make others lives miserable. It is a good thing your staff are ten times the person you will ever hope to be. When they rise to the top, which I know they will, you will be right where you are, if you are lucky.”

"What is disrespectful is aiming higher than your station, but even the commoners have to aspire for something...right." she said her smile widening "But then again, you don't seem like one to sort your own problems out, do you my dear." she taunted, gently shaking her head "No, you run to the XO, bet you turned on the waterworks as well. Luckily for you, you don't work in my department, because frankly, I don't like dead weight."

“If that were true you’d fire yourself,” Ameri returned in kind. “Rumors I hear your people do the work while you do what you're good at. Bitch and moan.” She smiled at her. “Perhaps you need to speak with the captain and school him on the ship’s rules because he allows “chitchat” on the bridge and the last I knew it, it was his command, not yours.” She feigned a gasp and laughed. “That is it, your delusional as well, you think you run the whole show. Are you in for a wake-up call!”

"Well, what can I say, probably why the ship and it's crew isn't that well known. If only I'd know, I'd have taken the prime offering on one of the flagships, and not some quiet little backwards ship, where people are work-shy and stand about idly chit chat and whom crew get the little missions." she paused glancing at Ameria "And then they run off, crying to the XO because someone called them lazy, I bet you have never done a full days work in your life, unlike me, who was getting her hands dirty, crawling about helping fix the ship with the damage control teams while, yup, you were probably just chatting on the bridge." She took, the last mouthful of coffee, before rising to her feet, leaning in on her hands "Well I should go do something productive, while some jealous little wench, can..." pausing and looking about "Stand and chit chat to a few people, because god forbid you should have anything to do."

Ameri stood. She had insulted the ship and the crew. “You keep calling me lazy one has to wonder if you are reflecting off your own life. I won’t defend myself I have an excellent reputation as a woman who was strong enough to step back while her husband fulfilled his career and meet the demands of our child and then return to a member of the crew. This is not some backwards ship, this is the finest ship and crew in the fleet. We aren’t just coworkers we are a family. Since your so unhappy stop whining and transfer, no one will miss your bitching and loaning anyway. Maybe we can get a “real” Operations Officer instead of someone who is such a shrew she uses her staff as a punching bag.”

Dana scoffed, "Oh now who is the deluded one. Finest ship and crew in the fleet." Dana laughed amused "Next, you're going to tell me the XO has balls because he's telling off was little more than a slap on the wrist and he was pacified by a simple, I'm sorry sir, I shall apologise." she scoffed again, "Like that's going to happen, but I guess he's taste in women is the same, settles for what he can get." she said, smiling at Sammi "Shame he couldn't handle a real women."

Ameri took her rank off and laid it on the table. Walking around she stood within inches of Wakefield. “Like you would even know a real man! Quinn could bury you alive but he has compassion and a sense of fair play.”

"Oh..Quinn is it." it finally clicking that Ameria was the Commander's wife "And trust me, I'm the one who could do the burying, I could him, you the Captain, hell half of this ship reassigned to a Ferengi garbage scow if I really wanted, probably the best place for you."

Ameri's eyes lit up. “I know what might help you out, you seem a little bit tempered. “ she grabbed the pitcher of ice water and dumped it over Dana’s head.

"You little bitch." Dana gasped and screamed, as the water cascaded over her, every eye in the place was now watching the two of them in the corner. "Let me help you, your hair looks out of place," Dana replied, lunging forward, entwining her fingers and digging in, before swinging her head around like it was a doll.

Ameri reached up and grabbed her arm, digging her long nails in hard as she bit back a scream of pain. She felt Wakefield’s grip give and took advantage, yanking her head out of her grip, letting go, she swung her fist into the side of her face, thankful for the small amount of training she had gotten from Tremble. “You fight like a sissy. Come on, poor little girl, please tell me you can do better!” She had backed up, taking a stance, ready for a battle.

Dana's eyes we filled with rage, she cracked her neck side to side, not taking her gaze off Ameria, her fists clenched with a tuff of Ameri's hair in poking out. "Looks like your going bald." she taunted and began charging towards Ameri like a possed women, "I'm going to kick your ass from here to the nearest airlock," she yelled.

“You are the one getting their ass kicked,” Ameri growled As she met her halfway, swinging back at her. The two women were equally matched in their punching and yelling.

Jayden came in alongside Aiden. He was grabbing a drink before heading to workout. “Damn!” He called out to his friend. “Someone needs to stop them!” He winced when Dana head-butted Ameri, surprised the woman didn’t collapse but instead slammed her head back against hers and yanked out some hair of her own.

Aiden picked up the drinks and headed over to his friend, passing him a whisky. "It couldn't hurt to watch for a moment, and my god, my money is on the red-head," he replied, his eye immediately drawn to Dana, she was so hot when she was possessed, he felt his cheeks turning a little red "Your boss looks like she can kick ass."

“Don’t discount the science officer,” Jayden replied. “She is Irish And is taking lessons from the marines.” He winced when Dana tried to put a headlock on Ameri. She would have succeeded had Ameri not sunk her teeth into her arm and bit hard. To give credit Dana let go and swang at her. He swore As Ameri’s head snapped back. She looked a little dazed but she shook it off and swung back. “Maybe we should wait, your crush might get a transfer. Worst case for Ameri is she resigns, no way she will leave with her husband stationed here.”

"Agh shit, your right," Aiden said, downing his whisky "We better break them up, I wouldn't want your life becoming easy overnight Ensign."

Jayden grinned. “You grab Wakefield and I will handle O’Flannagain. Maybe you can get her number.” He headed into the fray, almost getting decked by his boss. “Grab her Aiden!” He called out as he went for Ameri.

Aiden quickly pressed his communicator before entering the breach. =/\= Pearce to security, Lieutenant Wakefield and some Irish women are fighting like two women possed, you may want to send a team. =/\=

=/\= We're on our way, Private. Try to keep em separate, if you can. Myles out=/\= Larim waved a man over. "Kensington, with me. Bring your phaser."

"I'll try." Aiden quickly shouted back to Jayden as he ran over and tried to grab on Dana, in the heat of the moment she instinctively grabbed him and headbutted him, before pushing him away, Aiden stumbled, dazed, 'my god, she's got a head like a Klingon' he thought as he fell clearly onto his butt, dazed.

"Not as cocky without your phaser told you I could have you." she hissed at Aiden before turning her attention back to Ameri, giving a little chuckle as her Operations Ensign was flaring around to trying to calm her down and stop her.

Jayden saw Aiden hit the floor and shoved Ameri away, getting between them. “Get up and grab her Aiden!” Jayden called out. He could hear Ameri coming behind him but wouldn’t spare a glance. “Enough! Both of you! Someone is going to get hurt!”

Ameri pushed Jayden aside and looked at Dana. “You just like being a bully don’t you! Get over here and let me finish this!”

"Argghhhh" Dana screamed as she again charged at Armi, she was not going to let this woman get the better of her, lashing out with her arms, legs and anything else that could lay a blow on her.

Ameri swung back at her giving as good as she got. Their legs became tangled and they crashed to the floor, each going in a different direction. Jayden moved once more between them. “Aiden! I could use some help here!” He went for Wakefield this time. “You better stand down or I am going to restrain you. Security is on the way, stop and think for a damn moment Lieutenant!”

Dana scurried backwards, stumbling to her feet when she felt a pair of arms gently wrap around her, helping her up, a low whisper against her ear "Calm down there Tiger, I don't want to see you court-martialed, or hurt." For a moment, she felt relaxed, the anger subsided, the hairs on the back of her neck stood up and she shivered.

Aiden held her tight, pulling her backwards, trying his best to keep his arms wrapped tightly around her, she was stronger than she looked, "Let go of me." Dana snapped, her glare still on Ameri. "Not going to happen, Tiger." he said asserting a little more force onto her before looking over to Jayden and shouting "I've got her."

Ameri raised her hands at Jayden. “I’m done! I won’t be hitting her as long as you two can keep her in check.”

Jayden looked over at Aiden and Lt. Wakefield. “This is over, Security is already on the way.”

Dana scowled "This is far from over." she said her eyes burning with hate and fixed clearly upon Ameri

Larim walked in soon after, flanked by another officer. And he sized up the situation. He said one word to his officer. "Stun." The SO nodded.

"Alright. What happened? One at a time. Make sense." He said.

Ameri looked at the Security Chief. “We had a disagreement but we came to an understanding.”

Dana glanced at the Chief of Security, "This lunatic poured water over me, she even bites, I may need a rabies shot." she glared "and an understanding, see, still clearly deluded, Lieutenant I wish to press charges."

“I’ll show you lunatic,” Ameri growled, moving quickly around Jayden she punched Dana in the face while Aiden still had a hold of her and grabbed a handful of hair yanking on it. “How do you like it, Bitch! You assaulted me first!”

"Well, I witnessed that one," Larim said. "Kensington, restrain the lieutenant, please. Thank you." He turned to the rest of those present. "What even started this?"

Dana gave Ameri a sly grin as she felt a trickle of warm blood come from her mouth. Up until this point, there was no witness of what was said between the two of them, only witness to the fight, but now clearly Dana now had the upper hand, after all, she was restrained and calm, before the second violent assault. "I assaulted you first?" Dana said innocently" wiping the blood, "I was sat having a quiet coffee when you came up and poured water all over me, I had no option but to defend myself. Lieutenant, you witnessed this second, unprovoked attack, I state again, I wish to press charges."

Ameri looked at Larim. “I did pour water on her. I came here to work out an issue. She threw her rank on the table insulted me, the crew, the ship and pushed my buttons. I however never touched her until she grabbed me by the hair and ripped it out. I had not laid a hand on her at all, look it up. I was defending myself from an enraged woman. Who is threatened by some water? Plus, there are witnesses that she assaulted that crewman there so if I am up on charges she had better be.”

The attention fell to Aiden, Dana relaxing pulled away from his grasp, at this point she didn't even know who had been holding onto her until she turned and caught the sparkle of his light green eyes then the realisation hit her, she had headbutted him in rage, when he had tried to break up the fight. Dana cocked her head and looked at the Chief of Security.

"That I did, sir. I assaulted the Private and if he wishes to press charges, then I will deal with the consequences," she said glaring back to Ameri "However, I still wish to press charges against her." she said, her tone firm, unwavering.

“When we got here they were assaulting each other,” Jayden spoke up. “There were no witnesses to her transpired earlier.” He looked at the two women. “You both need to grow up and act your ranks.”

"I'll go along with that." Larim nodded. " You have an itch to do something like this, try the holodeck. Boxing ring program, go to town. But this isn't the way." He began. "In the meantime, I have to handle the now."

" Ok. Consider charges pressed on Lieutenant O Flannagain." He began. He looked at her. "It's my job. I know who your husband is." He turned to the private

"Do you want to press charges?"

Jayden looked at Aiden. If he let this go then he was siding with Wakefield and he knew they were both wrong. This would not end well.

“Then I want to press charges as well,” Ameri spoke up. “When the crewman stepped in she wanted to continue the fight that is not self-defence. She head-butted him,” Pointing at Aiden. “When Ensign Robertson got between us I quit, she had to be restrained. Everyone here is a witness to that.”

Aiden knew that both women were in the wrong, there were a time and place for such behaviour and smack in the middle of the mess hall was not one of them. They were both senior officers and the crew expected more from them, he leaned into Wakefield his warm breath again against her ear, "I'm sorry Tiger."

His gentle whisper and his breath against her ear and neck sent a tingling sensation through Dana's body, his light green eyes, sparkling like emeralds, his face mear inches away from her, but what was he apologising for, and why was he calling her Tiger all the time.

Aiden turned to face his new friend, he nodded at the security officer and at Ameri. "My friend is right, you both need to act and respect the rank you carry, yes..." he said pausing, thinking it quickly through "Yes, I wish to press charges, after all, I was simply trying to break up the fight, I did not deserve to be assaulted," he said, watching Dana's face for a reaction, before thinking how he would never hear the end of this from his fellow Marines, knocked onto his ass by a headbutt, from a women.

“They both need this,” Jayden said quietly to him. “There will be hell to pay.” He watched as they were both taken away and then messaged Commander O’Flannagain hinself. He was certain that security would but who knew how long it would take.

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